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Ten days of dawn

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 03:57 PM
Some very interesting things have taken place lately and a few thing are coming together in the next few weeks which quite possibly could determine if the United States goes head to head with Iran.

First, this statement made by U.S. Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Nicholas Burns on Sunday January 21st.
At the Herzliya Conference in Israel.
“the policy of the United States is that we cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear weapons state”.

Second, is the Daheh-ye Fajr, or “Ten Days of Dawn which celebrates the arrival of Ayatollah Khomeini from France after his exile and this celebration starts the first of February and last for 10 days.

3rd the Carrier battle group USS Stennis (CVN-74) will arrive in the Persian Gulf during the first week of February.

Coincidence, I think not. The increase in US Troops in Iraq and the joining of the Carrier battle groups leads me to think it’s going to happen during the first ten days of February.

I know there has been a bunch of speculation here on when we will strike, I think it will be during the 10 days of dawn in February...
Preempting a Nuclear Armed Iran: An Imminent Reality?
By Sean Osborne, Associate Director, Military Affairs
23 January 2007:

A review of OSINT reporting regarding the military signals being sent to Tehran reveals that these words from the under-secretary have a high probability of being much more than mere political rhetoric.

In fact, they could well be the last words on the subject prior to a military preemptive move by the United States.
KUWAIT CITY, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) --
U.S. might launch a military strike on Iran before April 2007, Kuwait-based daily Arab Times released on Sunday said in a report.

The report, written by Arab Times' Editor-in-chief Ahmed al-Jarallah citing a reliable source, said that the attack would be launched from the sea, while Patriot missiles would guard all Arab countries in the Gulf.

Recent statements emanating from the United States indicated the Bush administration's new strategy for Iraq doesn't include any proposal to make a compromise or negotiate with Syria or Iran, added the report.

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