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Freemasonry compared to Occult: Excersise in critical thinking.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 07:17 PM

I doubt Witchcraft is "real" in this sense - it's probably fabricated for purposes of denegrating the craft.

Now let's say it is real.

Here is your excersise of "critical thinking".

The implication is that Freemasonry has connections to Witchcraft - but since Witchcraft was invented about the 1950s, is it really likely that Freemasonry formed no later than 1380s (Regius Manuscript) or is it more likely that the Witches copied Masonry?

Thank you this has been your educational experience in how to critically think.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 07:23 PM
Oh and also later on you can see that the reason they are against Masonry is Masons believe they are entering a Christian organisation and it's not - well duh...because it IS NOT a Christian organisation and thus has nothing to do with it. It's rituals are based in the bible but it teaches you to find your faith in the book of your choice "for there you shall find it".

And finally not to demean Christianity just saying these guys actually make a case against Christianity but suggesting that "Jesus claimed to be the way to God"...

That's one man is the way to God, not your good actions towards others? Not (as I understand Chrisitanity) to behave AS Christ, which is what he meant when saying "through me lies heaven".

In fact just...I know it shouldn't but this video makes me want to spit. If they want to complain about a non Christian organisation then first they should find a Christian organisation perhaps the Knights of complain about.

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