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"How can someone prove to you they have time traveled?"

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:15 PM
I've read through a great deal of this thread.

I see many ways suggested in which time travellers could provide proof that they have traversed time.

Something to keep in mind though, is perhaps timewalkers/timetravellers would not feel any need to provide proof, perhaps they would NOT want or need to be known as time travellers.

Perhaps it is in our best interests, and theirs if they remain ambigious and/or unseen.

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:33 PM
The first thing that sprung to mind was a coin. Bring back a coin minted at some point in the future. Easy to find, hard to fake. It would only need to be from the year after the traveler arrived.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Since this thread is titled, "How can someone prove to you they have time traveled?" The answer is quite simple.

Give me a memory.

Travel back in time and find me. Get in my face and say, "I'm from the future and you have to remember this moment cause you will meet me in twenty years and i'll look exactly the same as I do now. I do this to prove to you that I am a time travelor."

I would remember something like that.....and be waiting 20 years later.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:44 PM
Crakeur, I'm leaving the "cloning Jesus" stuff alone. LOL

If you want to try to clone, you're taking the long way, but that's your prerogative.

You said,

It would be cool to go back to that era and see for yourself how the events depicted in the bible actually happened. Hell, it would be a blast to bounce around the past and see all the things that we assume to have happened.

As I see it, if you figure multiple "compartmentalized" timelines - multiple world timelines (we could even go further and say that realities exist for every possible action taken, which someone has asserted), then not only will you be able to do that at some point, you already have, you will, and somewhere you are visiting these timelines now...

But speaking practically, or at least, sticking to our current timeline, time travel is not only an inevitability, it exists now. And I believe humans have access to it.

I haven't time traveled, but at this point in time I know with almost absolute certainty that it exists. Just don't ask me to prove it, because I can't, yet.

I WILL say that, from what I can tell, there is limited human access to this technology. And I include as some of my sources, written material available on the Internet that has convinced me of not only the strong possibility, but the high probability it is in human hands to some degree.

I'll include conversations with people who have mentioned this technology - none of this, mind you, I can verify, so we'll all just have to wait and see...and talk about it...

So for now we're passing on the cloning thing...moving on.

I'm skipping over Crakeur's next post (hope that's OK)...

Thanks, Crakeur!

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:54 PM
Gazrok, hi! Thank you for the info on James...hahaa

OK, andy1033. You said,

alright to the thread starter get yourself a camcorder and go and film christ giving one of his sermons and maybe doing some tricks, most today would not even understand his language so it would be hard to say it was a forgery.

If someone showed you video of a dirty city in the middle east with a guy who remotely looked like Jesus would you believe it, or think it was hoaxed?

You could show linguists watching the video and giving their impression, as well as show the time period...But would the video be discounted? How hard would it be to fake that?

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea...It's a possibility. You could give the video to every news station and media outlet and tell them what it was...Do you think that would work? Would they believe you?

Part of the problem, too, is that if they do believe you, you then have the controllers/blockers keeping it from airing.

Part of the dilemma of convincing people is also dealing with the obstruction and resistance with getting this truth out. Could you just hand the tape to CNN and cross your fingers?

Would they believe a video? We see videos and photos of ufos and ETs and still have trouble deciding which are real and which are not. How is this different? It could be a case of actors...

I'm not ruling it out. I love the idea of getting live footage from ages ago...Just wonder how people would view it...

Thanks, Gazrok and andy1033!!!

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 08:57 PM
Instead of focusing on the future I would focus on the past. knowing the present I would find a famous photo from the history books or whatever and make my way into but to the point where I stick out nicely and can be easily idenified. Also if I was really worried about proving it was me wear a piece of clothing the was from this era...

so maybe a picture of me and einstien in his patent office with nike cap on...chances are it will end up in some book printed well before I was born...the cap will go unnoticed most lickley till I point it out so somone cant say its just somone that looks like me....

something along those lines and again inspired by back to the future...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:10 PM
Crakeur, you mentioned something that I can't pass on responding to...

You said,

go back and film jesus at a frikin seder, celebrating passover. Get him on film doing all the things he, as a jew, would do...then sit mel gibson down and show him the tape and punch him in the mouth.

It's funny you mentioned that. It was pretty strange and uncharacteristic of Mel to come out and direct a movie on Jesus Christ. It was something that I thought was an unusual direction for him (no pun intended).

This is off topic, but if you believe that ETs exist, then you should also believe that they possess technology that can erase (or even change) your memories (along with time travel, and countless other mind-boggling technologies). People talk about ETs (and sometimes government people) erasing or altering their memories, accounts of missing time, etc.

Is it possible that Mel Gibson was given access to time travel technology, allowed to travel back to the time of Jesus, witness events in Jesus' life, then return with most of his memory of these events erased?

How far out is that, and is that even possible? Just asking...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:13 PM
Hey, jbondo!

You said,

I'm sure if time travel were possible there would be rules associated with it and they probably wouldn't let just anyone go.

I think there are rules. But they probably differ with each group in possession of the technology in each time period...

For sure the U.S. government, or the government behind the government has strict protocols in place, but we don't like playing with those people, because they're jerks.

But they won't be for long...LOL

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:19 PM

And i thought the method i proposed was both simple and foolproof!

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:27 PM
Hi, Crakeur!

I am willing to be that you could walk into any news office and get someone to listen to your story. They have to. What if you turned down the story and then, a day later it pops up on every other news channel and you turn out to be the moron who said no to the biggest story ever.

Oh were that the truth.

You have to ask yourself, if a news station had one of, if not the biggest paranormal/technological find of the human race handed to them via a video tape, how quick to believe you would they be?

OK, so, you hand a VHS tape of "The Life and Times of Jesus" with "real" footage of Jesus' life and the crucifixion, etc., to a CNN producer, tell them you're a time traveler, and tell them to watch the tape, how do you think the rest will go down?

What sort of questions will they ask you? They'll say, "So, not only are you a 'time traveler', but you also met Jesus, and you had your video camera with you..."

Does this seem like it's going to pan out for you, because I'm thinking you're going to meet with a little more skepticism.

There's also the possibility that if they don't have security throw you out, and the guy you talk to actually kind of believes you and wants to run the tape, that you will encounter the next row of resistance.

This is the managing director, or whatever you call them, and a series of meetings and approval processes, and then the really high ups get involved and soon some FBI office is involved, your tape is gone, you're reputation is destroyed, and then you find you're being audited, then you bank freezes your account, etc.

This is a horror story, but you have to be realistic. Run a scenario through your head, and imagine a guy comes forward with a videotape of Jesus' life that actually makes it onto the local news.

Will people see that and bite? Is your case closed? What happens next? I think there will be some people who will seek you out, some fringe types, and maybe a couple of others, but when the truth like this starts to meet the light of day, all of a sudden you start to have "problems". A lot of it has to do with the latter half of the horror story above.

Or if that doesn't happen, your exposure will fade, but you'll have a small group of devotees, or kooky friends, and your message will have been lost...

I'm trying to keep it real...Gotta have something rock solid!

It is entirely possible that the tape is believed and gets broad exposure, but once it's been viewed and turned over a million times, what then are people left with? Speculation. A lot of people on the fence...

This kind of brings us to the point of, once you prove it, then what?

But I don't think we've proved it beyond a reasonable doubt yet. If someone can say a tape was hoaxed, or faked, we still don't have our golden ticket yet...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:29 PM
masterp, case closed. Thank you. Goodnight! LOL

Thank you for your input.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:35 PM
malganis, I'm leaving that one for johnlear, or anyone who can explain how that would work...

Sometimes it's like operating a VCR, you can get it to play the tape, but you don't know how it works (of course this is a simple example, but it should do...) I think that stuff is later...

But I would like to see it explained.

It's a subject where we use simple ideas and terms to explain various complex aspects of the process, but not an in depth and technical know-how...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:39 PM
Hey, andy1033.

If john is,

i think john is trying to get an answer from the bob lazar and john titor things. interesting, but most of us do not have any way of making a gravitational force that he is talking about.

That would be interesting...

You said,

if time goes round in circles, would you not eventually come back to where you were, originally. maybe thats one way of getting backwards.

If anyone wants to say something about how time operates, and how we can travel back on a timeline where those that have passed come alive again I would be interested in hearing about it...

Johnlear said something about "compartmentalization". He was referring to the grandfather paradox, but I wonder if the compartmentalization (which is a long, hard word to type, twice) has anything to do with that...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:42 PM

You said,

Other than the typical "predict the future" as an answer, I would have to say that they need to bring in a newspaper showing the gains and loses for the stock market. If in a day or so, all hundreds of stocks end up being what the paper says, then without a doubt, they're from the future.

A fair amount of people are suggesting stock tips. It appears if this is offered as proof, only the traders are going to believe your story LOL

I don't understand stocks too much, but isn't there a way to explain away good stock tips as something not necessarily found using time travel? Like insider trading, psychic/medium predictions or help, plain hard work and study?

What I'm saying is, there are probably ways to discount stock predictions, and not necessarily come to the conclusion that, without a doubt, the guy who gave me these is a time traveler?

We want to be able to convince a lot of people, and not just those that know how the stock market works...

But a lot of people like that as evidence...

Thanks for your input, DJ. Jam on!!

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:05 PM
All right, thesaint.

You said,

I think my idea would work as mentioned on pg 4 and also it doesnt have to be 1 person you prove it too. if you can get yourself in a room with 100 people for an hour like a office, wine bar etc etc then even better

Let's say you sit in a room with one hundred people. You're all having coffee and talking. A moment later another "you" walks in (from fifteen minutes in the future) and joins you.

This "new" you got into the time machine and traveled fifteen minutes back in time to join himself (the "old" you) fifteen minutes earlier, where he finds you in the room with the one hundred people.

The "new" you and the "old" you are identical in every way, except that the "new" you is fifteen minutes older - essentially, a clone.

The both of you then talk to the assembled crowd and explain that you are time travelers, and that one of you - the one that just arrived - is from the future.

Do you think the crowd believes you? Do they think you had a twin brother, or maybe you're pulling some sort of magic trick? Maybe you're two of a set of quintuplets?

How do you prove to these one hundred people, which is a small number, how do you prove that you are really a time traveler beyond a reasonable doubt?

I'll make one suggestion, and that is this. The "new" you just traveled fifteen minutes into the past and appeared with you (your "old" self), who is fifteen minutes younger; basically, a clone.

Take this a step further. What if you were to take your "new" self and stepped into the time machine?

Then, the two of you, "new" and "old", travel into your past five minutes and reenter the room.

As the "new" and "old" you enter the room, you can again see "old" you sitting at the same table, talking to everyone.

A moment later, you both watch the "new" you step into the room again and join the "old" you - there are now four of you altogether. You have effectively cloned yourself.

If all four of "you" went back into the time machine, traveled back twenty minutes, then the "four" of you would return to the room.

This time the four of you will meet the old and new who are watching, the old you at the table, and the new you walking in. You now have eight clones.

As I understand it, there is no natural law that prevents this from happening. In fact, I've been told this happens.

If you wanted to make twenty clones, you have a good chance of convincing people that something is up.

However, with septuplets, cloning, David Blaine, etc., you still might have a hard time convincing these one hundred people that you are time travelers...

So I don't know, yet, if this is foolproof. If you cloned yourself once, you have two of you, again you have four, again you have eight and so on.

How many times would you have to repeat this process to get one billion clones? The answer is not much...

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:08 PM
Re-membering experiences is the proof of and proof that time travel Exists. We all have what We refer to as "memory".

"Mental time travel" is the act of "re-membering".

If it can Be done in Our minds then it Exists all ready

[edit on 19-1-2007 by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal]

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:18 PM

You said,

My issue with altering the future with the information gained from a history book was that one little thing could change the entire course of history.

Do you have examples? I do, but I'm curious what you would see as having this effect.

You said,

Certain people and events would never happen and for all we know in doing so this time traveler could 'undo' himself.

This is true. If you killed someone, then went to the future (waited five minutes), that person would not exist. It's called murder.

You could alter events, but what events do you think would be huge! Immense!

I ask this, because there are certain things that karma, nature, the universe, ETs, God, or just weird luck prevent from happening, or getting out of hand...There is some sort of "hand" in things at times...

It's impossible (well, nothing's impossible) to "undo" yourself. Even if you time traveled and accidentally killed yourself, I think it's kind of like johnlear said, time is compartmentalized. You do not vanish after you accidentally kill yourself. It's a clone of you essentially. You can meet yourself.

If you killed your mother, you are still a copy, duplicate, clone, whatever you want to call it.

It's weird. I just got this impression like events/times/places can be revisited an inordinate number of times. Like our lives and histories on this planet (in this universe) are recorded, so the timelines always have those events there playing, and you can pick up at any time, hop in and live it...It's almost like an "impression" of the life that existed there is made in the universe...Sort of like a 3D holographic image of whatever went on...

Don't know. Just a thought...It's late...I've been talking time travel all day...

You also said,

Bringing a future history book back seems rather out of the question because altering the future course of events would be a catostrophic and earth changing event...even something as small as one person and his loved ones going through a stock crash rich instead of poor.

Be careful what you accept as fact. There's a lot of misinformation out there, and a lot of stuff on time travel is fiction.

Einstein and Hawking theorize about the effects of time travel, but neither of them, to my knowledge, took that trip, and even if they did, for a human being to understand let alone explain how time works and how that technology manipulates it is beyond comprehension...

So don't let Star Trek, or other shows fill your head with misinformation. The real stuff has yet to break the seal on your brain...hehe

Also, have faith.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:31 PM
Esoteric Teacher, you put the esoteric in esoteric! hehe

You said,

FEW TOUR the secrets that were given us from the FUTURE

You said it - "few tour" the future. This could be true...

You also seem to think that,

...their presence and recount of future events may have altered the timeline.

To some degree, but we're all affecting the realities all around us every day, by thought, word and deed, and they are just as powerful. Show compassion in this life and you can't go wrong. You give what you get (compassion = come passion. How's that? hehe)

You realize your posts will get varied responses. LOL
Very cryptic...

But I like the word play. Neat!

I'm trying to figure it out...

Thank you for adding your post, Esoteric!!

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck

You realize your posts will get varied responses. LOL
Very cryptic...

But I like the word play. Neat!

I'm trying to figure it out...

I'll be blunt. I think our subconscious minds already have access to the answers to the questions we seek.

I'll be blunter. Everything we create, we create with a shattered consciousness. We have a conscious mind, and a subconscious mind. So, although we are not always conscious of how our subconscious does have input into everything we create, our subconscious mind may indeed influence everything we create, to include language.

I'll be even blunter still, and straight to the point:

I'm working a theory. I am currently entertaining the idea that at least one species that is visiting us are ants or ant hybrids from another place, another time, and/or another dimension.

I think our subconscious minds, or perhaps another mechanism within us, has encoded this idea into our very words .....

Is Earth under Alien survailants?
Is the light of the world really brilliant and radiant?
When it is all said and done, perhaps we will see the evidants is consistant. And, yes, i think this may be very important.

Thank you very much,
Sergeant John from Nellis

[edit on 19-1-2007 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 10:56 PM
Hey, MrAndy!

You said,

Well, I'm only speculating as to what the ramifications of a time travel might cause. But, saying they are not as extreme as "A Sound of Thunder", but still relatively moderate, it could be dangerous to even reveal the existence of time travelers.

It's not anymore dangerous than the fact that they exist, period.

Ah, you offered this,

I think if somebody came to the present and provided any kind of evidence that proves it is completely possible to invent a time machine, it would probably be invented much more sooner than it was meant to and maybe even by a completely different inventor.

This sort of "playing" with time frames, etc., with humans and technology is a circus already going on. The "right time" has already passed, and if it wasn't right, then oh well. Things will right themself.

You continued your thought (from imm. above),

This could in theory screw up the future and that time traveler would never be time traveling in the first place.

I don't see how. Think that through. If you can think of how something would cause "that time traveler would never be time traveling in the first place..." post it. I can't think of anything (well, nothing immediately comes to mind with your scenario...).

You said,

Or, supposing our traveler's present (our supposed future) is already set in stone, and nothing he can do in the past can alter his future, it could still be relatively threatening to our own future. It may inspire a scientist to invent the first time machine, instead of fulfilling his destiny of curing cancer.

You can always alter your future. However, I understand that there are some events that must come to pass, and sometimes they aren't pretty (The Adventures of Pluto Nash).

I wouldn't be too concerned. From what I've learned things happen the way they should, and fortunately, good prevails.

You said,

I think it's also possible to consider that time travel could already have affected us.

You could be right, but it would be the ETs playing with it, probably...What I've also learned is that when time travel machines are used for negative purposes, the sinister folks using them try to travel into the future, but they are blocked.

(look at me, it's late and I'm rambling off topic...) Supposedly, far enough in the future, the societies (race - us) on Earth are peace-loving.

We also have the technology in place at that time (in the future) to regulate time travel. If someone, say a black projects a-hole from 2007 tries to travel too far into the future, he winds up being basically tracked, and caught as soon as the signal is sent.

And the people there will not be helpful to someone meaning to do harm. They can detect this. People at that time, apparently, are done with wars, so whatever hateful, paranoid, power-hungry person pops up at that time, he doesn't get very far. That is our future as I understand it...

I wanted to note your statement here,

Maybe there are some time travelers out there secretly pushing us toward a peaceful path.

There are time travelers and much, much more. I think they'll all be making an appearance soon...I have it on human authorities (some of whom are on ATS).

You said,

For all we know, yesterday was armageddon, but the past was re-written so we now have memories of a present we didn't really experience. Or something.

Who knows about this. It's possible we went astray and things were corrected, but I'd like to think in our case the orchestra was out of tune on occasion, but those notes were just to accentuate the melodies. We just misunderstood...


I guess in that sense, time travel really would be the ultimate weapon. Nuclear Weapons would no longer be scary when you discover an enemy nation has the ability to alter history... to theoretically go back in time and negate your very existence!

Here's the thing. It IS the ultimate weapon, but the bad guys will soon realize that the good guys are the only one's it really works for. In a lot of ways, the bad guys were set up, but thought exactly the seems they've dug their own graves...

But in the grand scheme of things...There ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys. There's only you and me and we just disagreeeee.

It's reall late..LOL

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