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Announcing the 2007 Elections for President of the United States!

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 05:33 AM
Umm, I'm just curious, but what are the future plans for the candidates running? Are we still moving forward on this? Is there something that I can do to help it along?


posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 06:12 AM
Well the first problem is that the political process has yet to take place.
The second problem purely from my perspective due to the recent "enforcement" of the T&C I can no longer discuss one of my key policy's.
I sent a U2U to Majic about this matter and I have yet to get a response.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:15 PM
O.k., I'll be honest, I read the first 2 pages, a couple in the middle, and the last one. I got to say, I think I would make the best president. Therefore, I would like to announce my candicacy. I will run on the republican platform. Some may think, Republican? Really? My answer is yes, why would I take votes from a democrat?

This being said, My first order of business will be to
1.( demand that congress gives me the line item veto. Additionally, I would threaten to VETO any and all legislation untill I am give this right.

2.) create a plan for the movement of all american troops over seas to be rebased in the U.S. along strategic points on the canadian, and mexican border. Additionally, upon completion of plan, begin a dynamic shut down of bases across the world in an orderly fashion.

3.) Upon completion of troop movements, I would remove all ambassadors and staff based outside of the U.S. I would then hire switzerlands government to act as laison with all other countries in the world, where it pertains to travel into the U.S.

4.) I would then seek to eliminate Private prison systems, while building new Federal Prisons adjacent to the new military bases along the borders. There will be No t.v., and prisoners will be responsible for paying rent of there cell. In order to make money for rent, They will be required to work on the largest institutionalized involvement in U.S. history, the creation of the great wall of Mexada. Additionally, significantly many new facilities will be built to allow for increased immigration from the borders, for travel and work.

5.) upon completion of the mexada wall, ALL illegally immigrants will be granted amnesty. They will be give 4 months to leave the U.S., Upon the end of such time, I will work to enforce and stregnthen existing law, via cracking down on illegal aliens. Legal status will be checked when you rent, buy a house, a new car, go to the dentist, doctor, hospital, as well as funeral homes. If you are illegal, and you die, you are not allowed to be buried in the U.S. You will be cremated, and you ashes mailed to your embassy in the U.S. with a self address stamped envelope, as well as a bill for funeral expenses. It will be your governments responsibility to pay the bill.

6.) I would DRASTICALLY cut the defense budget. I would consolidate the marines with the army, as well as the navy with the coast guard. I would moth ball ships, tanks, and airplanes. I would reincorporate the Air force, national guard, and army reserve back into the army in order to eliminate waste. I will also re-establish there creed to protect the borders of the U.S.

7.) I would work to eliminate executive orders and privilege. Nothing should be hidden, as I am a public servant.

8.) I would work to repel the income tax. I would make taxes based on sales tax.

9.) I would work to repel state income tax. Why should the state tax you, when the federal government isn't.

10.) I would work to create universal health care. I would publicize the pharmacutical companies, as well as the hospitals. I would also make it illegal to sue for mal-practice, unless you buy special insurance prior to the surgery, etc. At which time, the actions of the individual that screwed up will be looked at, and dealt with accordingly. Additionally, you would be compensated within reason for the screw up to a sum of 2000 american dollars. You will not get rich by some doctor/nurse screwing up, nor will your family.

11.) I would withdraw the U.S. from all Treaties currently in effect short of peace treaties. I would also eliminate all sanctions on all countries in the world and allow for free trade based on a 1.5 to 1 ratio. What this means is that we are willing to take upto 1.5 times the Value of the products imported vs the products exported. After which, there will be a 10% tax from 1.5% -3%, a 20% tax from 3%- 10%, a 30% tax from 10% - 20%, and a 100% tax on everything over 20% of the trade gap.

posted on Nov, 4 2007 @ 08:16 PM
11.) continued, What this means is that all products make in foreign countries will have free and open trade with the U.S. provided that they trade fairly with the U.S. Tax rates can and will be adjusted based upon abuse.

12.) I will devote billions to building localized community owned wind and solar energy productions. I will work to have the U.S. off coal, as well as natural gas, by the end of my 2nd term. Additionally, I will mandate that All future cars be completely gas free. Any car developed and released in the u.s. must be electric. Additionally, I will require that a standard shape and size for batteries be developed for all car models so that all gas stations will be required to carry replacement batteries.

13.) I will publicize all roads and rail systems in the U.S. It is outrageous to have to pay tolls for roads that your tax dollars built. Additionally, I will seek to expand and develop the rail system in the u.s. both in Urban areas, as well as to the suburbs, and connecting cities.

14.) I will mandate legislation that congress provide a balanced budget. Additionally, I will tie Social Security payments to the rate of inflation.

15.) I will work to pass legislation to eliminate the NSA, CIA, any other 3 letter goverment agency that seeks to hide in the dark.

16.) I will work to pass legislation requiring that all classified files be declassified after 5 years. Additionally, you can not get extensions. While this makes it hard in certain ways, I also makes a fair and transparent goverment.

17.) I would go to Iran, and visit the government. I would go to cuba, as well as Venezuela.

18.) I will mandate mandatory service between 22 and 28. This being said, Dependent on a persons abilities, Everyone between these ages will be required to perform civil service, whether it be the army, navy, fire fighting, hospital services, mail services, road services, or social services dedicated to the elderly, and the disabled.

19.) I would work to publicize college. Anyone with a C average in High School should be able to continue on to college for free. Upon completion of college.

20.) I would work to pass legislation to create special schools for the gifted. All children will be allowed to learn at there own pace, however if A child is a genius, they should not be forced to stay behind, additionally, These boarding schools for the gifted shall be government financed.

If I win the primaries, I am not sure who I would nominate for a running mate, as I would like to find someone worse then me, that people would fear more, that way I don't get assasinated. Maybe charles manson? open to ideas on that one.



posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 02:47 AM
reply to post by camain

Wow. I must say, you have your work cut out for you. I'm going to rebut a minute on what I've just read. If you could, could you clarify a few things for me please?

1) The President doesn't make demands. He makes requests. If his requests are deemed reasonable by 2/3rds of the Congress, then he'll be granted said power. Please, remember the office that we're running for. We want a President, not a dictator.

2) I almost completely agree with this, with one caveat. That would be that we need at least a few bases scattered around the world to help with intelligence gathering. This isn't a safe world by any means, and there are people out there that would do serious harm to us, should they get the chance. To ignore that fact would be a heinous misjudgment. A scaled back military presence around the world though is something that I'll be behind 100%.

3) So let me get this straight. You would grant a foreign country the explicit right to handle all of our international relations? Isn't that a bit oxymoronic? What I mean by that is that we're supposed to be talking to other nations, not talking to some other country, like Switzerland, as a third party middle man.

4) "The Great Wall of Mexada". Can I use that in reference to the walls that we need? I loved this point. 100% in agreement with ya on this one.

5) Now THIS I like. Agreed.

6) Not sure where you were going with this. Cutting costs is ok, so long as it doesn't jeopardize the safety and security of the Homeland.

7) How can you justify number 1 with this? Your first demand is to get MORE POWER. How does this match with giving up all executive privileges?

8 & 9) Again, I'm with ya there. Get rid of the tax.

10) Will this mean that Dentists and other doctors won't be able to charge a small fortune to work on me? If so, as a public servant, I'd also be behind this.

11) So we get rid of the Federal and State taxes, but keep the international trade tax?

12) 2ND TERM? Getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?
All in all though, I like this idea as well. The only problem will be what do we do with all of the vehicles currently on the road using gasoline? Do we give them a rebate to buy a different car?

13) Why use rail systems when we could be using the current roadways for public transportation? It would make things run smoother, with a lowering in taxpayer costs. Besides, the roads are already there; there's no need to build a bigger rail system when we have the means to get from point A to point B by road.

14) Sounds nice in principal. Could you explain this a bit further please?

15) Sometimes secrecy is necessary to protect the nation from unwanted abuse. I know that you must understand that. So, with this in mind, what can we do to protect ourselves from losing research conducted here to another country, provided we use your system?

16) Again, same as 15 above. What can we do to protect our nation from some nefarious party taking this newly released information and using it against us? This concept, while nice, isn't really feasible. It's idealistic, and utopian in truth, and I WOULD like to see that be a reality, but it just can't happen with the people that inhabit this planet at this time.

What we need is to do extensive background checks on the people that file a FOIA request, so that we can determine whether they are worthy of such information. If they are deemed acceptable, then pass on the information requested. There should be a committee of private US citizens that oversees these requests, to make sure that they are processed fairly.

17) I'll call em on my red phone. See what they think about the new President, and if there's anything that we can to do to peacefully come to an agreement.

18) I definitely think everyone should be involved in their country's defense, as it gives them a unique look at what it takes to run a nation. It would provide them a sense of patriotism that will be unrivaled by any other nation worldwide. I like it.

19) I think we need to work on the public school system first before we focus on post-graduate education. Ever heard of the "No Child Left Behind" plan? I think this could be a good plan, with some changes. It will be one that will engender the growth of all students to a level of education that will give them the best possible shot at making a good career for themselves once they graduate. Instead of wasting time and money teaching students things that they don't want to learn, we would teach them only what they want to learn about. This way, we could maximize our time and money, as well as giving the students top level training in the field that they want.

20) I like this, and would support a similar plan, should I be given the privilege of being elected as President.

With this, I think that I'll let you know that I'm obviously a Reformer, but one that listens to all, and will compromise on just about anything. Safety and Security are two of the things that I'll never compromise on, however. I feel that we should spare NO expense when it comes to protecting our fellow citizens from threats, both foreign AND domestic.

And on that note, I say farewell to everyone, and wish you the best possible day ahead. Oh, and remember, remember, the 5th of November!!!

Vote TheBorg on the Reform ballot,


posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 08:07 AM
Hey Borg, thanks for the rebuttal. This being said, please allow me to clarify a few things for you.

1.) Although the president doesn't make demands, he can blackmail congress with the veto. Especially given the fact that congress is required to pass budgets every quarter. If government starts shutting down, congress would be responsible, not the president.

2.) No bases what so ever. American Tax dollars should not be used to finance military presense outside our borders. We are not at war with any country, and we have the capacity to drop 30k troops anywhere via aircraft carriers, and troop transports. Why keep the soldiers on other peoples soil.

3.) We would dictate how many visas from which nations. We would use there existing ambassador facilities to manage the front end. Everything would still need our approval, its just that it would have to be mailed back to the U.S. to be processed. This way we eliminate the threat both percieved to and from America.

4-5.) Thanks for the support.

6.) by reincorporating all the different armed forces together, you eliminate the overhead associated with the adminstration of said forces. Additionally, I am not weakening the forces total capacity, just there capacity to wage war. When not at war, the army should be used to protect the border, not used to act like a bully to the rest of the world. If the navy is used along with coast guard to protect our shores, and the army is used to protect our borders, what is weakened?

7.) given the response for number one, I don't feel they contradict.

8-9.) Thank you for your support, with a scaled back military, the money gained from these taxes would be unnecessary.

10.) You wouldn't recieve a bill from the doctors, dentists, etc. They would be civil servants performing civil service.

11.) exactly, international taxes are the only means to keep fair and honest trade. You penalize the countries by raising the cost of the products they are shipping into us, which in turn goes directly into the coffers of our government to fund our civil services.

12.) Gas would still be imported, but only older model vehicles would have use for it. any newer vehicles would be completely electric. No rebates would be given, since gasoline stations would be required to service both types of cars. Eventually, as more new models get on the road, there can be a form that gas stations can fill out to completely remove there gas pumps.

13.) Rail systems would be expanded in order to keep trade alive and thriving. Electric engines are cars are not strong enough to pull a tractor trailer. How are these goods going to be moved? The rail system is needed to have large frieght travel over long distances.

14.) Currently congress is allowed to perform deficit spending. This weakens the american economy and makes us reliant on foreign nations to buy our debt. When they buy our debt we are beholden to them, and the policies that they want implemented. As far as S.S. goes, adjusting it to inflation makes it fair in that someone who retires now would have the dollars equal $900 dollars is equal to $850, then interest needs to be raised to make $900 equal to $900, ie $950.

15.) I disagree. A government of the people, by people and for the people should be completely transparent. Secrets breed abuse of power, and corruption. This is why the U.S. has so many issues now. As far as our research goes, How about not hiring foreign nationals to do our research, make sure that if something is stolen, that we find out how and why. How about hanging the traitor as the constitution mandates, and expelling his family out of the U.S.

16.) Declassification does not mean we open it up to the people. We open the material up to the government, and lower the classification of the material so that more people have access to it. Example being top secret would go to secret after 5 years. More people would be able to access it, but not necessarily everyone.

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 08:07 AM
17.) we need to engage everyone. While its impossible to please them, we need to be cordial, and polite. We need to establish that we do not want to be percieved as a threat, and that we hope they don't want us to percieve them as a threat. The sins of our fathers are in the past, my adminstration will be one of a fresh start, not only for the american people but the world.

18.) This is not just defense. Remember, I am pairing down the military. People will need to provide service to the weak and infirm. They will need to work on our roads, as well as handle administrative tasks. All this would occur after college. Which would mean that fresh ideas would come to fruitation quickly as you have more energetic people interested in making a difference.

19.) I do agree that school needs to be revamped, but so doesn't Disability. Parents need to be responsible for there kids. Since the parents that are disabled are sitting at home collecting a check, they will be required to attend school with there children, and therefore assist the teachers in the classroom to maintain order, as well as assist in education. If you don't have kids and collect disability, you have the ability to answer phones for the government, process requests on the computer, etc. Disability will no longer mean sitting at home collecting a check. It means that we will find a job for you, that you are capable of doing. If that means scrubbing toilets, so be it.

I do agree with you though, that schools need to be specialized. teach kids what they want to know and they'll learn more, but force them to read more, and get them off there cell phone, computer, and t.v. and they'll have alot of free time on there hands.

20.) I am looking for a running mate for after the primaries.

As far as a reformer goes, you wouldn't get elected. thats why I choose republican. This being said, if elected, I would not seek to reverse Roe-V-Wade. Although I am pro-life. Simple fact is you can't successfully illegalize abortion, and its a necessary evil. I would look to eliminate end stage abortions as well as require truth in abortion be implemented. I think all women should see what exactly they are getting rid of. IF they still want to kill it so be it, but they will be required to have pictures of the fetus taken.

as far as death penalty, I am pro death penalty. I think we actually need an express lane. We need a 3 strikes rule implemented. You commit 3 felonies at 3 different times, and upon being declare guilty the 3rd time, you are dragged to to back of the courthouse and shot. You family has to pay for the bullet in order to collect your body. Exceptions to this would be current death sentences. If you are on death row. I will clear you out. All death row inmates with be executed within 1 year of being found guilty. If currently spending years on end there. To bad, your done. The government will not be forced to review what we have already chosen to do, by the people that convicted you.

As far as gun control. I am in favor of enforcing current gun control, not adding more to it. There is enough legislation open on this, it just needs to be enforced.

As far as gay marriage. gays can already get married in there churches. There whole issue isn't about whether or not they can marry, but to have that marriage considered equal to a regular marriage. This being said, Civil Unions should be allowed to occur. Civil Unions should be equal to marriages as far as homosexuality goes. For legal purposes though it should be called a civil union, and not a marriage. If they want to "be married" at there church that is there perrogitive.

posted on Nov, 7 2007 @ 07:40 PM
While you have some very good points and I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, you should know...

The elections are about deciding which ATS member will inform us of the REAL candidates, where they stand on issues, what they're promising, etc. so that we can all be better informed on the real election day for president of the United States. This is not about what you would do if you were elected president of the United States. At least that's my understanding. If I'm in error, please enlighten me (those of you who know).

Hope that helps clarify things for you. Maybe The Libra or one of the other candidates can explain it to us all again. Thanks.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by whitewave

Well, take a look at SO's statement on this on page 1 of this very thread for more information. We're a bit behind schedule on this, and I'm anxiously awaiting his updates on it.

SO??? Any word bro? Anything at all on this?


posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:25 AM
TheBorg at this stage as faecal as it is the election will go ahead.
See this thread for the official word.

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 04:41 AM
Thanks xpert. I posted there now. A big
to ya for that one buddy.

Please don't kill me for the one-liner guys..


posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 08:02 PM
Thanks for clarifying that for me. A "star" to you for denying ignorance.

posted on Nov, 14 2007 @ 05:33 AM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
Not to be pickey but .. there IS a communist party in America and I think that they should be added to the list of accepted parties.

not being a smart aleck but we already have a communist running for office. her name is Hillary. You know.......................... Bill's wife.

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