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911 Disclosure. The Truth Is Here.

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 02:32 PM
I have finally worked out the actual events behind the events of September 11 2001. I will explain breifly here:

The Americans are planning to create a New World Order in which they are the elite and will rule the innocent masses through evil methods. (Put me in charge so I can # you over instead). To install this New World Order they must expand their influence everywhere by invading Iraq and Afganistan. The American elite have allied with Reptillians from the planet Draco and will rule in secrecy after this New World Order is imposed. September 11 was a creation of the Reptillians to justify invading Iraq and Afganistan. On September 11 four Ufo's from a secret moon base cloaked themselves as airplanes and fired their advanced weapons at various targets. Due to the Neo-Con media octopus which has its slimey tentacles spralled everywhere at all times people believe the "events" of 911 that took place - it is of course a total lie what we all saw an TV and only must be a conspiracy. This is the beginning of the end, only I can save you.

Or possibly a group of young arabs were annoyed by Us foreign policy in their region and decided to hijack some planes. It appears people will consider anything other than the fact some people from Saudi Arabia hijacked some planes and flew them into buildings. Anyhow, just ignore this if you believe 911 must be a conspiracy because it contradicts your (undisclosed) point of view. Its easier that way.

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