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posted on Jan, 14 2007 @ 04:12 AM

I haven't been around BTS much, so I hope some of they guys at ATS that are familiar with my stuff pop by, but new people are welcome to.

Recently I have started blogging here at ATS, and I am now looking for feedback.
Being the type of person who typically likes to speak, a podcast probably would be more suitable, however I want to try to improve my writing skills.

Here is what I am NOT looking for, and what I AM looking for:

- This is not about debate, etc. (standard ATS rules of etiquette also apply as not attacking the 'person' for view point

- It is about style.
If you like a post, what is it that you like, and give the specific part.
If you like parts, but dont like other parts, what is it and why?

- Also, if my grammar is just bothering you, please let me know as I might need to go back to English 101.

- Again, the topics may not be of interest...if that is the case, please note what topic interest you that I have, and what does not interest you.

here is my blog link

Thanks in advance for your time.

Feel free to respond on this thread, or U2U me...or even leave a comment on the blog.




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