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Have you ever thought that the year 2012 was disinfo & the real date is 2008 and what does it mean?

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:09 AM
Basically there are 2 sides of illuminati
The Vulturites and the Reptilians were once like family, but the "family" began bickering, and they broke off to form their own empires a long, long time ago. These are the two most formidable Anunnaki races in the Cosmos, and both are vying for supremacy over the other. All other alien groups are basically pawns, caught in the middle of the Reptilian/Vulturite struggle for power.
while USA is vulturite CHINA is with reptilians

The Reptilians are not fully ready to launch a "conventional" war against the Vulturites yet, but they are in panicked preparation for one. They are secretly mobilizing with great rapidity and intend to strike.

The Reptilians "flexed their muscles" by causing the Indian-Ocean tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. They mistakenly thought this would frighten the Vulturites into submission. It had the reverse effect. The Reptilians murdered tens of thousands of people to try to shock the Vulturites out of their quest, but the cunning Vulturites are so resolved that they have treated their lost positions and people in the wake of the Indian-Ocean tsunami as "pawns" of warfare.

Since the Reptilians are unable to successfully wage "conventional" war upon the Vulturites as yet, the Reptilians plan on striking the heart of the Vulturite stronghold by launching another tsunami and other "natural" disasters that will devastate much of the U.S.A.

The First Major Cataclysmic Event has eventuated. The Second Major Cataclysmic Event is drawing closer.

Some aliens are trying desperately to flee the Earth at this time. Their efforts have caused a lot of ice to melt in Antarctica and other places, along with a host of other problems. What they do not realize is that if time is not re-started from Earth in 2008, the whole Cosmos in the Virtual Reality will be affected too.

the ultimate question?

It is impossible for the physical mind to comprehend what is beyond the physical understanding. Hence, the Light beyond the Light is indescribable, yet this state exists. This is the Unmanifested which exists only and purely in the Pure Creation of True Light. Here lies the Ultimate "Home" of all True-Light Creation for all viables who are to be retrieved and enter into the Pure Light.

Beings of True Light trapped in the Virtual Reality are like replicas of the originals that go through cycles of birth and decay. However, in the Light beyond the Light, there is no death - no decay - no waste - no exploitation

The Light beyond the Light is the Light within the Light. It is here that True Bliss, Purity, Love and Beauty dwells. There is no segregation, there are no barriers, no dangers, no suffering. All is truly One. All is truly Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfection and Eternal Bliss. The physical mind cannot comprehend this perfect state of being. The Light beyond the Light cannot be tampered with. This is where all things can truly be made anew.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:13 AM
Interesting post. It does resonate with my slightly, although i think there a few things that need clearing up, as to me it sounds like the truth wrapped in a layer of fear.

I have heard multiple times that the end date is 2007/2008, and it could well be true, although i still think 2012 is more likely. Either way, the earth changes are definatly underway right now, weather is going mental, tectonic activity is increasing in frequency and magnitude, and peoples immune systems are fluctuating also (as for me, i never get ill :roll

The annunaki are not the creators of the universe IMO. They are what people call the "greys", a more technologically advanced race than us, yet a race which has evolved without the proper functioning chakra system, aka they feel no emotion. It wasn't until they realised other races had chakra systems that they came to Earth. In order to fulfill their own spiritual destiny they installed knowledge and the power systems we see today, often grouped into one system known as the Illuminati. This is where the the theories concerning shape shifting reptilian masters has come from, basing it upon the ancient writings and drawings of these other world beings, yet as usual, we took it too literally..

The rotating sun cube theory is interesting. I fully believe the universe works on sacred geometrical principles, but im not so sure about this.

I think its more likely that instead of it just being one geometrical shape, it is two. Afterall, there is duality on EVERY level of creation, why should the suns physical properties be any different. Two triangle based pyramids, one upside down, both in the same space, rotating in opposite directions, gives the appearance of a sphere. One thing that makes this more likely is that if you look at the Sun and Earth, the two lines of latitude where the corners of the pyramids would be spinning, there are interesting features. On the sun, it is sun spot activity and flares, on Earth there are pyramids, and on Mars there is the face, on Jupiter its the great red spot/storm etc it just coincidence that all these features turn up on the 19.5 line of latitude, two lines both equal distance from the equator?..

Another thing, whilst there is no atmosphere in space and it would be extremely cold, i wouldn't dare anyone to go beyond the earths protective field. You would be bombared with solar radiation (this is one reason why we never went to the moon). Also, saying that a craft would not be lit by the sun if it were in direct line of sight? Are you so sure? What about satellites and other space objects that are clearly visible (with the aid of a telescope maybe), they are clearly reflecting light to your eye...

Whilst alot of what you said resonates with me, there is far too much detailed information in there without any back up or evidence for one to believe any of it to be true.

Personally i think this is a rip off by someone whos just trying to make a buck or two with a modified conspiracy theory. I mean comon, you say this universe is built on darkness/ have to be stupid to believe that, just look at the night sky and the stars, galaxies and other beautiful objects in space, it is a real work of art and love, not evil and darkness, although i do agree reality is an illusion, but not one of evil.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:21 AM
You said that the universe is beauty but remember looks can be decieving.It is very heavy but if you read all the articles you would realize that it is the truth and bout the satellite they have a thing called SOLAR panels which acts like a mirror.


Evil stemmed from a celestial experimental error that would not correct itself, nor take Divine Correction, but instead thrived on the Corrective Energy all the while resisting and defying Divine Correction. Evil saw the Creation (The Expression) as the Ultimate and forgot that without the Source there would be no Expression.

Darkness created the illusion that it is the Source. This illusion is so real that Darkness itself is deluded and thinks that It (Darkness) is the Source. Evil chose the glitter over the substance. The glitter attracts the majority of beings. Many of the Light beings also erroneously perceive the Expression of Light as the Ultimate.

It is not the Source, but the Expression that is corrupted. The Source, the Unmanifest, is all there is of permanence and it remains uncorrupted. Nothing is self sustaining that is manifested from the Source. Only the Source is eternal and perpetual. Thus, the statement that the Light is self-sustaining is clearly a simplification that needs further explanation at this time. A simple explanation is that the Light of Creation has been deemed Good by the Unmanifest, and so long as the Light tends towards Purity, it is self-sustaining because by striving towards Purity it automatically connects Itself to the Source.

However, the Light can be contaminated by Darkness if Darkness invades Light. Hence, if Darkness is not checked, the Light could be swamped and weakened by Darkness and become contaminated by It.

The True Light carries an inner sound, an inner vibration, a blueprint which the False Light cannot reproduce even though the False Light can imitate the appearance of the True Light. This is where the awakened beings of Light will be able to discriminate the True-Light beings from the False-Light beings AFTER the final stages of the separation of Light from Darkness commence. There is the Pulse, the inner Sound, the inner Vibration that individual beings of True Light can inwardly access to recognize the True Light

Many think of Darkness as an absolute principle of Evil. This is not strictly so. Some people think Darkness is the ignorant, unawakened part of oneself. Still others think of Darkness as the shadowy part of the self that is temporarily separated from the Divine. Whatever concept of Evil humans have put forward throughout the ages, the fact remains that there is no complete, absolute explanation of Evil. This is partly because Evil, like the concept of God, is not something humans can properly explain with their limited understanding, especially under the constraint of using words as their means of expression. Hence, in this article my explanations of some very complex and esoteric issues are highly simplified. Further, analogies are used to try to make the explanations more understandable to the physical minds. Therefore, they will not be perfectly adequate explanations.

The most dangerous misconception about Evil is that It is believed to be necessary in order to balance the Light. This misconception actually justifies Darkness and is a deadly trap. It locks people into tolerating, and, worse still, embracing Evil, thus giving Evil the same glory and importance as Light. If that be the case, there would be no need to fight Evil, there would be no need to counteract Evil, and there would be no need to work on oneself towards Purity and goodness. If Evil were necessary to balance Light, then one's house should be open indiscriminately to marauders as well as friends at all times.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:26 AM
The first three evil minds were caught in an error that occurred in the True Creation Process. Bear in mind that the use of the term "error" does not have the same connotation as when the word "error" is normally used in the world. This error has been referred to as the Celestial Error. The Celestial Error is actually the Principle of Darkness.

The first three minds (high beings of Light) went into the Celestial Error and refused to accept correction to bring them back to the Light. These three minds escaped before the Celestial Error (the Principle of Polarity) was corrected. For all intents and purposes the Celestial Error has been corrected! However, the three minds refused the correction and went on their way to form their own principle that defies the Light, which is now commonly referred to as Darkness. Minds four through to eight were supposed to help retrieve the three "prodigal children", but they became trapped and corrupted by the other three minds. This is mainly due to the polarization energy that the three minds came up with in their early stages of creation of the Virtual Reality. It was also due to the fact that Evil was so foreign to the True-Light beings that they were naïvely caught in the traps.

I think i have posted enough.IF YOU WANT to know more about these tings and other things like the spirit world plz visit

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:36 AM
It sounds to me like Manchurian Candidate is none other than

Amitakh Stanford trying to sell copy.

We need to be sure of our sources. The parts about the Bible (God's Word) being contaminated by Satan is something that we are warned of. It has already been done. Rome, being responsible for the bulk of the translations as well as housing most of the original copy makes me cautious.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 12:18 PM
no i am not amitakh stanford.Check my ip.The author of the website is in aus and i am from asia.rather than giving you links which no one clicks i decided to post excerpts which is in conformity of TOS from xeeatwelve and ats.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 01:23 PM
I really hate to break it to you, but if you believe there is a good vs evil you are deluding yourself, because ultimately they are both part of the same system. Light illuminates darkness, but darkness can not shield light. There is only love and light.

Duality does not mean the two are seperate. You say motion is linked to evil, i don't believe you could be more wrong. Motion is consciousness, not evil, although the motion happening can be of positive or negative intent.

Motion IS creation. Creation is consciousness. Conciousness is motion. But ultimately the motion is still ONE.

"Good" and "evil" is merely a choice that is made by consciousness, it is not a material concept or physical force. You either flow with the whole, or you fight against it. You either serve yourself (evil) or you serve others (good). Being evil is fighting against the system (not government system, dont confuse that one!), fighting against time, whereas "good" is going with the system and bringing love to everything you encounter.

The heaven and hell scenario is what i would describe your writings as; It offers true postive and negative rewards, but making itself known to a person makes them fearful, and anything that makes a person intentionally fearful is the "evil" you describe.

Beauty is in simplicity. Evil is the confusion surrounding that beauty. But ultimately the truth will penetrate the darkness.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 04:09 PM
LOL! i think that guy is high as hell! that's some far-out stuff right there.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:48 PM
I agree with the notion that 2008 would be the end time date, although it may have more to do with our Gregorian calendar that was applied to the Mayan one being off by about 5 years (making 2007/8 the Mayan 2012) and not an Annunaki plot. However it could be possible.

The rest I'm having a hard time with. The idea of two great and powerful forces at battle is fine but one of those forces being held hostage by a single human that has stolen an vital piece of a time reversal machine is a bit nutty.

If the reptilians (being as powerful as claimed) wanted the part back from Amitakh Stanford, I am positive they would have no trouble taking it.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 06:44 AM
sorry simon i should really hate you break it to you but you have yet to wake up.Before the universe was created evil never existed.It was only after an celestial error that 3 high level beings(imo they are the hindu gods aka bhrama,vishnu and shiva) rebelled against the light and created thier own world in which they could be gods,they created thier servants to do thier jobs(annunaki).(in sanskrit ichi dari nagas)

Minds one through three became so dark that they openly rejected and rebelled against the Light, and continue to do so to this day. Evil corrupts. The five subsequent minds that were sent to retrieve the three "prodigal children" were infected by Darkness and corrupted by the first three minds. Thereafter, the other five minds joined forces with the first three and together they form a force against the Light. However, minds four through eight are less evil than the first three minds. This is primarily because minds four through eight can still recognize the Mother's Love to some extent - they were sent out in an uncorrupted state to retrieve the first three minds. Hence, the Mother has thereafter poured in her energy to the realm of Darkness to retrieve minds four through eight. The more the Mother poured her Love into the realms of Darkness the more Darkness exploited that Love, and the more entangled the Light particles became. As Darkness trapped more and more True-Light beings, more and more energy was poured out from the Light to sustain the True-Light beings until the Rescue Mission could be accomplished.

and you said motion is consciousness.Motion is the ultimate illusion which has trapped everyone
The wheel was forced upon humans to extract the maximum possible efforts for as small a benefit as feasible. Moving things by employing wheels is a very inefficient method. Waste is ingrained into Anunnaki slave and penal camps. The entire Virtual Reality was designed by the demiurges to thrive upon waste. Since the Anunnaki are chief agents of Darkness, they have modelled their colonies to likewise thrive upon waste.

In order to achieve maximum enslavement while simultaneously demonstrating some production, the Anunnaki forced humans to labour under the primary technology of the wheel. Wheels cause motion without much purpose. Much more energy is put into wheel-driven engines than can be extracted from them.

The planets move in circular or elliptical motions. On a smaller scale, atomic particles move in similar patterns. These motions are devised to hold together the illusions of the Virtual Reality, many of which appear quite concrete and physical.

Wheel or circular motion is basically motion without purpose, with an object going over and over the same territory without making progress. While wheels can be used to produce physical results, albeit very wastefully, wheels also mask the spiritual abyss into which they are plunging humans and other beings.

As I have said before, there is no motion in the True Divine Realm. Motion is an invention of Darkness to help achieve Its purpose of enslavement of True-Light beings as well as False-Light beings. Motion wastes a huge amount of energy, but motion helps to maintain the illusion of the Virtual Reality.

Since motion is extremely wasteful of energy, Darkness must constantly feed Its world with energy to keep the illusion afloat. Up until now, Darkness has stolen this energy from True-Light beings. However, the Rescue Mission is so far along, and so many True-Light beings have been retrieved from the Virtual Reality, that energy is getting very scarce. Darkness is getting more and more desperate and has been forced to use Its reserves of stolen energy to keep Its putrid illusion going longer in the hopes of finding a solution before the illusion collapses.


With all the knowledge i have gained i wonder how the real world is like.

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 09:49 AM
There's another site that's related to the
I really want to know where they get these information,and see if they can prove these claims.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 11:13 AM
tormentor are you under global ignore cuz i cannot see your post.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 12:11 AM
I should be out of global ignore by now.
Anyways check out my link to in my previous post.They seem to be talking about the same topics.
I REALLY want to know where did he/she get these information.

Anybody here willing to prove or debunk these claims?

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 04:12 AM
These claims are soo out of this world that not even Einstein could debunk it.
we would have to wait till end of 2008 whether to see if it is true.also i included your trutism link in my first post and about global warming here it another article
The real problem of global warming is artificial and beyond human solutions. It cannot be solved by human efforts in mitigating the effects of pollution because it is an artificial imposition upon the Earth by aliens.

The Lemurians know that the time for the Earth is short because nobody has re-started "Time," and it is quickly ticking away. The Lemurians know the date when the Earth will end, but they had expected the Anunnaki Elite to return to Earth and re-start the cycle. They also surmised that they would be safe underwater during the "re-start" of Time. However, because the Attas of Light have kept the Anunnaki Elite at bay, the cycle is counting down with no chance of a re-starting.

The Lemurians sense something has altered the Anunnaki plans to keep the Earth in an endless and pointless cycle of re-starts. Therefore, they are taking desperate measures to free their ice-encased mother crafts on Antarctica. They do not know whether the crafts will still function, but their small crafts are inadequate and impractical for deep space travel. It is so desperate that they will risk running a blockade without any support since there is no other chance of their survival. They want to make a rapid exodus from Earth and hope that their mother crafts will function despite years of "hibernation" in the ice.

The Lemurians have constructed a huge microwave device that heats the water deep under the Antarctic seas. It is a device which pulsates with whitish- purplish light. As it rises and falls it superheats the water, which rises in a bubbling fashion and spreads under the ice shelves, causing them to melt. As the ice breaks away from the shelves, the glaciers will be more exposed to the water and air temperatures, which will cause them to melt rapidly. The heated water eventually causes the rise in air temperature around the globe.

The glaciers are like crusts that are covering the mother crafts. These ice crusts are the main targets of the Lemurians because they need to be peeled away if the Lemurians are to flee the Earth before it ceases to exist. The superheated water is dispersing throughout the world's oceans, which is causing havoc by heating the water, air and land to hotter and hotter levels.

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 05:45 AM

Originally posted by tormentor

I REALLY want to know where did he/she get these information.

Anybody here willing to prove or debunk these claims?

I'd like to know as well, my personal feeling is that it is a load of rubbish, based on 98% pure speculation. How can you debunk imagination?

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by manchurian_candidate
-sorry simon i should really hate you break it to you but you have yet to wake up.Before the universe was created evil never existed.

-and you said motion is consciousness.Motion is the ultimate illusion which has trapped everyone

-In order to achieve maximum enslavement while simultaneously demonstrating some production, the Anunnaki forced humans to labour under the primary technology of the wheel.

-The planets move in circular or elliptical motions. On a smaller scale, atomic particles move in similar patterns. These motions are devised to hold together the illusions of the Virtual Reality, many of which appear quite concrete and physical.

-Since motion is extremely wasteful of energy

Sorry, but this is a load of rubbish. I will reply to the points i have marked in order;

-Yet to wake up because i don't believe the "truth" you believe, which i mite add, simply consists of quoting ONE website. "before the universe was created"...that in itself shows me you conceptually understand nothing. You claim you know all this information to be true, yet even you do not understand that TIME is an illusion, and outside of this physical "illusion" as you put it, TIME does NOT EXIST. There is no beginning and no end to reality/God, it is not linear, it is cyclical. It is the continous perpetual motion of God, meaning it is always in motion, trying to balance itself out from left to right, and back again.

-Motion is not an illusion. Motion is only considered an illusion because of the involvement of time and our perception of time. Time is the only true illusion. Consciousness is motion, consciousness can not be the illusion itself, but it CAN create illusion but seperating itself from the whole and isolating itself in time and space (both of which are conditions of the physical and which do not apply outside of the physical realm).

-The Anunnaki imposed the system we have because that was their own spiritual destiny they were trying to fulfill. However, the system never ceased, and was perpetuated to this day by selfish humans who do not want to lose their own status, or the status quo itself. It is not maintained by anyone else other than humans at the present time, and we will fulfill our own destiny once we escape this perpetual cycle of our own enslavement.

-The circular motion has nothing to do with holding the illusion together. You state that as fact, yet anyone could have made that conclusion, although they would have to be foolish, since there is nothing to support it!

Circular motion is the simplist motion, it requires no input on the atomic scale to maintain this motion. it is simply maintained by gravity vs electromagnetism. it takes energy to alter the atomic motion, yet, it takes none to simply let the circular motion exist.

Waste of energy? There is no such thing as wasting energy, that is merely a human perception. Energy is the fundamental of everything, you can not waste it because you can not create or destroy it, but you can misdirect it via bad intention.

Relying on that website is not the answer, you are deluding yourself, and i would seriously recommend reading more on every area of interest before simply ending your quest with one website which claims to have the answer.

You think one website would hold the entire truth, and nothing but the truth? If these aliens and "evil" are so powerful, you think they would allow one single website to expose them? Get real.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 08:58 AM
The greatest thing that makes an individual different from another is his views.So your view is yours and mine view is mine and no one can force you to change your view,only the individual can.
btw how did you get your info?just curious

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by manchurian_candidate

Likewise, it was simple friction which ignited the atmosphere around the sun that produced the original flame (it is the sun's atmosphere that is burning and NOT the cube). However, given these conditions, the sun would have quickly burned up all its atmosphere (fuel) and have been extinguished. Thus, the Designer made the sun spin in such a way that a patch near the north pole of the sun does not ever get touched by any corners of the cube. If you were to fly over the "top" of the sun, you would see a dark spot or a "hole" in the sun. This "hole" is the "fuel" entry point for the sun. The tremendous spinning of the sun coupled with the "void" on the "top" creates a violent funnel or tornado-like vortex that literally sucks gases from deep space. It is the sucked-in gases that provide the "fuel" which keeps the sun burning.

Hence, the spinning cube is not a furnace at all. It is a huge EXTERNAL combustion engine.

In order to keep the nature of the sun hidden, planets revolve around the sun's equator so that inhabitants of the planets do not have a perspective from which to see the dark spot atop the sun. Besides, the planets are able to acquire an optimum level of radiant energy from the sun by orbiting its equator. Further, if the planets were to get anywhere close to the northern vortex, they would be sucked into it.

It should be noted that the physical/astral dimension was NOT designed by the True Creator. The physical realm, which includes the astral, was an imposition by Darkness which was superimposed over the True Creation. Darkness is an aberration of the True Creation. The True Creator attempted to correct the aberration by pouring Divine Love into it. However, Darkness rejected all attempts at correction or retrieval of It.
When Darkness superimposed the physical dimension upon a sector of the True Creation, it trapped many True-Light beings in Matter (Darkness). The Earth is located in this sector. Thus, for aeons many beings of Light have been trapped by Darkness in the physical realm.
shocking to say the least

O K I have to call this BS (sorry MC)

Unless I am remembering wrong I am fairly certain we have sent craft over the pole? Besides all that The more I read the more faulty logic I see in MC's posts. I will admit I havent read the links he posted here! They are blocked under the category of pornography here at work. ( That also makes me suspect of this)

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 01:39 AM
lmao porngrpahy.i assure you that this website is 100% clean.and if you still dont believe in hollow earth then these pics might help mars saturn earth

[edit on 25-1-2007 by manchurian_candidate]

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 05:44 AM
a quick question :

if the " annunaki " / < isnesrt whatever > created the universe

please explain the origins of the " creator "

repeat untill you see the infinite regression trap for what it is

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