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Super Fast flying objects in the night sky

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 12:32 PM
I want to share something that my wife and I saw tonight in the night sky.

The below is my account, from my blog here at ATS.

Maybe there is something to the many comments that more U.F.O.s can be seen in the winter.

The above goes with my post about alien abduction in winter.

Now first, for all the skeptics who believe we are alone in the universe, U.F.O.s could be stealth government aircraft. (But this in itself tends to lend credence to the fact that there is a whole lot more to life than what we know.)

I cant remember the guys name right off hand, nor do I feel like googling it, but he has been in the news the past year concerning his involvement in hacking into NASAs database.
The U.S. wants to extradite him and put him in prison for about 70 years.

Now, I don't want to open the can of worms of politics, but I will say this.
The guy is not even really a true hacker. He basically got in by finding peoples computers, that were left on, and connected to the internet...with BLANK passwords. (I have heard of previous bosses of mine doing similar.) This is like having your door open and saying, "Come in".

If the data really matters, then not having a password, and not disconnecting from the network when leaving the office, etc., is just...silly.
Maybe they should go to jail for 70 years for leaving sensitive data open.

Anyway, moving forward...
The one thing that interested me in the BBC documentary, was that he said he saw a list of non-terrestrial officers. The term non-terrestrial officers is indeed interesting.
Being familiar with the military, and actually having been in the NAVY, I can tell you that the Navy would be the only place that would have a "non-terrestrial" officer...(non-terrain, sea, etc.) and there is no such thing.

Could it be that there is another level of "military", like in Star-gate?
Also, could it be like that movie where the president and the whole system was just a set up and someone actually pulls their strings.. (Forgot the name, but the guy shot himself at the end. Ring a bell?)

Yes, automatically we dismiss such claims, and to compare day to day life to a movie/tv program like star-gate, is just ridiculous, and needs to stay in the realms of sci-fi, or so some say.

What about those poor people who believed the world was flat, when sir Columbus had the map, and knew the world was round? - If you believe he came up with the theory the earth was round, then you believe he discovered America...well, my ancestors, the vikings, actually did that way before sir Columbus. ;-)

What is my point? Simple...when you want to know something, open your mind so that the answers can come to you. Most people greet the unknown with fear, and when news comes out of the ordinary, they either call it a "conspiracy", or they get wrapped up in the "conspiracy" and live in fear that this unknown can or somehow will hurt them.

The fact is, everything is o.k.
The unknown has scared man from the very beginning, and plagues us today.
It builds up and creates prejudices in people and helps create division.
It actually distracts from any possibility of gaining any true knowledge outside of that which is taught to the masses in school.

So, back to the beginning.
Tonight I took my wife out to the place I met the forest rangers yesterday.

It was so lovely. The stars were like diamonds laid out on a black cloth.
Actually, it was like the sands of the beach, scattered out across the sky...its depth reaching into eternity. In short, it was simply amazing to watch.

Now, my wife...she is lovely.
Without her, my eyes would not be open to half the things that they are now open to.
Literally in this case.

She was looking and saw a bright light moving quickly along the stars.
- not a satellite, we saw those
- not a plane, we saw those moving extremely slow in comparison.
I looked to where she pointed, and in a matter of seconds the object crossed the night sky, whereas the planes we watched...slowly, crept along, and barely moved in comparison to the bright objects we saw.

I say objects, as there were more than one. We joked about the "so called traffic" up in the sky.

Now are these military craft? Could be.
Are they aliens from other planets, why not? (again, we civilians know little of the technology that the military has...what more do we not know? We are indeed a prideful lot of sheep if we actually take everything we see for face value, acting as if we are Lords of this earth. Most of us cannot master our 'tongue', our actions, or our stomachs, let alone master knowledge of this earth and beyond.)

What is fun for me to think about, is the vast amount of stars are actually suns.
(I know, this is a known fact.)
But the next time you are outside, when you are stargazing, think that you are actually "sun-gazing".
It will be interesting how your perspective changes.

See, although we know the stars are suns...and most larger than ours, or the same size...our mind tends to "forget it".
What I mean is simple, but you have to experience it, as putting it into words is difficult...

In fact, as you are star gazing, and literally observing the endless sea of "sand", you should try to imagine that they are suns, each one with planets orbiting them...
It is then you are in awe.

Gazillions of suns and planets you are observing, and we can't even get to one of the closer solar systems...
Imagine what is out there!
We are so small in comparison, yet somehow you feel connected.

Its almost as if we are connected like the neurons in a neuron-net.

Once you stop, and start observing, life begins to open up to you and creates answers to questions that you have yet asked. Many of us are like ants, we go about our busy day and do not even notice that there is a universe outside the ant farm which consist only of sand and dirt.
Imagine the aunt if it were to talk. "There are no humans..." The other says, "But I saw him when I went scouting for food." The masses laugh together and say, "sorry, just cant be any humans, no fish, etc."

O.k., maybe not the best story, but it gets the point across.

So what is out there? Who knows, but I do say this, let us take our eyes off all the busyness, if only for a moment, and see what a glorious universe is around us.

Until next time



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