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Media Nausea

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 02:24 PM
I'm just sick and tired of the crap the media reports over and over, instead of telling us the TRUTH! I realize that the powers that be rule the media, and restrict them to bits and pieces that are 'allowed' to be reported. Whatever happened to freedom of speech, etc? Yeah, I know what happened to that
but it still pisses me off! Am tired of the fact that the media cowtows to the powers that be, for fear of losing their jobs and being replaced with other plastic-faced, perfect hair and smiling reporters and anchors. The news that we get is just the tip of the iceberg of reality! And I pay a lot of money for cable, only to get fed the baby food that the powers that be want us to know. It's widely known that the powers that be don't want to "alarm" the public with the reality of what is occuring daily. Much is 'hushed up' to prevent public hysteria. For pete's sake... If it's going on in the world, in our country, in our town, next door, then TELL us!! Warn us!! I'd much rather know for fact that when I turn on 'the news', that I take responsibility for my own dang reactions to whatever is happening, but at least I am fully informed and can stand prepared and ready for what is going on around me, in my neighborhood, in my country, and around the world. The powers that be want us to remain BLIND and IGNORANT to reality. And the media has become just one of their 'puppets'. While we go merrily along 'assuming' that all is well with the world, that all that matters is which celebrity didn't have any underwear on, and what celebrity is saying nasty things about another, etc. I am PISSED off that the powers that be think we are so STUPID that we just want to hear the crap they allow us to hear about! And I am PISSED off that so many in America in particular are blindly following along, not questioning, not realizing that we are just being fed crap, not realizing what's really going on around us. When is the majority of America going to wake up?? And I'm afraid that it's already much much too late...


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