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Gates visits NATO HQ in Brussels as start of Propaganda tour?

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posted on Jan, 15 2007 @ 05:19 AM
Gates was visiting the Nato HQ in Brussels today and he made some rather nasty and worrying statements about Iran.

Its clear to me now, that if nothing is done to stop Bush, the US will invade Iran before March.

Gates told the press over here that Iran is trying to take advantage of the US's positition in Iraq and "not helping or open to reason".

What kind of disgusting bullocks is that bastard spouting?

Is it so strange for Iran to not be to willing to listening to you or help you when over the last 5 years you've done nothing but insult them, called for sanctions on them and now quite obviously are preparing to invade them, not to mention the things you've been doing to taunt them over the last few weeks.

Isn't it normal that when Iran looks at what a wonderfull mess you made out of Iraq, they are terrified that you'll turn their country in the sesspools of hell next and are determined to stop you at any cost now?

Isn't it NORMAL for Iran to be pissed as hell and unwilling to deal with the US?

Goddamnit, stop this retarded bull#.

We don't want no bloody war.

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