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Hedgehogs in the UK around in January?

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 12:37 PM
Walking back home late last night I chanced upon a hedgehog (blessed thing didn't realise I was there till it nearly ran into me), I've always thought Hedgehogs hibernate around this time of year in the UK and snapped a picture.

Wikipedia: Hedgehog
All wild hedgehogs can hibernate, although not all do; hibernation depends on temperature, abundance of food and species. Hedgehogs are fairly vocal, and communicate not only in a series of grunts and snuffles, but sometimes in loud squeals (depending on species).

Could this be more evidence of animals simply not bothering to hiberate due to the warmer weather?

I promise its a hedgehog and not just a furry rock, its from a camera phone and it was rather dark.

edit: forgot the picture

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