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Wood Based Bioethanol Plant Opens IN Osaka

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Yet again, Japan proves to be one of the leaders in alternative
energy use.

Bio Ethanol Japan Kansai, a company established by Taisei, Daiei Inter Nature System, Marubeni, Sapporo Beer and Tokyo Board Industries, is set to begin commercial production of bioethanol made from wood waste.
Opening ceremonies for the Osaka plant, which the company claims is the world’s first of its kind, are scheduled for January 16.

With efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption and growing concern over global warming, worldwide interest in ethanol made from biomass is on the rise.
Using wood waste from construction, agriculture, forestry and other sources, Bio Ethanol Japan aims to produce 1,400 kiloliters (370,000 gallons) of ethanol fuel in its initial year, and eventually plans to boost annual production capacity to 4,000 kiloliters (1.06 million gallons).
The bioethanol will be mixed with gasoline at a concentration of 3%, helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption and lessen the impact on global warming.

The use of ethanol as an automotive fuel figures prominently into the Japanese government’s Biomass Nippon Strategy, which is designed to promote the production and use of biomass fuel.
In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the widespread use of ethanol fuel encourages the recycling of construction-derived wood waste and furthers efforts to create a more recycling-oriented society.

Pink Tentacle

This is very vool, and an honestly good effort to switch to a more
renewable source of energy that is better for the environment.

I'm not sure how much wood scrap the UNited Staes produces
annually, but I'm sure some plants using this technique would
definately be good in the U.S.

One thing that was mentioned in the article that I did'nt post, but
was a good point, is consider the 65million pairs of wooden chop-
sticks Japan goes through a year, I'm sure recycling those for
something would definately help as well.

Comments, Opinions?

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