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Making GOD's of Men

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 01:31 AM
This whole Illuminati thing, bilderberg, skull and bones, freemasonry. It's like joining and being apart of the royal class on earth. In effect becoming a God. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush's, these guy's are making so much money that our entire bloodline couldn't make the money they are seeing. They are probably driving around in Rolls Royces, living in mansion's. They're very old individuals too. They probably can taste death approaching and sold their souls to the devil. The people should make a daily blogger about the lives of these individuals. It sure will kick "Crib's" in the ass, that's for sure.

What does everything in life come down to... Money! Money! Money!.... MOooney

I think this secret society is making people follow fictional entities. If they're number one motive is money and power, which it always is. They're goal is globalization of their corporation's through war. If there isn't a government they can influence, like Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, then they're just going to have to bomb the crap out of them until they submit to the unbelievably rich people in the world of have come together to control the people through their own governments.

By controlling all the governments, and making one world government, they are in effect making men and women of the world their slaves.

Power & Money = Human labor
They won't need to worry about GDP and GNP when they finally get a police state and having human labor at they're will. They won't need to pay people. Just give them the bio chip and if they don't listen then, someone will take them out.

This Illuminati is not after global domination. They want their bloodline to be forever supported by the labor of human beings that fall below the royal bloodline. I believe they call it selective breeding.

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 05:15 AM
I agree with you about money. Money = peoples time. There is only so much money that the average laborer can make in his lifetime. I figure that if you worked from age 18 until retirement at around $14.25 per hr. then you will earn about a million dollars in you lifetime. That's before taxes.

So I figure that these multi billionaires and millionaires hold quite a few peoples entire lives in their fat bank accounts. They can control almost the entire life of a person, except for the time to eat, sleep, take care of them selfs and there dwelling place.

That's like saying someone can own the most sophisticated type of machinery on the planet. You tell it to do what ever you want and it will figure out how to do it. It will even clean its self up and find it's own fuel. Hey, the thing will even reproduce!

As for God, I find the word to be such a nebulous term. (This subject could be in it's own thread.) The best definitions that I can think of is that god is a creator. That is, god is the concept of a father, inventor or founder. The maker or parent of a thing has the rights to control and direct the creation. For example; you wouldn't want the guy down the street telling your child what to do and how to behave.

Here is the interesting part. The government only exists in the minds of humans. Not dogs or cats or birds or fish. It was created to control the actions of men. Men got together and decided to behave in a certain way. It is a contract between human beings. In other words it is a meeting of the minds, an understanding between people that they will behave in a certain way and perform certain tasks.

The government doesn't even own anything (I mean physical things). It owns the titles to things. It created a document that describes a thing and to humans it represents the thing but is not the thing its self. When you buy land your buying the description of it. That title is so powerful in the minds of men that you could get a bunch of guys with guns to come down and protect what that document appears to describe with a simple call to 911.

The church also operates in the mind. For example; you agree that you were created buy the god of that particular church. You may even go through a symbolic birth, like a baptism. Bing, a new thing is created, a member of that church. It's something that didn't exist before. The proud new parent is that church. Dad's going to tell the child what to do.

That argument has held for me for many years. And it is true in many different areas; government, religion, business and real life.

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