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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 07:14 PM
Okay, I will volunteer for the program. It's not everyday you get to time travel, right?

I only read a little past the first 10 pages of this thread, but why was TD banned?

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 08:56 PM
Hmm I would ask the only question that I would be thinking of at the How did you travel back in time? Maybe even ask how do you cure cancer, if theres a cure? Simple as that. Its better than asking anything personal, as I find that would be a waste.

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 08:57 PM
Here is a good interview that was on coast to coast not to long ago.

Dr. Richard Boylan, an anthropologist specializing in the 'star visitor' phenomenon and 'Star Seed' children. He shared his announcement that 12 environmental scientists from the planet Altimar arrived in January to help deal with Earth's environmental crisis. According to Boylan, the delegation traveled from their planet Altimar which orbits a red dwarf star some 6-7 light years from us, and landed at a location in North America.

Boylan said he was at the landing site when the ship arrived in "cloaked" form, though he could see the "energy" of their vehicle. The beings are humanoid, but have larger heads and eyes and diminutive noses and ears. They had some human genetics spliced in to allow them to adapt to life here, he added. For more on the Altimarians and their mission, see Boylan's statement.

A total of 1,483 star races have made contact with Earth, Boylan declared. He also noted that a number of non-human races cohabit Earth with us, living underwater and underground.

In the first 10min he gives a description of a race of beings that sound oddly familure to a race or a group of aliens that TD says will be at the concert. theses beings that look human but have wings attached to is very good detailed...

part 1

part 2

Richard Boylan's website:

have a good one!

jason, you should read his book...its at just read the pdf on the side, and TD got banned for saying the F word allot
...well its more complicated, it wasnt his fault...

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 07:44 AM
Hello to all of the volunteers, posters, readers, awakened ones, soon-to-be-awakened ones, and...You know...the "other guys" (the ones perpetuating the...You know...Crap...).

First message of the day, detach from the "show". Bring your awareness back to your physical self and your immediate environment. Everything we're sharing is supposed to thrust your attention back onto yourself; to re-connect (if necessary) with the nature/environment around you; and to encourage you to open your mind and understand you are on the precipice of some terrific changes.

Hey, liltinybus!! TD was initially banned (and I explained the reasons a few pages back), because he'd sent an email to, I believe, a moderator, voicing his opinions in a frank manner ahah

He signed up again under another screenname, but was banned at that time, because two or three other individuals, for whatever reason, came out AFTER TD started his threads on time travel, with similar threads, and were seen by mods as hoaxers. They may have been; but they were banned before I could make that determination. At that time, TD was seen as one of the hoaxers and also banned.

I made a plea on his behalf and he was reinstated under that, or a different screenname. He's been here under several screennames, but, it seems, hasn't been careful about observing the finer details of the Terms and Conditions; namely with regard to cursing, which he is wont to do ahha What can I say...?

Anyway, it wasn't because he was hoaxing, as much as many would like to believe that...

jasonm56, what's up? Actually, you only need to go a page back, or so, to find the abridged version of TD's time travel experiences. I explain, in brief, how TD came to time travel. Basically, as the result of an ET abduction.

I want to say to folks reading this thread for the first time, it has been going for a year or more, but anyone can volunteer at any time. I have read some posts, and received some U2U's from people asking if this thread is still "Live". It IS. And we are reading and answering, just as we were a year ago or so when it started.

Things have slowed slightly on our end, as the majority of the message has been shared here, but we're still here. TD and myself are reading along. We've just sort of taken a slightly more relaxed approach as we wait for events to start unfolding. Until then, we don't want to clog up the thread with incessant and unnecessary pronouncements of "imminent change". We're aware of this, now we're ready for the show to start.

I wanted to share, however, another great find with regard to the changes occurring. I found a sight created by Jonathan (Jody) Boyne, who lists his credentials thusly, "MA East-West Counseling Psychology | MLIS Library & Information Science | MA Asian & Comparative Religion."

Jody, as he is known by the readers at the site, has compiled a ton of information on what is happening on our planet now. He shares letters from individuals who have had spiritual contacts, friendly ET contacts (many who recall lives with these beings and call them their "family", etc.), near death experiences and more, all claiming that they are here for what is about to happen to our planet. Jody also includes some of the Ra "Law of One" material; and all of these folks are saying the same thing. Buckle up!

Here are some excerpts from the letters that have been sent to Jody and posted at his website. These and other letters are posted at a page for "Wanderers and Walk-Ins", etc., to share their experiences,


August 96 Waking Vision
While driving in Seattle one sunny day I was watching the sights and scenery pass by when suddenly I heard a voice say, "This is what's coming". Suddenly I was seeing total and complete devastation of the entire city of Seattle and some of the surrounding area. I felt as though I was in two different space\times watching a movie and moving through it at the same time and seeing flashes of the present but I wanted to see this incredible sight. I was very frightened and had to grip my jeans leg as I watched in horror. I saw buildings toppled like trees upon one another while others were broken off half way up. Cars and trucks toppled, crushed, and piled in heaps.

Streets were blocked with debris and bridges collapsed on road ways which seamed strange to see as we pasted right through it as though it weren't there, I knew it was only a vision but still it was incredible. I saw the huge bridge spans that used to be interstate five collapsed into Lake Union along with all the other ones not one remained standing. It was unnerving to pass over these fallen bridges looking down and not seeing anything but a wreaked bridge in the water below. I looked at my husband and wanted to tell him about all of this but he is having some major medical problems and I didn't want to lay anything as unreal as what I was seeing on him. Every time after that when we went to Seattle for three weeks I kept seeing the exact same thing all over again moving through the same movie again. It took some doing to see it for what it was a vision and nothing more.

I asked myself and who ever else was elsewhere watching me, 'why'? The response I received was, "You must know", well that doesn't tell me much but I just accepted it. One thing I noticed when I was seeing all this devastation is that I saw no people. Days later I asked why, the reply was 'it is not for us to know who survives and who does not that is left only to the Creator'. I was relieved because I don't want to know.

Aug 96 Vision of a new world
A few days after these terrifying visions I again was contacted this time the same voice said 'this is the future'. A pleasant feeling of peace and love came over me as I watched. I saw myself in my true form with my full abilities flying about helping people do anything and everything effortlessly. The world is now so full of unity, peace, love, contentment and joy I wanted to stay. The grass was covering every part and trees were tall and nearly perfectly formed, flowers bloomed everywhere, there were no tall mountains just hills and flat valleys.

People were helping each other to achieve the same level of life and happiness as everyone else. No one did without any thing, all the needs of everyone were seen to, just for the shear joy of doing things for each other. There is no money, no stock market, no social classes, no greed, lust, or killing, no tall buildings, or vehicles (at least of the sort we are used to seeing), no military, no homelessness, only a love of life and prosperity for all. Even the animals wild or tame were friendly; so tame children would play around them and with them without fear from either. Everyone worked for the betterment of life for all, not just a few.

I felt so at ease there it felt so much like my real home this time I actually wanted to be there I think because it felt so normal and nothing like the twisted insanity of this world. I saw people and animals in this vision but no part of what was in the past as if all had been cleansed and made fresh and new. There were no ruins of the once great cities or the construction efforts of the past. It seemed as though it were forgotten somehow. If this sounds to utopian than maybe it's what the world was suppose to be in the first place. Maybe we are going to have a fresh start and second chance to get it right.


In a letter entitled, "I Have Been Told That I Am a Part of the Gathering", a woman writes,

Hi, Jody - my name is Patricia and I was so excited when I ran across your page. I was searching for starseed when I found your site. You have done a great job!

I am emailing because I have finally come to this understanding and acceptance of who I am, at least in part...Trying to figure out my purpose here and who I am. I have intuitive abilites , I channel information, hear voices and have seen a spaceship up close. Have longed for my other family in the stars. Have had past life regression done to try and figure all this out. I can finally say at 44-- I have peace-- I have studied, for 20 some odd years, everything spiritual. It didn't matter what. I am very familiar with all the spiritual disciplines. I am very close to the Native American spiritual way. I have searched and studied to try and make sense of my loniliness and who and what I am suppose to be about. I am now content and at peace. I went into myself. I started receiving guidance, I was lead miraculously to books to read that gave me answers to myself and the way I was feeling. I received communications from out there in the stars. I do not know exactly who is speaking with me. They feel caring and loving and that has been enough for me. I have always been more interested in the message they give. I have been told that before some great destruction comes , I'm not sure what that destruction is . I will be lifted up into a space ship , I have seen others as well, being taken up.

While the destructions are going on in the earth-- I along with alot of others will be learning about the earth's history and learning new technologies, these technologies feel familiar to me, but I can't recall them at this time. We then will be brought back to the earth to continue our work here. Much of our memory of things past will have been restored to us as we have been on the ships. More of who we are will be given back to us. This is what I have been told.



posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 07:44 AM
Continued from above...

Another letter includes information that may indicate "why" certain folks will be brought up into ships (although, I've heard that there will be safe havens also made available on the planet's surface, teleporters, etc., for others...).

The article at Jody's site is entitled, ""Introduction to the Material and Overview of the Situation on Earth, Ufos, ETs, Transition into 4th Density and Earth Changes". [From the Introduction to The Ra Material--The Law of One.] You can read the RA material for free here - LINK 1 and LINK 2

There is a choice to be made very shortly, and it would be preferable if all of the people of this planet understand the choice that is to be made. It will be difficult for many of the people of this planet to understand what this choice is, because it is a choice that they have not considered. They have been much too involved in their daily activities and their confusion and their desires of a very trivial nature to be concerned with an understanding fo the choice that they are very shortly to make. Whether they wish to or not, whether they understand it or not, regardless of any influence, each and every one of the people who dwell upon planet Earth will shortly make a choice. There will be no middle area. There will be those who choose to follow the path of love and light and those who choose otherwise.

This choice will not be made by saying, 'I choose the path of love and light,' or 'I do not choose it.' The verbal choice will mean nothing. This choice will be measured by the individual's demonstration of his choice. This demonstration will be very easy for us of the Confederaton of Planets in His Service to interpret. This choice is measured by what we term the vibratory rate of the individual. It is necessary, if an individual is to join those who make the choice of love and understanding, for his rate of vibration to be above a certain minimal level. There are many now that are close to this minimal level, but due to continuing conditions of erroneous thought that prevail upon your surface, they are either fluctuating around this point or even in some cases drifting away from the path of love and understanding. There are many whose vibratory rate at this time is sufficiently high for them to travel with no difficulty into the density of vibration that this planet is shortly to experience.

At some time in the future, then, something that the Confederation has called the harvest will take place. This concept of the Judgement Day differs from the eschatological one in that the one who judges us is not a God apart from us but the God within us. As a result of this harvest some will go on to a new age of love and light and will learn new lessons in a very positive and beautiful density, as the Confederation calls it. Others will have to repeat this particular grade of lessons and relearn the lessons of love. Here the Confederation entity, Hatonn, speaks once again of the harvest and of the Confederation's purpose in speaking through contactee groups:

There is going to be a Harvest, as you might call it, a harvest of souls that will shortly occur upon your planet. We are attempting to extract the greatest possible harvest from this planet. This is our mission, for we are the Harvesters.

In order to be most efficient, we are attempting to create first a state of seeking among the people of this planet who desire to seek. This would be those who are close to the acceptable level of vibration. Those above this level are of course not of as great interest to us since they have, you might say, already made the grade. Those far below this level, unfortunately, cannot be helped by us at this time. We are attempting at this time to increase by a relatively small percentage the number who will be harvest ed into the path of love and understanding.

Even a small percentage of those who dwell upon your planet is a vast number, and this is our mission, to act through groups such as this one in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected, that it may be in a state lacking what the people of your planet choose to call proof.

We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission--to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate.

This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.


The "Wanderer" articles can be found HERE.

And here is a LINK to Jody's MAIN PAGE.

In addition to the material above, there is still a great site dedicated to 2012 (which I've come to accept is more metaphorical than literal; it could be both).

I've linked to this before, but now has 300 links to material - channeled, visions, contact experiences, prophecies, etc. - that all point to this time.

Another great resource site, called, compiles similarly intriguing stories and data, stating the same thing.

Here is the introduction on one 2012 article page where the author lays out much of what has influenced her beliefs about 2012,

There have been many prophesies for us to think about over the ages. Some have materialized while others have not.

All prophecy is fluid and changeable. The future is not set in stone. The reason is simple. We create our own reality through our collective thinking otherwise known as the mass consciousness. What a prophet "sees" is one of the probable outcomes of our future. If we don't like what the prophet has to say, we have the power to change it.

Cosmic cycles are nothing new to our ancestors. They are a part of the lore and history of many ancient civilizations. The Mayans studied them with a passion, and they served as the foundation of their sky religion. Even Plato was aware of the most important cycle for our planet occurring every 25,920 years, which he and others called the Great Year.

Today we find ourselves at the end of the 2160-year Age of Pisces, the beginning of Aquarius, the close of the Mesoamerican fifth world, and the ending of the Kali Yuga of the Hindus.

The sacred scriptures of the Indian Vedas describe cycles of creation spanning millions of years in the past including civilizations that flourished, and those that decayed and perished. Ours is just one of many.

The momentous crossroads in cosmic time we are fast approaching around 2012 has been prophesized by the Hopis, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and many others. Some of that information is briefly summarized below.

On this page, you will also find excerpts of fifteen different sources of channeled transmissions that I take seriously. All are saying the same basic thing. And I find it hard to ignore.

Here is the information that has influenced my thinking...


The author has also compiled a list of "UFO Fleet" videos from around the world that further support the time of change we are now experiencing. NOT one of doom and gloom, but one of awakening.

As the RA material states, however, your vibration/intentions will guide you where you are destined to go. This seems to be a common theme right now, and it is also very true. TD says in his book, "A change is coming. A good change for good people, and a bad change for bad people." This is a very simple way to put it.

Very simply put, there are two paths to choose; a decision to be made - but that decision is made "inside". Your intentions drive your actions; and your mindset (either open and loving, or closed and fearful) determines your path.

Jody has a preface on his main page that reads as follows,

The purpose of this page is to articulate and share the experience, message and lesson of the unity and multidimensional life of all beings, and that of Wanderers - those who have realized that they have incarnated here on earth from other planets and dimensions, in a mission of service at this time of earth's approaching transition into its next level of development.

That humans have developmental stages is obvious and accepted, while the fact that there are larger and further stages is not - ie, the geocentric delusion/conceit that Earth is the center of the universe and the anthropocentric delusion/conceit that Earth humans are the crown of creation.

Which is why beings from elsewhere - in reality elder siblings and parents - do not openly say "Hello".

Emphasis mine. That statement says a lot about our beliefs about our existence; primarily that we have stopped growing, developing and evolving. Really? No.

If you feel alone and disconnected, you may do well to research Jody's page. And if you're tired of things on this rock continuing in the manner they have been, your prayers are soon to be answered.

There isn't a lot of scientific data, or a rigorous study of these changes to persuade the more skeptical readers here - not that this argument couldn't use it; but we just don't have the space here.

Hopefully what has been presented is at least enough to give hope; and to the skeptics, something to think about.

See you on the other side...

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by ignorant_ape
if he says yes

i would ............ you guessed it , kill him

because the being personally responsible for the coollapse of time and space isnt an oportunity you get every day

carpe diem

hahahaha carpe diem! brilliant! wish i'd thought of it!

i'd probably ask about stocks, or possibly try and get him to bring me back a baby dinosaur or something. maybe ask him to steal jesus' spotlight, and create an organized religion based on fear and hate, and the second coming would revolve around my birthdate, location, and well... me.

posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:15 AM
wow this thread is long as hell, sorry if you had moved on in the discussion to something completely unrelated and i interrupted.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 05:54 PM
I want to volunteer to time travel

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:14 AM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!!!

I have some more awesome stuff that is coming through.
You know, people are always on these threads wanting proof of this and proof of that.

Part of the cycle now underway is opening up the awareness. When you see things for how they really are it is mind blowing.
I have mentioned before that ET Technology is all around us and that we are at the infant stages in building and developing that technology.

So you want proof. Proof of what they can do. Go outside and look at a tree. As it has been explained to me. Trees are what we would call machines. Organic machines that can self replicate.
Think about it for a moment, let it hit you.

In layman’s terms, imagine in our world if you bought a CPU from the store. Took it home and put it on the desk and watered it. It then grew into a fully working PC and you could use it. Then you could breed it with other PC's and have the cycle start again. That is the level I am talking here.

Then you have the animals. Once again imagine making a robot of a Dog. Then improving it, then improving it and improving it. Thousands of years later what will it become if you keep improving it? Somewhere along the line you develop the switch from silicon to organic and you have an Animal like a dog that grows, repairs, replicates and works as programmed.

Now this is only the childs play stuff for the ET. Go and look in a mirror and look at the machine that is looking at you. Your body is a machine designed by the ET's. The amazing thing here is that you are interfaced to this machine. They have worked out how to interface a Soul with a machine. If that doesn't blow you away nothing will. When your machine expires you will live on.

Contemplate this. Look at this world in a new light. There are many more examples.

Then they leave me with the last message.
To them the interfacing of a Soul to a Machine aka Human Body is no big deal.
Wait till they show you the really advanced stuff.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 11:20 PM
man, cyber i think like that everday...haha your tips do rock though!!!keep it coming!

i got something very important..its rather scary to read, or should i say horrible to read, i think it was our future or the future Renato saw when he went to knew York and saw that a nuke had hit it.

I then saw missiles coming and hitting some cities and mushroom clouds started happening all over the United States. Some were from missiles that I knew came from Russia and others were not from missiles, but were from bombs that were already in the United States. They were hidden in trucks and in cars and were exploded.

I specifically saw Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York hit with bombs. New York was hit with a missile, but I think that Los Angeles was hit by a truck bomb or actually several, because I didn't see any missile. I also saw north of Salt Lake City have a mushroom cloud, a small one, but no missile.

read the whole thing here:
The Vision

i am still debating on the planet x thing, and jesus coming...the vision could have been symbolic?

If you guys saw the Duncan ofinian video from project Camelot...there is a part near the end were he says that at one point in his life he was projected to the future and shown a vision almost the exact same way and the exact same scene that this woman saw...

im not trying to bring anyone hopes down or anything...its just that these controllers planned all of this crap...dont forget it!

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Hi, ViolaCard, xReaperx (rock on!), Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, win 52, TD, and all of the other theater-goers, currently sitting on the edge of their seats!!

Will it be a financial crash? War with Iran? A mass flyover/landing? ahaha It's in the air. Does everyone have this feeling of anticipation? It feels like something's gotta give. The dam's gonna burst.

I would like to suggest that this may be a spiritual/energetic pressure that is building up, and it just feels like a dam about to break. None can tell...

I just popped on to share some strange experiences, but first want to give a shout out to xReaperx!! Welcome aboard. Please wait for contact. Peace!

Hey, Cyber_Wasp!! Interesting as always...You know, you were talking about the clouds changing shape, etc. a little while ago. I've come across some more interesting cloud situations, and think they will play - they ARE playing - a role in things to come.

What's up, ATSGUY!! I read the vision thread you linked to last week. I'm not concerned about it. Edgar Cayce had similarly catastrophic visions. David Wilcock counts those visions up to the message source being dubious based on Cayce's own disturbed mindset at the time. Not his psychological viability (if that's the right word), but his spiritual reservations and doubts at the time those messages were received.

It is also entirely possible for the future to be altered (in many ways, not the least of which is a timeline change...). But I'm not concerned. We need to leave the emotions connected to such predictions behind. The base you should be operating from is one that is grounded, centered, open and connected to the source/creator. You can hurt the body, but the consciousness/energy/individual that resides within it is indestructible.

The future, whatever it has in store, is a phantom in your mind. The present is what you are living, and which is the source of the future. Right now, you are a person hoping or fearing for something that doesn't exist yet. Let the past - and the future - go. Desiring or fearing about the past or future are ways to set you off balance.

It's a grasping. Stop grasping; keep your attention in this moment and you will regain your center. How do you do that? Stop fabricating these thoughts and entertaining the scenarios, however positive or negative. Bring your attention to the weight of your body in the chair you're sitting in. What sounds do you hear? I hear birds outside my window at the moment. And a car every now and then, passing over the rain-soaked street. Things to keep you rooted in the here and now...

There is no fear in the present moment, free from the past and future. Only vast openness.

I wanted to share a couple of things. First, about a week or two ago (maybe a little more) I heard something running in the attic above my room. It sounded like something with short legs, running "fairly" quickly. I've been in this house for almost three years, and I've never heard anything like that over my room.

I don't know if this is connected, but a week or so ago I took that photo over the roof of my house and saw that beam of light extending diagonally down toward my roof. The beam went into my attic.

So I'm sitting in my room again yesterday or the day before, and I hear the same running. Could it be a squirrel? Possibly. But it would be the first time in three years I've ever heard anything running over my head. The reason I suggest that it isn't a squirrel is that the ceiling in my room, and the foundation/floor for the attic would not permit anything over a certain size to make that much noise. Whatever was running was larger than a squirrel...If I hear it again, maybe I'll head up there with a camera.

Other strangeness. Last night, as I have been for the past week, I had some very strange dreams. And nothing prompted these dreams. They were all over the map; at times quite literally.

First, I dreamt last night that there would be an earthquake in Texas and on the southern coast of California. In the dreams, as others have reported, I just saw like an overhead map of Texas and California. Both of them just had this dot or something, indicating an area. Pretty funny, Never had one of those before.

So when I got on the computer this morning, I saw these two threads at GLP (LINK 1 -- LINK 2), stating there was a big earthquake in southern Texas (I think that is the area I saw in my dream, but won't suggest that without being clear). Just waiting for some whopper to hit the southern coast of California...

My dreams last night were all over the place. At one point in the dream, I remember a police force of some kind (wasn't getting military) descending upon my neighborhood. And what was really odd was that they were accompanied by these glassy-eyed, sort of hypnotized civilians. The civilians seemed to be in this happy, hypnotic state. Like they were hypnotized, and were milling about.

I remembered taking a gun from one of the officers and opening it only to find there weren't any bullets in it. It was just an empty gun(?). I gathered a couple of people and made a getaway. Most of the people, it seemed, remained and were left to deal with whatever was taking place.

I hid out for a while, and when I returned some time later, I found the regular people that were descended upon by the police and these happy, cult-like members, including my mother, were in some sort of guarded area. They were in these rooms at long tables, sort of like some type of commune, and were chatting and listening to some sort of lecture.

I was able to get some time with my mother alone and she and the other regular folks (not the cult members) had reptilian pupils. They were also hypnotized like everyone else. They were smiling and, I was told by the "staffers," were going to go back to their cages; that they were happy in those cages. The cages were just small enough to fit one person in. It was horrible.

The dream was very unpleasant. I argued with the staffers to let them go; that they were drugged or hypnotized and WOULDN'T be happy in these cages if they were self-aware...Is it possible for someone to manipulate your dreams? Maybe that's why the people you know in your dreams are sometimes poor facsimiles...

I left again. I went pretty far away. Left all of that behind. I don't remember any countries; only that I was traveling from cities and through the country. I remember traveling down a river in a boat with some total strangers. I was eating a large, fried fish (I know, this is on).

Later, in the boat, I lied down and felt the most intense anguish one could ever feel. I physically felt this anguish in my body. I think it was an experience I've had before (past life? alternate dimension...?). Maybe I was reliving something? Or maybe I was being manipulated in this dream.

I've had dreams before where I felt this anguish in my entire being. In one of these dreams I was tricked, or fooled into tracking this person down to kill them. I was drugged, tricked, hypnotized, or something, to follow this guy and kill him. As soon as it was done I realized that it was my father. I remember this same extreme pain and calling out something like, "In the name of God, why?" Those dreams kind of suck...

So, in this boat, as I felt this stuff, I prayed and sort of cried out for, I think, Archangel Michael (believe it or not). I asked him to take all of this away, or to make it stop - just to fix it. That was the last of that part of the dream. I'm not a religious person. But these are the folks you call out to, aren't they? ahah

Then, when I woke up this morning, still half asleep. I started to get this weird little poem in my head...Something like,

Hello smile
Hello frown
Hello person, upside down
Hello person
Near or far
Hello person from the stars

There were two more lines to it, but I felt like my subconscious started it and, still half asleep, I watched it unfold. The last two lines were something like, "Hello person *something, something*, let's take this planet and shake it up". The last three words were sort of my contribution. I was meaning metaphorically...hehe Anyway, when I woke up, and finished the poem, I immediately thought of the OP at this GLP thread. Just because of the simplicity of the poem...

On another note, I talked to TD yesterday, and he shared another memory with me about a friend of his (when he was around 18 years old), who called him to confirm that they were going to the Limelight. TD said that, at the time, his friend was acting like they had talked only minutes before; but TD said this was the first time that day they had talked. Then, moments later, TD's friend said, "I have you on the other line." TD just laughed and told his friend, "I'm not on the other line, I'm right here..." Anyway, another incident there.

TD wants to put his story in screenplay form, so he and I are going to try to do that. What the hell? If you like that kind of stuff, he'll probably post it at his site - FOR FREE. Who knows...?

On a side note, I've been seeing a lot of videos/reports from Texas. There are several folks posting photos and videos from Texas, and many sightings occurring there. Not the least of which is the Stephenville, Texas event. We may see things happen in Texas first. We kind of already have, but maybe keep an eye on the Lonestar state...AND California...Never had premonitory dreams before. It was really strange seeing that Texas earthquake stuff this morning...Really...

Like Casey Kasem always used to say, "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!"


posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 11:39 AM
WOW OTD, that was one crazy dream. YOu know i have started recording my dreams, and they all have a pattern of dealing with certain things in my life. For instance i am angry at my cousin for getting me all pumped up for joining a boxing club, I resent it because the coach is a real A##hole and knows how to be a pain in the ### all the time. Also im wasting 100 bucks a month so i don't like that hahaha. I have noticed that in my dreams my cousin is almost always there, and whenever he is we are fighting a group of people in my dream or talking about fighting, and it kind of annoys me in the

i guess what i am trying to say is that in dreams you tend to bring in the daily aspects of life in symbolic form...

You on the other hand seem to be getting random dreams like Brian, especially after the earth quake thing you just talked about...there might be some psychic connection.

Also that poem at the end, i remember only one time i was given or heard something in my dream that was kind of like a riddle or something,.. i wish i had written it down but it was definitely not something my mind was thinking about or making up at the time, i think it actually had a good meaning. But it reminded me of your poem and the meaning behind it...i guess it just means change.

but yea maybe you should start recording your dreams, i know it helps i think i am getting better at inducing an astral oobe

I would also like to say that i just heard that Clutch is gonna be playing at the house of blues down here in New Orleans on the 22nd...i am gonna try to check it out, who knows maybe i will see a Renato down there

posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 05:22 PM
Hey OTD, ATSGUY, WIN52 & ye all !!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Dreams OTD. What I can say about your experience(s) is that you are Bleeding.

I have another message to bring through. It has been around me for a while so I want to get it out there so they will let up on

This is another one about our technology being an infant state of future ET technology.

Surveillance systems with the CCTV cameras are all the rage. They are every where. They record people’s movements where ever you go. It is a funny thing. People tend to behave more when they are being recorded as the vision can be used against them if they end up in court.

Now in the ET world we advance this technology a million times or more forward to the point where in fact, in a different kind of way we are being recorded. This techonology does not have cameras. There are no visible recording or storage devices for that matter, but you are being recorded.
The technology records your every moment, thought, action and more. It also does the same for all the people and animals that you interact with and records their emotions on your interaction with them.

There is no way we can comprehend how this works, but it does.

People say there is a judgment day, when one day you sit before god at the end of your life and it is all reviewed and a judgment is made. The way it is explained to me it is not quiet like that.

You will be the judge. I am not clear on the exact way it happens, but ultimately you will review what has been recorded. The whole archive will be played through you and overall one kind of emotion will be the most prominent. It is then you will know the verdict of your life and what happens to you from there will be clear as in where you will go for your next lesson(s).

I know it is pretty deep and spiritual stuff but that is how it is. If you know what the test is going to be, you can apply this now in your life. Act like you are always being recorded on camera. (Because you are.) Know that you will experience all the emotions you give to yourself and other people in who you interact with.

Knowing this now, you can see when you are being tested. You will know each day if you have passed or failed the tests you are given and can work on it to become a better person.

It sounds stupid but I asked for an indication on how you know you are doing the right thing by people. The simple answer was a smile. When the people around you are smiling you are doing the right thing.

How do you behave when you think nobody is looking?

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 03:10 PM

Yes, yes, yes yes yes......

That is showing up right now. It seems people with good inentions are being rewarded. Just try it and see what reward you get. A is not always money.

Also people who try to get rich by trampling good people in the process, will see their pile slowly dwindle away. There will be nothing they can do about it.

Money is not wrong....greedily stockpiling it is the wrong.

Yes, are on ET camera. How do you feel about being your own judge? Are these types of things important to you? They should be, because this is your future.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 09:28 PM

Originally posted by win 52

Yes, yes, yes yes yes......

That is showing up right now. It seems people with good inentions are being rewarded. Just try it and see what reward you get. A is not always money.

Also people who try to get rich by trampling good people in the process, will see their pile slowly dwindle away. There will be nothing they can do about it.

Money is not wrong....greedily stockpiling it is the wrong.

Yes, are on ET camera. How do you feel about being your own judge? Are these types of things important to you? They should be, because this is your future.
hey win regarding your post, listen to the new michael interview. i think it is pretty cool that he talks about the thought adjuster as being a recorder for the world and everyone in it...and then you come along and say your et camera recording thing. hahah

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Where's the hidden time machine?

How does it work?

Give me the keys!


posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 11:48 AM
My puter is in silent mode at the sound.

Here are some of my insights.

If you can relate events in the Bible to our situation today, this is kind of what you will get.

Money is a big stickler at the moment. In the near future, you will have to go out and collect what you need in the morning before the day starts and if you try to take more than you need for the day, it will rot at the end of the day. You will need to get up and collect your daily bread every morning. The bottom line is that we will all be watched over like a Shepard watches his flock as he takes the flock through a dangerous part of the road.

This will lead us up to and past 2012.

It is a matter of days/months, before the current system is taken down. It will be soon, sooner than most will be ready for. Provisions are in place to help the people who will be moving on.

I just saw that there will be a division of the population. I always thought it would be the whole, however due to the inherent bad apples the whole is not possible. You, even God, can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. A place has been prepared for those people who are not ready for the full Monty. Another cycle, if you must know, not hell. Hell is a man made place, not a place of punishment by the Gods. We are all in hell right now. Some of us will be getting pardons, some will have to go back to school.

The Bible has been twisted, but not enough to distort the truths therein, if you seek earnestly.

Heck, I would like the keys to the time machine.


It will get to the point where food will no longer be necessary for us to exist. We will be given new suits to ware (an upgraded body), that won't require us to consume food to survive. We will be at a higher state of understanding.

Make no mistake, there will be a division. For those who find it hard to understand, or possibly reject the whole deal, they will end up in a separate place. It will be up to each one to judge themselves, and only themselves.

Only people who are ready will move on.

Oh, and if you think you can hide anything....ha ha ha.... Who are you trying to kid, yourself?

From here on, I plan to be blunt... so be warned

You see, that is why predicting the future is so elusive, because it is a fluid thing. It depends on a million decisions a minute, every minute of the day, to make things work.

We are sure of one thing, as recorded by our predecessors (The Mayans), who have given a record and a time line, the time clock is counting down.

It is no longer up to any person living here to make any changes in the way things go down. The best we can hope for is that we figure some of it out before the rake handle hits us in the face.

[edit on 9-4-2008 by win 52]

and then....

There will be a group brought to a new world, much like Earth, and dropped off, being left to survive and mature as a race. They will have to kill and eat to survive. Back to when survival was the main theme, aka the cave men days.

it makes so much is just a big circle....

and the wheel of life keeps on turnin
bringing me round to my kin

[edit on 9-4-2008 by win 52]

I understand about 2/3 of the earths souls will be ready to ascend with the planet. The rest will be moved to another world and left to mature.

I understand there will be a change in the way evil is allowed to influence the maturing group. The original plan will be put in place, with certain safeguards in place to protect those people while they mature.

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posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 09:28 AM

Originally posted by win 52
I woke up at three in the morning. I could see the stars, and the moon light was very dim. I was thinking about how beautiful the sky looked, with all the stars shining so bright.

As I drifted on the edge of conciousness, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sky fill up with dull orange glowing objects. After closer scrutiny, I determined the glow was city lights reflecting off of an extremely highly polished surface. Sometimes clouds show similar light reflecting characteristics.

So, it looked like a group...hundreds...of smaller identical looking clouds, evenly spaced out, with stars behind them, reflecting city lights (orange glow), moving from a west to east direction, at 3 - 500 mph, give or take.

I lay there looking at the sky, and a thought of "They are finally here.", "Thank you for saving us.", came to my mind.

A great feeling of peace filled my body. As I felt so relaxed, I drifted off to sleep.

Now, was that a dream, or did I see the real deal?

To me, it was real, but I also know it is not yet time!

OTD- here is what I was talking about

It seemed so real at the time, but yet, was it a dream? I am not sure! Later on I felt it was a view of what is coming.

Like wasp says, the message is in the clouds. That is what we see in the day, clouds instead of ships. Much like in exodus where the people followed a cloud by day and a pilar of fire by night.

So, keep looking to the sky for your chance at a new existance.

posted on Apr, 12 2008 @ 12:19 PM
Hello, Ground Crew!!

I just came on, primarily, to say a big thank you to win 52!!

win, you don't post often, but when you do you're a hard act to follow ahah

Thank you for your shared insights!!

You said,

Originally posted by win 52

If you can relate events in the Bible to our situation today, this is kind of what you will get.

Money is a big stickler at the moment. In the near future, you will have to go out and collect what you need in the morning before the day starts and if you try to take more than you need for the day, it will rot at the end of the day. You will need to get up and collect your daily bread every morning. The bottom line is that we will all be watched over like a Shepard watches his flock as he takes the flock through a dangerous part of the road.

I can see how you were directed to this passage...

You also said,

Originally posted by win 52

It is a matter of days/months, before the current system is taken down. It will be soon, sooner than most will be ready for. Provisions are in place to help the people who will be moving on.

I know people are tired of reading the word "soon," so I'll comment on the "provisions" section of this brief statement. Of those people who have shared their understanding of what is to come, this part is right on. I quote your comments above, because many are in agreement.

The phrase "moving on" has many connotations, so you're right about that in the general sense too. Many will choose their destination (or not), and many have already decided, whether they are conscious of this choice or not.


Originally posted by win 52

Make no mistake, there will be a division. For those who find it hard to understand, or possibly reject the whole deal, they will end up in a separate place.

This seems like a really simple deal, but everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, have laid the groundwork to determine where they are headed next. I have a feeling that many people will be surprised, pleasantly, where they are headed. For those who will be unpleasantly surprised, I imagine they may have had an inclination as to where they were headed a while ago...

You said,

Originally posted by win 52

Only people who are ready will move on.

This is the criteria that I'm a little fuzzy on...I think there is more involved (see above about laying the foundation). Open-mindedness and acceptance are indicators that you are ready. Although, I can't help but recall statements to the effect that some will be surprised when they find out how they were involved...We know that there are people who are involved in the phenomena unwittingly, of ufos, but who remain skeptical...Skepticism is not a deal breaker...It just makes for humor when there is finally an awakening...

You said,

Originally posted by win 52
There will be a group brought to a new world, much like Earth, and dropped off, being left to survive and mature as a race. They will have to kill and eat to survive. Back to when survival was the main theme, aka the cave men days...


I understand about 2/3 of the earths souls will be ready to ascend with the planet. The rest will be moved to another world and left to mature...

This is interesting. I've read/heard that a certain segment that chooses another cycle (meaning they are not ready to move on) would be taken to another planet to continue their three-dimensional existence.

The others would be advanced/taken to the next level; either a higher level/dimension elsewhere, or here; or to continue on a utopian Earth in either a three-dimensional, advanced physical body, or one much less physical/of a higher vibration (i.e., of a higher vibration?).


Originally posted by win 52

I understand there will be a change in the way evil is allowed to influence the maturing group. The original plan will be put in place, with certain safeguards in place to protect those people while they mature.

Glad to hear it! To me, there should be rewards/advancement for right living, not suffering. The reward you seem to get on this planet for treating other people with kindness and respect is poverty, oppression, and war. In other words, your disposition has little affect on your standard of living or suffering. For those who handle people and their lives differently (read selfishly) the rewards here are plenty.

Might is right, and if you're willing to sacrifice your fellow man (or your soul) to make it in this world, then you'll go far, temporarily. The rewards are short term; the damage to yourself, long term.

Fortunately, many do not follow the example of extreme self-interest that has been presented. The example that Jesus, Ghandi, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others set can have as profound an effect as the one set by Hitler; more profound in fact.

When you talk about "harvesting" within the context of the choices that spirits/people make on this planet, then it's clear that each of us is solely responsible for where we go.

I look at the downtrodden (i.e., the majority of this planet) in one of two ways (spiritually speaking).

First, this planet "could" be a classroom; with a system seemingly set up to reward deeds that offend one's spirit (i.e., the source) in order to teach us whatever lesson it is we're here to learn (love? oneness? compassion?). If this were the case, then we have a situation where 80% of the "students" here, although struggling with the destruction around them, wish for peace, love, and understanding.

You have a virtually full classroom of students who have "understood" what is being shown to them. Despite this vocal (and not so vocal) majority's understanding, the folks in control attempt to continue to increase and expand their program of devastation.

If this lesson of peace, oneness and compassion has been learnt to a sufficient degree by a majority of those in the classroom, and they want the devastation and wars to end, then what is further gained in this lesson by allowing total devastation to destroy the planet despite the fact that the race in question has already learned the lesson? We all agree, we wish it to stop, but the guys over there have access to the button. Shall we sit back and die?

Is the ultimate lesson to those on the right path to witness a destruction of their race and planet? Why? I just don't see this happening for the majority, in this case, and definitely not in the next scenario.

In a case like that above, at some point it is time for graduation. Many would say we graduate when we die. This may be so. But we have a situation here where it appears our physical classroom is undergoing changes that will see us graduating not only while in the physical, but soon (I know, it's a four letter word...).

The second way to look at the majority of beings suffering on this planet is to see that, at some point, a group of advanced beings took control of the planet and its resources and decided to subjugate and suppress/oppress our race for their own selfish interests. This being the case, and although every being can learn from this situation, we are in a different circumstance altogether, and that is one not of a classroom design, but a prison.

However, despite this second scenario, we are still seeing the apparent beginnings of a change that will totally rearrange the system put in place. This may also be thought of as a graduation, but could more accurately be called an intervention, or a rescue (win 52's word).

Unfortunately, there are more folks whom I find credible, and with much insight, who see this second scenario as our reality. And that is soon coming to a close.

So relating this to the "harvesting", it's not as much a case of "who is righteous," or "who believes in Jesus,"; but is, instead, a house cleaning, and the continuance of a process that was interrupted long ago; namely our advancement/evolution as individuals.

You can look down on our situation from a terrifically high spiritual perspective - from a perspective of those closer to the creator, and see a lesson in everything. But as you get closer to the ground, we have our own perspective and need for advancement. The creator/source can look at one man murdering another with a complete perspective.

As you move on down the chain, however, our own experience of this event is much more different and all consuming; especially from ground level. We do not have to "accept" the situation; and further, if we can prevent it, we will.

This is sort of how our situation is now being regarded. Although the beings we see "assisting" us at this time are taking a "rescuer's" perspective, more than one of militant force. These folks could clean house hands down should it come to that; but they are smart enough and capable enough to do everything they need without force.

We will get our chance to say thanks to these folks. For the time being, just know we're on the right path...

Thanks again, win!!

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 09:21 AM
That second scenario is our lot, at the moment. Yes, we are scheduled for an upgrade, at last.

Most people I talk to these days feel that they are out of place in this world. Not many feel comfortable and happy. This is a sign of the times. People feel like changes are in the wind....I mean people who have never thought this way before.

This is also necessary. People's minds are being made up, as I write. We as residents of this rock, and the rightful heirs, are starting to wake up to a reality that few have imagined. It is our God given right to live here without being abused. That right was taken away from us.

The apple and eve, was that the plot? I don't think so. This will be another huge destination for time travellers in the near future. We will be able to see first hand, how the initial deception went down. What and how did things go down so that we lost our heritage?

I am stoked, like a good fire!

This is exciting and incredible, we must make our minds ready for lots of blowing.he he he

Please do not feel like you are tired of hearing soon. I have been waiting 56 years for this, and I was beginning to think it was just a dream. I have known this my whole life. No matter what they tried to make me believe, this has always been my future, and I have known about it my whole life. The best part is now many are having the same dream, a dream I have kept much of to myself for fear of being ridiculed. It is confirmation coming from fellow travellers that has made me sure of the future.

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