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Sunnis declaring Jihad against Shias now.

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posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 01:45 PM

Rami was explaining how the insurgency had changed since the first heady days after the US invasion. "I used to attack the Americans when that was the jihad. Now there is no jihad. Go around and see in Adhamiya [the notorious Sunni insurgent area] - all the commanders are sitting sipping coffee; it's only the young kids that are fighting now, and they are not fighting Americans any more, they are just killing Shia. There are kids carrying two guns each and they roam the streets looking for their prey. They will kill for anything, for a gun, for a car and all can be dressed up as jihad."

Rami was no longer involved in fighting, he said, but made a tidy profit selling weapons and ammunition to men in his north Baghdad neighbourhood. Until the last few months, the insurgency got by with weapons and ammunition looted from former Iraqi army depots. But now that Sunnis were besieged in their neighbourhoods and fighting daily clashes with the better-equipped Shia ministry of interior forces, they needed new sources of weapons and money.


"Its not a good time to be a Sunni in Baghdad," Abu Omar told me in a low voice. He had been on the Americans' wanted list for three years but I had never seen him so anxious; he had trimmed his beard in the close-cropped Shia style and kept looking towards the door. His brother had been kidnapped a few days before, he told me, and he believed he was next on a Shia militia's list. He had fled his home in the north of the city and was staying with relatives in a Sunni stronghold in west Baghdad.

He was more despondent than angry. "We Sunni are to blame," he said. "In my area some ignorant al-Qaida guys have been kidnapping poor Shia farmers, killing them and throwing their bodies in the river. I told them: 'This is not jihad. You can't kill all the Shia! This is wrong! The Shia militias are like rabid dogs - why provoke them?' "

Then he said: "I am trying to talk to the Americans. I want to give them assurances that no one will attack them in our area if they stop the Shia militias from coming."

This man who had spent the last three years fighting the Americans was now willing to talk to them, not because he wanted to make peace but because he saw the Americans as the lesser of two evils. He was wrestling with the same dilemma as many Sunni insurgent leaders, beginning to doubt the wisdom of their alliance with al-Qaida extremists.

Another insurgent commander told me: "At the beginning al-Qaida had the money and the organisation, and we had nothing." But this alliance soon dragged the insurgents and then the whole Sunni community into confrontation with the Shia militias as al-Qaida and other extremists massacred thousands of Shia civilians. Insurgent commanders such as Abu Omar soon found themselves outnumbered and outgunned, fighting organised militias backed by the Shia-dominated security forces.

It looks like the insurgents are busy fighting two fronts now, one American and the other Shiites. Shiites are more effective since they have fewer or no rules of engagement and they can blend in to target any insurgents. And of course they be going after any Sunnis with disregard for life, where soldiers only shoot something they see as a threat, and cannot blend in with the population as well as understand the language. It helps to see the other side's situation to get a view as to how they are doing. Now they are afraid Americans leave, its going to be a genocide.

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posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 02:00 PM
Remember that the Sunnis will have the help of the Sunnis nations like Saudi Arabia to keep them going.

Is not only an alqaida thing going, these tribes will protect their own, this is now an internal conflict and as long as is fight between Shiites and Sunnis they will be backed up by the respective groups that will be supporting them from other nations.

Iran is Shiite also.

US is backing up the Shiite government but the problem is what side of the government they will be backing up.
the one that wants capitalism, the one that wants theocratic rule and US gone or the ones that are looking into reconciliations with their fellow Iranian Shiites.

The situation in Iraq changed like the article said a long time ago.


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