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The Perfect President!!!!!

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:50 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'. I was watchin' the President give his speech on my fancy 14" Zenith black and white TV. Yep, I fixed the rabbit ear antenna on the top so that picture had almost no fuzz in it at all! Somethin' must be wrong with the sound though, 'cause I didn't understand anything that President was sayin'.
So I says to myself, Self, what would be the way to be the perfect President?

Hmmmmmmm............... The perfect President, the perfect President.......

C'mon Brain.......I need you to do some thinkin' here............

Let's see, bein' the President has some real nice perks

Hmmmmmmm......... Havin' interns come into my private office? Might be nice, but if she's wearin' a blue dress and stuff......... Nope not perfect.

Goin' huntin' at Camp David whenever I want? That sounds like fun! But if the Vice President is goin' huntin' with me............Nope not perfect at all! what would make the Perfect President?

C'mon brain, do your thing.............

Wait! I got it!

The perfect president would paint that White House a different color. Maybe put some fancy aluminum siding on that White House! Like a nice brown color and stuff. And put some decorations on that big fancy front lawn, like some of those flamingos, and a nice bird bath. And at the front gate they should have guards dressed up in fancy suits......Wait! Those guards should be dressed up like those old time Mexican Banditos! With those suspenders full of bullets, so they look all scary and stuff. Man that would be so cool!

And he should wear one of those big really cool Top Hats everywhere he goes, and always carry a fancy walkin' stick and stuff.

And when he gives speeches, he should yell and bang on the desk and stuff. That will make the world respect him allright!

Wait! There's more!

He should not horse around. He should just say - give me your oil for 1 dollar a barrell or I'll pay you with a mushroom field! Yeah that's perfect! Stop the war, bring everyone home, and leave those other countries alone.
Plus we get gas like really cheap and stuff.......

Oh brain you are doin' some good thinkin' today!

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 10:43 AM
You thought of all of that?

posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 10:56 AM

Originally posted by DarkAlex
You thought of all of that?

Yep, I did all that good thinkin' and stuff all by myself. I'm cursed with bein' able to do such good thinkin. I'm always thinkin' of some new Perfect thing.


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