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would kind of pyschic power could this be categorized as?

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 05:48 PM
my friend and his family go out of town every other summer and everytime they do, they always leave me the key to their house so i can go over there and take care of their dogs. the key is to their back door. this last summer was one of their summers' to go out of down and of course they leave me the key so i could take care of their dogs. i go in, check their bowls, and take them outside in the front yard . after they did their business i took them back inside, locked the front door, then left out the back and locked the door. they only have a key to their back door. their front door has the three locks, which we all know are the chain,deadbolt, and bottom lock.
their back door has the standard deadbolt and bottom lock.

that night i meditated and while i was meditating i heard (mentally) a door slam shut coming from the very direction of where my freinds' house is. i didn't pay it much attention and i just finished up my meditation and went to sleep. the next morning i go over there to take the dogs out, and to my amazement, one of the dogs was missing and the front door was wide open. i eventually find the other dog and take her back to the house.

I PUT IT ON EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD that i locked all three of the locks to the front door the previous day. now i do know that if you're a skilled lockpick you can get into ppl's houses but i'd imagine you'd have to be pretty darn good to pick all three of those locks. the possibility of someone breaking in could have very well happend, but i don't think that's what happend. anyway what i wanna know is my hearing the door while i was meditating could be described as what?

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 08:13 PM
Well, first off, let's think about this logically..

When you meditate, you are in a relaxed state, and all of your senses are heightened. It is very possible you just heard the door opening, and blow back closed by the wind, but not latch.

It is also most likely that you didn't close the door, dogs don't open doors that have chain-locks, they have no fingers.

My friend is a locksmith, and so is his dad, and one of the tricks of getting into a house or car is that they don't have to pick the locks at all, they have what are called "master blanks". These keys usually open any and all locks of one kind, like one key for 10yrs worth of ford vehicles, and one for certain types of master locks.

"The simplest explination is usually the correct one"
(I believe that is achem's razor)

More likely than not, you forgot it, no matter how many times you think you closed the door, you could have left it open.

If you take the animals out every summer, and repeat the same process every summer, then your brain gets trained with these images of you shutting and locking the door, most likely, you didn't.


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