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Ground Zero Again

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 09:55 AM
This is not a new story nor will this be the last story of this type. This will go on as long as people who helped clean up at ground zero live. The government wants to be able to link a person's cancer to ground zero without any question, a most difficult task. Their contention is that some people are predisposed to cancer and that 9/11 may just have 'triggered' the cancer.
Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City has screened 19,000 of the 40,000 workers who spent time at ground zero. There is a certain hesitancy on the behalf of authorities to widely accept ground zero as the main cause of cancer for these workers
After five years, doctors have definitively established a link between work at ground zero and chronic respiratory illness; a study published last fall by the largest monitoring program for post-9/11 workers found nearly 70 percent were likely to have lifelong breathing problems.

But an unofficial, anecdotal death toll of post-Sept. 11 workers is rising rapidly. In 2006, the number of deaths tracked by a lawyer suing the city and contractors overseeing the cleanup of ground zero more than quadrupled to 90 people, up from about 20, said attorney David Worby.

Last fall, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health scrapped autopsy guidelines for the nation's medical examiners weeks after drafting them. The institute made the decision after experts said the guidelines could lead to misinterpretation and false links to ground zero deaths.
U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton and other lawmakers joined ailing

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I understand that they are attempting to establish a link between one’s cancer and ground zero but how is that possible. Yes if a mother and grand mother both die of breast cancer the daughter/grand daughter would be predisposed to cancer but, what if she contracts lung cancer? Clearly they would prefer to keep the number of claims low. Also, clearly people chose to be there cleaning up and are partially responsible, but the EPA did state that the air quality was not dangerous. That is criminal. Then head of the EPA Christina Todd Whitman lied, furthermore she lied because the White House told her to tone down the statement and not unduly scare people.
Thus once again the ‘blame’ really rest on the shoulders of an administration that has clearly indicated that they don’t care. They have lied and obfuscated from day one. One of GW first actions once in the White House was to keep Daddy’s CIA file out of the public realm. The VP went to court to keep records of his energy policy meeting forever under wraps. It is purported that Ken Lay of Enron ‘fame’ was at that meeting a later convicted felon making government policy. Not that there aren’t other future criminals in this government. Halliburton is under investigation for the Cheney years and although the statute of limitations has run out GW pulled a few fast ones with Harken Oil, you know insider trading.
So until somebody is willing to hold this administration accountable for its transgressions people will continue to suffer and die. The real legacy of
GW and DC is pain and suffering for the people and profit for the chosen few.

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 02:32 PM

This will go on as long as people who helped clean up at ground zero live.

Unfortunately, this will most likely NOT BE the case. As we are continuing to learn that many contaminates do not just affect the person who came in contact with them, but in many cases, these conatminates affect their children as well.
Couple of examples that come to mind are Love Canal (if any remember that). You may also want to look at the effects of contaminates such as mercury on the children of those affected.

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