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Bilderberg and the British Government

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:55 AM
In anticipation of Gordon Brown taking over from Blair, a Parliamentary question has been tabled, asking Brown about his Bilderberg attendance;

Blair had previously answered that he had 'not attended such meetings'.

Now I know that the name David Icke attracts a lot of derision in these quarters, but I first gave him some credence when he brought to the attention of the British public the existence of this secretive Bilderberg crowd.

He told the documentary's film crew about a forthcoming Bilderberg event in Portugal. The crew duly set themselves up outside the hotel to film the comings and goings.

They caught the arrival of a small (perhaps 20 seater?) coach, with the curtains drawn. As it swept into the hotel grounds, a curtain was pulled back by one of the occupants, to reveal Tony Blair sitting beside Peter Mandelson. I do not think they were there to improve their salsa dancing.

Therefore, unless Blair's Parliamentary answer predated this meeting, which I think was in June 1999, he is not telling the truth.

Icke's documentary also showed the arrival of Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP. In a list of participants;

Mandelson and Clarke are listed, but interestingly, not Blair.

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