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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Hey OTD !!!!!!!

Another one bites the dust. Our mate Theufokid. Try and find his work on youtube now. Just another one to add to the list.
I haven't looked for a while now but wasn't really suprised to see that his account had been suspended. I don't know the reason why. May be he got a bit too nasty with the people at times, but he was only giving back what they gave

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 12:29 AM
Hi there timetravellers.

Just stop by and say thanx for the ride. I stumbled on this thread a month or two ago by accident, googeling for science fiction movies I think it was. I am a sucker for time travel and for a while I followed the thread from the beginning.

I never was on ATS before and had no idea what I was getting in to. So for a time I bookmarked just this one thread and came by to read once in a while. I followed it for 22 pages till I found out yall wrote 109 pages in a row. There and then I snapped (I mean, do you know how much that is?!!) to page 100 it was I think and after getting to the last page I wondered of into the depths of this huuuuge site.

To the OP I kinda would suggest to get into writing. You have produced some enjoyable reads in here. I was quite impressed by the way you jumped in for TD when he was first banned (page 12 I believe.) There you got my attention because there you surfaced as a writer capable of disconnect the ego from the goal. Being able to look through the eyes of someone else and stay there.

I for one think there is one hell of a book in this little threat and I think the OP is talented enough to piece it al together into one fine work of art that would become a classic for sure. It ought to give you something to do whilst waiting for the good times. Writing is one way to travel time.

well I have nothing really constructive to tell yall but a compliment on the entertaining part. I keep stopping by from time to time checking out the lines.

Thanx for getting me on ATS, it’s a jolly good read.

Say hi to TD from me. Too bad the bigmouth is banned!

till next time!


posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 12:59 PM
I am not sure why.....they need more of my genetics......?

The collecting of my genetics has resumed. I thought that part was done with. I can actually remember bits of it now. When I piece those bits to the information I now know to be taking place, it opens up a whole new thought process.

I asked and now the answer.....

"Your human body has overcome many of the parasites introduced, in order to control your mind. The human machine is ever adapting to the environment around it. We continue to be surprised at the adaptability of the human structure. We will continue to improve this structure through selective breeding."

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 06:40 PM
Hey Win52 & OTD !!!!!

Are you able to post a simple way of finding the most common of these parasites? It would be good for us all to do a self examination and find these critters. I just don't know what and how to look for them.

I had another strong cloud message come through yesterday afternoon on the way home. I nearly drove off the road…lol. As soon as the connection was made I looked up directly in front of me and there was the silhouette of a human looking down at me from behind two clouds. It had a 3D type look about it.
The shape was held for over a minute and eventually an arm was extended to me, kind of like a hello. I had to look away for 10 seconds and when I looked back the image was totally gone and was unrecognizable. Couldn’t even find the area in which it was.

It is weird how these things appear right in the best possible line of site to where you are driving, just after you are told to take a look.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 11:11 AM
Thread Worms are the most common. Flukes is another ancient infestation.

There have been other newer, more effective ones.

It is our consumption of dead flesh....usually poorly cooked, whereby we have been infected. The new generation of parasites are more microscopic and insidious. They are also more difficult for our structure to clean and remove.

Bird flu and we will see other more deadly ones before things get better. It is all part of the demonstration that has been allowed to play itself out on this planet over Milena.

Remember the talk about daily bread? People are going to kill for food....soon. I poop my pants when I look and see the state this world will be in when the great intervention takes place.

People will be begging for help. They will only have God to turn to, those who believe that there is more to life than this.

Remember.....I call God a group of entities. The ones who put us here in the first place, thousands and thousands of years ago.

"People dying is not such a bad thing if that frees your soul. Have sorrow, but not for the dead, for they are at peace. Have sorrow for those who live and who will be alive during the next few years."

I am told it will be considered an honour to be part of the group who is alive for the transformation.

We do have a strong will to live and survive, that is a part of our design which was not foreseen by our creators. We are a special lot, dearly loved by our creators.

[edit on 24-4-2008 by win 52]

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:39 PM
Greetings, ATS (and other) readers and posters!!

First, I want to thank D. Wolf for his (or her) post. That was very kind of you to share that.

Actually, I do have some experience with writing. Not really academic; more self-taught. I think that shows...As of the last few years anyway, that emphasis has been in screenwriting. I've placed in some contests; had some options; but no big sales. It's been promising. And I still have good contacts.

Since we're talking about that, I can bring it back to TD. For some reason, TD has had the notion that his story would end up as a movie. He says the sale of the script (and/or the movie) proves to be a huge financial windfall.

TD also recently revealed to me that he has memories of me writing the script for the movie. He says he remembers his younger self visiting me and sort of getting on my case about not sticking to his real life experiences as much as possible. TD says eventually his younger self learns to "chill" and things turn out all right. Pretty funny. He even suggested that I show his younger self the email in which he shares that with me.

What is interesting for me to note is that I started screenwriting without having any interest or inclination in that field at all; and, in a short amount of time, went really far with it.

I haven't made any big sales, but because it wasn't a path I ever thought I'd be on, and how far I went with it in such a short amount of time, I wonder if this isn't what I was learning the trade for...

I was just on the verge of success with my screenwriting, but nothing materialized, which made me wonder how and why the hell I'd gotten so far so quickly. I actually traveled to L.A. and, within six months after stepping foot there was having a meeting on the Sony lot, talking with a producer about how good my work was.

But I'm back here on the east coast and wondering what the heck that was all about. TD may offer an answer to that question. It IS very strange that our paths would cross, and that he would have those memories. Now, is it possible he made it up so I would help him write a script? Possible. But he was talking about these things before I let on that I'd written anything...

I'll tell you this though, if a younger TD shows up and starts giving me a hard time about the script, I'm going to give him a big hug and share the news with all of you here. hahaa

I'm working out the story now with TD. There is a lot to put in there, and movies, as you know, need to be somewhat simplified. Imagine writing Atlas Shrugged for the screen...hahaha Will keep you posted.

Moving on...Cyber_Wasp!! I read your post about theufokid (at Youtube). Yep, it appears his account has been canceled. I am happy to report, however, that at least six other users that are providing just as compelling material, if not more so ahah


These folks are capturing some amazing stuff. For those who are keeping up, this stuff is becoming commonplace. And I'm really glad others are taking note of the low-flying aircraft that seem to be circling over suburban neighborhoods.

I saw one last night I swear was a triangle craft. The lights were in an equilateral triangle configuration; the craft was virtually silent, and there was a single, blinking red light at the center of the belly. The only reason I wasn't sure if it was a triangle or not, was that there were two lights under the front of the craft; I've seen what appear to be commercial aircraft with this strange configuration...But no headlights, or forward-looking lights. Just a triangle light configuration under the craft.

There's been plenty of strangeness as we near the halfway point of 2008.

Recently, there was that earthquake in Illinois that was felt far and wide; a quake that was registered as a 5.2 magnitude. As well, over a two week period just prior to the Illinois quake, there were over six-hundred, fairly good sized earthquakes just off the coast of Oregon. I believe there was another earthquake in Missouri a day or so after the Illinois quake as well.

Financial markets, and food and gas prices are going up. I'm seeing these reports of rice and other food items really increasing.

So we are seeing terrific financial turmoil, unbelievable gas prices, and concerns of a worldwide food shortage...Gee, what ever will we do? Who will save us from this absolute horror? Perhaps, THE REVEALING?

I've been watching "virtual" Armageddon unfold in the financial markets, the "fake" food crisis, and the earthquakes (that we are all well aware couldn't possibly be effected with some sort of advanced technology...hehe).

As I watch all of this unfold, without a seeming cause (come on, bad subprime loans have not thrust our planet into virtual Armageddon), I can't help but think of the "Problem, reaction, solution" model. Are we seeing this unfold? Is this leading up to "The Revealing"? Who knows...

I'm curious how bad this can get...It just seems odd that these events just sort of "happened," don't appear to be related, and to somehow be spinning out of control. I'm having a hard time seeing these things as originating out of thin air - and of maintaining a downward course without steady "assistance." Something more is happening here; but that's just speculation.

Is the corporate media machine (something of which we should all be very skeptical) playing along/feeding the hysteria? Are they part of a program of fear, driving the viewing public into fulfilling their agenda for them? Just stuff to think about. We understand that the U.S. corporate-owned media is a propaganda machine; so why would we think today's headlines are any different; or any less "slanted"?

BUT, let's talk parasites first, before I inquire as to why win 52's predictions appear to have gone into the "red," so to speak.

win 52, what's up? I read your posts as well. You said,

Originally posted by win 52

The collecting of my genetics has resumed. I thought that part was done with. I can actually remember bits of it now...

How recently are you talking here (for these genetic experiments)? Just curious. By the way, congrats on the good genetics! ahah

This brings us back to one of your favorite (and most graphic) subjects - parasites! haha

Cyber_Wasp asked,

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp

Are you able to post a simple way of finding the most common of these parasites? It would be good for us all to do a self examination and find these critters. I just don't know what and how to look for them...

I have to admit, your description of these cleansings was hard for me to believe; although, I knew you were telling the truth. You were certainly adamant (and graphic ahaha I keep picking on you for that); but I was surprised to actually come across someone else posting about the same stuff. Read on,

4) About 20 years ago, Angie had IBS (Irratible Bowel Syndrome) and the doc's had no clue how to help. One day, we were watching a show on "parasites in developing 3rd World countries" - a show by the UN. They showed how bad parasitic infestations were. We watched in astonishment as they showed examples of infected people. It was both scary and disgusting.

Then, they told us the symptoms of people who had the various stages of parasitic infestation. The symptoms exactly matched Angie's symptoms!

At the end of the show they showed the pills that the UN was using to treat these people with.

So there was a cure! I called the UN and asked about that show. After an hour and transferrs to 1/2 a dozen fools, I got hold of the actual producer of that particular show. He told me the name of the company that had made the pills, and they were in Utah so I called them and got samples.

I put our whole family on them and you wouldn't believe the "things" that ended up in the sewer!

Within 3 months Angie's whole life had changed - IBS was gone!

We sold the pills for the next few years, not really pushing them, just to friends, till one day when we tried to reorder, we were informed that that company had just closed it's doors and gone out of business, so we just forgot about it.

Till now.

The past few years I've been noticing the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS pop up in
many of our customers and those around us. I went digging into my (rather
extensive) storage bunker and actually found two bottles of these pills!

I found a manufacturer that is willing to duplicate the ingrediant list EXACTLY as the UN required it years ago. This will be a two part system: "PARASITE
PURGE" (this formula will kill the parasites) and "PARASITE CLEANSE" (this
formula is needed to scour them out of your system after they die.)

All the other "parasite cleanses" that you see on the internet don't even come close to this monster! We tried others and got nothing. This system will leave you in awe with it's effects. This system is not for the faint of heart - it is for those who really want their body cleaned of all parasites.



posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:40 PM

Right there I felt win was on to something. Not that I doubted you, win. It was just a novel (and unusual) possibility.

win 52 has suggested measures before, I believe. If anyone reading has a similar remedy, if not just to tick off the powers that have deliberately subjected us to this infestation (if in fact that is the reality), then post away!

Very interesting that the beings involved with you, win 52, used the term "selective breeding". I wonder if that means they are using it for parasitic infestation in human bodies, or in some other type of physical creature...

Breeding, at least on this planet, suggests a certain (read lengthy) time frame. If this genetic sampling is for human bodies, then, it appears, we are given a clue that our race will continue in this form for some time...

Which, alas, brings me to your next post, win. I'll quote you here, briefly,

Originally posted by win 52

Remember the talk about daily bread? People are going to kill for food....soon. I poop my pants when I look and see the state this world will be in when the great intervention takes place.

People will be begging for help. They will only have God to turn to, those who believe that there is more to life than this.

Remember.....I call God a group of entities. The ones who put us here in the first place, thousands and thousands of years ago.

"People dying is not such a bad thing if that frees your soul. Have sorrow, but not for the dead, for they are at peace. Have sorrow for those who live and who will be alive during the next few years."

I am told it will be considered an honour to be part of the group who is alive for the transformation.

We do have a strong will to live and survive, that is a part of our design which was not foreseen by our creators. We are a special lot, dearly loved by our creators.

So, maybe my presumption about our longevity was a little premature ahah

OK, you began in this thread with "happy" scenes of our future (possibly with an allusion to difficult times before then), but now enjoy some doomsaying.

Not coming down on predictions that don't make pleasant dinner talk, but curious how you see things playing out. We try to stay away from the more "troubling" predictions, because there is a lot that is intended to induce a fearful response; and isn't necessarily constructive, or of benefit. TD has said that he sees New York under water, and has shared some terrifying visions of our future, but believes that timeline has been altered...

First, you mention the "great intervention". I presume something prompts this sudden appearance besides what you allude to as (and what we may seeing is the genesis of) a growing worldwide financial and economic crisis; something that leads us into virtual chaos, but does so slowly.

Is there an event(s) that prompts what you see as the "great intervention"?

Also, specifically regarding the following,

Originally posted by win 52

People will be begging for help. They will only have God to turn to, those who believe that there is more to life than this.

Remember.....I call God a group of entities. The ones who put us here in the first place, thousands and thousands of years ago.

"People dying is not such a bad thing if that frees your soul. Have sorrow, but not for the dead, for they are at peace. Have sorrow for those who live and who will be alive during the next few years."

I am told it will be considered an honour to be part of the group who is alive for the transformation.

You call God a group of entities. We could call it a sort of collective consciousness; whatever term you want to use. For our purposes, we have a group of highly advanced beings allowing a planet to fall into complete chaos.

My question to you would be, Why allow this to get to that point? Hasn't the majority on this planet already wished for peace? I've mentioned this before, but how can a race so greatly desire something, but suffer its extreme opposite; and presumably with this highly advanced and benevolent groups' assent?

Finally, you said,

Originally posted by win 52

We do have a strong will to live and survive, that is a part of our design which was not foreseen by our creators. We are a special lot, dearly loved by our creators.

This is a curious statement as well. What would you say was our creators' original purpose if it wasn't to imbue us with the desire to survive? What did they suspect we were going to do? Just curious...

And, I have to say this, you understand that when you talk about genetic samples being taken by what we might call "extraterrestrial" (or similar) beings - given what we've learned about this sort of interaction - and these beings share a negative picture of our future, you invite people to speculate that these "beings" may be deliberately misleading you by sharing a negative - but inaccurate picture of the future.

Now, again, that's not to say that no negative predictions are allowed here; but just speaking for someone who may be reading that, this thought might occur to them. We've heard the accounts of grays, etc., showing people horrific visions of the future that we've learned did not (or would not) come to pass...Just tossing that out there...

I believe you're sincere. No doubt. And you've been shown that whomever it is that you are in contact with can indeed share accurate insights about your future. I guess we'll just have to see how things play out.

Given our current economic/financial situation, however, if I were a betting man I'd say your visions might not be too far off base. Just wonder what your overall sense of the next few years might be, as you seemed to have tossed out a curve ball. You've intimated you know more than you've shared before.

I made a mental note that a page or so back you made a comment that whatever comes, you understand that if you "pass" from this planet, you are only losing your "physical clothing," or "mortal coil"; something to that effect. I think you were preparing to deliver more of this information at that point. It seemed that you were starting to get information along those lines...

In any event, we are a stout type. We're here because we're ready for anything.

So, if you have more to share, please do.

Meantime, I am working with TD on the script. The funny thing is, how can a labored screenwriting process proceed into feature film production if the production studios' doors are closed and we're all standing in bread lines? It would seem that the two are mutually exclusive...

It's an interesting time now, no?

I want to end with part of an April 19, 2008 message that Matthew (of shared with his mom,

16. I say “thank you” to the farsighted soul who wants to know how to prepare children for the future, and I reply: by example. Live fearlessly; be honest; express your thankfulness for the blessings in your life and the beauties of Earth; share generously with persons in need; show reverence for all life; become involved in measures to preserve or restore the environment; keep your mind open to new perspectives; be discerning in your decisions; be resilient, learn from failed efforts, and try again; dump emotional garbage, and laugh and smile often; forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself for hurting others. To this I add: listen. Let the children’s voices be heard. Encourage them to talk about their ideas, fears, plans, hopes, dreams, disillusionment and disappointments; encourage them to set realistic but not limiting goals; encourage them to emulate but not compare themselves with individuals who inspire them. And above all, love them. By how you live, you show them the power of unconditional love for themselves, all others and Nature.

You can read the rest of that message HERE.

Thank you all for posting. And D. Wolf, very kind, sir (or madam).

Take care of yourself, and each other...

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 03:50 PM
My prediction is that this is all a fabrication by a person who wishes to write science fiction stories.

Everyone who replied was captured in the sticky web of lies and now lay within.

Anyone can make up tales of fantastic events.

Oh how about emailling my robotic alien friend from a parallel universe ??

heres his email

Oh and any questions deemed to risky will be denied (ie scientific questions)

So go on. Have a blast with Bee Zero Four Bee (his name!)

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 05:41 PM
Thank you for your post, trilateral.

Going back to my comments on "The Revealing" above, I've been keeping up with some threads at GLP of late, that seem to be making predictions. None of the predictions have come to pass (big surprise); but there is a lot of noise at the moment.

Several threads have appeared that seem to be sharing pieces of information/predictions that touch on the ET issue, as well as the "dark cabal/controllers" issue.

The greater movement occurring right now, as I understand (and believe) it is that our planet is moving into a time/place where, as David Wilcock, win 52, TD, and others say, we are seeing the removal of destructive/harmful and self-serving energies/beings, and an entrance into a world based upon mutual respect, compassion, and abundance; a brighter future.

The process of the removal of these negatively-oriented beings is building, just as the higher/benevolent energies increase as a counterbalance. At some point, apparently, either by intervention, or by natural processes, we are going to emerge into a new world; either physically, or with some sort of change to a slightly higher matter/energy (those that are destined for that).

As these forces increase in intensity, well, I think Matthew puts it well in the April 19 message I shared from above,

6. God’s authorization to those civilizations includes the honoring of Earth’s free will choice that all violence and destruction of her planetary body cease. At the time of her choice, over sixty years ago in your linear time, myriad light beings—many of such vast and powerful soul collectives that you cannot imagine it—started infusing Earth with their light.

This massive inflow of light not only saved her planetary body, but also has been raising the consciousness of her peoples. However, millennia of violence in a population cannot be abruptly eliminated, so the energy invested in maintaining the war machine with its monetary profits and land conquests, and the intention of some souls to control all others, must play itself out...

7. Even when advanced civilizations see the need for help elsewhere, they cannot intervene without being asked. Actually, Earth’s cry for their assistance was enough, but your request automatically was added by the ever-growing global efforts toward peace and the end of oppression. It isn’t necessary that ones believe that other life exists in the universe, much less that many highly evolved souls are living among you and millions are surrounding your planet—your desire for a better world is your conscious expression of a non-verbalized invitation to the celestial helpers.

8. The darkest of minds in your world do know about the lighted civilizations’ presence and their on-going assistance ever since Earth asked for their help to ascend out of third density where darkness flourishes. This created such fear in those dark souls that they lost both the ability to think rationally and the capacity for conscience, which atrophied from non-use. Seeing their plans for world domination being shredded to tatters, the more desperate the dark ones became to hold onto the frayed remnants.

9. A related factor is that Earth’s ascension pathway has reached the higher energy frequencies where the extremes of duality are playing themselves out so the nature of humankind can return to the balance that is within light. At this point, all characteristics and emotions are magnified, and this is evident in people’s behavior. At one extreme, the brutal, oppressive and greedy ones are panicking in their efforts to regain control; and at the other, wiser and spiritually aware souls are equally dedicated to their “behind the scenes” actions to return sanity to leadership positions and institute wide-ranging reforms worldwide.

10. ...When you put those meetings and topics of discussion—and please keep in mind that often information is “leaked” solely for the purpose of creating fear, the dark ones’ most effective tool and the fuel they need to survive—into both the global and universal light networks I described, you will see that efforts to implement the harshest measures will not reach fruition.


As we move closer and closer to this event(s), the promulgation of fear by these beings will increase as well; but it will only be through fear that these beings, apparently, can lash out. This is where the individual has final say on how they are effected by these energies.

Related to this is "The Revealing" information, which states that both a political, and possibly paranormal/technological (read "fake rapture") display may be undertaken by those negative groups with advanced technologies to take advantage of a segment of the populace who believe there is benevolent ET contact taking place. I am a part of that populace, but it is my hope that these sorts of nefarious programs won't get a chance to get off the ground.

Being able to read between the lines with regard to Internet content; i.e., being able to use discernment and analytical thought when in taking information in, as well as understanding the possibilities that exist to be fooled by advanced holographics, etc., are requisite skills at this point in time.

James McCanney made a post at his site ( on April 7, 2008, about discernment and disinformation, etc. Here is an excerpt,

... there is a new wave of internet disinformation taking on a new form ... kind of like a new viral strain of a once deadly disease ... this disinformation target is the unwitting audience that gets their news on YOUTUBE (if you go to youtube for anything other than mild entertainment then you are in trouble anyway) ... in most well planned disinformation ploys there are many common features ... they have many "front" agents who cover the many aspects of the "topic" ... these many times present conflicting analysis of the "topic" and thus can interject comments and "controversy" at any given times ... recall the old 2003 zetaquack days for a good example ...

you had the entire host of characters ... the nut case alien channeling front people ... you had your "white hats" ... the defenders of truth planted in the mix ... for example the "professional astronomer" that "never worked for NASA" (which was a total lie) and who worked in "NASA outreach" ... a program sending these disinformation tier III low life text book repeaters into public schools all over the place to infect NASA propaganda into the heads of the youth ... then you had the internet trolls that hung around chat pages ready to be both sides of the argument ... again controlling both sides of the "conversation" and attempting to infiltrate groups and people doing real work such as myself ...


James does a good job of explaining these increased efforts to confuse and mislead people. And, Why, you ask? Because simply existing with a positive frame of mind, and sharing information is a threat to these individuals.

There is another thread at GLP entitled, "me tel u now so u belive me 15 may" that one member suggests is "dark cabal" propaganda; something to lead into their "fake rapture" scenario. Of course, it is entirely possible that that poster, calling himself, "An Elite BloodLine Insider," is also fabricating things. Here is an excerpt from the insider on page 41 of that thread,

i think it is time to repost the protection measures to protect you against false ascendance, also i will repost what i said in the other fake thread 15 may, each of this thread uses a different brainwashing technique one speaks to the ET fans and people who believe in aliens to tell them to expect being transported into a different "line time" and also tells them to expect a limited number to make it, this is because the brotherhood expects resistance and only can zap a limited number into a brainwashing prison on the astral,

this thread speaks to people who believe in the new age corrupt teachings and who has been brainwashed with fake ideas about divinity and love, which is why the OP is using the fake victim tone and the love-divinity-heartcenter tone and spams to simply set the mood for the people targeted, those who would blindly follow any new age spirituality...

as i said before real ascendance is not going to happen through a satellite or a planet being destroyed the Brotherhood are trying to crash planets against each other to stop us from making the huge celestial wave that will open everyone’s third eye and make them able to see the astral and see the hidden societies and black magicians who hurt and control them on the astral, this is the only ascendance there is, no zapping out of existence no nothing, all the natural disasters like volcanoes meteors and ice melting are the good faction destroying the bases of the system which has oppressed mankind for long...


It's interesting that this insider talks about the third eye. That is something David Wilcock seems to agree upon. David says that the Mark of the Beast is actually the closing of our third eye; something he says will soon be reopened.

If you were the bad guys, and you saw your ultimate, imminent destruction, I guess you'd try to make a mess of things on your way out. Why not?

trilateral, this post is my way of acknowledging that there is indeed fabricated material out there. You are definitely well served by keeping a skeptic's mindset.

I hope I've offered something more practical to counter the information we've been sharing here; by pointing out how it's possible to be deceived, and to deceive. Hopefully everyone knows we are not engaging in the latter.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 03:02 PM
I have nothing to lose by "volunteering", so count me in.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 04:34 PM
Since you are an open, disclosured time traveler, I ask 8 questions of all highest intent

1 Where were you born? So many posts and hours to "look into, sorry hence so plesae repeat

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Hi, BlackMagicianofEloheem!!

I think the thread you opened to debate the time travel issue may now be overwhelmed by sincere time travel volunteers. It's not a bad thing, but I know that wasn't your intention...

I've sent your questions to TD. I understand you are seeking answers from the source of this information, so off he goes. As soon as he responds I'll post them here.

Meantime, I can try to take a stab at what you asked from what I know of TD's experiences. You asked (I'll post my responses, bolded, below your questions,

Originally posted by BlackMagicianofEloheem

1 Where were you born? So many posts and hours to "look into, sorry hence so plesae repeat
TD (AKA timedrifter, Renato) was born in New York in 1973. I think he is one of three children (he has a brother and a sister).

2. What do you mean by a mass landing "forum" vote, please explain as it doesnt make sense in my thinking haha
I wasn't clear on this question. Can you reference the page/post where we indicate a "forum" vote is required, or related to the mass landing?

3. What is the current disaster as of 2008, i mean major, if not 2009? Why worry about to spare a dove when the dove doesn't wanna fly away?
TD did not indicate a disaster would befall this planet either in 2008, or 2009. Here is (imm. below) a short summation of the events TD sees as coming to pass:

2007-2009 The concert.
2009-2013 The Mass Landing
2009-2013 (possibly just days after the mass landing) The Cataclysms begin, necessitating motherships arrival and "evacuation" of, in TD's estimation, several billion people. As for specifically what these cataclysms might be, I have to defer to TD and wait to see how he responds.

4. Do you believe the government wants to stop the mass landing? If you already know please explain. If not..............."as I see you mentioned the landing already"
TD and many others see/foresee/envision a mass arrival/landing occurring as an acceleration of a program of contact that the world governments (more specifically, secret/hidden elements within those governments; primarily U.S./UK) have tried to forestall, prevent, or delay - whatever word you want to use - this scenario of unveiling and contact. These individuals (TD et al) also state that a mass arrival/landing may be necessitated by catastrophes that befall the planet, but this specific point is unclear to me.

5. There are different race of greys, however are you aware the communication between government and the greys already and not just hidden alien bases?
TD, as far as I know, believes that there are non-human beings that are responsible for overseeing the, basically, enslavement of our race. I've had discussions with him where he talks about some form of ET being behind the rule on this planet, but specifics, again, are sketchy.

TD himself encountered, during his abduction, a gray-skinned (or light/pale skinned) race of beings that he said "resembled" the grays, but were different. I presume that what TD knows of government/gray involvement he's uncovered on the Internet mostly, and was not understood from his contact/time travel experiences. Again, I will defer to him on that.

6. What do you think about the egyptian pyramids?
I think they're neato. OK, serious. TD says that he believes both ETs (non-human) and human ETs (read time travelers) were responsible for building the pyramids. TD actually believes (has memories) that he was present when they were built. He can provide more on the pyramids when he responds. Personally, I don't know a lot about them, except that they held - and apparently still hold - secrets to our past, and that of the Egyptians, that will be uncovered when these contact events move to the next level. TD says that there is actually a spaceship, albeit archaic for what is extant now, that will be unearthed when the mass arrival/landing occurs.

7. What kind of future computer technology is the future? If so do you know of any future product names? or other kinds of Info.?
The conversations I'd had with TD about the future technology go back several months, so I'm a little sketchy on this as well. He does say something about a version of a massively multiplayer game that people hook into and play for days on end; using feeding tubes (or something similar), so they can stay in the game. He also talks a lot about the robotics in Star Wars and how that is a pretty good reflection of how the future will look.

I would suggest, considering the human-looking robots we're seeing developed in Japan (a future iteration of which TD refers to as conscious computers, organic computers, or bioelectronics - something like that) you can expect technology beyond your imagination. TD can elaborate if he wishes.

8. What do you think about Jesus Christ, Krishna & Buddha? You say God is your inner Being. So what about these inspirations? Does the very same future believe in God as an inner Being?
TD calls these guys "avatars". I would call them "awake," or "enlightened" individuals. TD also said that these avatars would be returning - not in some fabulous light show, with great fanfare, or in some grand battle; but just as beings like us.

I did express what I thought was God in your other volunteer thread. That's my own personal take on things. I subscribe more to a the zen philosophy of existence; which is more a striving for an immediate experience of the beingness that we call God, Buddha mind, Christ Consciousness, etc.

It's interesting, but I ran across a case of an encounter where an individual who was contacted by some advanced race of beings asked them which religion was closest to the "truth". Something was mentioned about Zen Buddhism being close, but no specific religion was praised or criticized.

TD said that he recalls religion proper being turned upside down, and a more real and immediate connection to our source/creator would be experienced. He (and others) talks a lot about love, compassion, and understanding. I may recall him saying people were still reverent and contemplative in their own ways, but religion will make a big turnaround. It's all for the better he says.

We have a lot to learn about our history, who we are, and about the universe and our place in it. What is more important, perpetuating and adhering to a strict interpretation of the bible to the detriment of spiritual growth, or to open our minds further, experience a more immediate and "real" connection with the universe/creation, and to grow as spiritual (and human) beings? Truly, when one reaches the opposite shore, the boat must be left behind.

I will post TD's responses as soon as I get them. There is a lot in this thread, and at TD's website ( in the audio interviews he and I have been recording since December of 2006.

I hope that a lot is cleared up here. Feel free to post more questions.

And regarding the thread you started, you may see the list of volunteers growing there haah

Me, TD, and everyone here are just waiting for the damn phone to ring...

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 05:50 PM
Rock on, Xerimethius!! When you're chosen to go on a mission to a foreign planet's surface, just don't wear the red shirt (see below).

Because it's been several pages (almost a hundred) since I posted the timeline of events for TD's experiences, I wanted to post it again. It's kind of long, but the next three posts will have TD's entire timeline from birth up to 2007.

The timeline reflects just about every unusual/paranormal experience that he was able to recall at the creation of the timeline (which was around early 2007).

So, my next three posts will include TD's timeline in its entirety.


posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:02 PM

Born 1973

1975/1976 Renato is two or three years old. He and his family are driving near 4th Avenue in New York when another car smashes into them Renato says an older version of himself appeared and instructed the paramedics to assist him and his family at the scene and not to take them to the hospital. Renato thinks this may have been an attempt on his life.
WITNESSES: Renato's mother, father, and brother Rick

1978/1979 Renato is five or six years old. He is at Wolf's Pond Park in Staten Island, NY with his mother. Renato nearly drowns and is saved by an older version of himself. This older Renato chastises Renato’s mother for not keeping an eye on him.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's mother

1978/1979 Renato and his parents are at his babysitters house on New Year’s Eve. An older version of Renato (in his 20's) finds Renato's mother and talks with her in front of his babysitter's house. They call young Renato out to look at the older Renato's pinky finger, which is identical to young Renato's finger (Renato smashed his pinky finger in a car door when he was very young.). The older Renato tries to tell his mom and dad about their futures. Renato's parents are disbelieving.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's mother and father

1978/1979 Renato and his family go to a roller skating rink in Brooklyn where there is a private function going on. Renato and his family are pulled out of line and brought inside where Renato is treated as the guest of honor. Renato meets his future self, as well as several women who tell Renato about his future, and that they are his future wives.
WITNESSES: Renato's family, skating public

1981/1982 Renato is seven or eight years old. He learns that there is a young man in the hospital who claims to be Renato’s mother’s son. Renato and his mother travel to the hospital to meet this person. Renato’s mother does not believe this person’s claims that he is her son, and instead believes the individual may have poor mental health. (Renato now recalls (2007) that he remembers being both the younger Renato and the older Renato in the hospital.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's mother, Renato, hospital staff

1982/1983 An older Renato approaches a young Renato in Manhatten near Renato's mother's doctor while Renato was waiting in the car for his mom. Renato says that after a brief exchange, that the older Renato goes up to see his mother.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's mother, Renato's mother's doctor

1984/1985 Renato is nine or ten years old. Renato is riding bikes at a place he and his oldest brother called the "8 Track". An older guy, who looks like Renato in his 20's, approaches the group of kids and watches Renato go over a jump on his bike. The older Renato tells the young Renato not to take the second jump, but Renato does anyway and wrecks.
WITNESSES: Renato, his friends

1987/1988 Renato is around fourteen years old. An older Renato visits Tottenville Highscool on Staten Island when Renato and his friends are skateboarding. The older Renato says he is a photographer from a magazine, and that he wants to take pictures of skaters. Eventually, the older Renato addresses Renato and his friends as if he knows them and shares information about Renato’s future, including an important concert event that will come to pass.
WITNESSES: Renato and his friends

1987/1988 An older Renato shows up at Renato's High School (Richmondtown Prep) and talks to Renato and Renato's teacher. The older Renato tells the young Renato about his future. The older Renato hands a piece of paper with several future events written on it to a woman who patrolled the halls of the school. Renato later learns that these predictions came true.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's teacher, School staff member

1988 An older Renato just appears and is shooting photos of Renato as he skates with friends at a junior high school, I.S. 75.
WITNESSES: Renato and his friends

1988 A group of people who are dressed very anachronistically, like Beatniks, appear in Manhatten on Water Street take photos of Renato and friends skating, and then interview Renato.
WITNESSES: Renato and his friends

1989-1992 Renato was between sixteen and nineteen. Renato has many encounters with a vagrant named Frank, who Renato first met outside his father's store when his father first opened it. Frank knew Renato's father and was in fact waiting outside Renato's father's store waiting for the two of them. Frank greeted Renato as if he'd been waiting for this moment. Frank knew a lot about every culture, and made many predictions, including about the Internet. Frank also said many things about Renato, including that he and Renato had both met Jesus. At the time, Frank was an unemployed drug user, so Renato paid little heed.
WITNESSES: Frank, Renato, Renato's father

1989/1990 Renato and a couple of his friends are invited into a club in New York called the Limelight. They are ushered past people waiting in line and are given the VIP treatment. Renato and his friends saw and experienced many things at this club, including time travel. Renato said, again, he was treated as a guest of honor, and many people were lining up to take photos with him, told him things about his future, and that he was a time traveler. One of Renato's friends disappears for about fifteen minutes and returns telling Renato and his other friend that he was stone cold sober, and that he had walked through a time portal at this location to a time in the future and spent two weeks there. Much happens at the Limelight.
WITNESSES: Renato, Ritchie, Corey, and Todd

1990/1991 (First of three encounters with police). Renato is pulled over in his father’s van with a couple of friends. A white and a black officer give a bogus reason for pulling them over and give Renato a hard time. A stranger, who looks like Renato, appears and confronts the officers. In short, this individual sends Renato and his friends off and deals with the officers.
WITNESSES: Renato, Brian, another friend


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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:02 PM

1990/1991 (Second of three encounters with police) Renato, again, is pulled over in his father’s van with his older brother and friend Brian. Again, this is a white and a black officer. The officers have Renato step out of the car. They are aggressive with him and seem to find amusement in harassing him. Again, an older version of Renato pulls up behind the two cops and waves them over. This stranger is clearly angry with these cops, who let Renato go before they go back to speak with this stranger. Renato calls the police station to complain the next day and says whoever he spoke with seemed more than a little nervous, and also seemed to anticipate the phone call.
WITNESSES: Renato and his friends

1991 (First script event at work) Renato is at work at his father's perfume store with a coworker named Jabeen. Frank enters with a guy who looks like Renato. This guy hands Jabeen a piece of paper that she and Renato soon learn has a conversation written down that they just had, verbatim. The stranger tells Renato and Jabeen a lot about their future, and ends up talking to Jabeen alone in her own language. Jabeen is startled by what was divulged to her and thinks Frank is setting her up.
WITNESSES: Renato, Jabeen, Frank

1992 Renato is about eighteen years old. He had been dating a girl on and off named Sarah for a couple of years. Sarah brought up time travel in the beginning when they met. After they broke up, Sara told Renato that there was a bartender at a club that looked exactly like him. Renato believes Sarah perhaps knew he was a time traveler.
WITNESSES: Renato, Sarah

1991/1992 Renato and his friend Zeav were riding bikes on a bike path or road and came across these two guys who called them over to what Renato said was a disk shaped craft in some woods. These two guys called Renato and Zeav by their names, and when they met them, Renato said these two guys looked like Renato and Zeav. The strangers said they were Renato and Zeav's brothers. Renato believes that this meeting was part of a process to prepare him and his friend for the fuure.
WITNESSES: Renato, Zeav

1992/1993 Renato was taking pictures of everyone, his friends, coworkers, etc. when Sarah appears on Renato's street with a guy that looked just like Renato, with long hair and a beard. Renato said sarah looked much older than she was. At the time she was seventeen, but she looked like she was twenty-seven. Sara would not let Renato take a picture of her. Renato had a brief exchange with his older self, but doesn't remember the content.
WITNESSES: Renato, Sara, Renato's friend Rick

1992 (October) Six day missing time/abduction experience. This is where Renato was introduced to the time portal technology at eighteen years old.
WITNESSES: Renato's family, friends, New York Police Dept.

1992 Renato is home the day he returns from his abduction experience, and is approached by an older Renato. The older Renato tells Renato that the young Renato is a time traveler, and tells Renato there are two guys that are going to show up. A strange, black or dark-colored car appears and the older Renato moves to hide nearby. Two middle-aged men step out of the car. The driver asks Renato to tell him what happened. Renato doesn't remember anything. The driver threatens Renato not to tell anyone about anything and they depart.

1992 Same day of return from abduction. One of Renato's friends finds a fresh scar and a bump on Renato's upper body. They push on the scar and a small metal ball pops out of the wound. The ball looks like a peeled orange with every other slice taken out. Renato keeps this item, but loses it years later.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's friends

1993 (third of three incidents with police) Renato was a security guard watching someone's house as it was being built. A police officer pulled Renato over because of a faulty tail light and is unnecessarily aggressive. When the cop went back to his own car to write a ticket, another unmarked car pulls up behind the cop, and the same biker-type, flashes his headlights and waves to the cop to come back to his car. After the cop has an exchange with the guy in the unmarked car he returns to Renato and say "someone must really like you" and lets Renato go with a warning to fix his light.

1994/1995 Renato has encounter with the lead singer of the music group Incubus, Brandon Boyd, at Renato's band practice. Brandon was talking to Renato as if he knew a lot about Renato, and was trying to confirm some stuff. Brandon showed Renato his book of lyrics, and said he was looking for band members because he was fired from his label. Renato wrote in the lead singer's book "Remember me".
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's wife, Renato's wife's cousin, Renato's friends, Brandon Boyd

1996 Renato has an encounter with his older self at a pantera show at Roseland ballroom in Manhatten.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's wife

1997 Renato's memories of his abduction five years earlier and much more begin to surface. For almost the next ten years Renato will try to block these things from surfacing by drinking and smoking pot.


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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 06:03 PM

1997 Renato is contacted by Frank, who Renato first met in the late 1980's at Renato's father's store. Frank tells Renato that he has a business proposition and asks Renato to meet him in the city. After an hour or so of socializing, Renato asks Frank about the business proposition. Frank then confesses to Renato that Renato is a time traveler, and that Renato's future self helped Frank out of a bad situation, and Frank wanted to share this with Renato and to thank him. Renato thinks Frank is fooling and departs Frank's apartment. Out on the street, Renato runs into a guy that looks just like him, but older, and who tells Renato he is a time traveler, as well as some things about his future. Renato thinks he is being set up again, and after a brief conversation, departs.
WITNESSES: Renato, Frank

1997 Renato has an encounter with the lead singer of the music group Life of Agony at their show, and lead singer of Type O Negative, Pete Steel, at this same show. The guitarist for Anthrax was present, whom Renato had not met, but who acted like he new Renato. The lead singer for Type O Negative, Pete Steel, talks to Renato and asks Renato a bunch of questions, as if to confirm something, then asks Renato if he's a time traveler. It seems Pete gave Renato the impression that he would soon receive proof of this.
WITNESSES: Renato, Pete Steel, guitarist for Anthrax, Pete Steel, leavd singer Life of Agony, Renato's wife

1997 Renato is on the sidewalk with friends in New York when a flat bed truck parks nearby. There are a bunch of people on the back of the truck wearing what look like orange or colored robes. They all call Renato by name and wave him over to the truck. Renato soon discovers that along with two older version of himself, at least one individual who he's met on mesage boards was also present. Renato was given a lot of information about himself and his future, but at the end of this meeting they flashed with a device that erased his memory.
WITNESSES: Renato and his friends

1997 Renato was in Manhattan working at Prudential as a computer contractor when he ran into Jabeen, who he had worked at years earlier at his father's store. After some brief catching up, Jabeen asked Renato if he remembered the "time traveler" with "long hair" that visited them in 1991. Jabeen was looking around as she was talking about this incident as if paranoid. After this exchange, it was clear that Jabeen is waiting to see what happens to Renato. Renato thinks Jabeen and others who witness these events are being prepared for the future.
WITNESSES: Renato, Jabeen

2001 (Before Sept. 11) Renato was skating with his friend Scott after not seeing him for a while. After they had caught up on things, Scott asks Renato if he is a time traveler. Scott kind of smirks, and either says or implies something like "You'll see".
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's friend Scott

2001 Renato is in downtown New York when he sees some guy who looks like him standing off to the side. Renato then turns and sees Mayor Rudy Giuliani walking down the sidewalk. Renato says the mayor sees him, and when he does, the mayor gets a look on his face of surprise, or amusement, and then continues walking to meet the guy who looks like Renato.
WITNESSES: Renato, Rudy Giuliani

2003 Renato upgraded a guy's computer while working at the IRS. A year or so later Renato returned to this location and bumps into the same guy, who is Egyptian. The guy was really happy to see Renato and asks Renato to read a word on the cover of a book about Egypt. Renato pronounced the word correctly, which was in English. The guy responds as if this was some sort of confirmation and knew Renato was going to be able to pronounce the word. The guy gave Renato the book. The guy was sort of telling Renato that the thought Renato had some Egyptian heritage. Renato sees this as another sign.
WITNESSES: Egyptian coworker

2003 Renato had an encounter when he was on the side of the stage watching a Clutch concert at the Tradewinds in NJ and the band (mostly guitarist) took pictures of him, and this took place while the band was performing. Later they all made posed with Renato for a picture
WITNESSES: Renato, maybe Rick

2002/2003 Renato worked for the IRS and was delivering laptop computers to an IRS facility in Long Island his coworkers referred to as "Montauk," but which may have been at a location other than Montauk. While he was unloading laptops from a company van, which took him about fifteen minutes to load, he finishes and discovers that an hour has gone by.

He also recounts an exchange, possibly about ufos, with two short gentlemen who were dressed in 70's clothing. As he and his female coworker were leaving, Renato turned and saw a disc shaped object on the property and believes it to be a saucer craft. He believes there is an underground base there.
WITNESSES: Renato, female coworker

2003 Renato is at a friend's house in New York where Paris Hilton and her sister, Nikki, show up. Renato has a conversation with Paris, when she asks him if he's seen the movie "Back to the Future". Paris tells Renato that it may sound crazy, but there is a guy she wants him to meet, who says he is Renato from the future. Renato is apprehensive about this and refuses to go with her to meet this person.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's NY friend, Paris and Nikki Hilton

2005 Renato received letters with lottery numbers from his future self for the following year (2006) in the mail. This is not the first occasion. Renato, previously threw these letters away, thinking they were a joke. These lottos numbers were sometimes handwritten, or in this (2005) case, printed out. Renato said one of the pages with numbers he received had written in his own handwriting, "These are the numbers asshole." Renato put these papers in his closet, but they ended up somehow being thrown away.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's wife

2005 (second script event) Renato was working at mortgage company and about to lose his job. One day, the older Renato shows up and gives a piece of paper to one of Renato's coworkers. The older Renato also gives one of Renato's female coworkers a printout of Renato's personal future emails, which includes dates. This female coworker was told not to give these emails to Renato. Renato returns to his office from lunch and finds his coworkers are all smiles and waiting for him. They all have an exchange, and Renato's coworker looks at the piece of paper and finds their extemporaneous conversation was written down verbatim on the piece of paper. The guy who was given the scripted conversation was not considered as being "friendly" with Renato, but was intrigued by what was occurring. He asked Renato if Renato had any family in the area, digging for answers, and said the guy who handed him this paper looked just like Renato, but younger and with long hair.
WITNESSES: Renato, Renato's coworkers

2005/2006 Renato begins researching his memories and begins posting questions, and some of his experiences on message boards.
November 17, 2006 Renato creates a personal website to share his experiences, and to post a book he's written on his experiences.
2006 Renato has a daylight ufo sighting while on break at work.

2007 Renato interviews at least two other abductees and gets confirmation from both about a concert event he remembers not only attending, but organizing. One of his interviewees is attacked psychically the night of this interview. The next morning, Renato experiences some minor signs he might have been attacked as well.
WITNESSES: Renato, Bonnie from, Martin from, and others

2007 Renato has a second ufo sighting in a period of a few weeks. This time at night.

2007 Renato receives another confirmation from two other people posting on message boards. One of these people claims to see the same concert event coming to pass.


posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

I am going to have to stop reading right here, and answer some of your questions.

This Earth has been a sort of proving ground for new souls. Before we can mature to adulthood.....consider us as being in the womb of mother nature. You see, there is a lot of things to consider when you walk a path.

We are shown, from the beginning, what our end will be. The 9 months spent in the womb will compare to the 900 years of lessons we learn, while we mature.

The earth is ripe for harvest. It is time for many of us to move on. The natural order of things was interrupted, now it is time to set things in proper order.

The earth will continue to exist, but a much more beautiful place to be. And, much like a mother giving birth to a newborn, all the screaming and pain vanishes with the blessing of a new baby.

No, the Earth will not suffer much longer under the burden of the Corporate machine. The wheels of industry, trampling our Mother beyond recognition, will stop turning.

This is the tragedy. If you see that as a bad thing, possibly you are a contributor to the problem, not asking God for intervention.

Time is limited, for me. I am helping my son, and he is crazy busy. It might take a week to answer all of the questions.

I don't know, but I believe this was a purely scientific collection. It happened only twice. I woke up in the morning with scratches on my shoulder area once, that have mostly healed now, but still have left red marks. Yes, it was that good. (sorry to be that graphic for some readers).

We as humans continue to amase our creators. Of course, as with every engineer, they always try to improve perfection. Yes, we are genetically engineered.

I am not going to dwell on where these parasites came from, that will soon be made abundantly clear. Those responsible have been dealt with. Now, we are left with the aftermath. The hard times will continue, as this is a necessary part of the harvest.

The second edit:...During a harvest of a bumper crop, hot dry weather helps to speed up the late seed in order to bring the whole crop to an even grade of high quality mature seed. Now in the case of a soul, our very escence, we have been stuck here, short cycling going nowhere.

Do not take harvest as a bad thing, harvest is a joyful occasion. That is when all of your work matures and ripens. That is when we pick the very best, and discard the tares (for lack of a better term).

What will your reaction be, when you find out the majority of societies problems can be traced back to parasites? When you learn Doctors, Pharmacists, and big corporations have been with holding that information and promoting more lucrative alternatives? Alternatives that keep them in control of you, in order to milk you of your hard earned, heavily taxed monetary resources?

Herein lies the turmoil and destruction.

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posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 04:07 PM
Oh hi,

I don't really wanna read 100+ pages of posts to find out how far along this topic is and what exactly you are talking about now, but if you are still talking about the title of this thread, I would ask two questions

1. What is the music like for the next 10 years?

2. Is Britney Spears still in business for those 10 years?

Honestly, I have been thinking alot about time travel just because I want to see what the latest music/music videos are like.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:05 PM
I want to volunteer! If its not too late and there is still room.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Hey OTD !!!
Hey I want to volunteer to work on your production team for when you become a famous screen writer.
I am sure I can help out in your think tank that the writers have when they are generating new ideas / story lines. If not you will definitely need an assistant in charge of alcohol

So think of us when you start putting your team together

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