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Bush Retreats on Presidential Power?

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 11:25 AM
The Washington Post is stating that it appears that President Bush is retrenching. His original assertions that his has the right to essentially do anything he sees fit in times of war have moderated to an extent. The Post believes that he is feeling the pressure of public opinion and a democratic congress so he is ceasing some of his more controversial programs. It is believed he has closed secret overseas prisons, transferred those prisoners to conventional prisons and generally allowed more congressional input.

Under pressure from Congress and the courts, Bush in the past six months has closed secret overseas CIA prisons, transferred previously unidentified detainees to regular military custody, negotiated congressional approval for tribunals to try foreign terrorism suspects and accepted at least some regulation of how harshly such prisoners could be interrogated.
Now Bush has deferred to critics in both parties by agreeing to allow another branch of government to oversee his administration's actions. Bush officials argued yesterday that they will still be able to conduct surveillance effectively because of new rules adopted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and maintained that they did nothing wrong before. But they implicitly abandoned their argument that the president's inherent power under Article II of the Constitution was all the authority he needed.

But even if that case is dismissed, as some lawyers anticipate, others seeking damages for past actions could go forward in San Francisco. And some congressional Democrats vowed to continue pursuing the administration's actions over the past five years. "While I welcome the decision to stop conducting surveillance without judicial approval," said Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.), "the president now needs to respond fully to legitimate congressional questions about the complete history of this now-terminated illegal program."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Beware: when animals are backed into a corner they usually come out fighting. His acquiescence is a ploy. He realizes that he is under attack so he is feigning. In order to keep his power he is willing to give in on certain less important matters. His action as regards escalation in Iraq is more indicative of his actual mindset. He is still in control and congress can back off, but he will cooperate fully.

Don’t be fooled, he is not cooperating he is biding time. He will yet bury us in the Middle East. Keith Oberman was right he is upping the ante in Iraq to engage Iran and Syria not in peace but in war. If he is let off the hook for his illegal actions he will smirk all the way back to SMU and his presidential library. He has raised the bar regarding presidential misconduct, what he has done is criminal. As such he should be held accountable for his actions. There is no accommodating this man. His megalomaniacal claims to unlimited power bring to mind Louis XIV and he is threatening to leave our economy in similar shape. I was under the impression that the US was based more on English law and customs than French. As such perhaps congress and the executive branch should peruse the Magna Carte clearly the King is not above the law. Nor should the president be.

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 01:00 PM
Good find. Ever since the beginning of Bush's presidency, I've been afraid of what he would do when cornered. He's used to always having gotten his way and he is a tenacious little bull dog, beyond reason. He has a need to assert his will everywhere and IMO, he is mentally unstable. It's suicide, folly and insane to escale this war. Look what's happened in Iraq, and now we want to go into some other countries that have done nothing to us? Insane IMO.

I agree, I think it's only a cover.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 02:10 PM
Is it time for another globalist-sponsored 9/11? If nukes goes off in the US, we will know who it is. I just hope he and his croonies go to jail for their entires miserables and criminals lives.

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 03:51 PM
Excellent. The pinhead in chief has had a way too inflated sense of himself for far too long now...time to burst the little bugger's (and that is not to say anything bad about bugger's) bubble and bring him down to earth.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 04:00 PM
Well this is not surprise, after all he is not looking for re-election and even when he is still the president his attitude can rob the Republican party from having a chance to the presidency in 2008, somebody needs to hold his reigns.

Now closing some of the oversea CIA prisons may be in order to avoid probing in case the congress wants to find more about what he has been doing illegally oversea.

He said that if he could not do the surveillance the way he wanted he would stop the program altogether.

That bring a gain the issue of congress probing into how legal or illegal the wiretapping has been.

We are talking about political careers, chances of Republican come back that Bush care less because he is not for re-election.

I am sure he got a lot of dirty stuff that will never become public.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 04:16 PM
This has nothing to do with being backed into a corner or him getting ready to "stage false flag operations on Americans, engage war with new enemies". This is merely the result of what I and many others on ATS and across the nation have been stating for awhile now. The Democratic Process. His actions have earned his Administration bitter resentment by the Citizens of our country, the party's opponents, even members of their own party, as well as the rest of the world.

This is what happens in a Democratic nation. Eventually the pressure comes barelling down upon him, and he is forced to yield his more questionable policies. That is how one can easily see there is no such thing as a Dictatoship in the works. Just talking about it really is silly, and disrespectful IMO to the way our system works. Its like people totally lose hope just because of a few guys in an eight year period of our 221 year history.

In any case, I am glad to hear of this, and expect more changes to come before he is outta here.

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