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Pointers for Christians in Judaism

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posted on Jan, 17 2007 @ 10:26 AM

The time is come...albeit, not sure how frequent.
But a lot of you have seen my post. (If your on ATS, that is.) And Im sure not a lot of you know what to make of me, as for what I believe.

I plan on revealing more of my background on my ATS blog, and bringing up points that may make Christians ponder. (everyone else welcome too.)

Just so you know, any topics of religious nature will be under the Judaic/Christian category of my ATS blog. (Although most of my post have some spiritual tone in nature.)

I thought this may interest some of you who have followed my post in the past, as they can be quite thought provoking if you are an evangelical Christian.

Nothing is required, no comments, etc., though I will be open to discuss.
After some of you find out more about my background, it may provoke more comments/questions.

Try to take what is there with an open mind...and keep in mind that I try to make it so that my post are open-ended. In other words, they aren't meant to boxed away as heretical, etc. They are meant to hang and linger to make one question what they believe...and seek answers. (After all, when you seek with all your heart, you will find.)



silly me, here is my blog link:

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