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Islamic Classes authorized by Australian Government

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posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 03:01 PM
Australian News

Young Muslims (and anyone else who wants to be) will be taught Australian-friendly Islam under a Federal Government plan to stop them falling prey to extremists. The curriculum will be approved by the Australian Federal Government and will be taught on campus at Griffith, the University of Melbourne and University of Western Sydney, as well as eventually via distance education. It is supposed to be a counter to the teachings of Muslim extremists who preach intolerance and hate. The course, which will be taught with a western perspective, will be open to anyone interested in Islam, including religious and community leaders.

If I am reading this correctly, it is federal tax money in Australia that is going to be paying for this?? It says that the federal government approved the ciurriculum, does that mean that the people of Australia are paying for this with their tax money?

The federal government in Australia will be providing guidance to Muslims as to proper Muslim behavior? Guidance in Islamic religion?

Will this make those schools an even bigger target for Islamic extremists? They know that those schools will be teaching a moderate Islam and not their version of extremism.

I know that here in America it wouldn’t go over well. I LIKE the distance learning aspect. But I know folks would be upset about the feds using our tax money to teach Islam, even if it is moderate Islam.

I am not Australian and I really don’t have an opinion as to if this is right or not .


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