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I’m coming clean on Extraterrestrials

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by KREATOR

Thanks tock,it is a bit fustrating to know that the technology for limb restoration is not yet available for the people who need it.But in your opinion do you think that it is futile to even think about the possibility of having aliens helping people with some of these problems?

I don't think they will actively help until we have solves our inter-racial problems, except in the case of a major catastrophes where there is a possibility of a entire human race to be wiped.

You wouldn't believe how many inventions, that could have saved us 60 years of wars and pollutions that have been shelved

Such is the stupidity of humans...

They are showing themselves sometimes, in different forms and slowly, we are getting used to the idea. Slowly we are accepting the fact there is life somewhere else. One step at a time, we will eventually start funding research groups to push this forward...Next time you vote for your president, choose one that will offer disclosure

As of now, even the president doesn't get access to the information... even if he does the inquiry through the government channels...

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by Hydden
I really do think people need to start putting:

"I think....." or "It's my opinion..."

in front of some of their proclamations.
It's down-right funny some of the things that people "know."


To "know". Is that knowing that there is an absence of evidence or evidence that there is an absence of knowing? Or is that just an opinion?

Yeah, it is up-left un-funny the things that people claim to "know". They seem to know Every thing there is to Not know

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by sleeper
You are free to achieve and pursue whatever it is you wish---but most of the work must come from you---and there is no guaranty of success.

The best way to happiness it making other people happy, but that’s not always possible. Nevertheless happiness is contagious and it’s a good thing whenever we can create it for ourselves and then spread it to others.

We are here to be happy and make others happy---if at all possible---even those under sentence are free to be happy if they so wish---even if being burnt at the stake---the mind is a powerful machine for those who figure out how to us it.

Sleeper these statements are the some of the strongest you have made here and some of the most important.

People should take note of these statements, because they are the key to unlocking many other things that lye dormant in all of us and opening up many lines of contact with their personal guides and more.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:28 PM
Interesting about a hole opening up in your wall and they talked with you.

My experience sounds more like an OBE. I floated up the wall - like a magnet was on the other side (I kept thinking of cartoon characters sliding up walls - walking on ceilings etc). The ceiling just disppeared and I was circling the neighborhood looking down at other children alseep in their beds. Then "poof" I'd be in the gray place, it was like a thick cloud - there was no structure. But the last time I went is when the tall man appeared and told me I had to stay on Earth in my human body.

Hey, I didn't get to cross the street alone - but I did get to fly alone

I can't imagine going through life without that experience. Without knowing and being aware that there is so much more. It is a rude awakening when you finally discover not everyone is like you.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by Pan_The_Piper
However I have seen mention through this thread that sleeper and lear claim (and please correct me if I'm wrong) the human race has in fact colonized (for lack of a better word) other celestial bodies with the aid of ET technology. I know through my own adventures which are consistent on many accounts with sleeper's, of a generation ship sent out by the US government on a course for a nearby star system.

My question to either Sleeper or Lear is what do you know about this project, if anything?

I’m not aware of a generation ship sent out by the US to another star system---from what I’m told it’s impossible for humans to leave this solar system while in their corporal bodies, and only ETs have the technology to do that on a large scale---Milton doesn’t tell me everything, but he rolled his eyes on this one.

Generation ships, for those who don't know, are massive starships that traverse the distance between the stars at not so mind bogglingly fast speeds. You can read the wikipedia article here From what i know the ship was constructed with minimal support from ETs, and it is considered the first step to interstellar travel achieved by the human race. Once it reaches it's destination I have been told, mankind will have "come of age" as an interstellar race and everything that has been hidden will be made clear to the public.

None of that is true---sorry---

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 10:51 PM

I don't post much.I read a lot on this forum,but preffer to keep quiet if i can't contribute something to the discussion.
I wanted to thank you for your story.The most interesting i've read in a very long time.
I like two things about it : it doesn't seem to have a specific agenda behind it,and it's funny.Life should be fun sometimes
If the story it's real,i honestly and profoundly envy you.If not, your imagination serves you well.
Next time you go see the planets,think of others who would like to be there...and yeah,have fun.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:03 PM
Hello Sleeper

My experiences have been spontaneous also. Initially I neither enjoyed, nor understood them. It wasn't until sometime in the mid 70's when I came across Robert Monroe's 1st book that I began to have a clue...but still, it was many more years before a possible ET connection began to surface.

Fairly recently after exiting, I encountered what appeared to be for lack of a better term, a black net, or blanket form. As a result I was unable to make it out of the room. It would envelope me...I would struggle free...flit to another area of the would follow...envelope me again...another struggle, and so on until I re-entered, and woke up. Obviously I was being blocked by something, but this was unusual. Since then, my experiences seem to have been less than fruitful...trouble exiting...lack of clarity...and generally just uncomfortable. Any ideas?

Peace &
Good Fortune

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by KREATOR
Hello Sleeper,i know you´ve probably heard this question lots of times,but heres goes.Can aliens heal humans with an "incurable" disease

Yes they can and often do---but they don’t get the credit for it.

or restore a missing part of the body like a limb for instance?

They can split you in half like a slab of beef and put you back together without leaving any scars

Putting limbs back on happens only if there are no witnesses---like in a battle or car accident.

Why don’t they do it for everyone---because they would have to expose themselves to mankind and they are not ready to do that yet

Also, earth is not utopia---people have to die and go through certain experiences---depending on why they are here in the first place.

No one is on earth by accident---everyone was put here for a reason.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:07 PM
Sleeper are you able to tell us anything on all the colorful orb's sightings around the globe and exactly what they are?

Also tell us about the time period between now and 2012. Thanks

And if you can please elaborate a bit.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:30 PM

Sleeper, what are your opinions on EBE's showing human beings technology with eyes closed.

I think it's safe to say i'm beyond the point of ruling out insanity and make-believe.

(With eyes closed, an object slowly coming closer and stopping around 3 feet in front of your viewpoint and then exposing the technology)

Further, why show someone a technologically advanced object, when the person currently has no way to implement it?

I've been obsessing over this one all day, and have drawn up skematics. The hard part is not visualizing the device in full operation... it was a bit uncomfortable lol.

I'd like your opinion.

If you want to discuss the device, i'm sure you'll have my email by the time you read this.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 11:44 PM
Sleeper, Thank you for your answers

One more question please:

Would it be possible for Milton to know if I am a contactee, and if so would he ask if I be given my memories back please.

LOL this sounds weird as i write it but heck, how often to you get to ask a question of a higher being directly?!?


posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:23 AM
I am a DOCUMENTED abductee, contactee AND a genetic experiment. My life is like "The X-Files", "Dark Skies", & "The Invaders". Confusing, but not messy. Sometimes dangerous. No "wigglers".

I tell people 2 things about "proof".
1. I have part of the documentation. The Government has the rest.
2. We can't see microbes, but we see what they DO! They make people sick. With the ETs, not everone sees them, but they see the RESULTS! One time, the Small Greys kept playing with the foot pedals on the piano. I had to have the piano tuner return THREE times to fix them! He was puzzled. "Someone" was unhitching them. It wasn't me. I am handicapped and live alone. Some ETs also make crop circles. It was ETs who made 3 large DENTS (holes) in my lawn a few years ago. They were in the shape of a triangle, like a tripod landing gear would make.
It was ETs/government who changed my race several times. NOT a disease. NOT cosmetic surgery. Not medication. Not a sun-tan.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:27 AM
A hale and hearty hello to all.

Hello Sleeper,

Very entertaining material. I like it. But...

To me it somehow seems like a mix of Theosophy + Tibetan/Hindu 'granny wisdom' given an imaginative sci-fi ET twist, simply old-hat philosophies rephrased and dressed-up in shiny new ET'ized wardrobes. How close are philosophies like those espoused by Theosophy or by the Tibetan/Hindu sects to the underlying philosophy hinted at in your posts and blog? We've all heard of many other 'weird' ET quasi religious 'philosophies' being bandied about in recent decades... What makes yours different to those? Isn't it simply old religious aspirations reincarnated again into fashionable ET garb?

Certainly, your material would make a good book or movie, and it might even move the great 'unwashed' masses to rethink their lives, which is not a bad thing. God knows that anything that can wake up the stupid zombified savage primitive degenerate population here on this Earth deserves a fair hearing.

[edit on 1/21/2007 by Rudolph_X]

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 04:08 AM
Sleeper, if, as you say, clandestine government officals are watching you, following you, and checking into hotels close to you to keep tabs on you, would it not make sense that they are also monitoring you phones and internet activity?

I would assume (yes, bad to assume, but I will anyway) that the answer is yes. So, if they are, and they must be, why would they allow you to come on a conspiracy website and tell your story when they are supposedly, as you have stated numerous times, trying to keep all this ET activity quiet.

Please answer...thanks Sleeper.

p.s. Mr. Lear...what plane is that you are sitting in in your avatar? A Canadian Air Force relative of mine is curious...thanks.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 04:32 AM

On another thread you recently said,

"There isn’t even one scientifically provable alien or UFO story, idea, wish, or what have you out there. It will be a quiet and peaceful board, good luck finding something “scientific” that will hold any muster---
Dang, I’m sounding like a skeptic."

Are you sure about that?

Here's a post I made 10 years ago.

Someone forwarded it to another website and it has been archived there ever since.

Even your ET friends can't dispute the mathematical proofs. In fact, according to you, those ET friends of yours are the ones who have been suppressing what I, and others before me, have been working so hard to advance all these years.

I suppose you'll say mathematical proofs don't apply in ET land, and that they are holding back progress on Earth for our own good?

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 07:22 AM
Sleeper. Please contact me. I have something to share with you. Thank you. I just signed up today on this site and heard about you on coasttocoastam and really want to talk with you. How can we do this.


posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by Calli
Sleeper. Please contact me. I have something to share with you. Thank you. I just signed up today on this site and heard about you on coasttocoastam and really want to talk with you. How can we do this.


I think maybe you heard John Lear on C2C and he mentioned some of sleeper's posts here at the forum......unless sleeper made an appearance after that show aired a couple of days ago.


posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 09:52 AM

Originally posted by Turlis

Sleeper, Is there an average age where they might begin opening people up? Even you weren't opened up at a young age. When did all of this start with you, if you dont mind answering that.

I have always been aware of them on some level but they started getting busy with me around 1995, and then again in 2004 at the age of fifty. Every time we meet they open up more stuff, the human brain has limits and that’s not where they put the bulk of the info, a lot of it is in the ship, and I have access to some of it via some kind of telepathic hook up---kind of like dish network---lol

I can only imagine that they would wait until the average age of 30-40 to open up as that might be when you mature enough to handle the information givin to you. They cant give you a mission at the age of 5 cause nobody listens to a child for some reason.

Not many listing to a fifty four year old either---way to fantastic to be believable---even thought I have toned it down, it’s still too much for most to handle.

Im 25 and I imagine I could handle it now, although the first few minutes might give me a rush
, but thats not up to me to decide. I just hope that if my time is in this lifetime, that it is close.

It’s much easier to handle before the teens, its almost normal---but once the mind becomes use to earth it blocks out much of reality and the past existence---and life becomes intimidating---and the ETs equation that much more so.

I can guarantee at the very minimum a rush---lol

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by MKDS17
Thanks for answering my last qustions. Ive been wondering if the different species of ETs here on earth fight with each other, as in dog fights in the sky. Or are all of them on friendly terms.

They are not all on the same page and sometimes they bring their skirmishes down here---but most of them follow a semblance of protocol to a degree---and adhere to keep their disagreements restrained and out of the public conscious

Are there intergalactic dog fights?---oh yeah

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by tock

To be fair I will tell you that many come into this planet with certain talents, privileges, and gifts that they have earned before hand---and they basically step into their privileged positions as they grow up.

Everyone is created from the same source, and can reconnect to that source with practice. Everyone can do this and there is no such things as "Gifted".

There most certainly are those that are “Gifted” and “privileged:” Einstein, Tesla, Beethoven, Galileo, and the list is endless---they came to earth with their gifts intact---they only had to unlock them with a little key, the rest of us need a much bigger key to unlock whatever it is we have---lol

Some people might have more ease to do it, because they are more open to this kind of stuff, but it's important to understand anyone can. The younger you are, the less anchored you are and the easier it is.

We are all free to reach for the stars, and many will catch a ride to greatness from shear blood, sweat, tears and determination---that’s a gift we all have

But those that come in with their gifts---they don’t have to make the same effort---because they have already earned it before coming here---

You are correct that there is no free lunch, and everyone will earn what they have

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