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Kundalini Syndrome

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by R3KR
So how does one stop something like this ?
Can you somehow cut it off or block it ?

just do not embrace it, some people embrace it and some do not, if you do not, you will never get all there is, because you have to want it. but you do not need to want it, for it to happen, just to get the most out of it, you have to go fully into it.

ignorance is bliss, sometimes, but i am sure like others who never really wanted it, it is an experience that is both interesting, and in a way helpful, but like i said and others said, it can be a pain in the arse.

i did wish though i was born into a free tibet, and maybe i could have had a life as a real monk, but being born in the west, these things can bring massive problems in your life. it can overtake your life, and if it was something you did not want, it can be overwelming, funny at first, but heck like i said if you do not embrace it, it is a pain in the arse(sorry for saying pain in the arse so many times, but it has been).

one word of warning also, do not ever talk about these things in public, you just do not know what it will bring into your life.

talking about blocking it etc, all you can really do is not accept it, you have to embrace it for it to have total effect on you. but hey you may not even have a choice in the thing because like others i believe that, we are born into this world with what we need to get through whatever our lifes are meant to be, so maybe i may be wrong in not accepting it, but i just did not want it to happen, although i am thankful that it did(i know it is a contradiction, but you may understand).

i was watching minority report the other night, and one of the characters said to tom cruise character, the information may have found you, you may not have found it. on the base of it, this may be true, but it brings up the question, of what amount of our lifes are destiny and what percent is freewill.

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 09:46 AM
I'm not sure you can stop it once it has started, or even keep it from starting. I think you have to make your way through it and come out the other side. Focus on love and peace, and you will be ok.

posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 09:51 PM
I am so glad I happened onto this thread! I was reading up on Kundalini here and following some links posted elsewhere... I have to tell you I have seriously decided to forget all I read..this thread shook me up

Originally posted by andy1033

i was watching minority report the other night, and one of the characters said to tom cruise character, the information may have found you, you may not have found it. on the base of it, this may be true, but it brings up the question, of what amount of our lifes are destiny and what percent is freewill.

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As not to hijack this thread I started a discussion about predestiny and freewill here:'

after reading all the posts there, my viewpoint was refined towards what I didn't consider.

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posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 06:48 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the thread, but have a question related to kundalini syndrome and am hoping someone out there can help me answer it.

I'm not sure what's happening to me. About 2 years ago some big changes starting coming on in my life. At this point I began to have what I call 'white out' episodes. Basically, I would try rise above some serious stress in my life, take the higher moral ground and not give in to feelings of anger, frustration, rage, etc. And when I did this, I'd end up starting to have visions or insights into a reality that seems somehow related to my own, but not really my own. I'd see glimpses of people and moments that seemed familiar, usually they felt familiar, but at the same time I didn't recognize them. What I saw didn't make me happy or unhappy, but as soon as I'd start to be able to make some sense of what I was seeing, I'd get really sick to my stomach and everything would turn white. I'd have to spend about 15-30 minutes recovering after each episode. Then I'd feel somehow fresh, and my normal life felt unfamiliar, or somehow 're-set'.

Then, after a very bad year last year, I made a firm decision to clear out all of the toxins in my life, step by step. I turned my back on addicitve relationship I had, emotional abusers, manipulaters and all sorts of bad influences in my life, a overhalued my own body (did a detox diet for about a month which worked wonders). I began to build only on the good things in my life, to focus and invest energy only in those things that brought about healthy forms of happines for me.

As I did this, the lights of my former life died out, my best friend passed away, and I had to leave the man who was the love of my life. All that I believed in and held dear was removed from me, and I found myself completely alone, living on an island for about 6 months. And by this I mean a real island. It was where I had to live for a while. And no one there spoke English, and I didn't speak the native language. So when I say isolated, I mean ISOLATED. It was during all of these transitions that I suspect my kundalini woke up.

I've had pain in my lower back ever since, and I never in my life had it there before (always in the neck, which has cleared up). And I felt it wake up, I mean, I felt it make its first movement at the base of my spine, and it felt extraordinarily cleansing, as if it was pushing out all of the toxins in one big, smooth movement - I had to vomit right after. Since then, depsite the back pain, things have been going pretty well. I feel protected by a power in my life that I didn't feel before. Things that look like they should go against me, end up working in my favor, as long as I don't resist my good intentions (as long as I keep my nose clean, and only do what I know is right in each situation). I have faith again, which I had lost for over a decade.

But here's my question: why do the white-out episodes keep coming, and what are they? Do they have to do with kundalini rising?? Does anyone know? I don't have them too often, but when I do, they're really unsettling and confusing.

Thanks for any insight.

posted on Feb, 23 2008 @ 07:53 AM
Ok... I know this is weird, but it is my truth.

I came to ATS and started learning of so many different aspects of spirituality, and I started to try a few out. Most were just BS, but two were very intriguing. The first had to do with programing your mind by dividing it into quarter section of different colors so one could enter a universal stream of consciousness. I never entered the stream, but had horrible strange sadistic nightmares. The second was the Kundalini Awakening, which was great at first... but I began to get many of the symptoms the OP reported above.

To make a long story short... I went back to Jesus. I apologized for wandering from his grace, and asked his forgiveness. I prayed that I could once again be bathed in the Light of the Holy Spirit. It took awhile... but I was forgiven, and allowed back into the fold of Christ. Whew... talk about being home again! It was wonderful... all the other bad stuff stopped, and I now KNOW my place in the cosmos.

Perhaps everyone has their own place where they belong spirituality, and what it right for one person, is wrong for the next. All I know is if the path you are on does not bear good healthy fruit for your soul... then you are on the wrong path. Retrace your steps away from the Light, get back to where your soul belongs, pray for forgiveness, and let your light be a beacon for those who are lost and wandering.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 11:51 AM
Two solutions to treat Kundalini Syndromes

Most qi-healing practitioners and seekers on the spiritual path who want to attain self-realization or enlightenment are beset with Kundalini syndromes due to qi blockages or congestion in the blood and meridian circulation. As a long-time Qi-healer and seeker to attain realization of Buddha nature, having personally suffered physical, mental and emotional kundalini syndromes for years, I have been personally looking for a permanent solution to these kundalini syndromes. Two solutions to treat kundalini syndromes which have greatly assisted me personally are basically: Qi Gong practice and drinking alkaline hexagonal kangen water that effectively remove the qi blockages and acidic wastes in the body's meridian and blood circulation.

More Notes on Kundalini Syndrome

Many people experience Kundalini Syndrome without ever knowing it, especially practitioners of meditation. When Kundalini energy starts to flow abundantly in a person who has not developed or maintained a clean energy system, then it can cause certain physical, emotional and mental problems. Common physical effects would be overheating, discomfort, exhaustion or hyperactivity. Emotional problems might be heightened temper, depression or manic states. Mental problems might be lack of concentration or oversensitivity to surroundings. When one starts experiencing Kundalini Syndrome, one should temporarily stop or reduce the meditation practices, and concentrate on purifications of the energy bodies. Salt baths and following a vegetarian diet will help to cleanse the energy bodies. From my personal experience, alkaline vegetarian diet, Qigong and exercise alone are not enough to purify the body and subtle energy bodies, and has to be supplemented with drinking alkaline water. The highest grade of Alkaline kangen water available from a water ionizer machine such as Leveluk SD501, a Medical Device approved by the Japanese Ministry of Labour and Welfare, is a God send to totally cleanse the acidic wastes of most people suffering from kundalini syndromes, and restore the body's pH balance or alkaline (yin) and acid (yang) balance.

"The key to mastering health is to regulate the body's Yin and Yang" - Neijing Suwen (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine)

Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by Northern India

Hi Northern,
To this you can actually start by going to sleep with yoga nidra and then practice Anuloom Viloom prayanam everyday. But make sure you reduce breath retention (Khumbhak) in it. And try to bring that kind of ratio. For most of the people with involuntary kundilin awakening, breathing is not regular and becomes voluntary to some extent esp. before the white out. This breathing is so called to be taming the kundilini back.

Honestly I have met many asectics but did not have a right path to start. And got kundilini awakening which adversely affected my personal life. Although it has made me spiritually a better person, in terms of performance in the world with career etc it had some not so helpful effect.

This is for most of the other people here:

The importance of 8 fold yoga...(There are many other things but we are generally looking at the purpose right now)
1)Yama - (Basic Principle of Life as you are going to achieve something spiritual and need a right way and purpose of living)
2) Niyama - (Basic Disipline in life as this is one of the most important behaviourial foundation in achieving in psychology.)
3) Asana- (This is most important part of physical discipline, i.e. increasing physical - capacity to attain such an experience. Like a weight lifter practicing for weightlifting, or athlete achieving ofr being an athlete. This is where my mistake was!! Further practice may infest many problems physically if we are not fit accordingly )
4) Prayana - (This is main connection of connecting the physical and psychological force, the whole kundilini yoga being Physio-Psychological experience.)
5) Prathyahar - (This is where you decide one aim and withdraw your senses from other objects, like a mathematician can concentrate on mathematics, a devotee on his god, lover on his/her beloved or even an geek on his programming skill, some of the people with high concentration achieve this without realizing, but they also would have passed the previous stages for their field without realizing too!!)
6) Dharna : (This is where after the withdrawal starts the conscious ourney to you decided Target. The difference of steps from 5-8 are very subtle to differentiate but I would try to do that, and more difficult is for the yogi or aspirant to pass them. Step 5 was like realizing the bondage while Step 6 is to break the bondage)
7) Dhyana- (This is the Concentration on your journey and speed, now you are on tracks now its completely on your speed and ability you will be concentrating. Here you can say you are free and running towards your destination say Step8. Here is where you will come across enticing jewels which you should not stop to pick up. They come in form of spiritual or super natural powers, like some get visions, some get gift of a very good tongue, some becomes skilled in their profession say if you are mathematician you will start solving things quite easily, some people get power of empathy etc. Well and more than powers the whole power ride filled with pride or emotions of having such thing is worse.
8) Samadhi (This would be a long description and honestly I can only repeat what others have told...but I wish who follow these path go beyond)
a) Sabeej Samadhi

b) Nirbeej Samadhi

Samarpan There you get your doctorate and devote yourself complete either in research or guiding people or what your spirit feels right.

This whole decription so we can look back and see where was it where we made the mistake what do we want to do in terms of fixing it and if we want to persue the journey or just fix

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 07:18 PM
You know, its strange, but I was just very recently that I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, including sensations in the head/chest area. This all started when I had my major revelation and felt like I was one with the world. I literally went from the most beautiful moment of my life to extreme stress throughout many times in the day.

Or I may just have a chronic anxiety disorder. Who knows.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 07:55 PM
I can relate,to most of your post,

I always thought one should only try to raise kundalini energy with the guidance of an adept, it is definitely nothing to play around with,

I seem to get myself in these strange situations, because I want to experience or the feeling of experiencing the divine source, then when I get close I get scared.

One such experience just sucked the life out of me, I have never been the same.

I really wish I would have not delved, into so many things.

I have had some terrifying moments, that have had an adverse effect on me physically, even at church.

But then I think some of us have a more sensitive nature, and anything that takes us outside of our comfort zone, can effect us negatively.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 08:36 PM
Some posters on here I respect,

however, but lol,

However realise that Kundalini and what goes with it are a part of Yoga and just thinking its the snake of evil is a bit misguided.

Jesus without a doubt had full Kundalini awakening and control.

The issue is these days with no real daily practise, of the right yoga and meditation, and searchings for a very hard to achieve spiritual and material synthesis.

Focusing on the Christ consciousness which is part of the Kundalini can be equally as dangerous, it relates to your heart Chakra, which is the bridge between the lower material you sex/survival body and the higher spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Just being in the heart and mind can cause problems in health and mind as these essential parts of yourselves are not integrated, and you are out of balance.

Many people with this so called syndrome, which is silly modern New Age pop psycho/spiritual babble its like saying "water syndrome" because some people drink too much or others too little, or some have no salt in their intake.

Its not the water or salt or your kidneys doing it but your practise and balance in that regard.

Like it or not all of your chakras are linked, they all carry different aspects of you, you are spiritual yes, but also in a physical body.

If someone prays on Jesus and the heart Chakra aspect only, though much progress will be made, illness of mind and body can occur.

The way of Kundalini is the way Christ talked about it. Kundalini is the merging of yourself as spiritual being in this material plane with the "God" "onesness" "Father" up there, a complete never ending cycle or loop of equal exchange of energy.

The reason Kundalini rises is to clear the negative emotions and karma at each chakra, becoming more balanced and purified, to ultimately reach your crown chakra and then reach up and merge with "god"

It is the synthesis of material in total harmony with the spiritual.

By focusing or repressing it you just take yourself further away from this "one ness" and "fusion" or enlightenment as Christ did.

Without Christ having control and mastery over his sexual Chakra (creation and desire), the earthy ones blow the heart Chakra he could not have turned the water into wine or fed the five thousand.

Without the support and rising energy from his Root Chakra he would not have walked on water.

In reality Kundalini and esp the description of it being a "snake" are just analogies for how the energy flows, and when integrated properly relates to the realisation of your own energy and inter-dependence of all things. The one.

The kundalini or power, energy is blocked in us, it does not rise on its own, it must come from below us from the earth first of all, flows up into the root chakra, and then rises, LOVE starts at the earth where it rises from, just imagine how many billion beings are working and laying down their lives for your clean air, for your food, all the microbes, animals who sacrifice their lives for your food every day. That support and love is how the Yogin's start their kundalini mediations, feeling love coming from below, not from a snake coiled in them.

Anyhow when you have through correct life, practise and meditations cleansed your chakra's which are just holders as such of your emotional garbage and sins, they progressively becoming open and the channels of this energy clean out.

When and if you manage to rise this energy in a non polluted way from your root Chakra to your Crown Chakra (and most people get blocked on the heart Chakra for many years without the right forgiveness/acceptance) opening each of your abilities and integrating your true human potential the only aim of this energy, which is often visualised as White Light not a snake, is to burts through your crown chakra and then go and merge above you with Shakti or God.

It is your soul rising, wanting to reach and be in union with god. It is a man penetrating a woman full natural desire but love and respect to. It is the light wanting to illuminate the dark. The baby wanting to be held by its mother.

The Yin the yang balanced.

When it then merges with "god" or the "Son" merges with "father" enlightenment occurs as happened to Christ. The light fully is within you. In the practises then it cascdes back down in a loop with further light and love and blessings from God into you, to the root chakra, your roots love from below the earthiness of us in material without denying it but in balance and peace and love, then rises again to meet its father and cascades down agian.

The circuit is complete, the electrician(you) has used the right tools (thoughts meditations actions, way of life), to fix the wiring (chakras and connections) and turns the switch on (enlightenment) so the electricity (all that is father/God) light shines in the bulb in your home (body and soul).

He is as important as the electricity in allowing and making the light to go on. The electricity cant, even if you believe the man in the power station can scream orders at you, or its an empty powerstation, make you do it, or teach you how to use the tools, or do it for you.

In reality modern man cannot explain electricity properly, don't believe what you are told in school or scientists say openly, there are real mysteries around it still, but we still use it, control it and progress by it. Kundalini should be looked at like this in a way, dont obsess about who made the source of power, where it comes from etc, just get that light working and you can see properly, rather than groping around in the dark.

Kundalini as explained is just the merging of your soul wanting to rise to union with God oneness as it feels separated whilst we are in this plane and feel so separate (illusion) from the love, power and bliss of the Universe and all that is, God.

Now though if a electrician works without proper training, or just tries to fix one part of the wiring, or turns on the power switch before earthing the circuit, he will get a shock, burns or even blow a circuit!

It is too serious to dabble with, like electricity, we all like to jump into uch things as spirituality without thinking of this, mankind wants you to study for years before you are allowed to be a simple doctor, or create wiring diagrams, in a similar way don't read too much from books or threads like this, go and learn from a proper teacher if you want to ever fix your electricity yourself, or rewire your house to standards that are safe and proper.

If you feel you will wait before then, by all means change a fuse or two (love, honesty and clean honest lifestyle) but don't be stupid enough to rip the wiring out without knowing how to put it back safely.

The issues you have Op could by the sounds of them just be emotional, which the chakras carry too, but also in the mind as all problems stem there, get out in nature much to ground yourself, walk and walk breath meditate, create balance wherever you feel there is not, get good exercise, try and not spend all your time on spiritual thoughts matters as JC said be like a child again, leave the heavy thoughts alone, have some fun just joy and laughter will Help much too.

Kind regards,


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posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 07:08 PM
Hi Azure, Only yesterday I discovered I have KS! I have had it since childhood and have managed on my own since then. My first experiences happened when I was just 5 years old, I am now 38! I actually had an (attack) experience only two days ago and remembered something I read on the Kundalini, so I jumped on the PC and found KS on Wikipedia. What I read about the Kundalini was so similar that I had to do some research. Well now, I alway thought I had some weird energy thing going on that was unique to me! For me it has never been a good experience, and always comes with fear and intrepidation. I can feel it coming on right at the very start and I can stop it at that point as well. What has freaked me out the most in the past is the experience of time changing. My thoughts slow right down and my body functions/moves at a particular normal speed. The difference between the two is scary and difficult to stop. Anyway I have never been suicidal or depressed or disfunctional in my life. Not like many of the posts on the internet, I'm just a normal person dealing with it!


posted on Apr, 15 2009 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by mrsdudara

I need to learn more about purifying the "energy" before sending it back. If you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appriciated!!!

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 04:24 PM
Haven't read your whole post, coz it's a bit long. But if it comes with any apparent psychic ability, or if any abilities seem to be coming through, can I suggest a quick look at

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 05:51 PM
Interesting thread. I doubt few if any of the original posters are still going through this but I would be very curious as to how their lives have turned out now, a couple of years later. I have not had any Kundalini experience but I am pursuing one. I am taking a more safe approach I think I'm not trying to rush it. I am very fit and I live a healthy lifestyle. I plan on doing an alkaline detox too in combination with my daily yoga practices. If I get an experience I'll be sure to report back. Anyone have any positive experiences with Kundalini they want to share? What has it done for you? What have you gained from it? Abilities or insight? Thanks for sharing.

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by yankeerose

Amen to this. These posts are years old. I'm not sure anyone will even see this at this point, but I have a similiar testimony in that I was involved in all sorts of new age healings for around a decade or so, trying to heal from depression which had plagued me since my teen years. I finally said a prayer, asking God for the answers and to bring me happiness. Then doors started opening that I never believed possible, and answers came. I have a testimony of the healing power of asking Jesus into my life to be my Lord and Savior, and the awesome experience of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. I can also attest to the many demons, real beings, I had in my life prior (and didnt know it) and the process of getting them to part ways with me. I can tell you after having had real deliverance from real demons, you are absolutely dealing with the demonic with this Kundalini spirit. It is not a syndrome, but a real being bent on your destruction, if not in this life then in the next. Please google "Kundalini demon" for more info and others experiences with getting free from this. You are toying with something incredibly dangerous, but there are deliverance ministries who can help. A search for deliverance ministries or spiritual warfare will also bring up quite a bit of choice for help. I pray you all may be blessed and find the saving grace of Christ. There is only one way back to God after this life and that is through Jesus, accepting Him as Savior now during this life. I've attached a salvation prayer for anyone who is interested. This saved my life and brought me immense peace. (there are many versions of this prayer)

Dear Lord,
I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don’t please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to save me. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now and ask you to take control of my life, I give it to you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I love you, Lord, and I thank you that I will spend all eternity with you.


posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 11:50 PM
I used to practice meditating and chanting mantras a lot a few years ago. I was doing it a lot because at the time I had a lot of free time and nothing else to do. I've had a kundali awakening a few times over the course of a few months and what I noticed is a really heavy energy pounding away at my charkas I first noticed the feeling in my stoumach and the more I would focus on a mantra and internally chant the mantra the more the energy would grow and rise into my higher charkas. During this experience I felt much fear and confusion and the most isolated depression I've ever felt in my life. Also when your in this trance like state it's much harder to think thoughts and ideas then it is when we're in our normal waking state. In order to get the energy to rise
i needed to put all of my energy into just chanting a mantra i couldnt put my thoughs into any earthly things like sexual desire or even the love of my friends and familly because during this experience any attachment to this world is energy your not using to focus on the mantra and your mindstate has to be perfecly attuned with the higher self inn order to further advance. The energy rose to my chest and then into my neck and once it got to my head I went unconscious. This energy felt very painfull and burning. If I didn't focus all I had on (god)(the mantra) I would t of not been able to handle it

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by Azure Twilight

Uhm, I am sorry but what you are describing does not exist. I believe you that you believe it for yourself and that you probably experience real symptoms, but you should look into another direction for your answers.

And I personally do believe that there is a LOT that we do not know and understand yet. But what I do know, is that the whole myth about awakening, kundalini, indigo children holds no value. There is no magical state of enlightenment to achieve, that is the sad truth.

What there is however, is the never ending quest to develop oneself intellectually, emotionally and socially. But ALL the people I have met so far who claim to have the path to enlightenment (wilcock and the like, and the drunvalo fellow has even talked a lot about your special topic, the kundalini) have tried to sell you the way in one form or another.

And IF there would be such a state to achieve, I have to ask you: Where are the people who are enlightened? Where are the people who have achieved what so many are trying to sell?

And I do not mean whackos who claim enlightenment, that can be done by anyone. I mean people who clearly have achieved abilities that we normal humans don´t. W

Where are the people who can levitate themselves or anything else for that matter? Where are the people who can accurately predict SPECIFIC events in the future? Where are the people who can read minds or communicate telepathically?

They unfortunately do not exist. And every single one who has claimed anything like that has been proven wrong.

So, I would say, if you experience the symptoms, then you should honestly talk to anyone about it who is close to you and who is NOT involved in esoteric circles. You might be surprised.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 04:24 AM
Hi I had very similar symptoms myself some yrs ago. In my opinion if you want it to stop or at least slow down then you need to do what I did and stop immersing yourself in any info or action that has to do with spiritualism. You can never get back into the matrix after illumination but you can lessen the pain of transformation.

I just went back up and started to read a few more posts and I cant believe how many people think kundalini rising is like ordering a piza or something. Every text i ever read tells that it can be very unpleasant even fatal. Thats the problem with spiritualism and info that was once secret being readily available to the masses people get hurt. Oh and anybody who tells you that this stuff is all bs well how would they know truly? Have they meditated for four hrs a day for yrs? nah because thats crap too they say. Yeah right they say, yeah you should always listen to they.
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posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 02:27 PM
I see a lot of posts saying things such as "realize your self...self awareness, heightened awareness of your self".
What is "self"? Self is ego. I have had an experience such as this, and my realization of self was that self in and of itself, was an illusion. If anything, most spiritual experiences and even things like depression and the void encompass the realization that self is ego, and the death of the ego is spiritual awareness. We feel the emptiness in depression because the ego ceases to be, the void is the death of the "self". The version of us we've assumed to be true.
To focus on the "self" is to focus on the ego. To try and see passed the shroud of ego you begin to see what lies outside of that paradigm, to really understand. Instead of asking "who am I?" ask, "what is me?".

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: Ripley66

I don't think the self is ego at all. When in deep meditation I call my self the observer, its very subtle and is perhaps our feeling of self awareness that people think is a feature of our brain. Ego I believe stems from the lower brain and its senses and appears to form a shell around our subtle self which obscures its true nature. So destroying the ego is allowing our true self into the world.

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