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Meditation/Remote Viewing to See the Future and Profit from it.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Ill be honest, over the past year I have read a few books on meditation but have never tried it myself. Some people are convinced they can see into their past and into their future.

My question is, if you can truly see into the future why not profit from it?

All you have to do is check where the stock market will be a year from now or even better a specific stock and make a killing.

The lack of people taking advantage of their supposed remote viewing ability to better themselves financially makes me doubt that the whole thing and leads to believe that its nothing more than the mind playing tricks on you.

Please dont flame me and tell me until ive done it myself I should question it and what not. I see no difference in making my own mind trick me or reading about people who have had their head play tricks on them

Thanks for any responses.

posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 06:43 PM
It could be the whole quantum mechanic issue. When you measure the location of a partical you end up altering its path ect. Then your messurement is off a bit. So, you can never get a proper 100% acurrate measurment. Same might go for seeing the future. Lets say you see that you will die at time x at loacatin x ect. Then you don't go to that place ever and it doesn't happen. Simply you knowing the original future, changed it to a new future. If you were to know what stock to buy, the ripple effect of you changing your choices from knowing that, may change the out come in the stock. Thus, you can not be garrentied the stock you saw will actually turn out that way you saw it would. Or, the events can not be changed in the future so, you would only make money if you were alreadying going to make money regardless.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 08:11 PM
I see what your saying with the whole butterfly effect however I dont realistically believe that me knowing when the oil market will be a year from now is going to change whether is goes up or down. Me investing 10,000 into a multibillion dollar market will not alter where the price was going to go originally. The markets simply too vast and my investment is relatively microscopic.


posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 11:10 AM
I have spent many years in the past practicing meditation and remote viewing; I can only speak from my own experience in my response here of course.

Meditation is used to calm the mind and soul prior to being sent to an objective.

Remote viewing the past is relatively easy for an advanced viewing team; to forecast market changes you must perform what I refer to as “forward time projected viewing”.

This is fairly difficult and has to have extremely rigged protocols surrounding the objective. I have worked on projects of this type under contract with limited success.

Understanding remote viewing and how it works is complex in itself, especially combined with understanding the fabric of time, as we know it in our current waking reality.

Now here is a dilemma, I have done many missing children RV sessions as a monitor and viewer and one of the most frustrating things is while at the target attempting to read street signs, addresses on a home, or any kind of text or numbers. It is rare to pull this off and very frustrating. You can see and describe the building the surrounding terrain, the weather conditions, you can feel the emotions of the people at the target location, you can move forward and back on the time line like a shuttle knob on a editing deck but to approach a news paper stand and read the location and date on the paper is extremely hard as the paper and the text has no value you can identify in that realm in the session.

Symbols come through well, I sent a team of RV students to Custer’s last stand and they nailed the sevens relating to the 7th cavalry as it is on the uniform and flags etc.

Might get a few numbers off a house address but it’s very hard, it is much like when your dreaming. How often have you identified these same things in your dreams?

I believe it has to do with how our spiritual consciousness value system works, language and printed text and numbers are a primary object of the physical world.

I am not saying this can’t be done but it is a extremely advanced skill level with in remote viewing.

I trained at The Farsight Institute to the level of instructor and then worked in an operations group for a while doing research projects. One of my pet projects was forward time projected remote viewing and it can also be done but the farther forward in time you go the more complex it becomes.

The possible time lines increase dramatically and it becomes very difficult to nail down the right time line. Major events on the horizon are more easily viewable as they are like large chucks of grass missing in a otherwise perfect golf green and hard to avoid.

Especially disaster events that effect the global consciousness and release lots of pain and suffering and loss.

JCM : )

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