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Is an advanced civilization a biproduct of organized religion?

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 03:48 PM
I try not to get into "religious" discussions at work. However, we were having an innocent conversation over lunch about some special someone watched about some ancient civilization on Discovery or some such channel. Who it was isn't really important.

At any rate, one way or another the conversation drifted toward mentioning of other civilizations, both current and ancient, and someone mentioned that all of these civilizations were so different from each other.

I begged to differ and added that they all had one thing in common, organized religious beliefs (we're talking Hindu, Christianity, Judaism, Mayan, Aztec, Muslim, Native American spirituality, etc, etc.).

Then I posed the question..."In history, I've yet to find some sort of advanced civilization who was devoid of some form of central spiritual belief/organized religion. Does that mean advanced civilizations are a bi-product of organized religion?"

I myself am not a religious person, but will be the first to admit that the "Western" civilization I live in is a distinct by-product of a Protestant based society.

Anyone else care to chime in on my question?

Wasn't sure if this is a "conspiracy in Religion" or not, but it seemed like the place to post it.

-The Big O


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