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The power of being centered.

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 10:33 AM
Center yourself, become centered.

So you can observe what is happening to you, so you can take distance from it, so you know/feel it never touches you. So you can react serene and calm in any kind of circumstance.

This is the power of being centered.

Train this, by meditating..

Good luck!

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 10:34 AM
this transforms whole your life!

it affects others with unknown force!

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 10:46 AM
Etherical waterwave, being grounded is the same as being centered right?

There is a very easy grounding exercise I use when I feel out of balance. Put your feet on the ground, hold your hands together in the prayer position, and visualize light emanating around your whole body. I typically imagine light flowing up from the ground to my crown chakra and then back down again, all the while picturing pure love and light. If you do not love others as you would yourself, this will not work for you...

Be a beacon of light in the darkness for others to find!

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 10:49 AM
The mantra experiment is helping me with my center.

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 11:14 AM
being centered means in my opinion being in a state of complete fullfillment.

the more and deeper centered, the more you become aware, the more you are grounded yes. The more calm, serene and... centered you are.

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 12:07 PM
Mantras help gaining energy, it attracts a positive vibrating energy to yourself.

You can chant aum, any kind of vowel, even your name or halleluja.

Dance and move freely while chanting them. Good exercise!

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