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Doomsday clock ticks forward toward Global anihilation....

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 07:24 AM
Scientists who have created a "Doomsday Clock" have decided to push it a little closer towards the time reserved for Global anihilation. This clock, although it is just figurative, displays what they believe is the time the world will end. Although this may mean very little some, it poses as a warning and a reminder to the rest of us. We must do more as a people to keep this final hour at bay at long as humanly possible.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" will likely move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call "worsening nuclear (and) climate threats," to the world.

The symbolic clock, maintained by a magazine called the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, is currently set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight marking global catastrophe.

The group plans to publicly adjust the clock this Wednesday.

Though the group has not specifically said so, all indications are that they will move the clock hands closer to midnight.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

When will we as a race find that our insignificant needs in regards to geological time will have permanent results in our universe for thousands of years to come? Maybe never. However it is good to see members of the scientific community who do not turn a blind eye to the our imposing doom. We should take a moment and reflect daily on what "we" can do individually to make the world last just a little bit longer.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 09:18 AM
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