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Have you ever thought that the year 2012 was disinfo & the real date is 2008 and what does it mean?

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 08:01 AM
His is this the original op.I am saddened to know that this thread is not being discussed soo much.I dont know what happened to my friends insanetak and derekoneseven,maybe they were raptured.

here are some more articles

There are two main Anunnaki alien groups in covert and overt battles for world domination. Humans are pawns caught in the middle of this brutal alien war. Likewise, the weaker alien groups are affected. They must align with either Reptilians or Vulturites or face the possibility of total annihilation.

The principle of divide and conquer has always been a main aspect of Anunnaki war strategy. This is being carried out through the human population on Earth. The history of this planet has witnessed many such events.

Visit source for full article


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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 08:53 AM
Completely ridiculous theory. Are you saying that the Mayan calender was just to trick us all?

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by blowfishdl
Completely ridiculous theory. Are you saying that the Mayan calender was just to trick us all?

The mayan calender is ends in 2008 and not 2012.If you have read the entire thread it says that the universe is a creation of darkness and the demiurge is the creator while the true god is dismantling this universe which is nothing but a virtual reality.

The mayan calender literally means that there is a device which restarts time and this device is only on this planet and is unique and that is why aliens are intrested in this planet.the reptilian race known as the annunaki are the most powerful race in the cosmos and are desperately trying to restart time known as the ends in 2008 and according to the website xeeatwelve th elight has thwarted plas for the restart.If time is not restarted then the universe would eventually crumble apart.
then the true light beings would be freed.
It also states that jesus christ was a light being whos name was hijacked and used in the bible which is a disinfo.jesus is against the creator and came to this world to awaken the true light beings from thier slumber.
some very interesting stuff is given.
what is most interesting is that rapture has already happened and the only beings who are left are the light warriors who are only in thousands and will be eventually be raptured before the second cataclysmic event or the second horseman of th apocalypse .
and it all happens between 2008-2009 when the earth and the universe starts to fracture.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 11:30 PM
here is another interesting article which states about programming and the concept of evil.

The concept of Good and Evil is not one of balance. These are two distinct opposing Forces. Good does not need Evil in order to survive. Evil is parasitic and depends upon Good to maintain Itself.

The war between Good and Evil will be resolved with the eradication of Evil and Its pseudo-creation, the Virtual Reality. The True Light will liberate all of Its viable True-Light beings before the total collapse of Darkness’ Prison, Its Virtual Reality. All of Darkness’ prisoners will be liberated in one way or another, with the viable beings eventually returning to their True-Light Creation and the False-Light beings returning to primordial energy. This is but a very simplistic description of the resolution of the war between the True Light and the False Light, Good and Evil.

Darkness has many agents in the Virtual Reality. Among the most powerful of these agents are the Anunnaki, who have much to do with the creation story contained in the Bible. Of the many Anunnaki races, the two most powerful groups today are the Reptilians and the Per-sires (Vulturites). These two groups are vying for absolute control of the Earth.

As I have written before, the Earth is critical to the Virtual Reality because it houses the Atu-waa. The Anunnaki have been falsely promised by Darkness that they will have full control of the physical and astral realms of the Virtual Reality after time is re-started. This is why the Anunnaki have been working so devotedly towards securing the Atu-waa and trying to re-start time. Little do the Anunnaki suspect the treachery of Darkness that lies beneath Its empty promise and secret programming.

Unseen programming is all around us. Our basic structure is programmed internally, about which not very much can be done. However, there is external programming bombarding us daily that we have some chance of resisting. If a person feels the programming of anger, rage or jealousy working on them, they need to nip them quickly in the bud instead of fuelling them by focusing on them. If a person resists the external programming enough, they can deflect it away. The programming then aborts its mission. Unfortunately, the external programming then seeks another target. This is the way Darkness operates.

more is written on the website

I don't know how the author gets the stuff,even george lucas cant have a imagination like the author.
I just think that what if this is all true.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 11:49 PM

I happened upon this site today even though I've long since lost interest in many topics presented on such websites. There seem to be an awful lot of rules on this site - which i've never done well with - i tend not to be able to remember them all and inevitably do something "wrong" and doubtlessly it will happen today as I attempt to write some of my views here. I'm not exactly clear as to why one person gets banned here as opposed to another,,, but then again, it's not my forum and since i didn't put it together it becomes difficult to understand what goes on and why.

I found it interesting that some posters would demand proof of defense while they themselves entertain ideas and beliefs that have no comparitive proof of defense. It truly does become an ego based thing then... where one person just has to be right... due to fear. Fear drives such ego actions. It seemed to come down to the debate as to weather Manchurian Candidates (xee-twelves) views are true or weather ShrunkenSimon and others views are true – and a need to have proof satisfy oneself sufficiently. The hollow earth theory seems to be one that can't be proven scientifically one way or the other - so I'd rather just share my own story about what happened to me when I read the xee-twelve articles.

Before I do that I'll introduce myself. (I haven't registered with a fancy name because I likely won't be back this way so I didn't see much point in it.)

I turned 48 this year of 2008. Old or young seems to be a perception based on ones own age and ideas. I'm old enough to have experience and young enough so I"m not quite so set in stone.

Since I was a very little girl my one main chant or mantra was to open to, know and follow truths. Since then i've discovered that this is a little more complicated than i had initially hoped as a kid. As a young pre-teen I was fascinated with metaphysics and turned to the study of Joel Goldsmiths duality/non-duality teachings. I discovered I didn't have enough life experience to really understand his teachings which say there is no good or evil. So, I put it on the back burner for a few decades while I pursued the study of religion. Cults more precisely. Mormonism for one along with more mainstream religions. Then in the late 80's and 90's i took a dive into new age philosophies and into esoteric mystical teachings and theosophy of Alice Bailey and her predecessor. Studied eastern religion and took a trip to India to see if I could get myself enlightened in a cave. (that's a whole 'nother story). I spent a number of years devoted daily solely to the act of meditation and little else. Studied vedata (hindu non-duality) and deep meditations through chakra activation. Studied through Nisagardatta work primarily and then others and amused myself on the yahoo nisagardattas non-duality forum which was quite a comedy to read people argue for illusion versus *reality*. Studied re-birthing through prana yoga. Investigated forms of phsycology of ego (id, super id etc.) And compared the eastern teachings with western teachings. Dabbled in the religion of science for a few years (although I became even more bored with that than i was with churchy religion which I claim is due to the fact that I failed miserably in chemistry and physics during my 10th grade and dropped sciences altogether by the 11th grade … boring zzzzzzz even at that young age it all seemed like a cosmic joke to figure out the physics and chemistry behind the grand illusion – or delusion depending on which way you may view it). Investigated North American shamanism briefly. Investigated the concept of mind over matter deeply through metaphysics. Investigated ascension as delivered through new agey Sedona Arizona preaching. When I was about 12 years old I recall reading the new testament, decades before I came to understand the contrived book that it has become, and I new I would be living during the “changing days or last days”. I was very concerned about this and distressed I talked to my dad who managed to calm me down somehow . After nine – eleven I researched into various conspiracy theories which led me to investigate different ideas about the illuminati as delivered by alex Jones End game and then compared that with David Icke’s ideas. It all fascinated me as I’d heard about the illuminati before but hadn’t investigated it too much – was too busy with other things. And finally then in the early 2000’s I dreamed a dream of a man. A number of dreams and then somehow I read some teachings from a man named Haidakhan Babaji. I wasn’t in the market for a guru as I had come through western religion and eastern studies and had pretty well discovered what I was satisfied with as “the truth – more accurately how I understood various teachings and ideas” behind it all and really wanted nothing to do with a religious pursuit of any kind – least of all eastern. This person, Babaji, ended up seeking me out and over a period of a few years and through the use of many dreams I finally discovered a particular energy relationship that I had with this person/being who is now not in the body. I thought it was pretty much over at that point, meaning I’d live out the rest of my life in some awareness of comfort of what I knew and to be satisfied with that. Not the case… I began to learn about the Navarati, which is a celebration of light and as I learned, through the assistance of Babaji, I also learned some other things which tie in with this particular thread.

Long ago I was meditating and asked (to no one in particular as I was somewhat into agnosticism if not downright atheist at that period) “what’s the what here?” Just another version of a truth mantra. really. An understanding opened up to me in a way that is very difficult to describe. It was in an instant and yet volumes of information opened up all within that same instant. I knew that there was far more going on behind the scenes and that it was a complex web of lies and half truths… and that yes people who deliver much of the information incorporate some truths amidst many false ideas, which leads to more confusion and diffuses the truth, which is their purpose. One of the big information pieces that came into my awareness is this:
This creation is an experiment gone very, very wrong. That it was a game of sorts (although an experiment would be a more accurate descriptive word) which went rogue and Source is checking it – putting it aright. I saw it and I saw a group of beings as we would today call them scientists,,, or perhaps mad scientists, experimenting with ideas and energy as we’ve come to know it as ego, or some call it dark energy. That this dark energy is as scientists today know it to be called dark matter – and although this dark matter is over 90% and appears to be growing the scientists today don’t know why it is growing and don’t know it’s function. I knew nothing at that time about dark matter as I hadn’t yet embarked on my short lived science investigation.

I kept all of these things to myself as I really didn’t know anyone to tell as the topics don’t exactly come up in conversation. I was given much more bits of information about myself and the nature of this world.

Then, in 2006, on my birthday, I found myself doing some reading on the computer as I had just bought one and was still learning how to use it and enjoying the super information highway.
I found myself on the xeea-twelve website. An interesting thing occurred to me as I was riveted to read each word…. I noticed that I was reading and just absorbing it like a sponge… I wasn’t analyzing or critiquing it at all or in any way… just reading the information – not saying it was right or wrong – but simultaneously completely aware that I was glued to it and had to read as if it were the most important thing in my life. It took me at least a week to get through all the material as I didn’t speed read any of it. The first day I read it, as I said it was my birthday. Prior to this I had spent the last few weeks in deep meditation asking for some clarity about my life and its purpose. When I read it there was an inner awareness that the message came to me as a birthday gift to clarify my purpose in this life. After a full day of reading I finally tore myself away and went to sleep. Remember again that I had no judgments made about it at all… and this was the most interesting thing to note for me as I was purely intrigued even though I’d spent the last number of years in suspicion of anything I’d read due to my early childhood in Mormonism and then my study of eastern spirituality etc. I didn’t know who or what this woman, Amitakh Stanford was, I just read without thought or judgment. Some of the ideas seemed to me like they should be causing me to run, but I wasn’t, it was the reverse – it was like it was all making sense and filling in the blanks with other informations I had learned while I was studying and then meditating upon it all. When I laid down to sleep that night I felt like I was going to sleep after the first day of a new life. Like I had just been given the great keys of the mystery of the universe. There was no place in me for judgment because in a deep place of truth there was no place to critique it or defend or argue or debate or name call…. There was just a recognition. A stillness so profound I thought I might never be the same again… and indeed I haven’t been the same since.

The next morning I opened my eyes to wake up and before I could move my head I experienced a bright light, like a laser light, shooting out of my ajna chakra (3rd eye) and I followed it with my awareness and it traveled in an instant to the location of Amitakh Stanford, where I saw it join with her. I was surprised to say the least as I certainly wasn’t expecting any spirit oriented experience related to reading her website.

In the days to follow as I read I became excited. I began to read critics reviews and many said it was fear based although I will say that I never once felt or feel fear in the words… only relief and hope. Only a sense that finally I have an understanding of information that has explained and filled in gaps of information as to what I have been doing all these many long years and what is going on in various levels. It took a year after learning this information for it to settle in. For the first year I was a lot like Manchurian Candidate wanting to shout from the roof tops.

So, the main thing I will say is that if it isn’t for you then you know it. Then don’t concern yourself at all about her writings.
If it is for you… then you will know it too. And then you will feel immense relief and hope. When it is for you there is no fear. Everything you read is like someone opened your mind to a truth that finally explains everything and there is a sense of peace and clarity and often excitement.

So, why the debate and argue over an idea that may oppose your own? Over the inability to prove something through what –> the scientific methods? That gets things caught up in the mind trap – and that is just as I said  a trap.

Rather than getting into peeing contests over whose truth is “it” and whose isn’t, it would be more productive to learn to discern your own inner spirit within and differentiate it from the ego’s voice directives. Then in doing so find out what the inner spirit directive for you is. By doing so you will come to understand your place in it all. Then act on that and follow in harmony with it. That which one follows and acts upon is what is fed and grows – the muscle which is used more is the one that is dominant and strong. In that way one can combine their will with understanding what is best for them and discriminate between the layers of propaganda.
Ego has it’s *truths* beliefs and versions and spirit Source also has it’s truths. It is up to us to find which way is ours. As I act upon my Spirit Truths (not someone else’s) that truth grows stronger like a muscle from being used. As I walk away from things that are of ego ideas then that muscle becomes weak from lack of use.

Rejoice… 2008/2009 is the beginning. It won’t quite end in 2012, but many people will wish it did. It will take longer than that to wind down completely and end the program that is now running amok although few people will be alive during that time to actually witness it all. It is a game/experiment and I will be relieved when it is over. And it will be over. Yes, then we will BE our true beings – unaffected by dark ego nature because it will not be active.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 08:17 AM
wow just wow,thats an intresintg story.
One thing i didn't like is that you said that it wont end in 2008 let alone in 2012.How do you know this?
ps:i am the OP manchurian candidate
and you are right there is not point to shout and tell the world about this,only you need to know and be prepared.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:28 AM
god of mighty!! you met with amitakh stanford.please share your experiences with here and how should any person who likes her work meet her?.Also you said that the world wont end in 2008,why and who told you?.I see soo many earthquakes,cyclones,volcanoes erupting.In one of here post she said that in 2008 light beings would celebrate.What does it mean?,would they be raptured.
please share more of your experiences and how do you came about to post here?.
pz make an ats acc here so we can talk to each other.

posted on May, 17 2008 @ 01:14 PM
also i found out the old website.This website was hosted by his husband i presume aka Joseph CHIAPPALONE

a lot of very interesting things are given like
There are basically two beings in society:

--- All those in the levels of consciousness in this universe (there are mineral, vegetable, animal, HUMAN, spiritual, galactic and universal levels) belong to one of the two creations, with the vast majority being part of the evil creation. Over 70% of humans are of an evil ontology. These are called ROBOTS and DEMONS and throughout time have exploited the energy of the True Beings (the ontologically Divinely-created beings) of the Divine Creation. Exploitation of the True Divine Race is their role.

--- There are basically two beings in society:

1. PERMANENT ATOM BEINGS, (PA beings) created by the Divine Essence. These are the True Beings. Many of these have not remained faithful to the Light. They have accepted the polluted energy of the evil demigod.

2. NON-PERMANENT ATOM BEINGS, (non-PA beings) created by the evil usurper. They have been called Mock or Counterfeit beings. Some are demons. Very few of these have responded to the Divine Light and rejected their evil essence.

--- As the physical dimension developed over the last 18 billions years or so, it entrapped the consciousness of the True Beings. Evolution eventually imposed these physical structures and bodies onto the trapped consciousness of True Beings. True Beings were forced to use them by the changing conditions imposed by evil. The bodies are subjected to various programming factors and reflexes which distort the expression of the consciousness of the True Beings who reside within them.

--- The physical body is affected by the environment and the principle AGENTS OF PROGRAMMING which in today's world are: Oxygen, various Foodstuffs, Alcohol and tobacco, Drugs, Sex, Radiation, Talismans, Microbes, Wealth or lack of it.

--- Thoughts can be the result of IMPLANTATION from either the evil or the Divine force.

--- A Divine Consciousness is not the body or the so-called soul. It was originally created to experience, explore, express, evolve and enjoy in order to return to and enhance the Divine Mind which created it.

--- The consciousness of True Beings exists within the bodies in 7 Centres of Consciousness (chakras) each of which has a nucleus containing: Divine awareness, the essences of the Creator, permanence, a Divine heritage and the blueprints for the Divine evolution of that individual centre of consciousness.

--- The metaphysical anatomical structure of beings on this planet includes: An astral body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a physical body with its physical mind and a filtering mechanism which prevents adequate recall of out of body experiences. All these structures have been imposed by the evil demigod. This body is programmed by the genes and the chromosomes, by the physical mind and the agents acting upon it, and by behaviourial patterns which are both congenital and acquired.

--- There are 10 classes of consciousness in human bodies and they are physically indistinguishable.

These classes are as follows:

i Ancients,

ii Ancients of Ancients,

iii Earthling PA beings,

iv Translocated PA beings from other planets (beings who have been kidnapped from other planets -- many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings),

v The counterfeit evil-created non-PA beings,

vi Class 5 beings (Spiritual beings called Walk-ins),

vii Fallen Class 5 beings,

viii Special Creations of the Supreme,

ix Evil incomplete beings (called soulless beings) and

x Rescuers.

I hope more atsers reply.this is the information of the information.I also see that users derekoneseven used to post on many websites but he has stoppped posting.I wonder what has happened

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posted on Jun, 7 2008 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

ok, i think we had exactly the same expirience reading amitakhs stories

this part:

you wrote:

I found myself on the xeea-twelve website. An interesting thing occurred to me as I was riveted to read each word…. I noticed that I was reading and just absorbing it like a sponge… I wasn’t analyzing or critiquing it at all or in any way… just reading the information – not saying it was right or wrong – but simultaneously completely aware that I was glued to it and had to read as if it were the most important thing in my life.

same, to the last word, happened to me!!!!!!!??????!!!???

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:12 AM
a very intresinting topic.The website has been updated and covers from the evil galactic federation,new agers,recent natural disasters,food and oil crises,internet spying,forums used by the ruling elite to track users and the us elections.
What is most striking is that the seperation has began.

The materials channelled from evil aliens are the most dangerous of all the channelled materials for many reasons. Firstly, the evil aliens are at war with humans, regardless of the nonsense that has been presented about their compassion and love for humanity. Further, the evil aliens can disguise themselves as angels, ascended masters or even gods. They or their messages might appear harmless or even helpful and spiritual, but that is not the case. They can make their followers feel that they are on the right spiritual path, and make things around them appear to be good, spiritual and uplifting. However, the followers are unaware that they are weakening themselves through the process of connecting to certain channelled material.

Prolonged exposure and involvement with the benign-appearing channelled material can weaken their Will, which the victims are not even aware of on the physical level. On the contrary, they may even feel spiritually connected and fulfilled, and be deceiving themselves into thinking they are progressing spiritually. Since many are taught about spiritual progression and advancement, they accept the doctrine of evolution of the soul. They can be quick to attack anyone who questions this spiritual evolutionary theory. In fact, evolutionary theories of all types are generally protected by Darkness and people are programmed to accept them.

The things the author says makes sense,I hope it ends soon.
i also like the anonymous ats above about her expreinces.I hope you share more.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:09 AM

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:13 PM

what i like about her is sheer siplicity

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Her posts makes me feel happy from inside.
As i read from other users that this is full of fear.Let me say that those who fear know from the inside that they do not belong to the divine and are not of divine or true light beings.They are scared that this is true and would lead to their demise very soon.

Only beings who feel joy,happiness,and feel a boulder being lifted from thier chest are imo true light beings.As she said never give your will and stay spiritually strong.

some argue that the universe is so beautiful ,earth is a paradise.
let me tell them that seeing a system where animals eating others,fish eating others,humans torturing their own kind is totally evil and void of light.
just ask this question that why would a loving god create a system of pain,death,suffering?.

the answer is that the god who created this system known as the universe (virtual reality) is evil or satan.The true god is rescuing its viables.THe recent natural disasters,food,oil,economic crises are not being done by the divine but by the demiurge who is hopelessly trying to restart time which causes the earth to fracture even more.

soon all viable would be rescued and everything else would go into nothingness.

as she said in her latst article the second cataclysm event is going to happen very soon in which billions would perish and before the event all true light beings would be rescued.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 07:27 AM

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Sorry I have not read all this thread but I am interested in how this time machine actually works? You say it re sets time so we can not move into the next age is this correct? How would this be done, sorry if its already been discussed, Im going to read the thread now.

I must admit Im beginning to think something is going on, Im in the UK and we seem to be having a massive increase in UFO s and other strange behaviour...???

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 10:55 PM
time is a being which WAS trapped by darkness in the atu-waa.NOw the machine has been dismantled and the being rescued by the divine.The hourglass does empty this year.Time has been restarted many many times by darkness(annunaki).THis time it wont restart and would lead to destruction of the virtual reality.All true light beings who haven't given over their WILL will be rescued before the second cataclysm.

There will be many more UFO sightings as Aliens are panicking as they are beings of darkness.they know that thier NWO is failing and they would cease to exist soon.They are preparing for war against other ET'S in this planet.

The soo called next ages only serves purposes for darkness.What does ascension or new ages lead to?,you are still trapped n this virtual reality.The only way to break free is for the universe to be destroyed which is happening.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:23 PM

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by greenjuice

Good Day, i am not an expert on the truth but relized i was searching for it all my life. Can you contact the truth giver known as the white buffalo?

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:16 AM
reply to post by kitos

I dont understand what to you mean.If you mean that contact the author of the writings then you need to the xeeatwelve website but i have tried to contact the author and i receive no reply.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:03 AM
Much of the information is correct. Three things you don't understand:

- the thought forms, you call darkness, gave us our thoughts. Everything you can think of is false, is an illusion. Love, peace, truth, enlightenment don't exist. They are illusions of the mind.
Thought keeps you in the matrix, prison, labyrinth. So, thought is the real enemy.

- what you want is the same as all the other 'end time' preachers, viz. permanent happiness without pain somewhere, be it on a higher level existence, be it in the 'true light' existence, etc. You call it a place of love and peace, but you don't understand that it is a desire, which is in your thoughts all the time. Thought = desire. Your thought has been given by the thought forms (darkness), so you are part of their game all the time.

- You are looking for a rescuer, a saviour who will take you out of the virtual reality. It is thought that is fooling you. There is no saviour. You don't need any help from anybody. When you are fed up with the parasite pyramid and realise there is no way out, maybe the energy will wipe out the program in you, viz. thought that has been put in you.
This means you cannot do and don't have to do a thing.

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