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I believe the nwo existed during WWII

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 12:28 AM
It's documented that Bush Family had ties with the Nazi's during the holocaust and World War2. Around this same time fluoride was added to our public water supplys. The dumbing down and corruption of the United States begain in the 1930's or was goign on in teh 1930's. I think this Bush - Nazi link must be further researched because it relates to important changes in the world and it all originated from those times. Since then Israel was created, flouride was put in water, we have many problems.

These substances are used to fluoridate 90% of the fluoridated water in the U.S. They are waste products from the superphosphate industry.Charles perkins, a chemist sent by the US to appraise what the Nazis were doing reported that the addition of sodium fluoride to the drinking water was an essential part of the Nazi plan to control populations.
Fluoride makes you stupid and servile.
It's toxic waste.

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 12:56 AM
So is there actually any proof that this fluoridated water does make you servile and ..well...stupid? I am wondering about this. The whole world is screwed..

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 01:01 AM
Yes, I think if you believe in the NWO you believe in the idea of the "illuminati" or another group behind it.

illuminatus apparently formed in 30,000 BC in Atlantis

most likely they had evil intentions and dispanded as history took its course.

The Bavarian illuminati was formed in 1776 giving it plenty of time to gain control of the reigns by WWII.

Lord Rothschild had the view that Hitler could reduce the universal population dramatically that is why he supported him, notice he Rothschilds being Jewish Germans they comfortably survived the holocaust with their lives and wealth?

Then when Hitler started printing his own money the illuminati families saw this as a threat in terms of Germany not loaning money from the Rothschilds like every other country involved in the war was doing at the time so they eventually pulled the strings to end germanys involvement.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 01:06 AM
For those wondering about fluoride, read this posted by another ATS member....

Let me just say one thing before you read it

Prozac's chemical name is fluoxetine hydrochloride

I suggest you sit down when you read this

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 01:07 AM
BANG ON...! the NWO has been around since WW2, maybe a little bit before, but Rockefeller started it up and now there are about 13 families controlling the banking system of the world, and thus the governments of the world.
Fluoride is a toxic substance that they cannot just dump. It is a major conponent of RAT POISON, and yes it was used by HITLER to control the masses by making them dosile by fluoridation of the water supplies.

Fluoride is expensive to dispose of, unless you convince people its good for them then you can SELL it to them and mnake lotsa money in the process.

I just found out about depleted URANIUM being used as armour piercing tips on shells,bullets, smart bombs etc. Same story... Depleted ARANIUM is very toxic and expensive to get rid of, unless you convince the military its the best substance for armour piercing, then you sell it to them for HUGE $$$$, no make that MEGABUCKS, and guess what, you give them a place to dump your depleted URANIUM ...its a place called IRAQ...

Our Soldiers, Your soldiers and the small children of IRAQ are being radiated and will most likely die of cancer. The bombed out shelters, tanks and vehicles are nearly all radioactive...for the next 4.5 BILLION years.

Thanks a lot NWO and you stupid government figures who are basically puppets to the granbdmaster puppeteers....the NWO

How IRONIC to get many armies to invade IRAQ under the PRETENCE that you are going in to stop WMD from being built/used and you use depleted URANIUM 238 to enforce your actions. Its against the GENEVA convention and against humanity...when is everyone going to wake up

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 08:11 PM
What thats sad. They are killing the world. They dont care if it comes to a nuclear age. They embrace destruction.

This cult could be so secret that they actively create a second personality for the public, but when in secret they are murderers who control the world. Those who seek power are the most narcisstic people on earth. No wonder they're actions are what they are

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