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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:58 PM
my thread past yours!!!! My thread is the working king of Skunk works!!!!! And only in a month!!!! mwuhahahhaha *COUGH* *COUGH*.

Just thought i would stop by and see how the time travelers are doing

Anything interesting lately?

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 07:22 AM
Hello, leronius, mule skinner, darcon, and the other struggling (or in win 52's case, offensively wealthy and unashamed to flaunt that wealth) souls, following this developing story!!

It's a hopeful story...About a humble race of beings (OK, maybe not TOTALLY humble), trying to make their way in a really, really big universe.

It's a story about odds - about a secret alien/human cabal who lords over this struggling race, and about the race's eventual demise at the hands of their selfish overlords - I MEAN VICTORY!! Meant to say victory...hehe

First, to leronius, thank you for your post. You said,

Originally marinated and slow cooked over an open fire by leronius

hi time travelers,

how can i be a volunteer?...i'm a believer ...
can sons an wife come, if they want?
i want to explore universal life through events in time, be a watcher and then be a teacher.

I will speak in all seriousness for TD when I say we will only take the women. Kidding! TD would say you are all welcome. Whether or not each of you passes the "scan test" is up to you.

TD said he remembers individuals undergoing a quick, painless scan to determine their intentions/sincerity (as hard as that is to believe, with TD easily gaining access to the portal with his penchant for the herb and the ladies ahah I am kidding...hehe These things are not deal breakers, apparently, in these matters ahaha).

But, yes, no one is declined who wishes to volunteer. As far as TD is concerned, all are welcome, but you have to pass the scan.

I have to tell you, I spoke with TD last week, and he described another dresser in my room, what was on that dresser, and the location of the dresser with regard to where he recalls stepping out of the portal into my room. I'm not kidding, TD described my room months ago, but in this conversation last week he offered more description.

What was interesting is that even months after telling me what he remembered seeing when he stepped out of the portal, he still had the appearance of this dresser down; and its orientation to him when he stepped out of the portal. What I mean is that he originally described what he saw when he stepped out of the portal months ago; only to pick up the conversation again last week and just describe an item that he could have easily misplaced in my room - let alone could have described incorrectly...I've determined the location of the portal from our conversations about this...We will see ahaha Things have changed from his previous memory of events, so it's a wait and see kind of thing...

mule skinner!! Hey, you, thanks for the post!! You said,

Originally roughed up, pantsed and having its lunch money stolen by mule skinner

If there ever will or be a great deception by a force(pre second comming)this has to be it. Children killing children? People willing to be seduced by things that they cannot explain?If it's ethereal it must be good???Aliens are our saviours???

Don't throw away the warnings of the bible for the sake of being more informed and it's a fairy-tale.It may as relevant in the scheme of these occurences thanyou think!

Even if these are constructs of your own mind any doctor today can tell you the power of a placebo.The mind is a powerful unit,use it wisely and it will serve you well.

mule skinner, we're right there with you. TD has an understanding, however, that a future version of himself was involved in his own abduction. In fact, he's had these visits with someone claiming to be him from the future his entire life - with witnesses. This aspect of his abduction, and the experiences that followed, adds another layer not seen in other typical abduction cases.

However, TD is still open to possibilities with regard to his experiences. Certainly, if someone can alter our perception, then it is plausible that we could be mislead as to their intentions.

It our hope, and my understanding, that we WILL be able to discern truth from fiction as time goes on. If we are not able to, then what have we lost? We would be defeated from the get-go.

I'm convinced we will not simply be mislead and enslaved as a result of these ongoing interactions with other races. At this point, it is happening and we as individuals don't have much choice as this thing progresses. As everything else in life, we have little control over what the universe presents to us. As sleeper's signature states, "We are not here to change the world---we are here so that the world can change us" It should be self-evident, however, that caution, respect, wisdom, understanding, and compassion should guide us as we move forward.

When you have an experience that is intellectual, it comes in more as information, and that information can be presented to mislead. What I mean is that, for example, when you have, as has been reported, ETs showing you a hologram of catastrophic events, or speaks to you telepathically of these events, this is a passing of information - and it can mislead.

Conversely, however, when you have an authentic spiritual/emotional experience, as say, Sgt. Clifford Stone had in his empathic/emotional communications with the beings he worked with, you have more of a connection at a deeper level where the truth may more easily be discerned; more real.

The two items above are just an example of how individuals can determine truth from fiction. From their fruits ye shall know them. I've said this before, but our current exchange/debt system is a system by which a few powerful manipulate and control the masses who rely upon it for their survival. If a race were to appear, and assist us to address (read dissolve) this system, then we would be on the right track.

Further, while technology that could bring third world countries up to our standards lavishes in secret projects, the majority suffer terribly. If a race were to assist us by either bringing the folks here, and this technology to light, and helping us disseminate this technology to put our planet on equal footing, then we would be on the right track.

And the same with leadership - we don't need it. We need centers in communities for resource and information exchange - accurate, truthful information. What does our government currently provide us that we actually need? Money? How much good has that done us? Better schools? Not. Security? Not when it comes in the form of a hostile stance toward other neighboring countries. Our leadership, our government is a hopelessly broken instrument that has stopped working for the people. So if a race comes and offers to remove our leadership and replace it with their own - then we are on the wrong track.

There are a few items that we need to see fulfilled if another race decides to make open contact and to offer assistance of any kind. First, no more exchange/debt system. The reason we are so reliant upon that system in the first place is that the resources on this planet are controlled by a limited number of people. Advanced technology, which we now possess, would eliminate much need for this system of exchange.

Eliminate the need for oil, electric bills, etc., and you're on the right track. With this technology comes the ability to quickly move resources from one location to another. Basically, remove the current exchange system with a way to spread resources and we can talk.

Second, dissolve world governments and assist us to reestablish localized councils who can advise, or direct individuals to the resource they are looking for. These councils, as can individuals, can and should be able to interact with councils at other locations (read countries), and peaceful exchanges could occur. The fight for territories should end. Resources are often behind these wars, and when they are provided, the need for the infighting may diminish.

It is completely acceptable to receive council from advanced races, but not in the form of a new leadership. All are equal.

There's a lot more, but if you want to know another race's intentions, seeing how exchanges proceed with regard to these items can be a good litmus test. It's kind of funny how resources, including information, can be hoarded by a few who can lord that power over an entire planet. Quite simply remove this power base and put the planet on equal footing.

Any race that visits here must respect our sovereignty, as we would respect theirs. But all in the spirit of open communication, exchange of ideas and, with an observance of and a respect for the value of all beings, the exchange of technology for the betterment of each race.

Stephen Bassett, or Steven Greer wrote a great letter outlining a sensible approach to diplomatic contact with other races ("Exopolitics"). I can't find the letter, but it is worth a read. We should be thinking in those terms, as we are not alone in this universe; and the other beings that are visiting this planet are not demons sent to kill us (this is a slightly primitive view), but are just like us - beings alive in a wondrous universe, seeking to make contact. They just got here, before we could get there.

Hey, darcon!! I've peeked into your thread. You said,

Originally re-packaged and sold for pennies on the dollar by darcon

my thread past yours!!!! My thread is the working king of Skunk works!!!!! And only in a month!!!! mwuhahahhaha *COUGH* *COUGH*. JK

You might be careful. I think you may be, uh, ascending too quickly...hehe If you ascend too quickly you could get the bends. ahaha Building a thread that fast could be dangerous.

No, it's all good. It's great to see community. Hear, hear!! Rock on!!

The time travelers are fine. You know...Watching TV...Going to work. Time travel stuff...WAITING..hehe

I'm enjoying peace and quiet. Music. Trying to ignore the main stage at the moment...Hope you are too...

Hang in there!

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 09:57 AM
Yes, same with me. Just waiting, waiting for something to happen. When the hell is the bloody economy going to collapse

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:53 PM
I don't know about the wealthy part, just yet. Still working on it...he he

Basic needs are being met sufficiently. Which is more than what two thirds of the World's population can say. When a person goes from the brink of despair, due to lack of funds with a serious medical condition requiring $200 a month in pills to stabilize, to a more financially secure future, one does feel wealthy beyond belief.

Things still depend on me putting my trousers and work hat on. I have to take action on that front for survival. That part will still need to be acted out. People will not have pain and suffering. Doing will be a pleasure and a source of your new wealth.

Sorry, the Bible is a butchered chapter in the book of our existence as a race. Butchered because we chose to do that. Just watch which direction that digit is pointed, it might accidentally go off.

Things are getting going. That was quite a display the other night. I figured it to be the space station. Good show...again being woken up at 2 am. Last night sleep for 3 hours 1 - 4 am.

That was great hearing about the portal thing. I always knew TD's story was from his heart. Being in here for a while, you do read a lot of stories. It is just that what TD was talking about were things from my dreams, which I have been having all of my life.

Sometimes I feel that my dreams are strong enough to change the future.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:54 PM
darcon, you rascally rascal, you.

Everyone's watching the economy. Why? My original assertion was that processes that are unfolding are devastating the power base the elite have as the markets and the dollar flounders.

Stepping back, however, I have to fall back on the idea that the "true" powers that be, the ones we are asserting actually manipulate our world governments and financial systems from behind the scenes, are the ones responsible for this tumult.

This cabal, the controllers, faceless effers, the blockers, or whatever you want to call them have the national media, and the financial institutions in their pocket; no matter how mighty these institutions appear. This is what TD and others have been saying all along. These folks rule in secrecy. It may be a fact that those whom we see as the major players are being thrown to the lions as the truth about our situation really does come to the surface. I personally think there is much, much more to be revealed; and I'm sure it's mind-blowing.

It's just too difficult to be sure of everything; to tell what is really happening, or to discern what the outcome will be.

There is a great amount of energy and anxiety built up at the moment, and frankly it's hard to tell what the true source is. Are these markets and all of this tumult "manufactured" to distract us; or is it the result of more benevolent forces paving the way for new and better systems (i.e., the bad guys really are about to take a fall)?

From where I'm sitting, I see a lot of noise being made, but can't tell who is truly responsible, or what the end game is. I tend to think it could be a distraction, but that is speculative.

We all know how hard the Bush administration was trying to build a case for war, only to have it systematically fall apart. The report about Iran's distant nuclear program went a long way toward undermining this whole aggressive program.

So take the markets out of the equation, and what we have is a lack of open aggression - or at least continued, or renewed aggression. It is also interesting to note the recent article about Russian President Putin receiving a "serious letter" from President Bush last week,

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he had received a "serious document" from U.S. leader George W. Bush, which offered the prospect of successful progress in relations between the two countries.

"I recently had an opportunity to speak to the U.S. president and I received his letter," Putin said at the start of a meeting with visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

"... it is a serious document which we have carefully analyzed. If we manage to agree on its main provisions, we will be able to say that our dialogue is progressing successfully."


Another article talks about the two presidents leaving a "legacy",

The Interfax news agency quoted an unnamed source saying the letter also concerned the "legacy" of Putin and Bush, who will both be leaving office over the next year.


This doesn't look like the start to a major conflict on any front, but of a change in attitude. It sort of recalls Benjamin Fulford's appeal to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc., to consider helping the human race, instead of harming it; and to consider their own "legacies".

If you look at what is happening outside of the Internet frenzy about epidemics, Martial Law, the financial markets, and excitement over any perceived aggression toward any country as a prelude to all out war - in other words, the cacophony of alarmist messages, then you can see us heading in a completely different direction.

The Bush administration was concerned about threats. The Military-Industrial Complex is paid to be paranoid. So with Cheney's "One Percent Doctrine", and Bush's clear willingness to back this philosophy, you have the crazies running the show.

You can take every unconstitutional piece of legislation and put a picture together of a government bent on military control of the planet, even effecting Martial Law to do so; but as the individual in the alphabet organization cautioned me months ago, sometimes the pictures you put together, regardless of how good of a fit they appear to be, just don't gel with reality.

So given we seem to be on a peace-building mission, and there is no clear and present danger of an outbreak, or nuclear attack (thanks in large part to friendly ET's), then we must assume that the financial markets are either simply an attempt to cause confusion and chaos - the timing of which should be noted as significant, or the markets are in flux because of natural or other broader energies/events that we may or may not assume is divinely motivated.

win 52 passed along the humorous comment about us "...pushing the button..", only to have it "...misfire...". I found some articles describing encounters with ufos where missile silos/nuclear weapons were disarmed.

Here is an excerpt from one such article,

Some of the more advanced species are sending clear warnings to those in power not to play with nuclear bombs. Three military witnesses in the book Disclosure describe accounts where nuclear warheads were disarmed or destroyed. In one case, 16 nuclear warheads were totally disarmed in one day after UFOs were sighted over military bases firing pencil-thin red beams into the warheads.


One of the guys on there was talking about how he used to work 60 feet below ground in the control room of a nuclear missile launch silo. He said that one night the above-ground guard at his facility radioed him. The guard, agitated, jabbered about something he saw in the sky. The control-room guy asked the guard to identify what he saw. The guard could not. All he could say was that some kind of object kept flying by.

And suddenly the silo was disarmed.


A number of former government and military officials have provided testimony that support this perspective of ETs as helpers. ETs have displayed significant concern for nuclear weapons and even, in some instances, disarmed nuclear weapons. According to Captain Robert Salas in testimony given in December 2000 as part of the Disclosure Project, 16 nuclear armed missiles were simultaneously disarmed in two separate launch facilities after guards reported UFO's hovering over two NORAD facilities in March 1967.


What all of this says to me is for everyone to take a deep breath. Deal with the financial - or any other - hardships as they come to you. But do not expect the world to fall apart.

What I understand is that everything is unfolding as it should. Major aggressive action is, for the most part, being kept in check, as are many other catastrophes.

As you've observed, darcon, we are undergoing a process during which we may see institutions failing, or undergoing great change, but on the whole we are heading in a better direction.

For those waiting for the stuff to hit the fan, if this is going to happen it will happen sooner rather than later, because the further along we get, the more awake and resolved will be the strengthening, positive undercurrent.

If we weren't heading toward a more open, truthful and peaceful society, we wouldn't be so acutely aware of how far off track we've gotten. Everything would be status quo. This observation in and of itself is enough to give me comfort...

And that's not to mention my personal experiences, research, the article excerpts above, or anything else.

We have no control over the markets. Only our reaction to these events. Take care and do what you can. Live your life. If your circumstances change drastically, respond to them accordingly.

But don't become enmeshed in the "show on the stage". Listen to music. Read a good book. Play a good game. Spend time with friends; or alone. Step outside and feel the sun on your face, or the breeze through your hair. THAT is what this is all about.

The rest will take care of itself. win 52 passed on this message on page 106,

Originally posted by win 52

"Know the benevolent race, giving you protection and guidance, as God. Seek your creator as your true source of existence. Trust that you are loved, as parents love their children."

Some may have trouble with the God stuff. To me, every molecule that composes our body - every molecule in this universe, is God. These folks are part of us. I don't have a problem calling them our metaphorical parents. They are at a place that we are headed to. And I'm convinced they're watching over us - as you would expect other loving, benevolent, and very advanced beings/energies might be.

I'm not saying that there aren't self-interested beings who have meddled in our affairs. Just that beings in this universe don't stop evolving at a point that even members of the human race have far surpassed, spiritually.

There are advanced beings showing us the way. And for all intents and purposes, it appears as though that message has taken root in the majority beings here.

For those who have refused this message; who are causing great harm and confusion, they have taught us whether they like it or not; and they will be held accountable for their actions. As will we all.

This message has been brought to you by the Council of Time Travelers (CTT) haaha

tick tock to peace!!

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Counsel of Time Travelers......

Time Traveler Troopers (TTT) building a bridge to the future.....

I like it.

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 11:50 AM
haah win 52!! I originally had it written as Time Traveler's council...With a slogan..."TTC: Is it in you?" Of course, that was Gatorade...Can't use that...Plus, it doesn't really work ahah

I like yours,

Originally shown in a Power Point presentation to the board by win 52

Time Traveler Troopers (TTT) building a bridge to the future.....

You must have been in marketing ahah "Building a bridge to the future - then traveling back in time and rebuilding it better!!!"

How about, "CTT: We do it better! And if we don't, we'll travel back and kill the other company's principals, so they can't!" ... "CTT: Tell her you love her for the first time, again, and again, and again..."?

OK, I'm out of ideas...

Hope you're doing all right, win...

You know, if you take the financial situation out of the equation (which is a man-made dilemma) of what is happening now, then there isn't a lot going on...Fairly status quo...

I really would like to know what is behind this sudden turmoil in the world markets...Honestly...

There's a lot of doom and gloom being spread on the Internet, but to me - and I'm no authority on economics - the wealthy/elite have planned for worst case scenarios, and losing the U.S. to a devastating financial catastrophe just isn't going to happen. They (the elite/wealthy) would be shooting themselves in the foot. Really, it would be like committing suicide. Not only that, once the financial system collapses, then everyone is on equal footing.

(Edit: This note was added later) Finishing my thought here, I'm no economist, but our financial system is more resilient than the alarmists would have you believe. Our best analysts can only forecast with a limited degree of accuracy. The truth is that the whole system is organic; and predicting how things will turn out really is a process of trying to read tea leaves.

However, and despite a lack of background in this area, I still have to say that without someone engaging in a firm, deliberate and consistent program meant to derail this whole show, our economy is not likely to collapse on its own. More level-headed forecasters, in my estimation, would prevail here when stating that the economy will rebound from these upsets and eventually get back on track. That is, unless someone is deliberately causing this, and whose end game is to ultimately implode the entire system...

I remember reading somewhere, and hearing, about certain folks in power hoping to stock up on precious metals when the financial system goes to ensure their continued wealth - but that this would be for naught, as the forces affecting these changes are motivated for the sole purpose of removing this system, and taking away the centralized power these folks hold over the citizens/this system. Money is not going to get you through these times.

Things may get worse before they get better, but those in power LOSE that power if this financial system collapses.

It will not happen; but if it does, it's because there are greater forces behind these events that will make sure that happens to effect one (or both) of two things: First, destroy the U.S.'s infrastructure - which would only cause chaos and a complete and total breakdown (What would be the motivation for this?); OR, to devastate these elite's hold on this country and allow for a back door clause for the citizens; i.e., debt forgiveness, a new system, etc. (read the "good guys")...

Just don't know...But I DO know that the contact and interaction occurring with these ufos/space beings is on a steady increase, and the feeling is that something is about to break...The paranormal/channeled messages of late, many that have been in existence for years, all seem to have come to a head just recently, advising that things are about to break. It seems this is very likely, given everything we've been following for the last couple of years, and would explain the turmoil occurring on every front at the moment.

When I said "status quo" I meant what could be considered business as usual - in the new world that seems to be opening up to us. We will see...

A strange event that just occurred within the last two days is this Antarctic ice shelf breaking off, and the interesting video of the shelf that has made its way around the Internet.

Specifically, the 90 degree angle cuts on these massive (60 ft high and several miles long) pieces of ice. Check out this PHOTO. The photo is a screenshot from CNN video that was provided by the UK of the shelf. Are these natural breaks? It's being suggested that these breaks were deliberate, and a GLP thread was started to discuss this.

So what's going on? Is this a threatening gesture by some agency? Who the heck knows...Hopefully, the big picture will become clear enough and soon...

Until then, buckle your seat belts, and please observe the non-smoking signs...hehe

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:50 PM
That shelf is just a by product of the new direction this earth is headed.

This planet will become like all the tales of nirvana, garden of Eden, and any other word you can use for paradise. In order for this to happen, all of the ice will melt.

There is no doubt the earth is going through changes where the way of life we know will become a thing for history books.

There will be no major disaster wreaking havoc on the earth.

The financial trouble will not get so bad as to totally collapse the world economy. I think it will all be put into one economy. The value of money will become worthless. They might try to re-start with a new currency for the world.

Will people buy into it?

The people have the power, we just have forgotten how to use that power.

Imagine if the world quit driving cars for a week, what would that do to the powers that be?

What would happen if people turned off the money tap for a month, no spending any money?

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 01:54 PM
I ain't reading this thread,way too long. But I would ask "can I have a lift back to Castle Morton bank holiday weekend of 1992 please? "


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 04:20 PM
Hey Win52 & OTD !!!!!!!

That is interesting about the Ice, OTD. Looks like the work of some kind of Laser.

Over the weekend we had the Earth Hour event where major cities shut off power for an hour @8pm to save energy, and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy.
Is it just me or do you guys think how stupid people are for following this. Shouldn't we be asking where the technology is to make clean , free, unlimited energy that has been supressed?

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:55 PM
Wasp - I think it is great. You wait...give people the idea that people do matter and can make a difference, and look out.

If that was cut, it surely would be a passive "we're here". Unless there was a need to assist speed up the melting process. Then it means "we are here and we will do what we want". It is passive either way.

I will stress the need for cleansing. That is the path to follow. It eases everything.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 07:19 AM
Hellooh, Acidtastic, Cyber_Wasp, win 52, TD, ATSGUY, and the rest of the motley crew!!

First, Acidtastic, what's up? You said,

Originally dropped on his tongue and allowed to dissolve by Acidtastic

But I would ask "can I have a lift back to Castle Morton bank holiday weekend of 1992 please? "

Done. You just have to pass the "scan". I know you'd rather not read, so I'll explain. The scan is a quick process whereby your intentions are determined with regard to using this technology. If your intentions are sincere (or something to that effect) you are allowed to hop on through.

At first, according to TD, only a limited number of people will have access to this technology. He suspects it only may be volunteers who pass the scan, but it may be more...To be determined, I guess...

Hey, Cyber_Wasp!! You said (re: the square-cut pieces of the ice shelf from my previous post),

Originally determined to be a "matter of national security" by Cyber_Wasp

That is interesting about the Ice, OTD. Looks like the work of some kind of Laser.

They look to be clean cuts. I'm not convinced they aren't natural yet; but it does boggle the mind. If it WERE deliberate, I couldn't think of a reason why...Still, interesting...


Originally hand-delivered by secret letter to President Putin by Cyber_Wasp

Over the weekend we had the Earth Hour event where major cities shut off power for an hour @8pm to save energy, and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Is it just me or do you guys think how stupid people are for following this. Shouldn't we be asking where the technology is to make clean , free, unlimited energy that has been supressed?

Anyone with any sense (and this is no offense to win 52) should recognize by now that any such efforts will have little to no effect on our situation. Our global situation cannot be fixed by having a sit-in.

win 52, I understand what you're saying. But as you've said yourself, we need an intervention. ahahh And those mucking things up need to go to rehab. ahah

And, win 52, thank you for passing this on,

Originally revealed in the first closed door meeting in 25 years by win 52

If that was cut, it surely would be a passive "we're here". Unless there was a need to assist speed up the melting process. Then it means "we are here and we will do what we want". It is passive either way.

I will stress the need for cleansing. That is the path to follow. It eases everything.

I have to agree. There may be some factions (earth-based) creating mischief, but I see things heading in a completely different direction.

This is partly why I wanted to post today. First, I received a u2u from ATSGUY, sharing what he'd found at If anyone has visited Brian's website, you would know that he writes down his dream predictions; many of which have come true.

According to ATSGUY, Brian has been accurate with a great number of predictions. In particular, ATSGUY says he has provided lotto numbers that have resulted in big wins for those who have used them. Here are two links to two folks who have benefited from these lotto predictions - LINK 1 and LINK 2.

Brian has also had dreams about triangle ufos of late. He's had at least two dreams of triangle ufos (I still haven't determined if these are good guys or bad guys, but Dennis Kucinich had a contact experience with one that he says was positive). Here are links to two such dreams - LINK 1 (DD6141 from 11/4/07) and LINK 2 (DD6212 from 11/23/07). I believe he's had subsequent triangle dreams, but you'll have to look forward in his prediction diary and just scroll down the pages until you see triangle drawings...

Finally, I wanted to share some excerpts from recent messages that share a lot in common with TD's visions of our near future.

The first, which I've posted more of at TD's website, involve Michael's (from the interviews) recent contact experiences, and what is explained is about to occur on our planet.

Here are some excerpts from those interviews (from the February 19, 2008 interview) regarding the mass flyover/landing,


Curtis : Sounds like a huge ah... ah huge flock of them. 31:21

Michael : Yes yes and the formation the term armada was ah was brought out ...But these armada this armada or formation will literally make itself known throughout the entire globe or the entire Earth would know of there existence... and many many areas of the larger cities the Earth will simply make bye-byes. They will be invincible there is no need there...

Curtis : It'll get... it will make what? 32:24

Michael : It'll... They will be invincible invincible... there's no sense in um...

Curtis : In shooting at them.

Michael : In shooting at them... right. But their message is almost fearful. In other words... it is... going to be so obvious that they are.. that they're there. That no one can deny that they're there. You know... this is not some mass civil... hallucination of ah you know a particular city or group of people you know. It is not a sighting of one large craft... but literally armada... a formation. But it... they didn't appear ah... in a sense where... they all flew in together. They started just started to pop into... ah... vision and ah increase in numbers some did fly in seems to move in toward the formation where most just started just popping into view.


Michael : Until there is... literally going to be... just um unbelievable ah conformation. ah People are asking... you know our governments for full disclosure. You're not going to need any disclosure. The disclosure is not going to be coming from our governments... it's going to be coming from our friends who shepherd our... the asteroids from hitting our Earth.

Curtis : Will this armada of craft fill the sky is that going to be... the sky over Maui or is that going to be sky over a certain area... I mean how much of... how many...

Michael : It's going to be ah... well of course they're going to move through. They're not going to literally just cover the entire planet Earth. They will move like in an armada In other words... a very dense group of them will just make their presence known. It will be hard to number them... there will be...


Then, in a message posted in a Yahoo group recently by someone calling himself, mygraciousprince (it's channeled material, so if this stuff chafes you, read no further),

As Sheldan Nidle has stated, "The original version of the mass first contact event is now to be the third or fourth appearance rather than the first." This is true. It will be a three step process; that now, has fully been planned and implemented...

..."Mother Earth is holding on for her life. She is ready to transform herself and prepare for ascension. We expect Earth changes to occur by the year 2010; so First Contact needs to happen at the latest, by the summer of 2009." ...

Step 1 – Step 1 entails a massive fly over event around the entire world. There will be one group of ships in-formation that will move from continent to continent and will travel over highly populated areas. A "flight path" has already been created and assigned. It will be an event that the governments around the world cannot explain by simply debunking it as "aerial flares or military aircraft."

This event will begin to shatter the planet wide UFO cover-up by directly showing the public that extra-terrestrials exist. Energies will be
emitted by the ships which will make the public not react in a chaotic or fearful manner. Love, Peace, and Joy will become the mindset of the public viewing the ships. But won't the dark cabal tell the public that we are being invaded by "ETs" possibly? No. Telepathic messages will be sent from the ships as the energies are being emitted which will state the following, "We come in peace and do not mean harm...

Step 2 – Step 2 is the same as Step 1 except for a couple of differences. Step 2 will ONLY occur AFTER the dark cabal is fully out of power. Once that has been accomplished, another massive planet wide flyover will occur. This will mark the beginning of the transition to the Golden Age...

Step 3 – Step 3 is a full mass contact which will occur as mass landings planet wide. This marks the reunion with our space brothers and sisters and the beginning of a new era of life for humanity on Mother Earth...


I am convinced when TD tells it (and Bonnie from; and Martin from; and many other credible abductees/contactees), so it doesn't sound any less implausible when it comes from this sort of source.

The message is the same; and I'm not convinced that an individual channeling material (or the potentially lower vibrational/dubiously intentioned individuals he or she may be channeling) are trying to create confusion with regard to what is happening, because frankly it's a poor way to do it - simply echoing what credible individuals are sharing. Hope that made sense...

So, these folks are all saying the same thing...Just thought I'd share these recent announcements...

Wait and see...

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 08:20 AM
With relation to everything that is going on, i wanted to post this from the PAO site, i just got it in my email...Looks like the fly overs that Michael has been talking about will happen soon.

I see OTD already posted it
My eyes became so wide when i read that, and from finishing the last part of the david wilcocks video 2012 enigma i can tell that things are really speeding up, pretty soon its gonna be happening in weeks, them days, then hours...

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 11:44 AM

People will be the reason for the change. We can't do anything much to fight the dark forces, but we can stand against injustice to our fellow beings here on earth, brought on by our fellow beings.

People don't know it yet, but when they rise up in unisance against their inherent evil tendancies, the world will change dramatically. That is what it is. When the mass population of the world stops punishing and hurting itself, this will be the biggest love fest you can ever imagine.

The 60's will pale in comparison.

We are causing abuse to eachother, we will have to be the ones to stop the abuse.

Oh- that sky thing is what I saw a few weeks back...with the disclosure and ships slowly passing by. I was awake, so I figured it to be foresight rather than running for my camera.

I am getting so much confirmation that I am prepared for something to soon show up.

Has your body changed in apearance over the past 6 Months or so?

Mine has, dramatically. It has me apprehensive that I may be going to find out what all the hubub is about... Just a feeling. I am so on track with this ascention process described in GLP. I don't read it for a week or two and voila, confirmation and explainations in spades. What can I say, other than what ever path I seem to be on, they are walking at my side.

Sheldon has a good connection, much more in detail than what I get. It is just so hard to trust anyone, other than immediate family and even that is shakey of late.

That is what it is all about. We want to trust our fellow beings. That is a natural thing. You leave a crack exposed these days and your fellow being will take it from you by force. That is how messed up things are these days.

People are going to band together to put an end to this abuse of humanity. When they get the idea that they are right and the system is wrong, people will reject the system of evil.

We will mature into .... our proper place in the universe!

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by mbkennel

If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?

Q: So, smarty pants, what am I about to say to you?

A: Something really stupid.

Q: Stop weaseling, and answer the question!

A: I told you so.

Q: d'oh!

Seriously I'd ask more about the capabilities and limitations of time travel; who in their society can and can't do it, and how is it regulated. Then ask about the usual grandfather paradoxes.

I would ask to provide proof and perhaps a video that shows you going through time (you don't have to show your face). And perhaps giving us a tour of the future. By the way you have to show us what it's like to go through time. ( this means that the camera ishould be turned on before you travel throuhg time.)

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 03:25 PM
I volunteer to time travel if it means I can help in anyway shape or form. I know that my intentions are good, give me a shot! Please!!

Please let me know if you get this messege!

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:02 PM
Hey Everyone !!!!!!!!

Keep your eyes on the clouds. Messages are coming in through them.
When you are outside or driving, pay attention to them when you can.
You will be told when to look

Driving home yesterday afternoon it was about an hour before sunset heading west and there was not a cloud in the sky.

I was told that a message was coming through just as I noticed a small cloud appearing out of no where in the sky in front of me.

The cloud materialized from nothing into the imprint of a human foot. I took the meaning to be soul, as in human soul, rather than foot or sole of a foot. That was the feeling I got.

Then the cloud changed shape into a finger pointing across the sky. So I glanced across to where it was pointing and there was a silver object in the sky. Looking into the sun and driving I could not study it for long. It was probably a plane, I don't know. I lost sight of it after taking a turn and could not relocate it.

The cloud then disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

Try it out. It seems to happen when you are having a moment where you feel connected to them.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

i would love to volunteer the program,please u2u or email me at with more information,thanks!

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 07:13 AM
Like it or not I'm back!! hehe

ATSGUY, cool avatar!! Sorry...Beat you to the punch with that channeled update...Really, we're tired of updates though, aren't we? ahah I'm in a "Show us, don't tell us" frame of mind - as is everyone else.

For every false or dubious individual posting about some event "just around the corner", there are at least ten credible individuals with very authentic, and very moving stories of their contact(s) or experiences with the divine, or some advanced race. And it is because of these folks that I put any sort of credence in the changes being positive, and being imminent.

We're all chafed at the "just around the corner" business, but it shouldn't be for much longer. People ARE having experiences that are real. The heat HAS been turned up, and this is coming from sectors I place a lot of faith in. So we have to be patient.

I just watched the Leo Zagami interview at Project Camelot.; well, most of it. Leo confirmed what I'd read elsewhere (if he is in fact credible), and that is that some of these Illuminati, or secret societies really have a thing for ritual, sacrifice, and numerology, etc. Someone said they have brain washed themselves to such a degree, and have become so involved in their rituals, etc., that they have completely detached themselves from all sense of reality. They, the ones really involved, have lost touch with reality and now live in this occult world.

Zagami did say that there were events on the horizon that would be directed by "God", and that spirituality is going to take such a leap that these secret society/ruling organizations face their own demise when this occurs. Because of this understanding, they are going to try to take control of the spiritual aspects of these changes, so they can continue their rule; not just in the physical, but soon in the spiritual (read "fake rapture").

The problem is, they are playing a losing game and don't realize it. It's been said on more than one occasion, by different sources, that these folks will attempt to play their trump card (whatever that is) and will actually affect their own undoing. Does that seem ironic? Unfortunately, when you're playing the kind of game they're playing, it is inevitable. It's a win-win situation for us; as much as that doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.

Zagami seems to think there will be fighting, especially here in the U.S., when these larger changes occur. He suggested there may be another Civil War, adding that if they ask him to accept a microchip, he's going to pull out a gun and shoot them (i.e., that this would be a wider response to this form of control).

Fortunately, these groups aren't the only game in town.

Hi, win 52!! I wanted to ask you what you meant by the following,

Originally delivered in Billy Mays' hoarse, frag-grenade-shrapnel-to-the-nervous-system shout by win 52

Oh- that sky thing is what I saw a few weeks back...with the disclosure and ships slowly passing by. I was awake, so I figured it to be foresight rather than running for my camera.

Does this mean you had a sighting? Details...hehe

You also asked if anyone's body has changed over the past six months...Not that I can tell.


Originally scolded and told to take a "time out" by win 52

I am getting so much confirmation that I am prepared for something to soon show up.

Yep. Talked to TD last night. He said, "I wish I could say I'm calling you from a ship, but I'm just at home..." ahhah It may seem strange to some people...OK, a lot, but he's serious.

Hey, Creo Coactum!! How's it goin'? You said,

Originally put through a battery of tests, failing, and sold on the open market anyway by Creo Coactum

I would ask to provide proof and perhaps a video that shows you going through time (you don't have to show your face). And perhaps giving us a tour of the future. By the way you have to show us what it's like to go through time. ( this means that the camera ishould be turned on before you travel throuhg time.)

And I would ask the same thing. But, since we're just a time traveler's cult, we really don't have anything to back our claims up with. Kidding!! I'm kidding...

OK, the short story. TD was abducted at eighteen years of age by a group of ETs that looked very similar to the grays, only with a larger mouth, and some other dissimilarities. During this abduction, which lasted six days, TD was more or less pushed into stepping through a time portal device these beings had in their possession (whether or not they had created it was up for debate). The result was that TD traveled to our distant and recent past and future, as well as another planet where he believes he actually lived for at least a decade.

Six days later on our timeline, TD was returned home with an amnesia that lasted five years (he was abducted in 1992, and the memories returned in force in 1997).

His memories of these events, and their connection to a lifetime of visits by a stranger calling himself "TD from the future", have all lead TD to believe that he DID travel in time during his abduction, and that the things he remembers experiencing, and has experienced since the abduction paint a very real picture of what we can expect in our near (and far) future.

In effect, he (and I) believes that he did have these experiences, and that he was visited by, quite possibly, a future version of himself (or at least another version). However, as real as these experiences were for him, he was not returned with the technology; only an understanding that he (and we) would see it again, soon.

It is along these lines that I wanted to respond to the volunteers. I got an email recently about someone wishing to volunteer; and seeing as we have a growing list, I felt I wanted to basically post from my response (below).

First, to all of the volunteers, thank you!! You've saved a child's life...Somewhere...Hope to see you all at the annual pancake breakfast. hehe Kidding!!

Email excerpt brought to you by the Council of Time Travelers (CTT), and by support from the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), "Ending universes one planet at a time." hehe

Volunteering...Well...It's a long story. I don't know if you've listened to any of the audio interviews at Renato's (timedrifter's/TD's) website (, but Renato believes that there are a number of volunteers that end up forming the first group of folks to use these time portals when more open contact occurs.

There's more to it, but I will try to summarize this part of it. Renato believes that, any time between now and 2010 or so, a future version of himself is going to contact him. After this contact occurs, or possibly before, that future version of himself, or another member of his "group" (My word...take that as you will) is going to contact "volunteers".

He's convinced that people who volunteer will get a chance to join this advance group of people after first contact occurs.

These folks will be charged with going on "missions" as part of a greater process of assisting our race by uncovering the truth about our race and its true history; basically using the technology, etc., to bring our race up to speed.

Renato and I have both agreed not to have personal interactions with anyone who's volunteered. We both believe that if his experiences/memories in this regard are real, then that truth will bear itself out in contact. If his understanding of this aspect of his experiences is more off-base, and these "volunteer" contacts do not come to pass, then no one's lost anything.

So, this isn't a group of any sort, but there are a lot of people volunteering. I say, it's fascinating to consider, but you don't have any sort of commitment. AND, you don't have to get involved with potential nut cases; something he and I are both dead set against people doing. Of course, you have to be a little crazy ahaha

All you have to do is state your interest in volunteering. That's it. We only have an email for a couple of the folks who have volunteered, but that's not even necessary. If these things come to pass, the folks involved have technology that can seek those out who have intentions of joining up...

We are all waiting. Renato called me yesterday just to chat and said, "I wish I was calling you from the ship, saying it's time to go, but I'm just sitting here at my house..." ahha He's completely serious. He's ready. And, he's impatient. haah

Aren't we all...

Feel free to ask any questions, but we'd rather let this stuff unfold now on its own.

Any of you may get a phone call, an email, or a personal visit from a guy with a big smile on his face, saying, "Yep. It's real. Are you ready?"

We're already almost halfway through 2008. You KNOW from following everything that's unfolding now that we are in it. Any time between now and 2012 (which I think is more of a metaphor than a physical date, but we'll see) things are going to get even MORE interesting.

Me, I like dates. So does Renato and everyone else who's been let down by
predictions that have come and gone without being fulfilled.

Unfortunately, Renato could only give a time frame, which was between 2007 and 2012. Actually, the concert he remembers, and other contactees have confirmed, will occur between now and 2010 or so; followed by the mass flyovers/landings closer to 2012. I personally think any of these events can happen at any moment...

It's all pretty interesting...But don't quit your day job just yet ahah

Have a great week! Stay on your toes, and like Cyber_Wasp says, keep your eyes to the skies.

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 02:56 PM
Hey guys, i just posted a thread about the fly over...apparently i am crazy for even beliving in it...hahahah atleast thats what some of the people say, there are allot of that belive in the fly over. One thing that really bugs me is the amount of people that are saying that it is a bad thing!

there was one guy in particular that mentioned something to another person. One person said he would like to see the fly overs...and this guy replied saying some thing like "yea when they are flying over and shooting lasers at you", just complete fear mongering stuff...i cant believe the people!

Anyway i find this to be very important. If you guys remember Renato's theory that in space there are pockets of molecules everywhere...that was his explanation to why he was able to breath in space.

Listening to the new interview from Michael

he explains that the space that you think is empty is not really empty. I will have to listen to it again because it was a while ago but he did mention i think that in space it wasn't all empty and that there were molecules and stuff floating around.

so yea, thats cool

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