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Breaking News: Explosion inside U.S Embassy Compound in Athens

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 08:48 AM
Nothing surprises me.....

The usual suspects try to change the thread to more anti-america look at me I am so great posts and smart. Yippeeee!!!!!

I like to know who has a rocket propelled grenade launcher in Athens? I know there is a smog problem at times, but this is not a solution.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 08:54 AM

The U.S. Embassy in Athens was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade Friday. U.S. Ambassador Charles Ries said the explosion injured no one and caused minimal damage, but was still being treated as a "very serious attack."

Last update on CNN

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 09:00 AM
Day before rocket attack.
Athens: 7.000- 8.000 took part in the main demonstration, while another 2.000-3.000 people had marched earlier in a separate march of the unions attached to the Communist Party (PAME Association). The people needed a lot of hours to gather, and then started marching after 2pm. A nationalist statue in Korai Sq was destroyed, and at about 2.15 some riots occured between the Parliament and the UK embassy. A lot of people were arrested, while newswire reports that policemen planted molotov cocktails in some arestees' back bags..

It looks more and more like GLADIO to me.

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 11:27 AM
I know they are saying that a local group in Greece is claiming responsibility but isn't it a bit wierd that a story just breaks about Tunisia capturing islamist rebels with blueprints to embassies around the world?

In Tunisia, Extremists Bore Blueprints

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Islamic extremists involved in a deadly fire fight with police this month had blueprints of foreign embassies and documents naming foreign envoys, Tunisia's official news agency quoted the interior minister as saying Friday.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Just a bit. Why would they need the blueprints? Most of the Islamic attacks a truck into it, fire bomb it, toss a couple of grenades into it.

Maybe I am missing something.

Originally posted by worldwatcher
I know they are saying that a local group in Greece is claiming responsibility but isn't it a bit wierd that a story just breaks about Tunisia capturing islamist rebels with blueprints to embassies around the world?

In Tunisia, Extremists Bore Blueprints

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Islamic extremists involved in a deadly fire fight with police this month had blueprints of foreign embassies and documents naming foreign envoys, Tunisia's official news agency quoted the interior minister as saying Friday.

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 01:11 PM
''Alpha'' Greek TV channel


Witnesses “keys” and cameras perhaps show the terrorists

the terrorist blow in one from the more well looked after American embassies in entire the world leave a lot of unanswered questions. The terrorists defied the tens cameras that scanning the region, while they acted in a time moment that changes the shift of police officers. The high officers of Police hope that the research will show the perpetrators. The police officers will unfold the clew of time, evaluating testimonies for suspect movements certain hours, even months before.One of these testimonies recorded the ALPHA. It is the testimony of person that daily works in the road Lampsakoy and which remembers a mysterious pair little in advance the Christmas, that as it said, photographed permanently to the side of embassy. In the microscope of Beginnings is found also the time of change of multi guard of police officers of American embassy, who appears that it became in the critical interval, that the perpetrators armed rocket. The American embassy is the epicentre of sector of Athens strictly supervised. Camera closed circuit, other and digital analysis, scanning daily the particular region. However exist also unforeseen obstacles in the effort that overwhelms the Greek Police. The beginning of Protection of Personal Data has committed the material from two cameras circulatory management, that see in the point of attack. The governmental representative Thodoris Roysopoylos asked on the subject Friday, it said that “exists decision of Beginning of Protection of Personal Data, according to that is prohibited the reception of anyone other elements than the cameras that is found in streets” and added that “the ministry of Public Order has resorted in the Council of Territory, in order to is allowed the possibility of be used this cameras for reasons of safety, above the reasons of circulation”.In the point of attack it sees also a apartment of block of flats in the road Lampsakoy 5. The last days according to the tenants, somebody pulled the elevetor up to 6th floor. Thus, the beginnings examine also the possibility of rooftop block of flats in question that sees the American embassy, it was used by the terrorists or as observatory or as field of action. To the ALPHA spoke also American woman national Romperta Kotanidis, that lives in the past few year in the point of attack and who as it said, it sees police officers only in the demonstrations.
The questions from the attack are critical:
- Watched the is region with electronic means?
- How many of cameras closed circuit “see” the region?
- What they recorded cameras?
The professor of Information technology Manolis Giannakoydakis supports that in their embassy the United States has installed technology, that it could lead to the localisation of perpetrators. The research will be regular. As was the morning in the pavement of road Lampsakoy. The police officers collected anything can lead them to the localisation of perpetrators. Even bogues of cigarettes.

Edit:correction in translation

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posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 01:26 PM
Words are spreading at the Uniersity that the attack happened for this reason:

''in'' Greek online news webside


“Evident the Greek places”
Reflection Nimits on the denomination of airport of Former Yougoslave Republic of Macedonia
From the meeting of Mr. Mpakogianni with Mathioy Nimits

“Are influenced and no positively” the efforts of mediation for the question of name of [PGDM] from the recent decision of Former Yougoslave Republic of Macedonia to rename their airport in “Alexandros the Great”, declared Friday the special mediator of United Nations Mathioy Nimits afterwards his meeting with the minister of Abroads Ntora Mpakogianni in Athens.
The Mr. Nimits declared that “the places of Greek government are evident” and it reported that was discussed the subject of name, the intermediary Agreement, the bilateral relations Greece - [PGDM] and the question that emerged called the of the ancient Yougoslavian republic of Macedoinia airport.
“I tomorrow return in the Former Yougoslave Republic of Macedonia, so that I discuss also with the other side” added the diplomat of United Nations.
From the side declared to him the representative of Press of ministry of Abroads Giorgos Koymoytsakos that the Mr. Nimits was informed by the Mr. Mpakogianni at greater length and in-depth for the Greek places in the question of name of [PGDM].
The Mr. Koymoytsakos repeated the Greek place: “The populations of Balkans build their common European future, seeing front and no looking at behind in the falsification of past”.It added that from the Greek side have become “a lot of constructive steps to the discovery of reciprocally acceptable solution in the subject of name”.
It marked that the recent decision of [PGDM] to rename her airport in “Alexandros the Great” “clashes with the Intermediary Agreement”.

I will speak to you as every Greek would speak.
I feel very indignant that PGDM is not only taking the name Macedonia but as well claims Greek names such us Great Alexander.
This is history manipulation. The USA supports PGDM and perhaps some chauvinist Greeks extremists wanted USA to know their position.

Macedonia is a Greek name

PS: All above are words that spreading among people at the university, without substantial evidence of course, mere words.


posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 02:29 PM
The "War on Terror" is actually a "Perpetuation of Terror" by w and neocons!

The more people we kill in Iraq and Somalia, the more we create more would-be people that want revenge on and hate the western world. This is elementary!

So whether its another False Flag terror attack, stand down style(complicite) atttack (9/11 Pearl Harbor) or a legitimate revenge style terror attack. Terrorism has been given a kick start on a scale the likes of which we have never seen before. This is gonna be a interesting year, making bush and neocons look like soothsayers to the ignorant sheeple.

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 05:09 AM
''ethnos'' Greek newspaper

I will translate only the 4th, the 5th, 6th and the 7th paragraph, since the rest are already repeated and others have to do with other news in Greece


Mr Mpakogja'nni beyond the letter that sent in the American woman her homologous Mr Rice, with which it condemns the attack and expresses the determination of government for clarification of affair and dislocation of remains of terrorism, is expected to meet itself with Mr Rice in the end of month on the fringe of international meeting in Paris.

The first objective of Greek diplomacy is are absorbed the vibrations that caused the attack, affecting the international picture of country and simultaneously is detered a deterioration in the greek-american's relations. Even if the government did not reject categoricalally the continuous statements American women of dignitaries that the affair of terrorism in Greece remains open, she is exposed from the way that became the attack and the objective that selected the perpetrators.

Diplomatic sources expressed the estimate that are not influenced immediately the open subjects of exterior policy.

It is however explicit that the inclusion once again in the agenda of subject of terrorism complicates the possibility of promotion in the bureaucracy of State Department of subjects of exterior policy as the Citizen of the ancient Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Greek-Turkish, the Cypriot question.

''Ert3'' Greek government guided TV channel

Translation of the first paragraph:

His determination it is tough with the terrorism, expressed the Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis, on the occasion the attack with rocket, yesterday in the morning, in the American embassy, where was caused small material damage.

''Skai'' Greek government TV channel


Missile of type RPG 7, diameter 40 thousandth, Chinese manufacture, that is determined in 1974, affected the American embassy early the morning of Friday, announced the representative of Greek Police, afterwards the completion of laboratorial analysis of discoveries.
As explained the Mr. Panagiotis Stathis, concrete antitank it is constituted by two parts, the missile and the launcher, it has velocity roughly 300 metres, while same or similar arm has not been used up to today in Greece.
The Mr. Stathis stressed that the all discoveries from the place of attack have been transported and are examined in the laboratories of Criminological Service while the researches in the space are continued and exist narrow collaboration with the American beginnings. The himself, of course, it did not exclude exists international terrorist collaboration. Finally, the representative of police stressed that “she is violent energy with which inspirators they cause her the Greek society and try they involve concern in the Country. The Greek Police with sang-froid, method and insistence will face also this new incident ".
Lifting of secrecy. The district attorney's office for her part, after demand of police, it advanced in the lifting of telephone secrecy for the calls that became in the wider region. At the same time, are searched imprints that collected police officers from cars, that were parked in the road Lampsakoy, near t o car of perpetrators. Of course, in the GADA is examined one blue car, type pole in that it is appreciated that crashed into the car of perpetrators.They expect proclamation. The all until now elements, in any case, they converge in that behind the blow is hidden the organisation “Revolutionary Fight”, even if the Police considered initially “not reliable” the call of undertaking of responsibility that became from unknown in the company security “Ermis” that has undertaken the exterior keep of building. Moreover, the minister of Public Order, Byron Polydoras, in question if it is old or new generation of terrorists, it did not exclude no possibility.
According to information, the police considers almost certain that the following days will exist proclamation from the organisation that will undertake also officially the responsibility of attack.

Edit:Corrections in translation

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posted on Jan, 13 2007 @ 05:17 AM
''Skai'' Greek government guided TV channel

Conspirancy Theories

"Who him made"
"The CIA ' you make!" This conviction ' with regard to the perpetrators of attack against the American embassy in Athens him it did not only express (graphic, we suppose) our fellow-citizen that presented with relative placard in the road Lamba'koy, until him it removes immediatly the police, neither him it only suggested the KKE (communist party) via elegant circumlocutions.

A perjdja'vasi in the spaces where it expresses, without the claims of decency of "valid" means, a (unknown how many representative, but in any case capable) portion of American public, and in particular the most familiarized with the new sources of information, reveals that plotting theories it flourishes not only in the kac'ima's East but also beyond the Atlantic. Perhaps eminently there.

It leaves a tragicomic sense to realise no one how received somebodies the news of attack in himself the country that her embassy was struck in the Greek capital: "First the proclamation Bush, with the indirect threats to Iran and now rocket in Athens. Ta'jmjngk he is suspect "," to Us they pass for idiots: the affair is classic distraction for the yesterday's raid of American forces in the Iranian consulate of Jrmpj'l in Iraqi Kurdistan "," their neoconservativs will rub hands "," Should finally somebody it does something in order to stops the Bush, before expoly'sej the new bloodshed "," the Mosa'nt is behind the work "," Was changed in fascist country ".

In this above under the spirit are moved most comments of readers in the Huffington Post, and it imagines no one that something equivalent will also happen in other web pages. Small importance has in this respect that the particular onla'jn discussion (that very rapidly it acquires unverifiable turn, unaffected anymore from the information that progressively they result from Athens), in the end is degenerated in classic netlike slanging match. As small importance it has also that the Americans readers obviously ignore the particularities of recent Greek history, hurrying connect automatically en Aci'najs happenings with their own running mesanatoljke's distresses. Kahypobj'a that they exude the comments she is authentic, because continuously more Americans are unable henceforth they believe the official version of any news, sunk in the threatening certainty that all are one enormous frame-up.

In the five all and all years that us separate from 11 September 2001 the "plotting" regards of terrorist attacks (that him would initially imagine no one as "privilege of" arabic world) have been elected more from anything other in American "national sport". Exist certain deep rooted elements of American culture that explain this tendency: the permanent mistrust opposite in the federal power (residue of bloody civilian war that marked the history of USA), the preference to simple, cohesive "interpretations of" things, without a lot of complex, the depreciation of likely opponents, that believed only with somebody betrayal subscription "from the means" it would be possible they affect ala'ncasti, it is supposed also omnipotent government owned machine of USA, and so on

Mainly, however, conspirncy is enhanced by the political climate that prevails the last years in America, kacw's the government Bush's is nourished by the lack of account and myslanging match while recurrently she has been arrested "kle'ptoysa fruit", using the misinformation and the handling of fears of population for the promotion of allotrj'wn aims. In a country where the White House gave juridicial battle up to the Maximum Court so that are not publicised the proceeding of contacts of vice-president Tse'nj with the energy lobby, in a economic situation where until the Ministry of Agriculture it has finally acquired confidential protocol of correspondence on "reasons of national safety", in a political atmosphere dilitirjasme'ni from gross false that with impunity was used in order to they justify the invasion in Irak, but also from the scorn of Press because scandals as that of Tzoy'ntjc Mj'ler, it is not paradoxical that the medium American feels that the control of his life has been delivered in dark forces and that nothing is not as it is presented.

When the chairman Mpoys even in his proclamation of the day before yesterday dares it adversely presents the Iraqi adventure as department of fight in the ghost of everywhere present "terrorism", wonders no one how they did not circulate already scripts that would attribute the incident of Athens extraterrestrial...

Edit: corrections in translation

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