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Disclosure Project V.3: Propaganda!

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 02:53 PM
I started a new thread here because I didn't think it was staying with the Topic started.

Version 3 is The Commercial: Propaganda of Truth

An "Ad" campaign designed to entice people to search for the truths WE have evidence to support are true and what the populace regards as "Fiction".

Like, but not mirroring the tactics employed by in their campaign to "enlighten" people into looking at the Tobacco Ind. findings.

Now. I've submitted a hypothetical story to describe a "commercial" towards that end. It goes something like this:

FLASH: Many Speakers of the House throughout History slamming their gavels down and announcing "Motion Passed!"

VOICEOVER: What motions were passed?

FLASH: Projects paid for by dubious motions relating to our cause. I.e. Projects like BlueBook, Paperclip, Market Garden (not sure which have been proven, but, this is just an example)

VOICEOVER: Find out at www.???.com.

That's the idea, now let's expand upon it.


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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:12 PM
I was thinking something along the lines of...

slide show of pictures of different ufos and aliens... including the news paper clipings from Roswell.

Different sound clips of past Presidents who mentioned aliens, ufo and us not being alone, etc.

Voice over : "you decide... more at www."

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:34 PM
Yup, a much more sane and sensible way of doing things instead of gatecrashing millitary installations. A more stuble way is to get money together to sponser Disclosure adverts, flyposters, ads in newspapers etc. And we need much more access to mainstream peak viewing slots on tv and radio with serious discussion of UFO's, the history and evidence to date. Not just "and finally" in the end of the news bulletins which often make fun of the whole subject. It's funny that more of us are talking openly about UFO's, even in work recently i was able to discuss it without getting odd looks or s'n-word's but acceptance that this is no longer a "taboo" subject. Sadly the media very much regards this as a "taboo" subject !!!

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:48 PM

I agree - I am feeling much less opposition to the discussion of UFOlogy in public than I used to recieve.

I think it's a mixture of the information on the Internet (like ATS) and the slow trickle of announcements from NASA regarding the possiblity of at least basic life within our own Solar System.

(Some of the rather decent UFOlogy shows on the History Channel aren't hurting either)

In fact I get much more severe opposition to discussing the apparent discrepancy's in the U.S. Govt.'s 9/11 account then I do discussing alien contact these days.

However, that being said, we must re-double are efforts to spread awareness.

It really is a critical time - for many (such as myself) suspect then next iteration of the internet may be based on a centralized network and thus may be highly controlled versus what we have today.

Now - quite a few of you have suggested putting UFO pictures, implants, abductions, Roswell, etc.. in the adverts - and I strongly disagree with that approach.

I think like Cuhail suggested - we need to take an innovative approach - which makes people think - hey where is all my taxes going?

We will do far more to engage their minds if we don't fall into the stereotypical UFO/X-files nerd/flake roles.

I believe the latest verison of flash allows for some excellent mixing of video and moving images - is anyone here proficient with that technology?

If not Im sure it wouldn't be that hard to get up to speed with it - from my dabbling in Flash it seems pretty user friendly.

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 03:49 PM
While I was thinking something more along the lines of the "Sci-Fi/happens" videos that made such a big buzz on the internet. Instead of faking footage , you could use the best unexplained footage.

1st Fake sci-fi channel video

Geeeez, sorry it took me so long to post i was looking for the SciFi videos to use as examples.

Surely some ATS'ers out there know where the other videos are.....

There was a Loch Ness Monster one,

One with a family at a picnic that gets overrun by ladybugs flying in geometric patters,

One where a boy gets hurt somehow and when the paramedics shock him all the nearby metal gets stuck to him.

I think thats all of them, they were part of a viral marketing campaign to get internet users to the site.

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 04:12 PM
Seriously you've got to get with it, people will laugh at things like this. You don't seem to realise the niche you hold in your beliefs. The majority either see this as:

a)A quick scam to make some fast money.
b)A joke.

Discovery channel is viewed by many and constantly filled with rubbish like this, if there was some truth to it people would have already realised.

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 04:26 PM
The heck with full disclosure! This is not possible I think at least not for the short term! I would settle for partional disclosure anytime. Something along the line: "Yeah we know extra-terrestial ufos are occasionaly flying around in the atmosphere and we are currently studing them but we haven't really been able to accumulate much knowledge!" At least the masses will start taking this subject more seriously and we won't be ridiculed as much.

I think the main reason full disclosure is not possible is for national security reasons. In other words, the powers that possess exotic technology don't have to share it and indeed every country has the right to defend itself! I respect that and thats why i say lets settle for a vague partial disclosure so at least all nations are on the same page as far as the reality of ufos!

Just my opinion! Dont bash me if you disagree!

posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 04:33 PM
Wow, I really should of expanded more on what we WERE talking about and how that exploded into this thread. It applies in places.

It has to be done in such a way as to "entice" the viewer into investigating ON HIS OWN. The programming on television is flooded with CGI Wizardry and sci-fi stories that, while loved by many, poisons the mind to accept any real disclosure when it's presented. So, we can't flash a UFO and say "To see what it did, go here!". It won't work. People are ready for that.
I mentioned as an example of 30 seconds of serious grossness to plunge home the fact that the Tobacco Co. can't counter.
They took advantage of Law to fight Disease. They use shock and disturbing content to get a reaction from the Target Audience. It works.

Who is the "Target Audience" in our case? -Every single person who doesn't believe what we have to tell them.

What do we want the TA (Target Audience) to do? -Look for themselves! We have to provide paths TO the answers, not the answers themselves. As a friend pointed out, ya can't make them look. They have to want to.

Jeez, there are so many scientists, cops, soldiers, CITIZENS that are here on ATS and they all have information to relay. They have the paper trails and documents posted to show us. And people outside of this genre won't look at it because they have been urged by popular opinion to dismiss it.

Taking that in mind, we must bypass the thought pattern that leads to "crazy" and divert it to "plausable".

Making them go "Huh?" or "What's that all about?" makes them come looking to US for the answer and we must gently nudge them along with slightly bigger truths and slightly bigger revelations. Eventually leading to the "How did I not see this coming, it all makes sense with what Aunt Pearl said was out in that field off of Rte. 9 last August. I didn't believe her then, but, THIS? This makes a believer out of me! HEY AUNT PEARL!!!..."

I have no experience in commercial making, but, a great imagination and straight-up common sense is the spark I can give to this. I am totally asking for help.


posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 06:27 PM
Did I lose anybody with that? Jeez, I hope not.

You guys are smart.

You'll help me make it make sense, right?


posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 10:58 PM
I'd definately be down for helping with this....just not sure what I could contribute.If your really serious about making this happen,I'd say the first step is to make the site.Buil a website of the MOST CONCRETE evidence around related to UFO/EBE's.It should be "shiny" and attractive if your gonna get most people to read it.We've all gone to those ufo websites that have the alien autopsy pic at the top,and stars for the background,with a lot of unnatractive text.

Sooo....I guess that requires some people with experience in html and building websites.Another group to gather the best possible evidence to display on the site,and categorize it accordingly.

Then,for the ad guys are talking about using Flash,so I guess a couple of people with experience making great quality flash vids are required.

After that comes the hard part....which,for me at least,would take some studying up on.How to get/pay for the ad time.Now,the only roadblock I can see to this whole thing would be the fact that mainstream networks wouldn't really want this type of ad airing on their stations.Maybe the Sci-Fi channel would be willing to air them (In fact,I'm almost sure they would),but any other network may shy away from the subject.On top that,raising the money to buy ad time (I think that's how it works lol) might also be a problem depending on the cost,which I doubt is extremely high.

The last thing I want to touch on is an idea I had for the ads.Perhaps putting in these ads somewhere the fact that we're pushing the gov't to disclose what they know about the subject would be a good idea,then at the end put something like "To help in the struggle for the truth regarding UFO's/Alien Species go to www.******.com".Make the people going there know that if they really want to they can be a part of the movement as well.

Just thought I'd put that out there.

In closing I'd just like to say great idea Cuhail.I hope we can all really get this thing off the ground.At least it'd be a start.

P.S. I hate to edit,but I had another idea as well.Didn't Jimmy Carter have a UFO experience,and was denied access to the info on it by the CIA,or some other gov't agency? Couldn't hurt to mention that.Also something like this could be effective...."Freaks,nutjobs,schizos (other derogitory terms used to describe UFO researchers)People who seek the truth about Aliens/UFOs are repeatedly called these names. (Flash pictures of Reputable people who have called for disclosure.....weren't there other presidents? I think there is a video of Clinton talking about it somewhere...).(Then after the pictures) "Freaks? Nutjobs? Schizos? No. Truth seekers."

You get it,something to that effect....I know it doesn't sound too great,but I just wanted to outline a way of doing it.Everyone together could make it play much better.

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 09:12 AM
Guys, thanks for participating.

I really think we have to be subtle. VERY subtle. The main reason, I think, that most "normal" (Sorry for the generalization) folks don't "Believe" because it IS very fantastical. And again, we can't just present the evidence of UFOs and expect people to grab it and go. We KNOW this doesn't work.
So subtle HAS to be the key word.

We want people to LOOK FOR THEMSELVES. If we give them a "hook" in commercial form, it has to get them to log on to a certain website.
The wbsite will give them tools and instruction on how to USE those tools to conduct simple research about the hook.
Their OWN research will give them FACTS and DOCUMENTATION, of the HOOK. Which, hopefully, will intrigue them enough to look for more information on OTHER related anomalies.

In a post above, I gave an example of a commercial idea where it would show Speakers of the House banging their gavel and announcing "Motion Passed" flashed across the screen. That's the "draw" Then the voice-over. Then the "hook", which in this hypothetical commercial, is (let's say) FEMA images (disturbing/shocking). Then the voiceover saying where to look for the trailhead (Website) leading to the answers concerning the motion that Congress passed giving FEMA the ability to, say, suspend the Constitution.

So, in this example:
The "Draw" - Congress passing a Bill or Law. Voice-over asking if the Viewer understands (which he/she probably will) what they're seeing.
The "Hook" - Shocking scenes displaying the WORST possible outcomes of FEMAs power. Hopefully bad enough to peke the interests of, maybe 2 out of 100 people EVERY time the commercial airs leading them to....
The "Trailhead" - Website announced in the commercial would give them, let's say in THIS case, the DETAILS of the actual laws passed to GIVE FEMA all the possible powers. And, the possible outcomes of such powers being abused.

That's just one example of how I think it needs to be done. We can't drop UFO pictures in their lap and expect them to accept it at face value. We KNOW this makes skeptics more skeptical.
If we entice them into looking for information and official documentation that the Government uses to HIDE the UFO phenomenon, they will in my opinion, find the evidence more compelling and believable. THEREFORE taking disclosure one step forward.
More people we can help find the info themselves are more apt to believe since they found the evidence themselves.


posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 10:36 AM
The Trails we can lead them to is very important. I tend to look at the people that the TA (Target Audience) consists of, as "easily spooked". They tend to resist what is out there because they THINK it will impact their life negatively. *Ignorance is truely bliss.* WE know that there ARE processes in effect that are designed TO make negative impacts on their life. *Knowledge doesn't make it better neccisarily.* But it's empowering.

Some possible trails:

Budget Proposals, Motions and Laws enacted that lead to supressing the American public.
-HAARP is labeled as one thing, paid for with taxes but, has the potential to be something else. A completely nefarious something else where the Ionoshpere is manipulated. I think this is the doozie example.
-Operations Market Garden/Blue Book/Paperclip/Have Blue or any other documented trail that leads to Taxpayer-funded Operations to potentially supress the public from knowledge of their intentions.

The idea here is that dropping a picture of a UFO on the lap of the TA won't convice them, it will spook them. Dropping proof of a law passed that enables the Government to potentially lock them all in an encampment for their own protection from results of their own Governments actions will, hopefully, piss them off enough to look for
more stuff their Government does nefariously.

I need, from you guys, more potential Trailheads. Stuff we have proof of that we can show leads to the TA being misled.
They need to be led, not pushed, to the UFO situation. If we lead them to the fact that Area 51 takes Tax monies from them, and spends it on things they won't show, and then relate the sightings people have at, and around, Area 51, they can possibly be reached.

More soon,

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 12:04 PM
By attacking the american government I don't think you will get very far as 90-95% of the people will believe their government in the end. True they might dislike the bush administration, as do the majority of the people around the world, but that really doesn't mean americans will turn against the institution! In fact they would be crazy to do so!

I have visited similar sites like the one you guys are proposing to do such as,,,, and a host of others. What have they really accomplished in the end? Yeah some people will read and believe but most will get turned off in no time and adios amigos!

What I am trying to say is that although more sites are better than fewer sites, we the ufo believers, won't really get far! IMO the best solution is for some very influential people(with deep pockets) from around the world to get together, combine their unlimited resources and propose a partial or full disclosure at the United Nations level so everybody can benefit and believe. What good is it if only americans and canadians believe in this stuff and the rest of the people remain ignorant. Besides, as I said in my previous post, no super power on earth will disclose ufos because of the super high technology associated with ufos. If any nation does a full disclosure on its own then they would also have to reveal and share their technology with other nations and THAT IS A BIG NO NO! Its parallel to asking someone to commit suicide for the greater benefit of society

I hope my views are clear for most people reading this post. Please don't unnecessarily endanger yourself for a lost cause unless you have the resources, patience, connections AND ARE WILLING TO GO ALL THE WAY ON AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL! Look at MUFON and Disclosure project: Both are very well organized and yet they havent really been able to do much! Indeed it will take an extremely well organized, extremely well financed, and extremely long effort to accomplish such a feat! In short, we humanity, have to beat the system at its own game.

Here is a thought: Why don't all the ufologists, MUFON, DP, and all other sincere people get together and pool their resources so we can finally break the status quo?! This project is just way too big for any one person or organization to accomplish on their own!

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 12:40 PM

Here is a thought: Why don't all the ufologists, MUFON, DP, and all other sincere people get together and pool their resources so we can finally break the status quo?! This project is just way too big for any one person or organization to accomplish on their own!

Well, we need something to get these guys together and interested in going public and I think the only way to do that is bring it farther out into the public eye. A Television Ad blitz leading people to known, but normally not listed, truths. Create a way to interest the people not interested. The more people interested, the more people they dicuss that interest with, creating MORE interest with the un-interested getting, hopefully, interested. And so on, and so on.
This in turn can inspire just what I quoted above. Maybe, through "Non-SciFi" TV generated interest, they WILL put the evidence together just to satisfy growing public interest.

I have to say, whatever we're doing is not working. The masses see us as nutters, paranoids and instigators. We have to change that perception before anything can be accomplished as far as actual disclosure.

This thread touches on one step in a long walk. There is no map, so ideas that point to a direction are being sought. Maybe I don't have the right idea, but, I'm just a carpenter. I'm no social director, but, I can see the obvious direction we need to go.



posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by DocGonzo
I'd definately be down for helping with this....just not sure what I could contribute.If your really serious about making this happen,I'd say the first step is to make the site.Buil a website of the MOST CONCRETE evidence around related to UFO/EBE's.

I would also like to help, I actually have a webpage (check my sig) where I was going to try to collect all the best evidence and stuff, but it's not much there yet. If anyone would want to help me that would be cool.
I was also thinking about making a little video once, but this is all I made:

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 01:15 PM
I whole-heartedly agree that while a television campaign is good, it is but a tool in what must be a larger strategy. I brought this up the other day in my "Ufology and a New Approach" topic, and I think this idea fits into my scheme. Using television is a necessary element of cutting through pre-existing notions of what ufology is and who is a part of it.

The problem that ufology faces, people fail to realize, is not that much different from what the communist party or libertarians face: they consistently fail to adjust their strategies to get their messages out and embrace people.

I like the commercial ideas because they deal in sound-bites. Research shows that people tend to tune out after 7 or so seconds. It's the reason why listening to a speech by a politician sounds not unlike a kindergarten teacher; people are too busy, and they won't listen.

Part of the problem, in this vein, is that ufology is filled with too many messages, messages that often conflict. "Aliens are taking over, and we're powerless to stop it!" conflicts with "The government is making deal with aliens and selling our liberties!" conflicts with "The aliens are just waiting for us to become more spiritually aware, then they will help us with technology and a new spiritual way!" and so on.

The first thing that a political consultant learns is that either you control the message or nobody listens, because they can't keep up. It's easy for you and me: we can haunt these forums for hours, poking through pictures and posts, and never lose interest. On the other hand, my high school English teacher loved Jane Austen, but hand me a Jane Austen novel, and I'm ready to impale myself after ten minutes. The point being that we're never going to get people to be as interested as us. Ufology needs to focus on one point, and hammer that home until people get it. Television is integral to that vision, but like anything else it is only part of the larger plan.

This is why I advocate that, in addition to using television to pin-point market ufology, ufology must become internally consistent by either forcibly removing or openly criticizing people who deal in faith and not on facts. Only then can it be put on a path more acceptable to mainstream society.

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 02:24 PM
DocGonzo- Good points. The website IS important, but, I disagree it's the first thing to do. Remember. The website WE would provide has to lead the viewer to finding the truth themselves. First, we have to tackle the problem of getting them to access it in the first place.
Trapped Soul- Good video. I liked it. I think you can help indeed. But, we are at the beginning of the path, where you have already passed by. Your website and video ARE relevant but farther down the path than this point. I need ideas on how to get the "average Joe" towards the point on the path that you are on, or they won't see what you have collected. But you do maintain an element in the plan.

Togetic -Yes, cutting through all the "politics" that seem to pop up in reported agendas by contactees HAS to be put aside for the logic concerning their existance to stand out. So, we don't lead them to UFOs, we lead them to the evidence that will EVENTUALLY point to the fact that UFOs are a solid factor or a result of real issues.

What WILL they listen to that will lead them to disclosure? That has to be tackled first.


posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 03:26 PM
Okay,so we can concentrate on the website first....I'm not hard to work with.

One thing I don't get is why more people here aren't posting on this thread....hopefully they're not confusing it with the other thread (2.0),and disregarding this one.I think we need all the input we can get,and ATS is definately a good place to start.So,please,anyone who checks out this thread,feel free to voice your thoughts on the subject.We need all the help we can get if this is gonna work.

TrappedSoul:Nice work on the vid,and website.Lots of great links to Google videos on there.Keep those ideas coming guys.In the meantime maybe we should all study up on advertising a bit.

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by DocGonzo

One thing I don't get is why more people here aren't posting on this thread....hopefully they're not confusing it with the other thread (2.0),and disregarding this one.I think we need all the input we can get,and ATS is definately a good place to start.So,please,anyone who checks out this thread,feel free to voice your thoughts on the subject.We need all the help we can get if this is gonna work.

Hmmm, maybe it's my title. Lousy attempt at advertising, eh? And, I'm thinking a mod should move this whole thing to General Conspiracies as well. When I started the thread, we we're in UFOs and I just hit "New Thread".

New title, ya think?


posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 05:06 PM
That might many posts as I see every day here on ATS calling for Disclosure you'd think the current title would be of SOME interest...

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