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NWO hiding the truth via "Entertainment"

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 10:36 PM
I have a conspiracy theory that I just came up with. The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, New's showing bombings on the news and allowing public to know exactly what the military is doing, ATS, conspiracy websites, all of them are related in the way that they provide people on the internet and at home "ENTERTAINMENT". If it wasn't for the war and our foreign policy we would be able to get a laugh out of it on the Colbert Report. We won't be able to have something to discuss on these websites. We are already going into war, Iraq has ended, has lasted longer than WWII. Yet most of us are waiting for the next episode of the Colbert Report, or what's the new topic on ATS. Stop being sheep and entertaining yourselves. Go be proactive. I think that is the downfall to resistance and it is being caused by people being acustomed to television and just using life for entertainment purposes and staying like sheep.

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 05:08 AM
I just posted an interesting article about the entertainment industry controling us under the thread: The Classified Conspiracy. It accidentally ended up in the 9/11 forum, so if it hasn't been properly moved yet you may have to look for it over there.

It contains various shocking facts suggesting the motion picture Classified is being produced by people who are involved in conspiracies and a member secret organizations.

I also absolutely agree that TV has an bizarre influence on people!

I once conducted a small experiment to see what a TV does with a family and it takes 3/4 of your time away about 99% of all creativity and every urge to want to do something. Anybody who wants to watch a program keeps watching TV after the program has long finished. Why is that? Honestly why? If a TV is on in a room, just try not to look at it. Many people just sit down and keep staring at it, like they have no choice aren't even aware of their behaviour. If a certain program comes on TV catching this program can somehow become more important that anything else. I've seen marriages break over this!! TV is a very common reason for lovers to start hating each other, for students top stop their study for people to get unreasonably afraid (or even panic), for kids to blow their head of (or that from somebody else for that matters) and for psycho's to get all the inspiration their next murder (or a newbie for her/his first). But mostly it a TV just takes away every will or inspiration to do something from a human, it enslaves them, but also because it even stops their brains from dealing with past trauma or other hurtful experience people become more and more unpredictable and start doing thw weirdest things. I don't believe it's showing violant images on TV that does this but the effect of entirely shutting down the brain which interrupts of natural processes of the mind.

In short: it's really freaky to see what a TV actually does within a family if you distance yourself from it. And it is very sad to see. It makes you feel utterly helpless.

For all I care they should just throw all TV's away, we got I-net anyway, TV is a relic. Or if they don't stop broadcasting every 3 hours for an hour or something. But TV probably will forever and always be there 24/7 because the ones with powers prefer us acting like sheep, or better yet: zombies. A sheep can still decide to get up or lay down by own choice.

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 05:37 AM
but for many it is all they have, yepo there may be more important things, but if tv is all you have as entertainment, than it is all you have.

they have created a society where plenty of people are afraid to walk outside there own homes after dark, with fear.

if you want a good movie to watch on this subject, watch john carpenters they live.

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