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The Matrix Decoded

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 01:39 AM
I was watching The Matrix the other day and trying to find all the hidden stuff in there. Theres plenty to find! Heres some stuff I was thinking about:

One of the Wachowski brothers is a cross dresser and frequents s&m clubs which is why the movies have alot of leather bound people, especially in the Merovingians club. (Also in V for Vendetta, produced by the Bro's, the gay talk show host has s&m pictures in his secret room.)

The Matrix:

The movie opens on Trinity in room 303 about to be arrested. She escapes and flys down from the rooftops, with arm's stretched out, then rolls down a staircase. It seems symbolic of triune-God comming down to Earth on the steps, or levels of Jacobs ladder perhaps, and sets us up for seeing Neo in the next scene.

Thomas A Anderson lives in room 101. His hacker name is Neo, which is an anagram of the "One," obviously. Anderson comes from Andrew which is (aner) "man." So Neo Anderson is the New Man.

Neo "dies" to the Matrix when he takes the red pill. He is reborn in the Real World by coming down a canal (birth canal?) covered in fluid and totally hairless like a baby. He sleeps for 3 days. He wakes up twice for a few seconds of dialogue, then the third time we see him is in his tiny room. (Symbolic of Jesus rising on the 3rd day in his tomb)

Morpheus is the guy who wakes Neo up from his "dream reality." In Greek mythology Morpheus was the god of dreams. Derived from Greek (morphe) meaning "shape", referring to the shapes seen in dreams. Morpheus makes a shape with his hands like a downward pointing triangle when he greets Neo in the Construct program on Neo's first day in the real world. Now this reminded me of the lamb skin apron's that masons wear with this female symbol right over their.. "area," which is right where Morpheus held his hands. The only other thing in the Construct was a television set, and the back of the TV has a downward pointing triangle also. This equated Morpheus to the TV in my opinion. And that would make a Televison set a god of dreams or shapes. Which many of us gather around in hushed voices every night

In Christianity (and other religions before) and Freemasonry, the Trinity is very important. "Neo" is surrounded by trinity symbolism so much so that his love interest is named Trinity. Neo is hunted by 3 agents in the movie. Neo is eventually killed by the one Agent who wants to leave the Matrix - Smith. In Freemasonry, their hero is Hiram Abiff who is in charge of building Solomons Temple and is attacked by 3 apprentices who want to move up beyond their level; but only one delivers the death blow. Hiram is killed with a Hammer, a Level and a Plumb Level. Agent Smith has a name that means Blacksmith, which comes from "to smite or hit."

When Neo talks to the Oracle she is making cookies. The old Oracle of greece was a woman who huffed natural gas leaks in Delphi in order to do her predictions. And when Neo walks in, the Oracle has her head in the gas (?) oven checking on the cookies. The Oracle Tells Neo that he is not the One, and that it looks like he is waiting for his next life. (Which is why Neo doesnt have any superpowers until Agent Smith kills him, then he comes back all super fast and able to stop bullets.)

Neo is ressurrected by.. Trinity. She kisses him after he flat-lines when Smith unloaded his desert eagle into Neo's chest. (He is also in room 303, which is where the movie begins on Trinity.)

In Part 3, Neo follows 3 powerlines to the AI city called, 01 or ZeroOne. 0 and 1 being the source for everything in the computer's world, as in binary language. Also, coincidentally, the crossing of the 1 and 0 makes the greek symbol for the Golden Ratio which is found in all life, from the face of a sun flower to the shape of our galaxy...

Matrix = from L. matrix (gen. matricis) "pregnant animal," "womb," also "source, origin," from mater (gen. matris) "mother."
Neo has to go back to the "source" in part 2.

Matrix Revolutions:

Neo has only 314 seconds to enter the Source. 314 = 3.14, pi.

Neo was created by the Oracle and the Architect to balance the equation. The Architect is obviously God, especially to Freemasons. And the Oracle comes from Greek history as being in Delpi. In ancient times it was the site for the worship of Gaia. Gaia is the earth, or Earth worship. So the counterpart to the Architect, is Earth symbolized by the oracle. These are symbolized in Freemasonry as the Compass and Square. Also the Compass(Architect) is Male and the Square(Oracle) is Female.

The Architect tells Neo that when he resets the Matrix, he gets to pick 7 males and 16 females to repopulate Zion. And in the Bible the world is repopulated after destruction by Noah and his ark: Genisis 7:16 = "A male and a female of every animal went in as God had commanded Noah. Then the Lord closed the door behind them."

The cover art of the DVD has the characters under an Arch, important symbol in Freemasonry. (example: St. Louis was the first to recapture Jerusalem, and in Saint Louis there's an... Arch.)

I was just watching part 3 and realized that the "Operator" for Morpheus' ship is named "Link", and his wife is called "Z." Perhaps the Wachowski Brothers are fans of Nintendo's Zelda and Link games??

Well, If anyone has an opinion, or thinks they may have found some hidden symbols please let me know.

[edit on 1/18/2007 by ViolatoR]

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