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Im having trouble with energy blockages in my heart chakra

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 12:59 PM
I already got a post about this going on a spiritual message board but i thought id drop here few lines about it as well.

Basically i have subtle energy blockages in my energy body, centered in the heart chakra. It makes for some interesting .. problems. Theres only one that i want to address here: this energy block cuts off my access to higher spiritual energies which are present in other peoples bodies at all times, ordinary people just channel them unconsciously, in my body the access is messed up and as a result my astral body is messed up too. (if you know what astral body is, it always being produced, sort of over layed on top of your physical body and usually produced unconsciously) As a result of my astral body being messed up, my facial features get altered really heavily.

Basically, when im under influence of this energy block it changes my appearance, my facial features dramatically.

How i discovered this to be the case: i happened to spend some time in environment which has some powerful healing spiritual energies around it and it cancelled out this blockage, as a result after sleeping at the site my facial aspects changed. Right now i have a tired messed up look on my face, but there at that site if youd look at me you wouldnt recognized me, changes are subtle yet very clear and powerful.

Basically this bloody energy block changes my unconscious movement and lay out of facial expression. The site that I stayed at are some sacred aboriginal lands in Australia, i was camping near a lay line there it happened 2 times in the past and after exposure to those energies i changed overnight, changes stayed whilst i was on that territory. Few hours after leaving facial aspects changed back to 'tired' messed up look.

Another thing that can cancel out the blockage is moving water, like a natural mountain spring. natural water movement is a source of very powerful spiritual energies, again, while camping near a spring 2 times in the past, I changed overnight.

Both 2 times at lay lines, and 2 times near water spring changes were witnessed by other people too, so I’m not imagining this.

Id like to hear whats your thoughts on this. The blockage is situated in my heart chakra, I can feel it there quite clearly, as the time goes I can feel my energy body is developing further, there seems to be some activity going on on the way thro heart chakras to throat, and theres a chance I can tweak my chakras so the energy block is by passed but it doesn’t look very ambitious at the moment.

Another way to get around it is to have a house on lay lines or a house built over moving water spring. No money for that now.

The other thing that can help is having a full ego death and rebirth on psychedelics which has its time and place and can be done but is not realistic at this point in time.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 03:42 PM
What I discovered, from personal experience; and then afterward applying that to what I had observed (and still observe) in other that the heart chakra is blocked by things which are resentful/grudge-like in nature. IOW, things we have not forgiven others for.

And sometimes we wait for an apology or some other sort of closure from the party who injured us, but actually that is unnecessary and delays growth. Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven.

This is also equally applicable to forgiving ourselves!

When it is unresolved, in woman, it has the potential to lead to breast cancer and perhaps heart disease in both women and men.


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