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Joint Tactical Transport Project

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posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 05:07 AM
Found this interesting aircraft being designed by India and Russia.

The IRKUT Corporation proudly presents the programme of the Indo-Russian Transport Aircraft. The international project on joint development, production and sales of twin-turbofan Tactical Transport Aircraft envisions solidary cooperation of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (India), the IRKUT Corporation and the Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Russia), with their design teams to be merged into a virtual enterprise.

The programme of Tactical Transport Aircraft development will significantly broaden the horizons of Indo-Russian military-technical cooperation. While implementing this innovative programme, Russian and Indian engineers will acquire invaluable experience and expertise in joint creation of the top-of-the-line aviation product.

For the first time, the airlifter is being co-developed by both countries on a parity basis without governmental financing with the project's cost of nearly USD 300 … 400 mln. The IRKUT Corporation plays a key role of major investor (40% of project expenses) and coordinator of the Russian side.

By 2015-2020 this transport aircraft with up to 18.5-t carrying capability is supposed to replace aging fleet of the An-12, An-26, C-130. Indian Air Force plans to acquire 45 Tactical Transport Aircraft. Additionally Russian market will demand nearly 100 transport aircraft within next 12 years.

The feasibility study is mainly completed.

Sweet looking aircraft. The MRTA has been described in news reports as a 60-ton, 100-seat aircraft aimed at the military freigter market, creating some confusion about its ultimate carrying capacity and competitive niche. Is it destined to replace the Ilyushin IL-76s India flies? Compete with the 120-troop capacity A400M? Further research with Irkut shows it to be a 60-ton total takeoff weight aircraft with a cargo capacity of around 18,500 kg/ 20 tons, giving it similar capacity and dimensions to the Russian An-12 or the USA's C-130J Hercules. Illustrations show a jet aircraft whose requirements produce a design somewhat reminiscent of the canceled 1970s US AMST Program that eventually led to the much larger C-17. Introduction is expected between 2015-2020.

Great aircraft if the C27/C295 are to small and the A400m is to big.

Twin engined Globemaster in the making.
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