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New Zealand Stone Circle banned - any info?

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 06:56 AM
Part two

The Gang ‘cover up’ is a tricky one

My primary military source on this was Peter Maher head of force Intelligence Group Army Intelligence. I spoke to him twice once on Operation Ivan Hoe and just prior to State Secrets going to print. He never mentioned that the actual terrorist on the exercise Operation Golden Fleece was not gang members but members of Army Rangers (now defunct).

In 2000 I secured an address of former SIS Army Int SAS types including Maher and Ken Whatuira (published in State Secrets 2).

Whaituira was head on Onix security 25% owned by Waipara Trust, the so called guardians of the urban Maori (yeah right). The list included several names recognise to those with some knowledge of Black Power and Mongrel Mob - clan names well known not just in gang circles but army circles as will. It was Chris Trotter who pointed out that amidst the ranks of the so called ‘Urewerea terrorists’ were those seeking merc work in Iraq. The Ureweras 17 included Jamie Lockett, former body guard to P fan and property Mark Lyon.

Lyon’s interests including the Cook Islands Sheraton, the disasterous tourism development which led to Cook Islands selling off to Cook Islands Telecom to pay $500 million debt. Cook Islands were sold off to NZ Telecom when Fayrichwhite was major investor of Telecom NZ.

Security Focus Group website identifies past clients as Lyon, Americas Cup (Fayrichwhite), and Onix.

Let us not forget the Limos and Harleys brought into NZ in the 1980’s by key gangs name was made possible by Public Work Scheme tenders, the brainchild of former army intelligence clerk, known in his pre-political days, as the bookie from Tepuke, Robert Muldoon. The ties of Muldoon to gangs was illustrated on the front page of the Dominion, where in front of visiting foreign dignitaries the organised crime syndicates of Black Power and Mongrel Mob, gave a joint haka to the only man in NZ to be made a honorary member of both gangs.

Subterfuge 10: If you want power make a problem identify the problem and then be seen to cure the problem.

If the Ureweras was run by Tuehoe activists then how come our TV where bombarded with the red white and black of the Maori Congress colours better suited to the traditional rivals of the Tuhoe in the East Coast and up North. Why was the public not shown the 1835 crest symbolising the fully autonomy granted to the Tuhoe people. One wonders what Tuhoe elders say behind closed doors about the pretenders and who they really represent.

In State Secrets I note how my source CASPER, a former spook, claims that in the 1980’s he worked for well known names of the Business round table that travelled the Pacific. Publicly they offered financial autonomy and independence to indigenous groups. In reality they created debt ethnic disputes (Fiji Solomon’s) which allowed them to secure timber fishing and land rights and gain leverage against soverign governments.

In a country were it odds for any kiwi of more than 7 generations not to have Maori blood who cares if the foreshores owned by Maori tribes or the crown as long as the land remains public and never party can sell that land off to overseas interests. The public should remain suspicious of any party who refuses to make condition of guardianship that’s it public and not for sale EVER!

In closing one line not considered by this forum is the material that suggests the history of NZ is much older than that currently touted in academic circles is how such history also provides the opportunity to gain clues on the Maori own story prior to them arriving in NZ. Such evidence would showcase the maritime genius of the Maori people show how their history also weaves into the tapestry of time were ultimately we are all one.

Ben Vidgen

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:24 AM
thanks for that mate, good read... do you have anything to back up your statements? would be awesome to see some proof before i decide to actually go any further with my studies ^^

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS ...making them not NATIVE TO NEW ZEALAND

Before we could say who is native to NZ or to America or to anywhere else, I would like to know what the year term and conditions we are talking about for being a native?

Originally posted by Dock6 That there were white skinned, tall, red and fair haired people living in New Zealand prior to the Maori is beyond dispute. Maori history freely includes acknowledgement that these tall, fair, Celtic type people lived in New Zealand prior to the Maori arrival.

Is that how U.K want to claim what NZ is? It seems every land in the world has Britain native. New Zealand, China, America to name a few.
As they said history is written by the winner, white archeologists could always find their anchestor dead bodies in every part of the world. They always find what they want to find.
Let us ask our moeslem friends here, I am sure they will say all men came from Arab as God created first man Adam in Arab.
"Rockpuck" confirmed it. "White Caucasians originate in the Caucus Mountains in the Middle East, who migrated North, supposedly during the end of the last ice age.."

Originally posted by Essan So are the Maoris from Ireland then?

Mmmm, no they are not. They are native to NZ, they were primitive and there came white men to teach them stone carving. The white men died and the Maori carved some stones for memorial. Oh actually, Japanese was native to NZ, then came Maori. By the time white Celtic Britain English men came, the Japanese went off fishing whale but pacific tsunami wiped them off leaving primitive Maori with new comers Celt. Some Japanese survived and flushed to Hokkaido island, they settled there since.
Yukio Hatoyama couldn't be more agree with me. And now you know why Japanese always know where to hunt whales in South Pacific.

Originally posted by Headhurts Incidentally, there were some mummified remains found in China recently that had blonde and red hair and were tall. These findings have also been suppressed.

Great, the China should belong to Britain then?
There were thousands of tribes in the land under current China Government today, which tribe should be the native? The white men with blonde hair?
The Chinese Emperor started conquering tribes since 2,000 years ago and and made it through many dinasty before the communist party took over and then it became People Republic of China today. Who is native to China?
Perhaps this could be a good example, there are many Indian migrant in America today ( I mean real Indian from INDIA ), 3,000 years from now your great great grandson dig up this Indian family bones, then he will shout hey the real Indian from India is native to United States of America.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by Headhurts Incidentally, there were some mummified remains found in China recently that had blonde and red hair and were tall. These findings have also been suppressed.

And I agree with Essan and TheWalkingFox, "suppressing this blonde mummies in China" is just not quite right.

And hey actually I knew what happened. As we all knew the Chinese emperor had been crazy about immortality, and they heard about mummification technology from other part of the world and then they sent off their best seafarers to North Africa, but they stopped by Europe and they found tonnes of blond mummies there, and it was for sale at dirt cheap price. Instead of asking for the high price technology, they just bought off specimens to do some reverse engineering later on ( that's what Chinese always do anyway till nowadays ). In order to make sure they could gain the technology fully, they needed full range of specimens. So they bought a whole ship mummies back home, including babies mummies, boys and girls, young adults virgin and bachelor, adults, breast feeding mothers, pretty much everything.
They put it at the secret labs in Uygur, during halfway of gaining the technologies, the dessert storm buried the labs together with all those specimen. 2,000 years later the modern blond men dig it up and claimed hey blonde man is Native to china. But sadly the Communist Chinese government is surpressing it.

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox Plain fact is, even if there were people there prior to the Maori, and even if they were white (HUGE stretch, by the way) they were not the ancestors of modern white NZ'ers. Every white face in New Zealand is the descendant of Europeans who moved in after 1769. If there were a bunch of white people living on the islands before the Maori, they certainly weren't there by the time Europeans showed up.
So far the only racism out here is your own, since you think you deserve entitlements because you're white.

See how true this is. But white blonde always rules and they always able to dig up some artifacts to confirm their theories.

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox At the time of the treaty, the Maori were the only people on the islands. That's easy as all heck to confirm.
even if they were not the first people, whoever may have been first was not around, and it certainly wasn't the English.


I think we need to know the time frame, situation and condition to claim being a native such as you said above "...Maori were the only people on the islands.....".
How about the Japanese who being flushed to Hokkaido?

Originally posted by KRISKALI777 There is much evidence of natives already being established in NZ before the Moari came. These people have been called the Maori.

Yes that could be true either, as many real Indians from India in America today. They are called American!
And as TheWalkingFox said current white Kiwis moved in not before 1769 or was it 96?
69 and 96 is always confusing..

Archeology claims is always bias and based on own assumptions that suit archeologists racisms problem sometimes, if not worse than religion.
Couldn't we leave this to pure science?

For Maori in NZ case, it could be true that the government is trying to do something to cover their earlier wrong assumption about Maori is native to NZ, which could be a nice move to save Maori's current rights and affairs.

Perhaps in future we should have no more countries, all lives as one. The only thing to surpress is our own greed, no more I am better than you vice versa.

By the way, did they find some prove about white blonde prior to aborigin also in Australia? Mmmm you know so they could claim white blonde was the actual native to Australia?

posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 12:41 AM
To 'Good Read can you back it up".

Most of material citied originates from public material companies office records new zealand business whose who, public peroidicals, or originates from on the record source listed in both my books or my publication DEADLINE.

Where pos in this post I do try to cite specific source that allow independent fact checking. If you do your own research you will find this material is not that hard to confirm.

A good start would be to use key word specific company names mentioned in relevant data bases and hard copy peroidcal avalible in most public libraries.

In cases I in fact do advise libabry research over general net search as I find libary data bases with New Zealand articles, espeically EBESCO do not get scrubbed as quickly as the net and the material has a degree of quality control sometimes lacking on the net.

If however if your asking ame to back up an alleged trend or general analyst I might be arguing as existing e.g. army gang clan cross overs in say North and East Coast I suggest you go and do your own local snooping as to which famlies appear again and again at top of food chain.

Alternatively just back ref your local papers crime pages identify which names surface in press reports as 'prezs sergeants of arms' etc then cross ref against military peroidicals to id senior nco ranks regimental sergeant majors etc which again will id accuracy of said satement.

Not that I believe thats this is a particular radical statements to begin with as its a fairly accepted record that in poor eco socio regions the army/ gangs offer one few areas for those with out opoortunities to shine -- cross over is bound to happen. Rather my point is in country NZ size this one area where combined with sense of iwi 6 degrees of seperation has been over looked.

Ultimately there are cases where for obvious reason I will not id sources.

In such cases, its important to highlight however, the sources are simply the lead (the point of entry into the story) it then becomes an issus of have I found sufficient on the record, public source, material to independenly confirm the lead sources claims to begin with.

Note: In fifteen years of public publishing (where Im subject to defamation laws) my own scraps with legal beagles have included threat of law suit by Fayrichwhite laywers, Richard V Allen George Bushs Defence Adviser (details including copies of Allen memorandum to DEADLINE) but when push comes to shove no one has been willing to get in the legal ring when I called their bluff. So yes I think my documented record for backing up what I have to say actually speaks for itself.

I am happy to accept that on a point by point case there is always room for debate and perception may change as new facts become avaliable. I do however get rather tired by those whose refuse to deal in specific issues or are willing to ask me specific questions which I am always willing to answer if the opportunity is given.

If you want snog then snog. Blowing general kisses from the other side of the dance hall doesn't count in my book.

If you want me to adress or debate your doubts, on the things you want me "back it up" fine, buts its lot easier to first ask specific questions then I can elaborate with more specific source material.


posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 04:15 PM
Kia Ora Ki Whanau
I live at Whareatea and ancient home of Waitaha. described by the early christians as the home of the universe. The correct translation from waitaha is the home of the universe. The place where thenew spirits arrive. Whareatea is for the childeren, the future navigators of the waka of the gods. The island is also known as the little turtle. The americas, the turtle.
At Whareatea there are the remains of ancient stone circles. The circles of peace. These were used for several reasons but the main one being as a place where peace was made. The star house of peace where two opposing people would be placed. one in one circle and the other in the second circle. They were not able to leave the circles until each had aired their differences and made peace between each other. This was done with the families and or tribes surrounding them so all was in the open. only truth would work as lies were seen by all. Many fires were made for the cooking to feed the many gathered. Much firewood gathered, but the fires did not burn for long as the ways of the Waitaha, the followers of the teachings of Rongo Marae Roa (the goddess of peace) would always prevail. To learn more about the ways of Waitaha, the ways of peace I suggest all read the books, song of Waitaha and Whispers of Waitaha and learn of the history, ways and future of our people. We of the Wanaga ki Waitaha ( the teaches of the ancient school of Waitah are always ready to serve the mother and her wish for peace for all our brothers and sisters of the lands and seas.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 12:24 AM

Originally posted by wyliecelt
Last year whilst attending a live day at MOTAT i was approached by a lady who recognised me as working in the same Defence HQ building as she did in the 80s. She was an SIS agent back then, so now knowing what i do i asked if she had ever heard of pre maori civilization or any cover up of it by
govt during her time with the secret squirels who were on the top floors of the building. She confirmed that Yes there was then and is now an active programe to hide the truth.

Judging by the both anecdotal and hard evidence i have seen or experienced i surmise the following. Govt has come to an agreement with maori (Or factions of it) that in return for ensuring them a special place in NZ society (The Indigenous ones) and the benefits that UN mandates provide, maori wont
start shooting or rock the boat in other ways. Unfortunately the truth regarding who actually was here first is a
casualty and must be hidden at all costs for national security as the belief that Maori are the original inhabitants is the foundation that the whole corrupt house of cards is built on. This must be beyond Party lines but deep in the bureaucracy that actually runs Govt. There is no other reason why data from archiological sites can be deemed not for public consumption or sensitive to national security. The embargo terms of 75 years (Ie untill about 2064) would mean all claims etc would be settled and maori firmly entrenched where they want to be before the truth is expected to come out.

This topic MUST be settled and the truth investigated in the public domain. Personally i dont care who was here first but do care about my tax dollar funding something based on lies and falsehoods and the persuit of historical knowledge being denied me. History should be historically correct NOT politically correct

what does any of that have to do with NZ's 'Ancient & Lost Civilizations'?

You just seem to be on some sort of right-wing rant mate

Not sure what Russians selling guns to Maoris has to do with who originally inhabited NZ.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 12:19 AM
The post explains what the link to pre maori civilizations is if you actually read it, as it also explains i dont give a # who was here first but do want our history to be truthful and not funding things by my tax dollar based on falsehoods. If that makes me right wing then i would rather be that than a moron who blindly follows where you are lead and never questions what Govt or others would have you believe, especially when i have experienced many things that indicate my instinct re the reason for covering up the truth of NZ habitation may well be correct.

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Headhurts

It has always interested me that there seems to be a great similarity to the facial tattoos of Maori warriors and those of "Celtic' And "Pictish" design, Celt showing more circular structures to the designs, while the Picts had a very right angle design similar to the egyptians, yep they had knotwork too! So upon seeing my first Maori design I was instantly reminded of the "Isles of man" and its art. Very interesting that NZ would want to bury these kinds of finds. But then again NZ has always been a little strange about change or encroachment on the delicate balance of life that is there, so much so one Zealander I knew said "Cant brew a pot of exotic tea without a parlimentary vote."

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posted on Mar, 28 2011 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

How presumptuous and ignorant to think that any "white" New Zealander thinks that they deserve entitlements because they are white and what is it that makes you think that any or all white New Zealanders hail from English ancestry ?
That fact that you presume this points out the obvious fact that you are in reality the racist.
No white New Zealander wants any rights or entitlements over and above any other race that is currently occupying this beautiful land of ours... they simply want EQUAL rights plus a legal system that applies to ALL, the fact that Maori do have rights and entitlements over and above other New Zealanders is in fact inequality and racism in its purest form.
The evidence (censored and covered up as it may be in these overly PC times) points out the fact that Maori wiped out more than one race, enslaved and ate them to the point of extinction (this also applies to several native species of bird and who knows what else) and goes a long way to explaining why they were the only inhabitants when settlers arrived, as you quite rightly pointed out.
Does this mean that they should have entitlements over and above the civilised people who colonised this country shortly after them doing the above mentioned ? (should we not all be very thankful that the white colonisers and the vast, powerful empires they came from did not have the same neanderthal mentality ?... just stop and think about that for a second !!!)
The fact that the discoveries uncovered have been swept under the proverbial carpet and the due scientific research has not been allowed to take place is an embarrassment to this countries successive governments and an insult to the educated and free-willed people who inhabit it.
How can Maori claim land and other supposed indigenous rights in a court of law when there is documented evidence that this may not be the case, how can a legal procedure take place without having all the evidence proven to be fact (or un-proven as the case may be)... this is not only unjust but ethically wrong also.
If the scientific research is allowed to take place and it is proven beyond all shadow of doubt that Maori are indeed the indigenous people of New Zealand then i will be the first to eat humble pie, put it behind me and get on with life but the question has to be asked as to why there is a cover up of existing evidence and why is the government blocking further research on the matter.
I am not out to discredit anyone... I simply want the facts to be scientifically assesed or researched and the truth of the matter uncovered, whatever it may be.
It is also to commonplace to have the hard, guttbusting work done by European settlers overlooked when this topic is brought up, the people who brought agricultural and technical skills to this country and built this country up to be the democratic and civilised land that it is.
Many people are too quick to blame colonisation for the social ills, poor health and over representation in the prison systems that afflicts the Maori race, perhaps some self reflection, focus on education and personal accountability would go a long way to alleviate these ongoing, generational problems.
I have many Maori friends and I acknowledge their culture and beliefs with the utmost respect but this country will never move forward as a nation until the truth is scientifically proven, once that is done then we can make the correct, informed decisions and head in whatever direction that the factual evidence points us (yes - factual and scientifically proven evidence... not the oratory legends that have been distorted by time, personal agenda and convenience to their particular cause !!!).

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:10 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:23 PM
The "suppression" claims made by the OP are unsupportable
There's a whole website with all the details here
another here
and here

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:45 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:50 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:50 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: aorAki
no,you like to try and make any post on NZs hidden history seem like its not true,there is evidence everywhere. You are good at your hobby.....but it cant be hidden forever.

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: hiddenNZ

Show me the evidence, because from what I've investigated and looked for, it ain't there, no matter how much you wish it to be so.

If you look at my earlier posts in this thread I was open to the idea, but on further research I haven't seen/found anything that would sway my mind to the affirmative.

It's not a bloody cover up.

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 08:07 PM

originally posted by: hiddenNZ
a reply to: aorAki
no,you like to try and make any post on NZs hidden history seem like its not true,there is evidence everywhere. You are good at your hobby.....but it cant be hidden forever.

You are claiming its a cover up after I posted you three links detailing what you claim has been covered up
Evidence is something else
Delusion is what is currently guiding you
I expect that your previous thread was deleted because you completely ignored the stringent posting rules

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: aorAki

why did maori change the meaning of tangata whenua from those here before meaning themselves?
Why do tribes mention people here before them?
Why do the ngati hotu claim they were here first?
Why has the maori changed history like the patupaiarehe ,saying they were here first,and now make out they are just fairytales.....why was the braided hair in the auckland museum hidden,you know the red braids that were there on the left when you walk into the first room....i saw them myself when I was a kid.
What about the terraces on the island in the middle of taupo?
Waht about your chief Rankin openly admitting maori were not here first?
What about all the bones sent to the mt eden mill,because your people said they were not of your people....mmmm thats odd cause usually every set of acient bones found are quickly turned over to iwi and nothing ever seen of them again........they must have been solf as fert and a cut given to the bois eh bro.
there is a cover up mate,but you dont need to worry about it,cause im sure your land will stay your land,cause thats what its all about....keeping that can of waitangi cans closed.I dont need to prove anything,I know history has and is still being hidden,as im sure you are well aware of,lol.

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