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Phil Schnider Debunked! I'm tired of the lies!

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:09 PM

Originally posted by capsitan
I suggest the people who think phil schnieder is fake to watch some of his videos, if you have, fine. I just suggest the 'debunkers' do more reasearch about him and thomas costello. Why cant people believe anything out of the ordinary?

Because "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." - Carl Sagan

posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by Ghost01

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posted on Jul, 8 2013 @ 11:15 AM

Originally posted by surfnow

Originally posted by dpd11
I've seen his videos before, but lets just focus on this one...

How could anybody take this stuff seriously? I mean listen to the story he's telling. It makes absolutely no sense at all. He stammers and stutters so much, it's obvious that he was just making it up as he goes.

1. Phil: "I was involved with building another base inside Dulce, NM... which is Los Alamos laboratory." (Dulce is almost 100 miles form Los Alamos and has nothing to do with the lab. Dose he even know where Dulce is?)

2. Phil: "We were going to build something to the SW of that, where we drilled four holes, some of which were 2 1/2 miles under the surface... Some of the equipment we used then did about two miles a day." (OK, so it took a day and a half to drill theses holes then? I'm sure the oil industry would love to have that equipment)

3. Phil: "The equipment kept on breaking, so we wanted to send a human observer down to find out what was going on". (So not only were these holes drilled 2 1/2 miles in a couple days, but they were big enough to fit people? The deepest mine I have heard of, was I believe... 2 point 3 miles down, and temperatures reached 160 degrees. I hope the guys on Phil's job got paid good)

4. Phil: "The government knew all about this... I was lowered down one of these holes and saw a gray... So I got out my gun" (OK, so the government is having this base built. But they purposely don't tell them that there's already a base down there. So they drill into that base. Phil gets lowered down 2 1/2 miles into the earth in a hole and sees an alien standing there. And for some unknown reason, he (an Engineer... supposedly) is carrying a gun and tries to shoot the alien. Why an Engineer would be wearing a gun while being lowered into a hole, I have no idea)

5. Phil: "It was hard to reach my gun in the 'space-like' suit I was wearing" (Right before that, he said that when he saw the alien, the "stench was unbelievable". How do you smell something inside a "space suit"?)

5. Phil: "66 Secret Service agents and Green Berets lost their lives". (Green Berets specialize in training foreign fighting forces. Secret Service is mainly a security group that protects the president. What would either of those groups have to do with fighting aliens?)

So lets recap... He dug these holes and found the aliens 2 1/2 miles down. Ok... Where's the holes? Where's the place this happened? Point to it on a map. Easy enough... Anybody can point to a spot on a map. He never did. Why? Because he couldn't... Because it never happened.

I'm up for a mystery like anybody, but come on... Don't be mislead by people like this.

You forgot something, the pressure and heat that would incurr on Phil going 2.5 miles below the surface would crush him. His story is laughable

Before saying such things are laughable you should check your information...
There are mines that deep and it dosnt get that hot or pressurized in fact they have to pump oxygen down there!

posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by Ghost01

Hi I am brand new to this site I was watching more U.F.O videos filling a void that haunted me for my whole life. I've never posted anything on this subject and have talked about it very little due to mass criticism. That's the reason for the name I choose for the site... I am a nobody. I have a non military background I am at poverty level , and my
I.Q is avg. But there is two things on your face that are called eyes and a mushy thing in your head called a brain and they are linked like a processor to a hard drive. And what I have seen twice in my life cannot be wiped. That's right I'm claiming to have seen a "U.F.O" not once but twice. "How old am I" you ask to have seen it two times. Well I'm 26...the first experience was at the age of 4 and the second at the age of 25. I've grown up in the same area and currently do live here. The reason why this is important is because the craft I seen at both ages, had the same mannerisms. Same lights, colors, patterns, and movement. This is upsetting to me because I believe if it were an alien species their would have been some type of upgrades...or they have reached maxed potential of technology. But seems obvious to say that it is a government project saying that if the craft I saw was captured or found that they themselves couldn't take the technology any higher and stuck with what they got. Point blank I don't think that you'll believe me...if you'd never seen one...but I hope u keep your eyes and ears open to the subject. Now your going to think I'm a total nut case. These so called infusion's (a type of psychic ability) happen to me in dreams. "Wow you expect me to believe that you seen a U.F.O and your a psychic!!!)You don't have too. But You should know this I have had test done due to my moms claim's of me knowing things before they happen at a young age and was deemed to have psychic capabilities. Crazy I know and its not fun to talk about due to the ridicule I get from it. I'm sure ill receive negative reply's to this post. But the dreams I've been having are very real and the outlook not good. I can't give you a date and I'm not saying to stock up on water (It won't help). But some point and we will be at war with these highly intelligent creatures we call aliens. This is why I think the government "hides" alien's from us knowing that no matter what we do.. it just simply would not matter. I can only hope to change your mind because, I hope you are ready for what is coming. Why do I care... I care because well I don't know why I care I just do and having the big heart I do hurts me more than helps most of the time. The people of today are so closed minded and quick to believe what's on the news and only what's on the news. I guess it sucks knowing that the people in the world around me are like "sheep's" being lead right to their death. I only hope that I am crazy and my life is filled with illusions and fairy tales. But only time will tell.

The Nobody

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 11:18 AM
my fav part of this is the "under ground city? i dont know of any" so there for its not true.

i think THIS alone dicredits anything you will ever say. jus tbecause you dont know of something or dont beleive it in doesnt mean its not real.

Are their underground cities, sure its possible, i havnt ever been to one so i cant say for sure. But then again i havnt ever need to New York so i cant say for 100% thats its real.....see my point.

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Riquun

You have it backwards. Your job is prove the underground city exists.

You can't prove a negative. That is, you can't prove something doesn't exist.

posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 11:12 PM

i think THIS alone dicredits anything you will ever say. jus tbecause you dont know of something or dont beleive it in doesnt mean its not real.

The moon is made of a nice, old white cheddar cheese.
Prove me wrong.

posted on Jan, 10 2014 @ 09:32 AM
As a person who has my own personal reasons for interest in such inquiries as to the validity and integrity of cases like the Phil Schneider case history I would like to hear from his closest family members comments. In my life long search for answers about the many ET testimonials of others who went public with their stories I find that closure is most often illusive. One common thread always surfaces and that is that closest family members experience the public stigma and consequence. I really feel sympathy for the families of those who feel the need for public disclosure in such cases. It is very sad and something I am sure was at least discussed with some family members before going public in the media. In any case my prayers and sympathies to the surviving children of these who must surely did not intend public humiliation for their loved ones. My heart truly goes out to them.
We all have a life history and could share our own stories some of which would seem fantastic to the audience as a whole and of interest to a few. In my examinations of what I could find on the media about the Phil Schneider case I have a few select observations to point out. First of all clearances at all levels in any proprietary contract operations that includes protected technologies always requires at least a proprietary contract agreement signature (Non-Disclosure) agreement at hire! That means that you surrender all your personal rights to disclose details of what you were hired to do. In some cases that is to protect applications of inventions in technology and machinery use, design and operation. It will in some cases involve issues considered impacting on national security and strategic technologies. This is not an uncommon thing and millions of us Americans have worked within the confines of such contracts connected to our employment. What is unusual is the fact that Phil stated that he was carrying a semi automatic handgun while he was in the company of military security personnel? It was my experience in all cases of my working career that I was never allowed any type of firearm on my person when working with armed escort or security environment unless you were working as such security function specifically or Law enforcement function. I admit I find it difficult to believe that he would have had a handgun in his possession in such a security operation environment.
I was an abductee when I was a five year old child but I don't expect others to believe all of my testimony report because I would have a hard time believing my own story coming from someone else. That is the tragedy of being an abduction victim and having to live with the aftermath of the experience or experiences. It leaves more questions than answers it the wake of the experiences. I know a few who I believe had extraordinary encounters with extra-dimensional beings with machine technologies not of human manufacture. None of them are will to submit their families to the public humiliation and cruel treatment that would follow in the wake of public disclosure. You want to get the real story about abduction encounter ask a brother or sister of the victim to tell you what they know about it! Often they are the only ones who the victims will trust enough to share full disclosure with. In my case of multiple abduction and encounter my own father would never discuss it with me as a child or adult. That hurt! That hurt bad. It is like the one you look up to the most and care about most in life considers you to be a liar. It is difficult to not talk about such experiences with others because it helps to talk about things. Because I love my family so as an adult and care so much for my grandchildren and would never want them to have to suffer public humiliation I have to silence myself for their sakes. Phil should have just kept it all to himself! It did him no good reward to speak of such things. That goes for the rest of us! I would love to tell my grandchildren the whole story but know that in the end it would only cause them pain and cause them to question what will not be answered! God bless all of you while you debate and argue over what you will never know. Not in this life that is! I am angry for the many things my abductors could have shared with me but left me with too many questions unanswered.

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 05:43 AM
Hello, newbie here. I eagerly expect to read the whole threads, seeing as how its old since 2007.

But before i do that, do i need to be aware of any other informations up to date abotu Schneider, Lazar except for the information they released? I want to make sure im not missing something

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 06:01 AM
Whoops, wrong thread. Nothing to see here, move along.
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posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 03:29 PM


He had also worked for the NATO Department of Geology and had a Rhyolite 38 Level 3 Security Clearance Factor which gave him total access global to all Deep Underground Military Bases and all Deep Underwater Military Bases.

Rhyolite has Nothing to do withunderground bases. It refers to NSA SIGINT Spy Sattelites.

"I worked in government black projects, known to most people as the Skunk Works" -BS The Skunk Work is a Devision of Lockheed Martin, not another name for black projects.

"My father was a U-baot captin who went on to build the USS Natulas and run the Philidelphia Experment" -unliklely

"Undergound cities for government officialls all over the US" -Undegound shelters yes, but I don't know of any that are whole cities for 20'000+ people.

"Bakini Attoll is an underground Island base for ET's"- He wishes! Bakini Attoll was a nuclear test site. B.T.W. How do you get an "Underground Island"? The definition of an island is a peice of land surrounded on all sides by water!

"First UFO sighted in 1909 by Army calvery"- Not even close enough to be amusing. The first written record of a "UFO" in the "New World" was a sighting by Columbus in 1492, they repoted green lights hovering in the Sargasso Sea (Bermuda Triangle). He missed by 426 years!

In this Video he says he was a geologist! Now, what does a geologist have to do with ET's.

I the newest video he says:

I was wearing regular cloths in a spacesuit environment. As you can imagin, it's hard to move in a spacesuit.

Was he wearing regular cloths or a Spacesuit? You can't do both at the same time.

He claims in hs newest video to have lost his fingures. Look at him and you will see TEN intact finger, five on each hand!

Why does noone else notice these things?


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Given this thread is 7years old today I'm hesitant whether this will be seen by the OP as I dot know if they still visit the site, but feel it is worthy to mention some things.

I'm not going to say this is true or false. Nor discredit your claims.
I will merely give an alternative POV.

Rhyolite security clearance, how do you know what this entails?
It's fair to say it may be linked to NSA etc but how do you know how far up the clearance goes?

I didn't take from Skunk Works that is was a synonym for black ops. More that it is known within that community for being involved with secret projects.

I'm sure a quick google search for those involved in the design of the vessel will mention if his father was part of the project.
But you can't really "debunk" this by saying its "unlikely"! That's an opinion not a fact.

You are not a government official so you probably wouldn't know of any underground cities.
That's not a "debunk", it's an observation from somebody who would never be told even if it was true.

I'm inclined to agree about Bikini Atoll.
But underground islands are not impossible, & this may have been reference to the underwater bases.

That sighting from Columbus has no relevance to underground bases.
And if you're nitpicking you're way off by a few thousand years considering art and scripture points to sightings of vessels descending from the heavens long before Columbus. But again not relevant to underground bases which was the focal point of Schneider's lectures.

A geologist has nothing to do with ETs.
What you are ignoring is the fact Schneider says he was hired to discuss which was the best way to remove whichever rock formation had occurred to create an underground base. That would need an expert in rocks, a geologist.
Also the firefight apparently happened while the D.U.M.B was unfinished so this gives credence to his being on the site. Does not mean he would be invited to a complete underground base.

As for the spacesuit comment I think that was a lighthearted joke about trying to do geological work in a spacesuit. Not a contradiction.

Finally if you had watched the video as you claimed, he clearly shows his hand and missing fingers to the audience while talking about it.
Or do you assume he was telling people 5 feet from him this had happened but was a lie.
I'm sure someone would have stood up at that point and asked what the hell he was in about.


posted on Feb, 11 2014 @ 01:44 AM
Lots of replies many good, and many bad responses 16 pages worth, so I hope I am not duplicating any responses similar to this one. This is my first post/reply on this site, and I hope I can give some beneficial insight into much of what has passed before. In response to the claims that Phil is a liar, and has been successfully debunked. First of all I have qualifications that allow me to be better than most observers and I possess a BFA in Video Production with a minor in Photography (Emulsion film). That said, I know the quality of most of Phil's videos (even though he did not himself film them) are of poor quality. But even I as a trained Videographer and observer can clearly see the thumb, and first 2 fingers of his left hand are missing, the ring finger is shortened, and his pinky appears intact. Secondly, Phil is not just a geographer, he is also a building and structural engineer, and is famous for being a co-inventor of many new tunneling procedures which are still being employed today, both for TS work as well as for civilian purposes (tunnels, pipelines etc.). Thirdly, his being only a geographer would not preclude him from obtaining the proper TS clearances to be allowed access to any, or all of the TS UFO/Alien documents, artifacts or knowledge that our (USA) government has concerning such things. Lastly Phil himself has stated on several lectures that he cannot confirm, nor deny if the alleged "aliens" are indeed from the exotic solar systems they claim to have come from. It is, in his words, "....impossible to verify....". Other lecturers on the same subject have said the same thing as well, that WE are not able to verify such claims CF. Dr. Karla Turner on YouTube for one.
In regards to the US Air Force, or the US Navy or any entity for that matter keeping TS technologies and equipment from the general public, and from their own personnel is a very simple, and easily accomplished task. I for one had a father who's company was a DOD contractor to the US Navy. Forgive me if I keep my identity secret from you, but I have good solid reasons to do so. When I was a kid (1977) my dad returned home from a Top Secret trip with the Navy, he gave me some limestone rocks painted with phosphorescent paint in a box clearly labeled "Kryptonite" with the appropriate Superman symbols and references. I also noticed in his briefcase a Superman "S" Patch, I grabbed it and said, "Is this mine too?"
He snatched it back and said, "No!"
Now, you've probably never heard of a now declassified technology called SURTASS (SURveillance Towed Array Sensor System) this new revolutionary sonar-net system was deployed on our subs, and the spy class T-AGOS boats from the mid 70s and is still employed in limited fashion today. I found this fact out 30 years later when my dad's dad gave me an encyclopedia on the World's Naval Power. Lo and behold on a picture of the T-AGOS USNS Audacious in that book, is a clear picture of the SURTASS system on the ship's stern, and a Superman "S" patch on the wheel housing that deploys the sensors. So, to anyone who finds it impossible for someone to keep secrets from their families, even inadvertently as in my case, is clearly mistaken. ALL Military and Civilian personnel with Top Secret Clearances (of any level) are sworn to a signed statement not to divulge any TS information, either on purpose or by accident with the stipulation that severe punishments and fines would be imposed upon them, including possible jail time (without a hearing, you sign away your right to a fair trial in these instances, usually) as well as revocation of any and all TS clearances. So it is very possible to keep hidden a TS project of any magnitude. Ever heard of the Aurora "Space Plane"? Maybe you have, and maybe you haven't, does not make it unreal. What if I told you the US Navy scrubbed a plan to build a submersible Aircraft Carrier? Well, they did! What if I told there was at one point during WWII an operational Submersible Aircraft Carrier? You'd call me insane, if you weren't smart enough to have already looked it up on WIKI and found out that indeed, the Imperial Navy of Japan had deployed several submersible aircraft carriers. There were a variety of them, and they were only able to recover their aircraft, after they had touched down on water using pontoons, a lengthy, and dangerous operation making their detection and destruction or capture very easily accomplished.
You would be surprised what you don't know that our (USA) government possesses! What if I told you that several other gentleman, such as Robert O. Dean, the actual John Lear (not sure if the John Lear on here is the same man I am referencing) and Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works have all attested to a statement similar to the following: that the US Military has control of devices that would make George Lucas piss in his pants. If you can imagine it, we can already do it, if you have seen it in a Sci-Fi movie, we can already accomplish it.
Would you believe me if men bearing those names and qualifications had said something similar? No, you'd require me to provide proof, and I cannot, no more than if YOU met an Alien could you verify he came from another solar system, even if it looks entirely NOT human. You could not verify that alien's claims, so why do you find it so hard to believe a man (Phil Schnider or any of the other whistle blowers) who had NOTHING to gain and EVERYTHING to loose from coming public with their stories? There are a myriad of whistle blowers out there, many you can find on YouTube, and I will not supply those links, because then trolls will claim I faked the videos in said links. Do your own DUE diligence, research it for yourself. These men usually make these claims after first declaring that they're close to death. In EVERY court of law in this country (USA) a deathbed confession is considered to be above reproach, and as such also considered as FACT. Now I'm not saying that everything these men have said, or will say IS fact, but the fact they are dying, or later die of mysterious circumstance, should give their words more weight in everyone's opinion.
Lastly, again I can't tell you how I know what I know, but what Phil has said, and what others like him have also said, I had heard of (by voice) or read of (in books) back in the late 70s and early 80s. Back then EVEN those testimonies I heard and read were still just rumor, and a lot of it lead to any myriad conjecture you may have heard on this subject, now I'm still not able to verify any of Phil's or other's claims, but from my research (which began at age 11 with Erich von Daeniken's book Chariots Of The Gods) all the way into the present, the story has not changed, or wavered one bit. Nor, surprisingly, has it been overly exaggerated, as some say Phil over-exaggerated. No, what proved the story to me, was one evening while out with friends, in public the "UFO" subject came up, and for several hours I discussed this subject with my friends, who were "green" about the subject. When I got home later that night, a man called my phone and threatened my life. He called repeatedly from a Chicago are phone number. I called the cops, and a county sheriff came out to my house. While I was relaying the story to this sheriff, the man called again, when I told him I was talking to the cops, he asked that the officer be put on....he went ahead and threatened the sheriff's life too, and then hung up....needless to say I never answered any phone calls from the Chicago area again (thank god for Caller ID!) and to this day I DO NOT answer any phone calls from numbers I do NOT know. That incident alone for me sealed the deal that UFO situation is real, it is verifiable, and hopefully the rest of the planet will wake up from their sleep and cease to be the "sheeple"! Until that day, even if you do not believe Phil's statement's, know this, the galaxy we live in is so large, the "Drake Equation" stipulates there are a possible 10,000 planets capable of sustaining lifeforms like us. That number is far below the mark, the mathematical law of averages makes it impossible for there NOT to be other lifeforms in this galaxy, I'll say that again as it sounds vaguely important: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THAT THERE ARE NO OTHER LIFEFORMS IN THIS GALAXY. Impossible. My best example to prove the above statement is this: in 1958 many oceanographers, marine-biologists, and earth scientists gathered funds for the "Bathyscaphe Project". Their sub, the Trieste, was sent into the Laurentian Abyss. Jacques Cousteau was among the scientists in this project. The men of this project were of 2 fields of thought. One group thought, they would find NO signs of life, no bacteria, no viruses, boneless fish, bony fish, NOTHING. They thought because of the water pressure, nothing could live, plus there would be no light, temperatures were too cold, and the water was more like ammonia at that pressure/depth. The other half of the scientists, Jacques Cousteau among them, considered they would find bacteria beds in the soil, 8-miles below. What do you think they found when they got down there? A bony fish, similar to a flounder! It scared up so much silt they could no longer see, and when the outer glass window developed a crack they headed back up to the surface. Since that revolutionary dive, we have since identified a vast ecological system down there (8 miles) with all forms of life, from bacteria, virulogical life, tube-worms, boneless fish, bony fish, crustaceans, everything! So the NEXT time a scientist tells you absolutely NO, smack that man, and believe the reverse! If Scientist A says "No aliens!" and Scientist B says "Some aliens!" Than what you can take away from that is more of amalgam of both statements to infer that this universe is teaming with life!
"I suspect my lord, that a great secret has been kept on Arrakis, and the Fremen exist in vast numbers. VAST!"--Duncan Idaho, Sword-Master of House Atreides.

posted on Feb, 11 2014 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by Ghost01

Yup; I visited a friend in Visalia a few years back. They lived right across the street from a dairy farm. The cows were sick and skinny. A few limped around. They had no shade and were cramped in pins. There were poop piles a story high. And the McDonalds truck would show up every couple of weeks.

What? Why did my post end up here? I was replying to a differant thread.

Damn android
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posted on Feb, 11 2014 @ 02:24 AM
I forgot the reply concerning Bikini Atoll....Phil never said (in any video I have seen) that the islands of Bikini Atoll were "Underwater Islands" what he DOES say is that there was a UFO base under the water BELOW the Atoll. There were several nuclear bombs "tested" at Bikini Atoll, not the least of which was conducted sometime in 1946, the remainder of the Japanese Imperial Navy, as well as several severely damaged, and decommissioned US Naval ships were positioned at anchor around the Atoll and destroyed by the ensuing blast. If you have the Video "Trinity Test Site" documentary, you can clearly see the navy ships in array at Bikini Atoll just before the nuke is lit off....

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 06:15 AM
We know he's a liar because he supports the Bob Lazar lies claiming he took Bob into Area 51.
Bob Lazar is a proven liar 10 times over now.
Elements Bob claims to be used in his antigravity machine are now public record, such as 115, and all of his claims are proven lies.

Bob Lazar couldn't even explain the basics of magnetic induction or the quantum mechanics of charge carriers in semiconductor material!
He's some dork who barely made it out of high school, built a lot of popular mechanics garbage since he was a boy and saw an opportunity to cash in on the alien propaganda.
His website is an absolute joke selling magic crystals and free energy devices.

Nobody with even 1 semester in electron theory and engineering would sling the B.S. Lazar sold the world simply because reporters are too stupid to ask technical question only an engineer can answer, he got away with it.
I should know it's my formal area of study and degree in pursuit. People like Lazar repeat crap I used to read in science magazines that makes you sound brilliant to the average person until you meet someone with a degree in astrophysics or electronic engineering which covers everything from quantum theory to calculus to basic chemistry to Newtonian physics.

This is yet again, another way we know Phil is a liar and likely anyone within this campfire circle of "oh so-and-so is telling the truth" that back one another up in these stories is a liar such as Al Bielek and all of these other degenerate scumbags.

The moon hoax theories hold more grounded science than these grifting bullSh*t artists.
I'm well aware things do go on outside what we're being told, I've seen things I WILL TAKE TO MY GRAVE.
I also have enough education to easily prove when supposed scientists and professors of said agencies or corporations are lying through their teeth.
In fact I find most debunkers, a word I loath, also don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.
You have to be not just a lawyer about these things but an unbiased scientist and jury member.
Self proclaimed debunkers are out for glory and social status rather than the cold hard truth.

The debunkers of the Betty and Barney Hill story are some of the most well known and as the record has shown produced by their niece, these men and women lied through their teeth in their debunking evidence going as far as to write books.
Unfortunately the idiots didn't expect someone to pull up public records, tape recordings, newspaper articles and sworn affidavits from the case and events surrounding it.

90% of what the debunkers said were lies!
The defenders of Phil and Bob should go keep those degenerate idiots company.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 06:16 PM
Thanks for tearing that apart, so I wouldn't have to haha.
You debunk nothing here, only illogically misenterpret some man's claims. I wasn't there, althought he might have been. You definitely weren't. So cool your jets ghost
a reply to: SteveR

posted on Sep, 19 2014 @ 07:52 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 11:20 AM
I don't think I can take any supposed "Debunker" seriously with such grammatical nonsense as, "Soldures" (Its Soldiers)
Especially since any website using HTML5 has spell check built into it.

I think I just debunked the "Debunker"!!! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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posted on Oct, 21 2016 @ 01:13 PM

originally posted by: AnonymousREX
I don't think I can take any supposed "Debunker" seriously with such grammatical nonsense as, "Soldures" (Its Soldiers)
Especially since any website using HTML5 has spell check built into it.

I think I just debunked the "Debunker"!!! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You might want to pay closer attention in future efforts.

HTML5 was published in October 2014, and the opening post is from January 2007.
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posted on Oct, 24 2016 @ 02:41 PM
Hey folks, reading over this thread, still working on the rest of it. I hope to finish it soon.. Been hanging out here in the background, and thanks for having me!

I became very interested in the F-19 side of this thread so I hope not to highjack it further.. I went off and did a little searching about on the mother of all site youtube, just to see what if anything was out there lol, and I was taken aback with one video in particular and a few pictures in it...

Relatively recent release, within a week old.

From about the 29 second mark there is a nice picture of an aircraft on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. There is a guy holding chocks, a sizable camera, a tug pulling said craft into place.. What also intrigues me is what appears to be muted USAF markings on the right wing, which appears to be folded forward, likely for carrier based operations. We do see the craft a couple more time through the video at 1:15, and again at 3:04, and again at 3:46 prior to the video ending. There are other craft, likely models or mock ups however this one tend to have a more "authentic" feel to it due to its surroundings.

Might this be a picture of the F-19?

Thanks in advance for reading..

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