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"How can someone prove to you they have time traveled?"

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

I apologize for not reading your whole thread, however I felt your initial post deserved my honest answer...

There are two 'proofs' I would believe, to convince me you were a time traveler.

1) Demonstrate the machine, while explaining the physics behind it.

2) Show me video of myself, giving me a coded message. That I would actually believe. I know myself, and even my twin brothers don't look like me on camera...


Thanks for making me think!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by WitnessFromAfar
1) Demonstrate the machine, while explaining the physics behind it.

But why would the traveller know how the machine works? Most people know nothing about cars but they still drive

Here's how I would prove I was a time traveller. I'd ask you to write a short letter, about anything you like, seal it, and hide it in a specific place. I'd watch you do it, and before you were half way through writing it, I'd pull the same letter out of my pocket and read it to you.

And, yeah, I'd go back and fetch me a family of Dodos. I still want one.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by Clickfoot

LOL that would do it. In response to your question, there is no reason to expect a time traveler to know the physics (Jon Titor, good example...).

However, if I were going to use one, I'd want to understand it's function.
Much like a vehicle on the road, there are lots of deserts out there with no gas stations for hundreds of miles...

I'd hate to break down without an existing repair shop at my destination end, and not know how to at least fix the machine...

Not proof, you're right, but it would be enough proof for me as an engineer


posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 02:16 PM
Time is a man made construct. It does not exist in reality. Time travel therefore, is not possible. You cannot go to a place that does not exist.

Time and space are formulations to support hypothesis, and equations.

Dimension travel is theoretically possible. Nothing has actually accomplished it as of yet. Linear occupation within one or another numerical realm outside of our own articulated perceptions would be your undoing. You could not go from here to there and back again.

The mechanism of the cosmos, is non time consumptive. It exists and operates on universal improbable scale, that is basically immeasurable, although we humans give it try. Terms such as 'millions and billions of light years' are feeble attempts at space displacement theory.

One cannot go, where epoch of existence could not. In other words; nothing could go where is won't last long enough to get there!

IF! you could foresee existence, and then step from the current to the non existent, you would simply cease to exist. The temporal of the now, would vanish. You could not reacquire it or turn it backwards.

"time travel" is akin to bending the temporal back into itself, after it has somehow been distorted out of its current point of context.

Our minds...

Human memory is a widening funnel, that looks back from the current point of context to an ever widening ranges of field of vision. The longer you live, the more there is to see...

Humans do not have a forward future field of vision. We cannot see what we haven't done yet. We can envision it as imaginary, but cannot actually live several hours, or several decades out. This is why "time travel" has vexed the human psyche. We can see what we've done, but can't see what is going happen!

If we could, everyone would be trying to change the outcomes, and the concept of chance and one possibility over the other, would stop.

If asked whether or not I'd want to know my future, my answer would be NO!
The joys and mystery of life's unknowns make it worth living. I don't want to know for sure what I will doing in tens years from now. I may not like the answer, and what could I do about it anyway?

The adage: "Your FATE is what it makes it!" is a hard one to accept.

There is one axiom that most people misread or misunderstand continuously. It is this one; "Nothing lasts forever!" What it actually means is; NOTHING lasts for ever...virtually. The only thing that could and does last forever, is nothing itself.
Since there seems to be something, everywhere at every point of the continuum, complete nothing doesn't exist yet, as far as we know.

To me, the one point of singularity where everything is brought to an end, is the main future event, or then Nothing! That isn't something I'd care to experience.

We take life WAAAAAYYYY too seriously! Within the existential cosmos, we don't even exist.

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posted on Sep, 12 2009 @ 08:09 AM
Well, if you'd provide me with next weeks winning loto numbers, i would believe you and also be able to build my own spaceport in georgia

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by Confused and Dazed!

Good points Confused and Dazed I tend to agree with most of what you say.

You know if you lived where it was light all the time and you had no time peice time would become irrelevant, time would only be the noticable aging of others or events in your life

I see the universe as event based and that transposes into our lives. We think we are traveling in time and cannot go back or forward. In fact I feel going back is no different than going forward. Sure you can remember what happened yesterday but you can't for tomorrow because it hasn't happened yet.

Okay perhaps look at it another way - imagine yesterday when you had a nice cold beer, thats right you imagine what you did imagining and remembering are the same and its an event. Okay now imagine you are going to have a cold beer at a particular time tomorrow (do it really exactly as you imagine). Now the imagination and event are reversed.

Time is all about us we are creating something in our imagination based on continuous events that we sting together to call time.

Just my take on it..........

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Confused and Dazed!

Just a point

In 1980 I was involved in a construction accident where I suffered a crushed metatarsal arch in my left foot. Minutes before, I recieved a warning from ???? (a definite voice came into my head) some one to get out of where I was. I made a specific choice to stay and finnish what I was doing before getting off that roof. Seconds later I was blown off by a big gust of wind, landing on cement 2 storys down and crushing my foot.

Now, who knew that big gust of wind was going to come along, injuring me and 17 others? Had I listened to the warning, I would not have had to suffer every day for the past 30 years.

How does a sane man listen and act to a warning from something that is not supposed to be, according to the official posture on this planet?

To this day I regret not heeding the warning. I did have a chioce but was tricked by the lies of society in general. Do you think I will take other warnings seriously?

Your idea is good, but does not seem to fit reality.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

I like the question... Now, what proof would i need from aomeone who claimed to have time travelled?

Hmmm... Maybe i'd ask them to provide me with evidence of the first Mars Landing by a Human, the year, the date, the time and also to provide photos of the person or people who landed there... there would surely be some evidence in the Media of this event...

Obviously if time travel was only a day or two ahead i'd ask them for proof of a specific football match scoreline & other incidents/specifics like who scored the goals? what time were they scored? Who got booked? Who got sent off? Who got injured? The exact crowd attendance? How many shots on target for both teams? How many saves were made by both Goalkeepers?

I'd also like them to tell me word for word what was said on the 10pm News Broadcast two days from now...

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

If you want my honest opinion I don't think you can travel to somewhere that does not exist but thats a whole different thread.

So to continue the game, if say I traveled to the future say 500 years and I wanted to prove I had been there assuming I wanted and could return I would just bring back a piece of electronic hardware and software. I would probably choose the new "flexscreen 280" because it contains all the communications needs and it contains a world library of data (stored locally) that people use in their day to day lives. On my return you could access the data and also then (try to) reverse engineer if you wish. You will find it difficult because the technology is now using quantum computing. I would have to bring back something like this because all newspapers and printed material (like almanacs) were phased out years ago to help combat global warming which earth is only now just recovering from.

Sounds like a new George Lucas film

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by win 52

You cannot under estimate intuition and the natural laws of survival instinct. Everyone has intuition, especially women who seem to be more attuned to it than men. Natural survival instinct is akin to having your feelers and antennae on high alert. I have had the same exact situations of premonition...that sixth sense of something isn't right, or that initial preemptive warning you feel inside of you.

I have learned to recognize it, and to act accordingly.
Once I stopped the car cold on a isolated gravel road, threw it into reverse, and backed up as fast as I could, and then turned around and beat it...
My wife was in a panic, and didn't know what the heck was happening...
All I said was; " holy friggen crap, all my bells and whistles are going off!"
Two days later, the news reported a hostile stand off with a guy in his house, who had murdered his wife that was just down the road from where I abruptly stopped because of a sixth sense warning!

I have come to believe that humans can smell trouble in the air, just as a wild animal can. "There is something in the wind or on the air" are common refrains about sensing something wrong. Others will say the "the hairs on my neck were standing up", like as a wolves mane will, when it senses a threat...

This isn't seeing into the is part of the sensory perception we have.
The Human Being is basically not very in tune with its ability to read its surroundings like the wild kingdom can. We have let ourselves become too accustomed to living out of context with nature.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 11:03 PM
Somebody convincing me they time traveled? That's a fun question to speculate upon.

If it was myself from the future, there wouldn't be too much a problem. Plenty of scars to compare and the such. Also there's accounts of things and jokes that only I'd know about. So my future self would probably cut off my present self mid-question with the correct answers and a wry laugh. So it wouldn't be terribly long for my present self to be convinced enough.

If somebody else wanted to do it? Get me a winning lottery number. Doesn't even have to be big one, in case you're worried about a large change in my finances affecting the timeline. So even a pick-3 or pick-4 would be sufficent. If I wasn't allowed to get any money, but other people winning was ok for the timeline - then an unusually large amount of down-on-their-luck people having a simultaneous win
on a large jackpot (like over 40 otherwise unrelated people), and claiming credit for giving them the numbers would also pique my interest. However if the time-traveller wanted to create a self-fulfilling paradox, I'd be more than happy to fund the creation of a time travel device with any large winning proceeds from a lottery. (I'm sure I could make an effort to spread the procurement around and maintain some secrecy, if you're worried about any anachronisms leading to your detection. Any timetravellers needing to get home reading this?)

If financial dealings are not allowed, then of course there should be a demonstration of a profound yet currently uninvented technology like an interesting nanomaterial, a powerful compact energy source, or a gravitic device; that would be fairly convincing. Little doodads like most computers and phones aren't as convincing now, simply because improvements happen too often these days. (It would be difficult to judge next month's prototype device from something deep in the future without a good technical understanding.) But if you had a lot of interesting data stored in the memory about stuff that hasn't happened yet, then in that case a gadget would work.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 11:12 PM
I'll make this short and sweet.

Seeing is believing. I'd say "take me to your leader!"

I can't think of much else besides firsthand experience that can't be faked.


Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:14 AM
Physical time travel is possible but not permitted. The nature have it's own mechanisms of protection. The simple presence of someone in another time not his even for seconds can and will change ALL the human history. See the example: Someone travel to the past and found himself in the middle of the walkway of a city. Another person from that time is coming than have to change his course loosing few seconds. Those seconds will make him late to the rest of the Earth's history because he will cause everybody else become late so the car accident will not happen or will happen when is not suppose to, people will die and not influence others through his life nor have children, the friend he will meet by change and give him an idea that change his life will left before his arrival and all the world will change up to to the last person and animal in the most remote point in the planet. The river of facts are suppose to be that way, any small change will rewrite the entire human history.
The mind time travel occurs by connection, the traveler contacts another mind in another time and is able to share toughs and feelings in what looks like a remote viewing, but you only feel what someone allows you to feel by free will.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:32 AM
I think time travel is impossible....

If someone goes back in time, then by interfering and interacting with poeple at that time, he will change the future, changing the whole future of mankind!!

( imagine someone went back, and killed Hitler before the start of WW II, or prevented the assassination of the Austrian crown prince, preventing WW I, or even prevent the start of the black plauge ) History as we know it would have changed....

... that means you, ATS and I would not be here.

Now.. it goes even worse ....

Imagine "many" people go back in time, each having his own agenda, each changes it in the way he wants..... how will the future be?? many futures?? many earths???? And each future, each earth, will be TAILORED to each Time Traveller!!!!

That means we are not we, and others are not others.. universe is not universe... oh boy....... what a mess!!!!

Its impossible, not logical, so time travel must be impossible and only a fiction.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by Elizare
Physical time travel is possible but not permitted. The nature have it's own mechanisms of protection. The simple presence of someone in another time not his even for seconds can and will change ALL the human history....

Quantum Physics theorizes that perhaps there are countless universes being created all the time by "quantum uncertainty" -- that is to say that for every possible "location" of a quantum particle, that quantum particle creates all of its possible "outcomes", but only one particular outcome is the universe that we are experiencing.

All of the other possibilities for those quantum particles are other universes that are almost EXACTLY like ours -- but ever-so-slightly different (the difference being that one particle). It is possible that if one time travels, he can time travel into a different universe, thus -- using the classic "Grandfather Paradox" -- he can kill his own Grandfather and the time traveler will still exist. That's because the Grandfather he killed is from a different universe.

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