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Liberty's War Saga: America's Civil War-Prologue

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posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 07:24 PM
Spun towards the enemy U-boat, spouts of fire left the giant turrets onboard the battleship Venerator, echoing across the vast, tumultuous abyss of the unforgiving sea. The U-boat was swallowed up into the dark depths as it sank, the evening sun never seen by its crew again. A fountain of water errupted from the deep; a torpedo slamming into the Venerator's bow. A U-boat divulged itself as it surfaced.
I, Abdul Zaladi of Saudi Arabia, watched the struggle continue from aboard an Asian aircraft carrier; my eyes drinking the elements of the scene in front of me through a small cellar window.
The fight continued on as the sun lasped lower in the sky, casting a resplendent orange throughout; low cumulus clouds slowly rose above the horizen. The orange glow evanesced into a warm pink as the sun settled below the horizen. The sun's light relinquished its grip of the sky to the commandment of the moon and stars.
I lost interest in the fray and rested against the dark cellar wall; the faint luminescense from the moon highlighting my sun-stained skin. I began to reminisce about the past events of before I was conceived, stories from my scions of long ago.

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