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my love

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 10:34 PM
Hold me tight

last night I dreamed you were holding me tight.
kissing me and doing every thing just right.
But when i woke my dear you weren’t there.
oh how i wish that you were.
wishing i had your warm body next to me.
if only i weren’t dreaming.
i could love you till the sun came up if only you would let me.
i need you to hold me tight.
as you turn me on just right.
touch me and rock me baby all through the night.
I'll always be there for you when ever you need me.
forsaking others I'll give you my whole heart soul and mind.
i cry at night for you because i need you so .
you seem to know what it takes to please me and make me smile.
the way you look at me just turns me on and i tremble from your touch
i love to see your beautiful face.
so stay a little longer and tell me what i want hear and whisper some
things i want and need to hear.
what i am trying to say darling is i love you. and please hold me tight.
and i will be waiting to hold you tight.
i will give you all the love you'll ever need
if you would come and hold me tight
and let my dreams come true
and baby hold me tight....


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