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The Ultimate Religious Disproof Compilation Thread

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 03:25 PM
This post is going to take me a while.

To start off the theme I want to be presenting, I'll show some religious people speaking in toungues.

Now, I'll move on to some more serious subjects.


God as a Creator



There used to be a God of Thunder. Now we know how thunder works, 100%.

There used to be a God of the Ocean. Now we know that the ocean isn't anything supernatural, 100%.

There used to be an Aztec God of the Sun. Now we know that the sun isn't anything supernatural, 100%.

There is a God of Creation. Now we know that there isn't anything supernatural about creation, 99%. Soon we will know that for 100% and there will be no where left for religion to hide.


There is no free choice and you, your, brain operates just as a machine and computer do


Mike was a chicken who had his head cut off except for one ear and the brain stem. The brain stem is responsible for basic functions such as breathing, heart-rate, and some reflex actions. Because basic life-support parts of the brain were intact, Mike was able to live for a year and a half after that before choking to death on his own mucus. So basically, Mike the Headless Chicken lost many of his possible "choices" not because he lost his soul, but because he lost most of his brain, yet he still lived.

If you believe that other animals are somehow distinct from humans and that they somehow operate on different principles than humans because humans are special then consider things like that in humans.

The lobotomy.

Schizophrenia, depression. These things, parts of a persons personality, can be changed, even cured, by cutting out portions of a person's PHYSICAL brain. People then experience difficulty in being able to do simple tasks, such as tying shoes, because their left and right hemispheres interact in strange ways.

Consider psychosurgery.

Change parts of the brain, like you change parts in a computer, and you alter fundamental aspects of human behavior. The surgeon can modulate the performance of the brain, changing the patient's COGNITION. Even diseases such as anorexia can be cured. If it is the person's choice to be anorexic, how can altering machinery in the brain make the person non-anorexic? That's operation as a basic input-output, do the same thing 100% of the time in a given situation given the same input, machine, not something mystical such as "free choice".


Some animals are gay too, and it can be a selective advantage for evolution


I always wondered how the gene got passed on, since it obviously is at least partly genetic (different hormone levels, different sized brain regions, dependent on amount of testosterone exposed to in the womb, animals do it). Here's at least one very logical idea on how it confers a selective advantage as a trait that allows it to be passed on:


Conversely, some argue that homosexual sex could have a bigger natural cause than just pure ecstasy: namely evolutionary benefits.

Copulation could be used for alliance and protection among animals of the same sex. In situations when a species is mostly bisexual, homosexual relationships allow an animal to join a pack.

"In bonobos for instance, strict heterosexual individuals would not be able to make friends in the flock and thus never be able to breed," Bockman told LiveScience. "In some bird species that bond for life, homosexual pairs raise young. If they are females, a male may fertilize their eggs. If they are males, a solitary female may mate with them and deposit her eggs in their nest."

a species of chimpanzee with almost all gay members (also the closest genetically related species to humans on the planet):


More on life being like a machine and little bit on life being created in the lab


From Dr. Libchaber:

"For me, life is just like a machine - a machine with a computer program. There's no more to it than that. But not everyone shares this point of view," he told the BBC.

You can read the BBC article here:

Check the link to see how he is coming close to creating life in the lab. He's making cells that can create proteins based on DNA inserted inside of them.

I do agree with that quotation. I can't see how life is anything special, it just seems like a combination of chemical reactions to me.


Treating God/ Religion as a scientific theory


Steps of the scientific method

1. Name the problem or question

2. Form an educated guess (hypothesis)

of the cause of the problem and make

predictions based upon the hypothesis

3. Test your hypothesis by doing an

experiment or study (with proper controls)

4. Check and interpret your results

5. Report your results to the scientific



1. Is there a God?

2. There is a god.

3. Evidence??

4. Couldn't do step 3.


Billions of believers and trillions of dollars paradox


There have been billions of theists and trillions of dollars spent in religion's name over the past 6,000 years yet there is still not the slightest bit of evidence to support the existence of a God. There have been millions of believers and millions or billions of dollars spent on evolutionary science and Big Bang science over the past 150 years and they are almost completely proven.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 03:26 PM

Why faith is junk and junk is bunk and on science not disproving God


All of the following just take faith to believe in, like all religions:

However, you can compare God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Celestial Orbiting Teapot. And God and the invisible superhero with unexplainable powers that lives in the sky and talks to a chosen insane person from a long line of insane people that think only one person has been the messenger of a superhero for the past two thousand years. Or that Aliens came back on a Meteor and saved a select few people from impending doom, a la Heaven's Gate. None of which science can disprove, but can show that they are very highly improbable.


Definition of God and Satan taken from abstract terms and put into concrete


Put concretely minus the mysticism, so you really know what you're looking at:

Definition of God:

Flying invisible super hero with super powers from the top of the sky (maybe outer space)

Definition of Satan:

A villanious red skinned guy with super power and really long pointy tail (maybe horns too!) who has a secret lair a million miles underground.

What this means:

If you don't admit that God doesn't exist, you have to admit that you believe a flying invisible super hero with super powers from the top of the sky is eternal archenemies with a villanious red skinned guy with super powers and a really long pointy tail (maybe horns too!) who has a secret lair a million miles underground.


Changing scripture to suit your needs


It's not like believing the Earth is 6,000 years old, then finding out that can't possibly be true and say that the Bible says something completely different (oh, well what if by days, the Bible actually meant years, and by years, it actually meant centuries? phew, we're off the hook now because we can completely and illogically change the meaning of words to suit our illogical point of view). Well, what if by "boat" they actually meant spaceship and by animals they actually meant "protein powder"? Looking into word changing, there's just as much of a reason to believe that the Bible meant spaceship and protein powder (which it obviously didn't) as it did years and centuries.


Crazy Bible stories


Noah's Ark, creation in 6 days, right.... Read the article above to realize why these must be taken literally.


Earth really old, proof of evolution, and the Big Bang created the universe


I'm not even going to get into this.. but if you look for the evidence and facts, they are there. If you don't believe in these (with the expcetion of the Big Bang, sometimes) then you are very uneducated.


Definition of faith


An irrational belief in something that does not require evidence or rational thought.

And that's exactly what it takes to believe in God or religion.


Why God can't be all-powerful


Then, he could create a rock that not even he could lift.


About being "respectful" to religious people


What people really mean by that is to treat religion different from something like a scientific theory. That means to avoid rational thought while at the same time, they are permitted to say such groundless claims as, "Your science is wrong because it conflicts with what I believe in even though I have no evidence to back myself up. I believe by faith, therefor you will be tortured in a burning fiery pit for the rest of time." No, what we must do is act rationally. Treat religion and God as you would any other topic, lest you start taking seriously such fake religious dogmas as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Invisible Pink Unicorn, and the Orbiting Celestial Teapot. Treating reiligion such is just treating religion with the idealogical scrutiny that every idea deserves. Respect is the ability to treat your beliefs and others with equal endowment.




Let me quote a little something from my reasoning textbook in General Writing (from a passage called "What Isn't Arguable"):

"Finally, many claims rest on beliefs or faith. If someone accepts a claim asa matter of religious belief, then for that person, the claim is true and cannot be refuted. Of course, people still make arguments about the existance of God and which religion reflects the will of God. Whenever an audience will not consider an idea, it's possible but very difficult to construct an argument. " authors: Lester Faigley and Jack Selzer.

I hope an argument has been made.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by RedDragon
I hope an argument has been made.

Hmmm, I think you may have a fairly good one

One of my favourite Sam Harris quotes...

The problem is that religion, because it has been sheltered from criticism in the way it has been, allows people, perfectly sane...perfectly intelligent people, to believe en masse what only idiots or lunatics could believe in isolation.

If you wake up tomorrow morning convinced that saying a few latin words over your breakfast cereal is literally going to turn it into the body of Julius Caesar or have lost your mind.

But if you believe that a cracker becomes the body of jesus at the mass, you're very likely perfectly sane, you just happen to be catholic.

But these beliefs really are equivalent, and they are equivalently crazy

Sam Harris, Beyond Belief 2006.


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