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A way to beat the Federal Reserve at their own game.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 03:22 PM
I think I have discovered a way to defeat the Federal reserve at its own game. It is still legal to buy gold coins. People do it all the time. These coins are actualy legal tender still but best yet they are pure gold.

I know Yea but these coins cost over $600 bucks a pop. Yep they do so your not going to buy them in bulk all at once but every few months or so. Lock them up in a safety deposit box and hold out. (or for us that don't trust banks) in your home. Then if the SHTF or the NWO starts or the economy collapses or whatever. You have yourself a huge bartering chip. Gold will always be gold.

Gold Coin Central

I hope this hasent been talked about before if it has I apologize in advance.

So there you go you get yourself some gold coins and stash them away. If all goes great in the world and you have done this for like 30 or so years you probably will have a nice little shoe box to give to your grandchildren to fight over in court when you die. Otherwise you have yourself the means by which to realy have some bartering power if everything goes the way of the roman empire.

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