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Internet safety.

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 08:48 AM
You know a lot of people can be stupid on the internet. They can reveal too much information on it, they can reveal their own names on it, they can reveal other people's names on it. The last thing that I will do on the internet is two things (1) lying and (2) giving out too much personal information about other people because that doesnt get you very far. Why? Because I know what is right... and i know that people can get a long fine. If ATS didnt have half of the hoaxes on its site take place I am sure the moderators would be very happy, but I imagine also that these people who perpetrated the hoaxes were once like us at one point, but they have given up. I may not be motivated at times but at least I know where I stand.

People can express their own views about satanism and the new world order on the internet but it's best to prevent paranoia from taking over their own lives. I have seen many people who were once good and once were great men and women on the internet slowly turn down and fade to black, to nothingness. To lose what they once had.

It is important never to meet anyone on the internet. If you want people to track you go ahead and use those words to set off the echelon. We should create a screw the echelon day but we should do it and keep it to ourselves. Besides, their spying technology is probably far more advanced than it is now.

You know what I have seen? I have seen lots of crazy people think that people are after them, and you know, they are probably right, but you need to limit the things you say on the internet, keep talking to a minimum. You know what I mean? Dont say something that you wouldnt say otherwise in a real life situation.

Also, keep your sexual desires to yourself and dont announce your sexual fantasies. If you announce them to everyone in the whole world people will think you are cray. Lots of sexual predators have been found on the internet and they can be tracked, and arrested and put into court.

That, and they can track what files you use, so using limewire isnt a good idea. I mean it's not safe to actually use it. It's a smart thing to NOT use it

People make dumb mistakes. I have made mistakes. I learned from my mistakes and I am never doing them again. I am sure there are other people out there who like to exploit other people and I stay far away from them on the internet.

I think it's the kids **** fault. The Kids are the ones surfing the net and they should have a parent accompanying them when they are surfing the net so that they dont get in trouble. If you are in a chatline you can go meet up with someone and it would be trouble. the chatter would come to your house and follow you around and try to rape you, and well, that isnt very good, because that means that you have a problem there, and that sucks.

If you are a trouble maker on the internet you will get tracked but most people like you or me are safe, unless you see people breaking into your home then if you see people tapping into your communication system that's really bad because you cant talk to anyone without someone monitoring you.

But you know what I think? There are cases of the government picking people off the street before because of what they have said and done, but how often do you think that they are actually going to track whatever you say, do you think they have the time to track everything everyone says? The internet is real. The internet: serious business.

One guy was put in house arrest for downloading porn and you know what his lawyers thought at the time, they thought that he was originally going to get 90 years of jail. That would mean that he would have spent his entire life in jail. That also means that the government can track the files on your computer but they need evidence. I mean come on you cant track someones computer for evidence in a trial by jury, isnt that illegal, and also, given his history, I dont think he's the type of person that would do that.

Ugh. I hope more people take internet safety in the future seriously than they have been in the past.

They need to make rules about how to search. When you are searching for illicit material on the computer of course you are going to get a porn file that is completely illicit that you dont want. The smart people search for what they want, WITHOUT ILLICIT MATERIAL included in the search.

I believe they need restrictions on the net for younger kids. If younger kids are going to find conspiracy theories on the mind when they are young they may grow violent in nature. Of course I am only stating the obvious, but it's not like i havent said anything that hasnt been already said in the news media.

People are stupid. People make mistakes. You live and learn, live, and learn, and die. People need to take breaks from the internet too. If you spend all day on the internet it leaves you open to cyberbulling, or internet bullying, where people can bully you over the internet.

People make careless errors such as giving out their personal info. Something so easy as identity theft can completely brainwash someone into thinking that they are someone that they arent. That's why you have to know and trust your buddies.

If you are mentally unstable (you should) have restraints from searching on the internet, so if you want to look up something on the internet when you are mentally unstable, DONT, because that's not really going to help you.

Kids should really hope for a better future. If youw ant to browse the internet safely you should use good search terms. Use google. Google filters out illicit material and bad content. Also, it filters out lots of the stuff that are bad.

Someone can be outraged over something that isnt true too. The Gaming forums are a better place to have opinionated discussions, but lying on the internet is not something to be proud of. If you ever want the internet to be minutely close to what it was originally intended to you need to follow the rules!!!

That, and it's really easy to find where someone plays and to meet up with them at a softball game. I feel really sorry for those kinds of people but people are actually crazy enough to find someone and bring someone to their softball game and kidnap them.

Plus it's so easy to find someone off an internet dating site for someone and rape them. It's terrible what they do on the internet, and that's why ATS is a safe place on the net.

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 10:42 PM
personaly, I feal the net was better back before it became "cool" and the popular crowd ruined it


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