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My story. Please read and comment.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 07:58 AM
I'll start at the beginning.

I remember when I was about 9 years old driving past a Masonic lodge and asking my father what Masons were and he got a angry look on his face and said in an angry tone "They are bad people" but nothing more.

My father died January 2003.

In 2001 or 2002, I am unsure exactly which, he was outside talking to the lady who lives next door (at my mothers house, they were divorced). She is from Ireland. I heard her say some things I could not identify, like it was another language or a code or something. I was inside, and he came inside with a scared look on his face with wide eyes.

Um the Irish neighbours moved in AFTER we did about a year or two.

On the phone, myself and a friend just for fun planned out a way to kill the Prime Minister, just as a way to exercise our minds. It was planned perfectly and would probably have worked too, but it was all in jest.

I had a job interview in Parramatta (Sydney, AU) (2005), afterwards I went to Hungry Jacks near the station there to get changed out of formal clothes in to casual clothes. In the toilet getting changed I left my USB disk behind.

On the USB disk were various files, such as my resume. There were also 3 files hidden and encrypted with PGP. So the USB disk was left behind in a cubicle. If it got handed in to a police station it would probably appear a bit sus with 3 hidden and encrypted files.

I went back a few days later to see if someone had handed it in, they said no but gave me a odd look.

A short while later I am catching a train home from work. This is about January (2006). On Sydney trains you can flip the seats to face backwards or forwards depending on preference because when the train comes to the end of the line it doesn't turn around, it just goes the other way.

Anyway I notice this woman get on the train. The type of woman you see everyday and would take no notice of, but for some reason I just couldn't stop looking at her, and she never once made eye contact with me, which you would probably do if someone was staring at you. Well I'm sitting in the back right of the train, and she gets on and sits about the middle left, but strangely flips a seat so she is facing backwards. It is not an empty train so now her knees will are pretty much touching someone elses.

I don't know why but I keep looking at this woman. Her head was down and her eyes appeared closed, which I find odd as it was early afternoon. Anyway she had a large travel rucksack on her back, which isn't unusual on the train I catch as it goes through the airport and alot of tourists get on/off. What was unusual was that her bag had no travel/airline tags on it. I thought that was odd. Anyway she gets off at the airport, and I'm still looking at her, and she doesn't head in to the airport, she waits on the platform. I didn't think too much of it at the time. But she didn't look like a foreigner. She had an Aussie tan, not the kind you get after 6 weeks on Bondi beach, but the time you get after living here your whole life.

Anyway, maybe a week later I'm catching the train home again. This time I was in a fairly empty carriage. I am immersed in my newspaper and don't really notice what is going on, except there is a man sitting off to my left, and a woman sitting about 4 rows in front.

I finish reading my newspaper and look around. The woman 4 rows in front of me has her chair facing backwards. Her head is down and her eyes appear closed. It's exactly the same woman. I start losing my # here wondering what's going on. I decide to focus my gaze exactly where her eyes would be if they were open. I then stand up holding this gaze and move to leave for another carriage. As soon as I stand up she looks up really really quickly, notices I am holding eye contact with her, gets a panicked look on her face and puts her head down. I change carriages and change my clothes in the other carriage, James Bond style.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 07:59 AM
Anyhow, I get sick of this job after a little while, and decide to try my hand at door to door sales.

My next door neighbour asks me where I am working now, I tell her. She then asks me if the job is still advertised, the company name, where they are located, how to apply and what the interview process is like. Very direct, as if she wanted the job.

About a week after I start, two Irish guys start. Now it would not take much digging to realise that I absolutely love Irish people. Well anyway, their accents were not quite there. You could tell it was a bit off. And they didn't seem to know too much about their homeland, and their stories about where they were from didn't check out. Anyway these two guys are going out of their way to be nice to be. I was already in a paranoid mood following the wierd bitch in the train, but I be nice to them without giving away too much. Before they started working there, I got a wierd vibe, like a message not to trust any new people who start working there.

Anyway, one of them is a good 10 years older than me but is always being nice to me and trying to befriend me. The other is the same but not to the same degree, I dunno our personalities didn't quite click so I didn't go out of my way to be mates with him. That one is only a few years older than me.

I had the vibe from the start that they already knew each other before coming to this job, but they both deny it, strongly and try really hard to convince me of this, I just say bull# you know each other, I just knew they did.

One day in his car I say to him there's something dodgy about you, I don't know what is is but I'll figure it out eventually, I always do. He gets a freaked out look on his face and is like what do you mean? He just gets really adgitated.

The one who is a fair bit older than me is always asking me wierd personal questions, things such as indepth political views, how many times a day/week I jack off. Just stuff it would appear to profile me. Oh and he keeps asking me about my views on the Prime Minister and stuff and I tell him I don't like him but used to think he was a good man. Not important really just stuff about him selling out the Australian population and disarming them, lying to the public repeatedly and all that. I said he's a bad man and he has to go. I told him I wish he'd die and he got a curious look on his face and said would you kill him if I had the chance and I said no, not me. He also talks alot about the Australian security services for some reason, ironic considering not too long before that I had expressed interest formally to the agencies in regards to employment. He even asked me if I'd consider working for one of them. I said I would have in the past, but not now as I do not like the way the government is telling the intelligence agencies what information they want, rather than just accepting what they are given, as in with the Iraq was the agencies did not give any intel which would give them reason to invade, but the PM said give me intel that will give me reason to. He gets a look on his face, as if to say that's not what I was led to believe. I told him the one to work for would be ASIS as they do foreign work not domestic work and following people around would be boring I'd rather be in there meeting people and manipulating them and what not. He got a really curious distant look when I said that.

In that same conversation he spoke to me about the IRA and stuff and I said I would consider joining as they're a cause I believe in apart from the whole communist side and killing innocent people, so I probably wouldn't join, but the cause is a good one. He got a really surprised look on his face.

He also asks me about my religious views, and if I believe in God, and I say yeah I do there has to be something out there bigger than us, and I ask him what he thinks and he goes I don't know if I believe in God but I believe in Karma.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:00 AM
One time he told me he knows my neighbours, the Irish ones, he denies this now though.

One time we were talking and I told him I did a martial arts thingo and how I could beat the instructor at some aspects, such as simulated machete fighting with bamboo cane, and he says to me I know, you're alot faster than him and can anticipate what he's going to do before he does it and I'm like yeah pretty much. He also said I should keep at something like that as it's useful.

Me, the two Irish guys and another were in a car sometime. Once I said I was seriously considering joining the army and that they want me to join as I maxed out on the intelligence test. Both of their heads snapped around and were really anxious to convince me not to. I said ever since I can remember I've always felt like I had to be a soldier and they were really keen on this and just kept hitting me up with questions about it and had a knowing smile.

Another time he just asked me randomly if I watch the show Lost. I said I watched the first few but got sick of it when it started getting all supernatural, and he got disappointed and said I should watch it.

He is also anti Israel and whatnot, and has said to me things like you should go work for the PLO and such things like that, and how the Jews control the world.

Another time we were talking about a guy at work who the younger one didn't like. Something about how he thought he was nuts and might hit him on the back of the head with a bottle when he wasn't looking. I just said it wouldn't happen. The older one looks at him, raises his eyebrows, turns to me and says what do you mean? I just tell him I can't 'see' it happening and it's hard to explain. He gets a big grin on his face and goes I know what you mean. After that he's always saying stuff about people and seeing if I agree or disagree on his personality profiles on them.

One time just for fun I said to him lets spar, practice fight if you will. He got an absolutely terrified look on his face and said no and kept backing away from me. He's a fit guy too.

Another time I was talking to a different guy and told him I got arrested for Drunk and Disorderly Conduct and both of the Irish guys heads again snapped around. It’s like even if they pretend to be doing something else they’re always listening to what I say. When I said I didn’t get charged and got released after a few hours they relaxed and went back to normal.

A girl starts working there from some Christian group and does the same with wanting to be my mate. They both continually tell me they don't like her (for no reason) and to stay away from her. One day the older one is talking to me and says where is one place on the earth you'd like to live, and her head snaps around as does the younger Irish guys waiting for my answer.

Anyway, in his car one day he asks me how I go about picking up girls. I explain it to him. A day or two later at work, he, I and the other 'Irish' bloke are chatting. The other one says to me, "So how would you go about picking up girls?" I see out of the corner of my eye the other one shaking his head at him and mouthing the word 'no'. I answer him anyway and file it away in my head.

He also one time got a quizzical look on his face and asked me if I want to move out of home. I said I'd love to and I'd never come back if I did, and that seemed to be the answer he was after. He then even tried to help me move away, and asked me if I'd be happy to never see my family again.

One day out the back of my house, my mother was talking to me and my sister saying hurry up and move out, and I said to my mum give me 10k and I'll go and never come back (my sister was getting 10k towards a home downpayment) and my neighbour got a wierd distant look on her face like she was deep in thought immediately after I said it.

She's also always very keen to just talk to me and ask my opinions on things, learn about me and how I think or whatever.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:02 AM
Then my neighbour starts working hard at getting me kicked out of home, all within a week of him asking me if I'd ever leave my family and never go back.

They also ask me wierd stuff about when I think the end of the world will be, really really strange stuff.

I told him about the lady on the train and he got a anxious look on his face.

I decide stuff isn't right here and quit my job.

They both also quit.

The younger one rings me up that weekend inviting me out on the piss with some of his 'friends'. I knock it back, thinking better of the offer, as these guys are way too dodgy.

Anyway, in my period of unemployment, I am walking the dog everyday. I do not walk the dog at the same time each day, it's not a routine.

BUT, every time I leave my house to walk the dog, I saw this girl (at least it appeared to be, long hair and body shape) riding a motorbike. She had learner plates on the bike, so she has had to have had the license less than 3 months or so. The problem was, the bike was not a learner approved motorbike. I thought that was a dumb thing to do as the cops would pull her up for it and book her.

But yeah I'm seeing motorbike girl everywhere. When I leave the house, when I come back from the dog walk.

Also, I am (was) a smoker. I 'found' (stole) a packet of cigarettes when I was with the older of the 'Irish' fellas and did a runner. He never ever once passed judgement on anything I did, never made a positive or negative comment, just said that he believes in karma. Cop behaviour yeah? As in he never passed judgement on me.

Well I don't vary the route I walk my dog, and I am walking along about 300m from from my house when I see a pack of cigarettes on the ground. Inside is one cigarette and a large Bic lighter, orange if I remember correctly. I thought it was a bit odd that someone wouldn't notice losing that as it wasn't exactly light due to the lighter being in there.

Oh well, I'm out of smokes and here's one with a lighter just waiting for me! I get a wierd vibe again to throw the cigarette away, like it's poison or something I spark it up and it tastes funny. After a few drags I feel a bit wierd and dizzy. I walk past a drain and my hand opens, I can't control it, it just opens up and the cigarette falls straight down the drain so I can't retreive it. After coming out an alley with my dog, I am not walking along a road, but am within visible view of one.

And then I see motorbike girl. Her bike is just stopped, sitting there, she looks at me, then floors it as fast as she can in the general direction of where I found the smokes.

Anyhow I feel a bit 'high' and think something dodgy is going on here with the smokes and motorbike girl.

When I am almost home I see a guy in the park near my house, walking down the park rubber necking, looking for someone. To get to this point of my walk I walk through parks and alleys as much as so I can let my dog off the leash. This guy is obviously looking for someone/thing and he walks in the direction of the main road, possibly the way he thought I might be coming with my dog, when I came from the other way. He then sits and hides behind a car, obscured from view, all the while still looking for someone.

Now I don't live in a big town and this is a guy I have never seen before. And he's right near my house.

I get home and motorbike girl rides past once again, I go inside and sit down. I am really quite tired and very suggestible. Anyone asks me to do something and I'm doing it without thinking why. I then feel heaps tired, and go to sleep (pass out) for like 5 hours.

Anyhow I message the older Irish bloke telling him to ring me urgently, this is the next day.

He rings me straight away and asks how I am.

I get straight in to it. Who are you? Are you a cop/journalist/private investigator? He's confused. I ask him if he knows any girls who ride motorbikes and have long hair. He pauses for ages and goes I don't know what you're talking about.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:03 AM
I then ask him about the thing in regards to how I pick up girls. This time he pauses for alot longer, 5-10 seconds. Then says he doesn't know what I'm talking about and that he's my friend. He's trying to convince me of this. I keep pressing him and I go why would you shake your head and mouth no at X. And I'm not leaving it alone and he goes "I dunno maybe cause I already asked you that question?" then he goes "Look I have to go."

During the conversation he was suggesting I was on drugs. I wasn't. At any time.

Anyhow I ring him back a few days later and apologise.

Well I don't see him again for a while. One morning I am in Bondi after staying over the place of some mates of mine after a night on the piss. I get a call from him, asking me if I'm working and I'm like yeah. He goes I know a job, sales job, you get your own phone and computer and everything, I'm like sweet where is it. He goes it's in BONDI. And then he tells me he's in BONDI. Coincidence?

Well I go along to see what's going on. I get the job. No interview, no nothing.

They give us phones and the like, and they're top notch. I start taking his photo with the phone and he gets agitated.

He later wants to get photos of me and I flat out refuse. He won't give up and is forcefully trying to take my photo. He gives me his laptop, which has a wireless internet connection, and suggests to me to check my emails. Dodgy yeah? I just read the newspapers and he goes you can check your emails if you want and I'm like nah I'll do it at home. He's like well this will save you time, I say nah I'm not putting my password on to someone elses computer who I already don't trust.

The next day after work we are outside a train station while I am having a smoke.

I know for a fact he knew my dad was dead, but he knew nothing else about him. I just randomly said to him, "What would you say if I told you my father was recruited by the security services straight out of the army?" and he goes "I'd say no cause of his age."

He then instantly gets the OH # look on his face, you'd know the one I mean. He then changes the subject really really quickly and won't go back to it. I tell him that he doesn't know how old my dad is/was and why would he instantly say no about someone he doesn't know, and why is it so unbelievable that someone gets recruited from the military (very common thing to happen). He refuses to comment on it at all after that.

And he had no idea of my dads age from me. He's been getting his information somewhere else.

I also said to him, just to guage reaction, do you know how easy it would be to kill the PM? He got really excited over this saying why would you want to kill him, how would you do it etc etc etc. I just pulled one of his moves and pretended I said nothing.

So now I'm positive something is up and quit that job too.

I start a new job and he rings me. He asks me where I'm working, who for, the address, what time I start, how I get there and all that #. Just like Irish lady did previously in regards to the door to door sales job.

He doesn't want to chat after that and says he has to go, after getting what he wants.

Where I was working was a place away from where you'd find people unless they were working there. One day at my bus stop, shorlty after the call, there is a girl there who just keeps chatting me up, and again I got the wierd vibe and just stayed away from her. If I get chatted up other times I don't get the vibe, in fact I've never had the wierd vibe before train lady. She did not work there and claimed to be a student. She had no explanable reason to be in that area.

Oh I left something very important out.

When I was working with him the second time, I got talking about the other Irish fellow, just asking if he'd seen him around or anything.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:04 AM
He was quick to tell me that he hasn't heard of him at all lately, and thinks he might have gone back to Ireland. About 3 times he told me he had to have gone back to Ireland, and on the third or so time he was like yeah I reckon he got sick of the holiday. It was pretty much he was trying to convince me. And he had that panicked look on his face again whilst doing it.

After posting this on the internet, the next night I saw a wierd black van outside my house, parked on the other side of the road, tinted windows the whole lot. I walked towards it and it sped off as fast as it could down the road, screeching tyres and all.

A friend from online who lives in a different state sent him a message saying leave Michael (me) alone. He then starts getting wierd calls at night from numbers which if you try and call back do not exist and strange people hanging out the front of his house.

I also get wierd emails off people claiming to be affliated with British, Canadian and US intelligence services who know a fair bit about this guy, wanting me to find out more about him and who his superiors are I just tell them to go away unless they tell me what's going on.

I ring him and tell him about this. He wants to see the emails but won't give me his email address, only wants mine. I wont tell him and this goes back and forth 4-5 times.

He rings me a day later asking about the emails and I'm like all you have to do is give me your email address and I'll send it. He said he did but I wouldn't give him mine, and I told him flat out to cut the bull#. He won't speak of it again and gives me his email and I send him the ones I got but with parts removed.

One day he rings me asking for street directions of all things, and I tell him I've restarted my application with the army. He gets really angry and goes WHY THE # DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ARMY FOR? YOU WANT TO FIGHT FOR THE QUEEN? # THE QUEEN! I tell him that I want to stop terrorists and he goes you don't know the half of it, don't believe anything you read in the papers. He then goes on about how many children the Israelis have killed and telling me that the PLO are good and to help them and all that #.

On Christmas day, I am at my step aunties house, and her husband won't leave me alone. He used to be a Rabbi. He has a friend over and they start talking about stuff to me like the Freemasons and asking if I know any or there are any who look after me.

I ring the older Irish guy and ask him if he's in a cult and he's like what so I tell him about the step uncle and his friend. He just tells me the Masons are bad people and to stay away from them. He was out drinking at the time. I ask him why he says this and he starts saying all this stuff and how they're bad. He doesn't really say much of substance, and then he says he doesn't know anything about them. I then tell him well he knows enough to say they're bad so what does he know? I ask him if he's in a cult or something fighting the Masons. He then says not over the phone and says he has to go.

People at random come up to me and tell me I'm a good person. People I don't even know. Strange.

Can anybody tell me about something to do with a rose? There is something to do with a rose which I don't understand.

There's a bit more but that's most of it. Sorry it's a bit disjointed. Things have been added and removed.

I originally thought it might be ASIO or ASIS (Aussie security services) investigating me over a plot to off the Prime Minister, although now I'm not so sure, and think something else is up, something which I have no idea of. I don't think it's ASIS/ASIO because of the neighbour involvement and the Freemasons and such.

And I am pretty sure they tried to drug and kidnap me that day in the park.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:05 AM
So to refresh your memory, father and neighbour had a chat that I couldn't understand and he got frightened (he was the toughest old bastard you'd ever meet), plot to kill Prime Minister, losing USB disk, lady in train, starting door to door job with neighbour asking specifics on how I got it, 2 Irish guys, how do you pick up chicks, wanting me to move out with neighbour involvement, questions on the PM and security services and if I'd work for them, weird questions about things such as where’s one place in the world I’d most like to live, Christian girl, motorbike girl, drugged cigarette, big guy in park looking for someone, new job without interview with the guy in the same town I was at the same time, trying to convince me other guy left the country (without having any proof/knowledge), knowing stuff about my dad, curious about how I'd kill the PM, new job and asking specifics on it, black van, guy in Melbourne getting calls which can't be returned and people outside his house, emails, anti Israel pro PLO, Freemasons.

So what do you all think?

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:54 AM
The 'Masonic' element in your post was restricted to one incident.

You've focused on a seeming 'Irish' connection:

* Irish woman neighbour of your mother's who 'creeped out' your father.

* Two men who claim to be 'Irish', whom you disbelieve

* Your partial sympathies regarding the IRA

* You say you like the Irish. (Is there a particular reason for this ?)

It seems you suspect you may be under investigation by (1) the woman in the train, plus (2) possibly a male in a train, plus (3) the two 'Irish' guys and (4) the Christian girl who you seem to suspect of being a possible cohort of the Irish guys, plus (5) the neighbour who questioned you.

If I've understood your post, it seems that you suspect the two Irish guys and possibly the Christian girl of wanting to recruit you into whichever secret/intelligence/military group you suspect they may be members of.

The only issues you've raised that may explain any of the above are (1) telephone conversations with your mate concerning a hypothetical assassination of PM John Howard and (2) encrypted files (concerning the same hypothetical assassination ? ) contained within a disc you lost at the railway station. You believe that the railway personnel gave you strange looks when you sought the lost disc, implying you believe the disc was handed to the authorities who in turn deciphered your coded files.

(1) Don't you feel that if the authorities *did in fact discern the contents of the disc and if they *did also bug your telephone conversations about any possible threat to the Prime Minister ....... they would have kicked-in your door pre-dawn and dragged you away, etc. ?

(2) Two 'agents' (the 'Irish' guys) ... one female agent in the train on 2 occasions ... one male agent on a train .... one girl agent posing as a 'Christian'. Plus, the female neighbour who questioned you intently.

Six 'agents' @ approx. $800 each per week, plus expenses. $5,000 per week minimum. To achieve what? To dance around the bush for weeks, sussing you out with the possible intention of eventually persuading you to also become an 'agent' ?

An agent for whom?

If we suppose that the authorities ARE aware of your hypothetical assassination plan re: John Howard, and if we assume that the six agents are in some way connected with those authorities (as we must, because the lost disc appears to be the trigger for the surveillance you feel you're subject of) ..... then it must ALSO be assumed that authorities posing as Australian government agents are at the SAME time working undercover for someone ELSE and that they want to recruit YOU into this anti-Australian group. Because if they were genuinely Australian agents, they would be OPPOSED to your anti-Howard sentiments and discussions about assassinating Howard.

As you've focused on what you feel is an 'Irish' connection, is it your belief that an undercover Irish anti-Australian-interests group is involved and wants you to join them?

Why would they choose you? What skills or talents do YOU possess that cannot be found within existing Irish organisations (military, paramilitary, etc) ?

However, you say you strongly suspect that the two 'Irish' guys are not Irish at all.

So, (1) WHY would they pretend to be Irish?
(2) Do you suspect that the phony 'Irish' guys are actually Australian (or other) secret agents who're pretending to be Irish BECAUSE they somehow know that you're partial to Irish people?

*IF* these two guys are NOT Irish and if they DO condone your planning (no matter how innocently) to kill the Australian Prime Minister ....... then WHO in your opinion are they working for?

WHO, in your opinion, believes you're worth $5,000 per week minimum and is prepared to spend weeks and weeks of effort involving 6 or more agents, in order to gain your trust, etc ?

Who do you suspect these people are ?

What do you believe their goal is ?

Why would they invest so much time, money and effort in you ?


posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 09:10 AM

Originally posted by 1234561
So what do you all think?

Ive read it all and Ill let you know what I think.

First, the lady on the train, I say completely discount that event, you know nothing of why she sat the way she did. She may have a fear of closed spaces, people, trains, anything. Too many possible explanations for her behaviour.

The 2 irish guys, yes I agree their behaviour is a bit off to say the least.

Can I ask how old are you?

Ok, Ive just seen Dock6's post and they deal with many of the issues and questions I had too (nice one Dock6!).

Oh, and I have to say... telling your mum you will move out if she gives you 10k is terrible! Its one thing helping out your kid with a downpayment towards a house, you know where the money is going to, something of value. But 10k to move out and spend it on rent and ciggies... shame on ya! :p

I also suggest you go and learn a trade, you say you have the intelligence, then go on a building surveyors course or something, make it so that when you do work you get a decent wage. The army is a cop out and you know it

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 09:15 AM
No mate I think you read it too fast. You missed the points I was getting at.

I'm dead certain the woman in the train was watching/following me for some reason. No bloke in the train. There was another bloke in the train but he was minding his own business.

I think the 2 Irish guys are connected with the neighbour. I think the Christian girl is seperate.

The encrypted files were unrelated, but could have possibly appeared to be a dead-drop, considering the files I had on the disk were just those encrypted ones and my resume, and the address on it was given as a PO Box, which could appear a bit dodgy.

I really don't know what they want with me. If I did I wouldn't be posting it on the internet looking for answers. On friday I posted it on a website also, but that website now unexplainably ceases to exist.

I didn't lose the disk at a train station, but in the toilet at Hungry Jacks.

I don't think my phone was bugged, but it might have been echelon picking up keywords and hitting the record button?

Oh yeah, the Irish guy asked me at complete random if I have guns at home at one stage.

I think you'll find that Aussie spies are not happy with Johnny these days, regardless of the good things he has done, but because of the fact he determines the intel he receives.

I have no idea what they'd want me for. I have no skills I can see that they'd want.

I don't think they're Irish cause he didn't know a very common traditional Irish drinking song that all Irishmen know. He had no idea of it and again changed the subject on it. Also, accent appeared slightly off.

I don't know who or what they are or what they want with me, but it all seems a tad fishy to me. The Freemason thing is the latest conclusion I came to because it's the most recent piece of the puzzle that fits.

To the poster above me: I saw the lady twice. The second time, as soon as I stood up she was no longer 'asleep' and got freaked out and pretended to be asleep again.

Everyone please read it a bit slower. I know there's alot, but still.

[edit on 20-1-2007 by 1234561]


posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by 1234561
To the poster above me: I saw the lady twice. The second time, as soon as I stood up she was no longer 'asleep' and got freaked out and pretended to be asleep again.

What Im saying is this, when so many other explanations can fit and because you know no more than what you say, its gotta be discounted. Truely many mental health problems can make people behave 'strangly' especially on a train.

Everyone please read it a bit slower. I know there's alot, but still.

I admit I can skim read and generally read quite fast but for some strange reason I read your posts at a leisurely pace. But still there is alot of information there and we didnt live it and stuff can get confusing.

If there was any other time that you saw that lady acting strange on the train, apart from the second time you saw her (on the train) then I say that event has too many other explanations possible. Why Im saying this is because you need to separate events that can easily be explained by something else from the events that cannot.

Its important I think to keep paranoia in check because it can interfere with intuition (as well as fear, denial, depression etc.).

So, what conclusions have you to come to, if any?

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:19 AM
At first I thought it was government thinking I was a terrorist, but now I really, truly, have no idea what it is, and would like to hear opinions.

The point with the lady is this though, and it made total sense to me;

First time I saw her the carriage was crowded, she flipped a seat to be facing backwards so she was touching knees with someone else and was looking around the carriage, but never once at me even thought I kept staring at her. Everyone else was facing forwards.

Second time she got in the same carriage as me, flipped a chair to face backwards so as to be facing my direction, her eyes were looking down so they appeared closed, as soon as I stood up, a split second later, she looked right at me eyes, got a freaked out look on her face and put her eyes down again.

Why would someone get off at the airport with a travel rucksack (with no airline tags), to only reappear on the same train line, going PAST the airport and even past my stop.

If she lived out my way to get to the airport she would have been on a train going the other way. So her point of origin was before the airport, not after (as in going from the city to my suburb).

So to see her again, travelling AWAY from her original point of origin and past the airport, made me a bit suspicious.

That's why I'm convinced she was not a non issue.

Its important I think to keep paranoia in check because it can interfere with intuition (as well as fear, denial, depression etc.).

Another thing though, I'm not a paranoid person by nature, I see paranoia as being scared of something or having a theory with no evidence to back it up. I am also quite fearless, very outgoing and a happy person, so I think I can discount that quote?

In fact I'm not even scared by this whole ordeal, just really really curious. Even with the thing with me thinking I was being drugged and going to be kidnapped (just a theory I came up with, no solid proof), I'm still not scared, walk the streets alone at night if need be without getting scared.

Do you get what I mean? I'm of fairly sound mind, I've been psych evaluated before and there is nothing wrong with me, I'm just a bit of an extrovert. I'm the last person to be taken advantage of usually and am usually very skeptical.

So do you get what I mean? I have a feeling you were taking a dig at my mental health here, but I assure you I'm fine and everything I've written is true, honest to God and not exaggerated.

What do you think about the whole thing with the black van?

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:53 AM
Maybe echelon did pick up on some key phrases in your imagined political assassination plot - and now they're looking into it.

It's not nice to play with big brother.

shrug - from the looks of things you've annoyed the reptiles.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:55 AM
John Howard doesn't make decisions; he accepts instructions/orders/demands (as does Dubya, as would the Aussie Labour Party if it got in, as does Blair, as does Putin, etc. etc.)

If an Irish based secret organisation opposed to Western leaders was seeking recruits or a hit-man/patsy ........ then they have hundreds to chose from in Ireland. Ireland breeds hard men/mercenaries as does virtually every nation on the globe. They're professionals. They've built a reputation.

If you suspect an Australian anti-Howard military/secret service organisation is attempting to groom you to kill Howard ...... it belongs in the realm of bad fiction because:

(a) if some organisation planned to kill Howard using a patsy, then that patsy (like Bryant) would be the last person to know about it. The real agents would conduct the kill. Afterwards they'd frame someone.

(b) no even quarter-competent secret or other organisation would choose someone at random, spend a fortune getting to know them and THEN train them in how to assassinate a Prime Minister. WHY would they take those risks? WHY would they spend a fortune training a total novice when TRAINED personnel could conduct the hit without any of the risks attached to the novice. ALSO, the novice would shoot off his mouth before, during and after. So they'd have to kill him anyway. And their own cover would be blown, etc. So they just wouldn't even consider any of it or waste the time, money and effort.

Then we get to WHY anyone would wish to assassinate Howard. Australia is considered a backwater; a neuter without clout. All that's required of Australia (and its politicians) by ANY of the super-powers is that Australia do as it's told. Howard does precisely that whilst at the same time attempting to limit the damage caused to Australians (you'll note that not too many Aussies have been killed or injured in either the Gulf War or the War on Terra).

Latham was never a serious contender (and bailed when threatened) and so could afford to play to the gallery by shooting off his mouth about Bush. And Beasley was virtually salivating in anticipation at being able to bend over for his future Zionist puppet-masters, but had little if anything to offer the average Australian. Do you really imagine Labour could keep Australia stable AND slavishly obey every psychotic edict issued to it by the Zionist crazies? Let's hope you never have to find out.

Assassinating Howard would be counter productive. Most Australians realise that. Australia, thanks to its isolated position and small population, is fated to take orders from whichever nation is throwing its weight around at any given time. Were Australia able to support 300 million people, then of course it would be a different story. Fact is though, Australia's position is not a secure one; invading troops could close Australia down in less than half an hour by taking control of vital services.

For this reason, Australia relies for its security upon the UK and US. As a very minor partner in world affairs and decisions, Australia is required to be a yes-man in decisions made by far more powerful nations. Howard is an astute politician in very difficult and dangerous times. If you need proof, count the Australian body-bags returning from Iraq. You wouldn't even need the fingers of one hand. It will be interesting to see how his successor does in comparison, when Howard walks away from the job.

So NO-one, either in Australia or overseas, is anxious to destabilise the Australiasian region by getting rid of Howard. Whose interests would it serve? The Australian Muslim community has never had it so good. The US and UK cabals don't spend their time thinking about Australia but if they did, they have no cause for complaint about Howard's performance. Aussies have voted him in simply to keep OUT that headless-chook: Labour. Indonesia and the Phillipines respect Howard and want to keep the region as stable as possible.

Only China has long-term ambitions re: Australia and as long as Australia supplies it as much uranium as it wants and continues to buy massive amounts of cheap consumer goods PLUS absorb further millions of Chinese immigrants, China won't interfere with Australia, at least in the short term. By the time it does, the NWO will have divided the world into five 'zones' anyway and Australia will be allocated within China's territory, with the agreement of the US and EU.

Howard offends no-one within the international community. He's a tough little negotiator and looks after his Aussies to the very best of his abilities. He refused to put Aussies in Iraq until after the US cabal forced his hand by orchestrating the massacre in Bali.

Howard was instructed by the zionists to introduce GST. He was instructed to implement new labour laws. He's just a puppet. But as puppets go, he's not bad, compared to most. Compare him to that US-whipped UK PM, Tony Blair, and you'll find many reasons to be thankful.

So no, I don't believe any Irish or other agents are stalking you or grooming you to either assassinate Howard or join their organisation. If they had to spend money, they'd spend it on a professional.

But, if you want to put it to the test, you have two simple options:

(1) instead of running around and losing sleep about it, turn the tables. Get right in the face of the Irish guys. Turn up on their doorstep and say you're moving in with them. Bring it to a head and get it over with. Use their computers. Go through their drawers. Eat their food. Borrow their money. Tag along with them any chance you get. Meet their friends. Make a list of names and contact details. Let them know you're doing it. Ask or take their Irish addresses. Phone their parents in Ireland, reverse charge. Say you feel like one of the family. Say you'll be arriving in Ireland to stay with them in a few months. Then watch those Irish guys run ! They'll vanish off the radar. And you'll be able to get on with your life and future.

Or, (2) YOU disappear off the radar. Cut and dye your hair, grow a beard, disguise your appearance. Then take a night train to Goondiwindi or Broken Hill. They're both big enough to hide in and small enough for you to spot the Irish guys if they turn up. If they do, you'll know. Then see what they want. Then post and tell us what their game is :-)

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:13 AM
What you are saying makes sense, perfect sense.

However, I don't think anyone wants me to kill the guy, I just really can't figure out what it is.

On a side note, the street this guy lives on, is a street that the AFP had/has a safe house on and used it to bust some drug dealers. He lives in a unit block with a big gate out the front, and I don't know exactly which one he lives in. Your idea is good but I wouldn't have the balls to pull it off.

He has told me though previously that if I ever wanted to go to Ireland he could have me put up with some people and stay there free of charge. But then again Irish people are generally like that in my experience.

There's something really weird he once said, but I don't particularly want to write it here. You know what I mean, not give away too much. It's small but it could be a key to all this.

I'm not losing sleep over it, I'm just awake and not in the mood for sleep. In fact it hasn't been on my mind for months until Xmas. It just really frustrates me.

I just really don't know what's going on, and I thought maybe conspiracy nuts would have some idea/have heard something similar before.

At the moment, I don't think it's people looking for a Patsy for anything, but something way out there. I mean Christian girl was sorta after me aswell in a similar fashion.

I think it's some secret society thingo. And I think if my old man was around he'd be able to fill me in.

I dunno mate I'm gonna get some sleep and check this when I get up.

Take it easy.


posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:25 AM

Originally posted by 1234561
I have a feeling you were taking a dig at my mental health here, but I assure you I'm fine and everything I've written is true, honest to God and not exaggerated.

No way was I having a dig at all, for starters I understand paranoia as making connections when none may exist, for instance the strange sleepy eye'd lady on the train and again, unless you have something else connecting her into this story, many other things can explain her behaviour.

Onto the Irish dudes, you say their accents and stories were off... Maybe they are conmen, wanting to con you into something, whether it be to do a 'job' for money or politics. You say you havnt watched much of 'Lost' well there is a cool episode called The Long Con, in a nut shell its very risky but even skeptical and cautious people can be conned (even conners can be conned!). So I disagree with Dock6 on the whole money angle. If these 'Irishmen' are trying to con, I imagine that the original poster isnt the only one being sniffed at or conned and money may not even be an issue.

I agree with Dock6 with the whole 'be in their face', ask them questions and dont answer too many of theirs. I think its a bit blatantly dodgy that they asked you for your email address just so they can see the emails you got, thats weird. So maybe they are weird or have mental health problems themselves!

Stay clear is my advice.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:38 AM
Was the lady on the train by any chance wearing glasses or a hat?

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:43 AM
No offense to the OP, but I see a lot of subjective incidents, along with some genuinely strange relationships with co workers.

I would test them, as someone else said. I'd borrow money from them. If they say yes, and never hassle you about repaying, then something definitely IS up.

If they let you do that, then ask to borrow the car, and just keep it. See how they respond.

If they are just toying with you, then they won't give you cash and car keys.

Also: ASK THEM for political advice. Find out what they advocate. Ask them to recommend opinions. Ask them to recommend which foreign language they would recommend you learn.

Ask them if they've ever daydreamt of perpetrating a really heinous crime, just to see if they could get by with it; see how they respond.

Better yet, get a pocket recorder and record their responses, for the convenience of your lawyer later on.


posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft

No offense to the OP, but I see a lot of subjective incidents, along with some genuinely strange relationships with co workers.

I would test them, as someone else said. I'd borrow money from them. If they say yes, and never hassle you about repaying, then something definitely IS up.

If they let you do that, then ask to borrow the car, and just keep it. See how they respond.

If they are just toying with you, then they won't give you cash and car keys.

Also: ASK THEM for political advice. Find out what they advocate. Ask them to recommend opinions. Ask them to recommend which foreign language they would recommend you learn.

Ask them if they've ever daydreamt of perpetrating a really heinous crime, just to see if they could get by with it; see how they respond.

Better yet, get a pocket recorder and record their responses, for the convenience of your lawyer later on.


he said hes never seen them again and they probably moved back to ireland when him/they quit there job, how can he do that?

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 12:00 PM
I think he meant that they wanted his email address so that he could reply to the email they send.

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