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Aliens and 'The Grand Deception'

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posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 06:18 AM
O.K obtaining lots of data including the krill files and the lacerta files yadayadayada growing up born into a Catholic family everything was awesome still is, so much moochi moochi love. Coming across 'the grand deception' gave me the feeling like when I broke up with my long term gf, pretty awful indeed.

I need this community it is the best place to go, if I go to my parents and I start talking about NWO, CIA, Aliens, illuminati, UG bases they will probably take me to the mental facility (there is one down the street). And if I go to my priest he will just quote from the bible all day which doesn't help me. You guys please help me crunch the possibilites since your all pretty apt / intelligent and the saying is something like "all great minds think alike" Perhaps someone who has experience observing behaviour or some sort of profiler would be awesome. Doesn't matter what your beliefs are. Even if your an athiest I still encourage you to use your analytical mind to help, would be appreciated

Anyway the Greys say they "created" Christ and he's not gonna come back to save us. I've looked at all possible avenues and I can't debunk this.

I have a gut feeling that not everything the Greys and reptilians tell us are true (and they have shown they don't care about us anyway).

Looking at the Lacerta files "Elohim" (First recorded name for God) the God of Abraham which spawned Judiasm, Islam, Hindu? and Christianity was infact Nordic. This I can believe. Thus Jesus must be Nordic / Human hybrid, and the reptilians / greys did have a fallout with the Nordics apparently basically thats why they "don't get along" so to speak.

I will accept Jesus being a Hybrid and coming back if we are in turmoil. But I will have trouble chewing that his eagerly awaited return will be a "no show"

Basically when a much more intelligent race tells you that they have been observing you since your creation and that everything in the bible they have manipulated, its like us bending over with our pants around our ankles right were they want us.

TY for reading, please respond

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 06:42 AM

first of all beware of the krill files they're a known fake. The problem about all these files you find on internet is that the vast majority of them are complete fakes, or belong to some kind of new age/sect-like beliefs.

posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 06:25 PM
Also I can't find the alledged cruxifiction on the net if someone has it maybe we can organize an email transfer?

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