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UFOs and Experimental Government Aircraft:What Do They Have in Common?

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 01:39 AM
UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, are aerial objects that were seen and still being seen by various people across the world. They are usually seen as fireballs at night or disc-shaped objects that spin on their axis at day. They are also seen as triangles, carets, crescents, and diamonds, just to name a few shapes. They also vary in size and behavior. They are often associated with extraterrestrials and government conspiracies.
There’s the standard UFO, a rotating disc that is usually seen hovering above a highway or speeding away at what seems like hypersonic velocity in any direction. It is also very quiet. It varies in size, around the size of a modern day fighter jet to almost as big as a small passenger plane. In the Gulf Breeze incident, many such craft were seen and photographed. At night they are very luminescent and vary in color from a whitish blue to amber. It is then hard to tell if the unidentifiable craft is a meteor or a plane.
Another major type of UFO is the BBD, Big Black Delta, or the black triangle. It is usually seen at night as three white lights arranged in a delta pattern with a central red light. The average BBD is larger than a standard UFO and usually is seen hovering above a town or city. Sightings of BBDs have been on the rise since the 1990s, putting their alien origins in questionable positions among conspiracy groups. On a few incidents, fighter jets were sent from nearby air bases to investigate the phenomena, which led to a chase at top speed. The BBD would accelerate to amazing speeds and perform maneuvers that no known aircraft could accomplish, such as dropping altitude from 10,000 to 500 feet in five seconds. Of course, it ended the same in every chase. The fighter jets would eventually lose it, as in every chase. It is known that a BBD is highly maneuverable and quick. When heard about, they are highly associated with the US government and stealth jets. One of the first incidents was in Illinois when three police officers in the same area reported a large black triangular craft hovering above a forest. The latest happened in Belgium, which sightings of the same craft are still be reported.
There is proof of the existence of UFOs, from pictures to videos and trace amounts of metal alloys to radiation marks. Many just choose to not believe in them. They are indeed real, though their origins are currently unknown. Some theorists believe they’re top-secret government craft, others think they’re hallucinations. Conspiracy theorists believe that specific governments are allies to the aliens, explaining the rapid development of flight and weaponry, among other things.
The United States is the wealthiest and most opulent country in the world, and so naturally, is a prime suspect in some UFO cases. Some cases are easily dismissed by scientists. One case, the Phoenix Lights, took place when a large UFO slowly cruised above Phoenix, displaying multitudes of bright lights. The craft was seen by five cities, on radar, and was even investigated by two F-16s, whose pilots estimated that the craft was over a mile in diameter. After the incident, a team of scientists examined the phenomenon and said that an A-10 Thunderbolt II from a nearby base dropped some flares in a training exercise. All though that did happen, it was way before the Phoenix Lights started. Another case, in 1942, a large UFO, about the same size as the one in Arizona, emerged out of no where and slowly cruised above Los Angeles. Thinking that the lights from this craft was a squadron of Japanese bombers, searchlights and AA guns were focused onto it and ordered to open fire, but to no avail. The UFO took enough shells to fall into the city in flames, but didn’t. Instead, it continued on until it disappeared out of sight. That is one of the many cases that are dismissed by scientists to even happen.
A strange case in Gulf Breeze, Florida was reported by a man who claimed that he was almost abducted. According to Ed Walters, he was snapping pictures of a UFO when it positioned itself above him and emitted a blue beam of light. His feet floated above the ground and he became paralyzed. A voice entered his mind, saying, “We will not harm you.” Is it credible, though?
There are infinite numbers of such UFO cases that are dismissed and/or ridiculed without investigation. One case involved a mother and her two children who were on their way home when they saw a large UFO surrounded by twenty-three military helicopters such as UH-1Hueys and CH-47 Chinooks. They suffered radiation sickness after that and demanded to know what was going on. Everyone shoved them aside and didn’t believe their story. As you can tell from all of the known incidences, there is one thing in common. No one believes the observers of such encounters despite the overwhelming evidence of the occurrence.
It is possible that some UFOs, such as the BBDs, are top-secret government projects. Conspirasists believe that certain governments are in league with the aliens or are back-engineering their technology. Many of these black projects are associated with UFOs for various reasons. One project, the ASTRA Aurora hypersonic spy plane, can be mistaken for a BBD for its overall shape, which is, consequently, a black delta when seen from below. Its powerful ramjets spurt out engine flames that could easily be mistaken for a speeding UFO at night. It is believed that the Aurora uses a pulse-detonation engine which produces the characteristic doughnuts-on-a-rope contrail during hypersonic flight. Reports of aerial shockwaves have been taken by seismometers in the San Andreas area, which is close to the rumored Area 51 near Groom Lake.
Another possible government craft is the A-17 stealth bomber, which when viewed from below looks an awful like a BBD. It is said to be contracted by Boeing and traces some of its design features to the YF-23, a stealth fighter design that lost out to the now known F/A-22 Raptor.
The rumored Snowbird is another such craft. It is said to be a diamond-shaped UAV with stealth features similar to the A-17. It can also be confused with a UFO.
One craft that is said to exist since Desert Storm is the X-22A, not to be confused with the F/A-22. Its possible name is DarkStar and is said to be created by Lockheed; it accordingly has been in operation for years. It is a state-of-the-art aircraft and is very maneuverable, as maneuverable as most UFOs. The X-22A is also known as the fighter disc for good reason. It looks very much like a saucer and uses some sort of electro-gravitic(1) engine and/or a magnetic field disruptor. A magnetic field disruptor is basicly a circular, highly pressurized ring filled with mercury-based plasma. The plasma is accelerated to extreme speeds which disrupts the force of gravity on an object and actually makes it 89 percent lighter. Thus, the object can accelerate in any direction with little friction to slow it. The X-22A is also said to use a neutral particle beam that destroys objects at the atomic level, leaving no sign except for maybe a scorch mark.
Another government craft is the F-117 Nighthawk. But what does it have in common with the other craft and UFOs? The F-117, revealed sometime around Desert Storm, is a very unique craft. It incorporates a radically new faceted-surface design and radar-absorbing material, making it look like a sparrow on radar screens, thus enabling it to go deep into enemy territory without notice. It is said to contain experimental electro-gravitic devices, the same possible devices used in DarkStar.


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