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We should come together and Build.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 11:50 PM
If there has been a thread about this then i am sorry, if not cool.

On this website there are people that hate the government, want to look for UFOs, are againts NWO, and all sorts of things.

Thats why i propose that a lot of the people on this website all come together and start our own space program sort of thing. We could build our own space shuttle/ship and then travel into space and do the things that we want to do on our own agenda: Like get indefinite proof that there are UFOs.

Plus if the world does end up getting destroyed then we wouldn't have to worry because we could build a space colony on the moon, then we could make our way to mars.

We should be able to do this right, its not like the government owns the moon. or space for that matter. Then over time after we establish a moon base we could start bring up all sorts of resources and stuff so that we could survive up there.

But i know there would be the government that would try to step in and say that we are doing something that is endangering the states.

thats when i wouldsay some thing like "you don't own the moon bush so shutty of the mouth ok. Then they would probably try to nuke us or something.

So pretty much all I am saying is i really want to build my own space ship and be ready for when the world goes to crap.

Don't worry i would take as many men and women so that i could repopulate.

I know it would take a lot of money and where are we going to get the man power and technology to do this.

Well i propse that we build a ship that is about the size of for or five modular homes put together, Then we put ion engines on it,( Just read the other day that an ion engine can go around 240 km/per sec) or some sort of nuclear engine on it. Then to lift it up and not waste any fuel on top we could have like a blimp type thing about the size of a medium sized football stadium so that it could actually do the job. Then when the ship get so high, the blimp would detach/deflat and fall back to earth. Where it would be cheked, inspecte, and gotten ready for another trip. The reason i porpose that the ship be so big is so that we can take more people and more supplies up there at one time. Then we could up there "master" all the scientific stuff like cloning and disease control so that we could thrive.

Then the people would have to be in tip top shape, so that we could have a good civilization. We would have all sorts of things up there that we have here. We would have to do something like noah ark. For all the animals on there. plus all the plants too.

So would this be a good idea, plausible, or just flat out stipid and impracticle? You decide.

Personally i like it and i am willing to put the money, time, and years of effort to get his thing off the ground.

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posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 06:52 PM
i had the exact same idea and all of my family are willing to help exept children
please reply i have the thechnolodgy tell me your eMAIL IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ALSO WHERE Are you ie state

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 06:59 PM
my email is

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